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We are sailing in the same boat

One of my earlier postings in this blog “Buck up to prevent being marginalised” was posted in the newsgroup soc.culture.malaysia on 19th November. It received about 40 comments by now.   



 I would like to single out one comment which I think is totally irrational. One person called “Othm” commented that “we would prefer to live up the coconut tree, rather than to have the chinamen,  indiamen, matsalleh control my country”. 

 I think this comment is totally nonsensical and irrational and does not represent majority of the people. It is the comment of an ignorant person perhaps.  Those who think ahead and who care for the country will not have uttered such comment. It is like a child who is behaving emotionally with a ” If I don’t get it, I destroy it” type of mentality.


An old video – Bruce Lee auditioning

Some time back when I was browsing youtube, I came across a black & white video showing Bruce Lee taking a screen test in 1964.

I didn’t know today was his birthday until I went ot Yahoo! directory this morning where a big post on him was on the front page.

Bruce Lee, cast aside his personal life, was deemed one of the greatest martial artists of his time. His shows embodied the virtues of righteousness, loyal to country and people, honesty, fighting against corruption etc etc. He fights against big bully, against snakey people who stabbed him in the back, , against those who appear good but in fact bad people.

Above all, he internationalised Chinese WUSHU.

This video shows Bruce Lee going for a screen test in1964 when he was just 20+. But he was very confident, able to articulate well and showed no nervousness at all. For those young people going for interview, perhaps you can learn something there. So enjoy the video. It is about 8 minutes.

Will Malaysia be marginalised?

Today, I am going to show 2 tables which are compiled by me using data from several sources including UNCTAD and citigroup.

First of all , we look at the stock market capitalisation of Malaysia compared with several other countries.
In 1996 we were second in Asia (outside of Japan). Our market capitalisation was twice as big as S Korea, and was even bigger than Singapore. However, by end of 2005, we are no. 6 in Asia (ex-Japan). S Korea is now 4 times bigger than us. SIngapore is almost twice as big as us.

Another table which are compiled using UNCTAD data shows that in term of FDI inflow, we are  no. 62 in 2005, whereas once, in 1990 we were ranked 4th in the world. Pls refer also to the chart in our earlier postings, Buck up to prevent marginalisation.

fdi-table1.jpg(source: UNCTAD World Investments report)

Recently, Citigroup in its report  titled ” Avoiding marginalisation and regaining investor confidence” mentioned the following points:

  • Malaysia is a pale shadow of itself compared to 10 years ago.
  • It is not because Malaysia is moving backward but rather other countries are moving faster forward.
  • while accepting the NEP objectives, the debate should shift to how best to achieve this objectives with minimal market distortion.

The Phillipines was the richest nation in South East Asia in the fifties.  It is now among the poorest in the region now. WHy? Poor governance, corruption, leakages, wastage, cronyism, nepotism all contribute to the present state. WIll Malaysia be like the Phillipines? I don’t think so.

In Malaysia , we are much better. We have very healthy reserves, comfortable  current account surpluses and an intelligent workforce which understands English. What we need is to do away with all the wastages and leakages. In this context, the NEP must be reviewed and streamlined to make the economy more competitive. We must further open up our economy.

The recent news that ANZ Bank may be allowed to  acquire a sizeable holdings on AMMB is  welcomed. It signals that our authority is  in fact willing to further liberalise the financial sector. 

If  acquiring a foreign partner can make our local company more competitve and enable it to move overseas to compete, I don’t see any reason to stop foreign companies from coming in and team up with local companies. This type of partnership  may help our local brand to grow, be more efficient  and be more technologically advanced.Ultimately, it may enable the company to move outwards to acquire a share of the world market and become a global company.

One example of a global company is computer giant HP.The  Hewlett Packard group may have originated from the States. It has now offices in more than 100 countries and its revenue outside the States is bigger than what it earns inside. It employs more people outside of the States than inside. This means that it is in actual fact a global company . It sources components of its products not only from the States but all over the world. It outsources everywhere and anywhere it can find good , reliable and cheap products and services.

The national divide among big, multinationals (or global companies)  is in fact getting blurred. Sony may be a Japanese brand but it has so many factories all over the world that it is in fact a global company, contributing technological knowhow and economic benefits to all those countries in which Sony has  a presence.

If by teaming up with a foreign partners can make our Proton a world brand, I don’t see any reason why there should be any objections. We should look ahead and be far sighted. We should not be too  emotional when it comes to opening of our economy.

It is either that or stand the risk of other countries overtaking us and stand the risk of marginalisation in the world market.


i am uploading a video  about myself playing Richard Clayderman’s “Nostalgy“.The piano sound was muted so as not to disturb neighbours who sleep late today. Please enjoy this self learned piano player’s dedication to you. This song always brings back nostalgic memories of happiness.

Monopolistic control of Chinese media Part 2

It was reported in malaysiakini today that KTS group is keen to buy the remaining 23% of Nanyang Press  from MCA. This will make KTS, which  publishes Oriental daily, the 2nd largest shareholder in Nanyang after Tiong Hiew King  who recently bought 21% stake of Nanyang from MCA making him the largest shareholders with 44%.

 Tiong also controls Sin Chew Group of newspapers, making his stable of Chinese newspapers a near monopoly in Peninsular Malaysia.

This blog in its earlier posting “Monopolistic Control of Chinese Media” appealed to Tiong to sell one or 2 of the papers under his control because once there is a monopoly, many adverse consequences will inevitable arise (pls read the earlier postings). The Chinese community, especially those who are Chinese educated, and many intellectuals are worried that this monopoly may ultimately affect the socio-political scene of the country. More

Aeris theme- another Japanese piano piece

This is another piece of music from Final Fantansy VII. This piece is very popular with youngsters especially teenagers and low twenties.

This is played by a 15 yr old boy. For those interested to listen , please click the video.

I have posted a page called music scores.  I have posted some music sheets inside for those piano music lovers to copy and play. As I have mentioned , it is not easily availbale in local  bookshops. So far i have posted 3.  This music will be great for younsters fed up with their very rigid music lessons when most of the time they are asked to practise sonatas and so on. More

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