History will be the Judge 虎死留皮,人死留名

One of ancient Rome’s greatest orators and statesmen, Marcus Cicero, described history as “the witness of the times,  the light of truth”. A 19th century Irish historian J B Bury spoke of ” History is a science , no less and no more”.

  cicerobust.jpgCicero, a great ancient Roman writer.

History is a record of past happenings and should be as truthful and precise as possible. History teaches us the experience of the past. By acquiring this experience, we hope not to repeat the mistake of the past, so that we can build a better future.

Politicians like to tinker with history and distort it to their advantage. Throughout history, those in power sometimes change the official versions of history to either glorify themselves or depict their enemies in a bad light. But time and again, history has proven that truth will prevail in the end. History is not just a record from official sources; it also includes eyewitnesses’ accounts and other written or objective records from other sources.



Anti Japanese Heroes

Further to my 2 earlier posts on this topic, Malaysiakini last evening reported that MB of Negeri Sembilan has ordered the Monument in Nilai commemorating the anti Japanese heroes  be demolished. This was however , according to Oriental Daily this morning, denied by the MB who apparently has only asked the people who built this monument to get a permit from the local council. I would like to pose a question: Do people need a permit for a monument in a private memorial park?

Our Information Minister meanwhile still stuck to his claim that all Anti Japanese martyrs were communists. This statement is very unfair to those who fathers or grandfathers died fighting the Japanese. A  lot of these people were teachers, students and many of them were KMT members rather than Communists.

anti-japanese.jpg Pic from Malaysiakini – the monument in Nilai Memorial Park


Malaysia’s squandered reform chance

I am posting an article from Asia times today titled “Malaysia’s squandered reform chance”.

The figures quoted were similar to what this blog has written earlier  using UNCTAD, ADB abd Citigroup’s report. Please refer my earlier articles titled The economy, friends ,  Buck up to prevent being marginalised as well as the widely quoted Will Malaysia be marginalised . The last article was quoted in littlespeck.com, discussion forums in Malaysia, Singapore Hong Kong, investment forums, Yahoo!Finance as well as car margazines etc. Please read these articles in conjunction with what I am posting today from Asia Times:


Malaysia’s squandered reform chance
By Ooi Kee Beng

SINGAPORE – Ever since Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi announced soon after taking power in October 2003 that the country was in dire need of deep-reaching economic reforms, the soft-spoken leader has had no peace.


winter solstice – Dongzhi 冬至

The winter solstice this year is Friday 22nd December 2006.

I almost forgot but was reminded through a SMS  by a friend.


This festival is celebrated in East Asia in China, Japan, Korea and vietnam. It is celebrated by eating Tangyuan, which is made from rice flour into shapes of small round balls and which is boiled in water often sweetened with sugar. Winter solstice heralds the arrival of winter.

I wish my Chinese friends a happy Dongzhi.

Kuala Lumpur – a world class city?

This blog welcomes the appointment of Datuk Ab Hakim Borhan as the new Mayor of Kuala Lumpur. We hope he can bring about some changes to make KL a better city to live in.

The Main problems facing KL now are plentiful: 

1. Traffic congestion – he has suggested to introduce car pool system. This suggestion is not new, it has been suggested since the 80s. A good suggestion but the question remains: how to implement it effectively and efficiently?

Public transport needs to improve further although it is better than before. Trying taking Putra LRT from PJ  to Kl in the morning or from KL to PJ around 5pm, the coaches are so packed that you have to literally squeeze yourself inside. We need more coaches and more reliable service.

lrt-routes.png(we need more coaches and more LRT routes)

2. Floods


This is again a perenial problems. To tackle it effectively, we need long term planning and strong resolve.

The “Flood” problem is often tied to silting, irresponsible development, soil erosion, improper disposal of rubbish. Again many of these problems are due to lack of proper enforcement, as a result of corruption.

So this is tied to the question of overall efficiency of civil service which in my opinion can only be improved if we implement anti-corruption measures wholeheartedly with agencies such as ICAC ( like the one they have in Hong Kong).

samrt1.jpg     (SAMRT TUNNEL- Can the tunnel solves  our flood problems?)


Anti Japanese heroes multiracial

Further to my earlier postings today on Anti Japanese Heroes who died in World War II, I would like to quote the wikipedia on Force 136:

Other than the MCP and KMT which were predominantly Chinese based resistance to Japanese, the force also collaborated with many Malay villages, often under the patronage of Malay royalties and officials. Even though the Malays and Indians were not badly treated by Japanese forces in the beginning of the occupation, later they too felt the hardship of life under the occupation and this was magnified by the brutal treatment of anyone who was suspected of being anti-Japanese. Thus the SOE found a suitable backing among the Malays and sends their officers from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) to train local resistance forces which was famously known as Harimau Malaya Force 136 (Tigers of Malaya of Force 136).

The main base for this group was near Grik, a district in the Malayan state of Perak.

This article in Wikipedia clearly states that Force 136 consisted of members who were MCP(Malayan Communist Party) members as well as KMT (Kuomintang) members. KMT has always been anti communist. This article also mentions that Force 136 worked with Malay villagers under the patronage of Malay royalties and officials.

This clearly shows that anti Japanese heroes in WWII were multi racial  . It is not unlike the Barisan Nasional of the present days.

limbosengmemorial.jpganother war memorial – this one is in Singapore commemorating Lim Bo Seng

Beautiful Island

The daughter studying in Auckland has given me some very beautiful photographs of the Bora Bora which is one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world. Bora Bora is part of the Tahiti. Hope one day I will find time to go there.





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