Eating curry may keep your mind sharper


In an interesting study done in the National University of Singapore, reseachers  found that people who consumed curry “occasionally” and “often or very often” had significantly better MMSE(Mini Mental State exam) scores than did those who “never or rarely” consumed curry. This means that those who take curry regularly has sharper minds and lower incidence of alzheimer’s disease.

Interestingly, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in India  is four times lower that of America. Is it because curry is widely used and consumed in India?

So, though regular curry eating may raise our lipids contents and lead to cardio vascular problems, it has also beneficial effects on the aging of our brains.

Folks, maybe you should start eating curry now! On a moderate basis of course.


The third industrial master plan

About 2-3 months ago, the government has unveiled the 3rd Industrial master plan (IMP). This plan covers the period from 2006 to 2020 and aims to realise Malaysia’s vision of becoming a developed nation by 2020, if everything goes according to plan.

To achieve this , the plan targets Malaysian economy to growth at a steady rate of 6.3% annually throughout the period. Main emphasis will be on growth in manufacturing sector, service sector, and a greater role for the agricultural sector. The following table lists the targeted growth for different sectors and the projected share of the sectors by year 2020.

3rd-imp3.jpg(please click the table to view it clearly)

      It is difficult to say whether these targets can be achieved. If we go by ADB’s estimate of 5% growth next year, it is not easy for us to reach the targets of the 3rd IMP, especially if we do not change our economic and business culture.

Maybe it is time for us to review our economic policy. Our economic practices must be made more efficient and more open . Leakages must be plugged, Government contracts should be given via open tender, business practices must be transparent. We should also try to strengthen our IT sector and do more outsourcing work for the economically more advanced countries. India has done well in this aspect.If we can correct the inherent weaknesses of our economy caused by certain excesses , abuses and  weakness of the present economic policy, we should be able to do well and even exceed the projected targets, given the country is blessed with natural resources like petroleum.

 To view the whole text of this 3rd IMP , please go to the


The Economy, Friends

Ask any person nowadays what is the thing they are most worried, the answer is invariably “the economy”. What Dr Mahathir said about the retail economy has some truth in it.
Consumer spending is less, partly because of higher interest rate and partly because of the ascending  inflation rate.

         economic-graph.jpg Source: ADB


                       Private consumption growth

Asian development Bank has revised sharply downwards the growth forecast for Malaysia for 2007 from 5.8% to 5.0%. This means that the inflation rate will be almost as high as the growth rate. Translation: a tougher day for all of us.

The government has to act fast to revive the economy and to contain inflation rate. Implement the 9MP projects fast , calling for open tender to prevent any corruption,  encourgae more foreign direct investment.


To attract investment, the country must instill confidence into potential investors. So , implement the IPCMC, reduce crime rate, reduce corruption, be more transparent, allow more press freedom, address what Dato Shahrir called the “leakages”. Let money trickles slowly and steadily down  to the ground.


Please act immediately and act fast!!

Top earners

Here’s Top 10 entertainers in the world with an annual income of (in British pounds):
01 Madonna £35m
02 Elton John £30m
03 Sir Paul McCartney £25m
04 Rod Stewart £22m
05 Sting £20m
06 Sir Tom Jones £11m
07 Robbie Williams £9m
08 Kylie Minogue £7m
09 James Blunt £5m
10 Joss Stone £3m

What about the dead?

Forbes magazine has listed Elvis as the world’s top-earning dead celebrity, yielding over $40 million annually.

government’s economic performance has undermined support

Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned today that the government’s economic performance has undermined support for UMNO and will hurt its chance in the next election. While saying that BN will still win the next election, he said that the opposition may reduce BN’s majority.

Dr Mahathir’s  latest attack showed he has no intention of dropping his campaign against the administration. To read more :  


NASA Announces Ozone Hole this year is a Double Record Breaker

While all of us are very concerned about the socio-economic development of our country and the outside world, few of us are really concerned about another matter which is actually and insidiously having an even bigger impact on all lives in this planet. Unlike natural disasters like earthquakes and Tsunami where the extent of damage can be roughly quantified, this threat that I am referring has undoubtedly killed many of us and is going to kill even more if we still continue our lifestyle as we do now.

What I am talking about is the ozone hole. It is primarily caused by human-produced compounds that release chlorine and bromine gases in the stratosphere.
The latest report from NASA released on the 19th October shows that this year’s ozone hole  in the polar region has broken records for area and depth.            

                                160658main2_ozone_large_350.jpgozone hole over Antartica


Calls for Apologies – the inside story

Orinetal daily reported todat that one of the former president of Association of Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industries Malaysia (ACCCIM) Tan Sri Lim Guan Teck revealed the inside story of how the Chinese community leaders were willing to take over Nanyang newspapers in 2001 but the deal did not go through because of certain conditions given by Dr Ling Liong Sak at the last minute. He  gave the inside story today in Oriental Daily. Those who can read Chinese, please  go to Oriental Daily

Tan Sri Lim also called on Dr Ling to apologise over the purchase of Nanyang in 2001. This follows the call by Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek who asked Dr Ling to apologise a few days back.

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