“As investors stay away, Malaysian policy comes under spotlight “

I am posting an article from Today online on 2 differing views on the New Economic Policy.

The article:

As investors stay away, Malaysian policy comes under spotlight
Tuesday . January 30, 2007

KUALA LUMPUR – Why are foreign investors hesitant about going to Malaysia?
Could it have something to do with the affirmative action bumiputra policy,
which favours Muslim Malays in business, jobs and education?

The question was asked of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in an interview with Financial Times (FT). The same issue also cropped upseparately at a conference on the country’s outlook for this year.

The diagnoses were exact opposites.



Will Window Vista lead to dumping of old wares?

Microsoft launched its new OS Window Vista on 30th January 2007. This will be the replacement OS for personal computers. Actually I have seen copies of it many months ago in pasar malam, known as Longhorn.


I have not seen the vista operating system, so I don’t want to comment on it. It is supposed to be more secure and provides more functions than XP.

What I worry is that most of our computers will become obsolete soon, since the newer softwares will all be based on this new Operating system. If we upgrade, we need to spend a fortune, especially like in my practice , I have 3 computers, not counting the computers at home and computers used by my kids . To upgrade all  will cost a hefty sum.

For those businesses with even more PCs, the cost will be prohibitive. To replace them will even cost more. It will add on the cost of doing business, which ultimately will be pass onto consumers.


Amigos para siempre – ‘friends for life’

Amigos Para siempre by the great Andrew Lloyd Webber. This is in my opinion one of the most uplifting songs ever and this is the song of Summer Olympic 1992 in Barcelona. It is sung by Sarah Brightman, I have forgotten the name of the male singer. Anyone cares to let me know?

I have accidentally come across it in youtube today and since it is from youtube, I am posting this here for your listening pleasure.

If more people in this world can subscribe to the ideas in the song or the spirits of the Olympics, that is , all of us are friends forever, the world will be a much better place. Less quarrel, less fight and more cooperation.

Please browse through the previous posts while listening to this song which is about 4 minutes long.

Anyone cares to give me the piano score for this song?

Please protect your forest, Indonesia

These few days, the weather has become intolerably hot. Is this really going to be the hottest year as predicted by so many experts? Already there are mentions of drought, water shortage and so on.

Just read a news report that our neighbour Indonesia can lose up to 2000 islands by 2030, which is within our life time. This apparently came from the mouth of the Indonesia Environment Minister. The news report quoted that:


Batu Talam results

BN scored a convincing victory in Batu Talam by-election yesterday. Results are as followed:

BN                      6276

independent      419

Spoilt votes       385

 Total voted      7080 out of 10525 

Turnout             67%   

Those not voted 3445

This is a good win for Barisan although the voter turnout is not as good as in 2004 where 76,6% voted.

This may be due to the foregone conclusion that BN is definitely going to win, so the why-bother-to-vote mentality may be the reason for the lower turnout. Another reason may be due to the call by PAS to boycott the election.

This win shows that although there is discontent among the urban people, BN still has the support of the rural folks. Considering the good prices of palm oil and rubber, the rural people are actually better off in many aspects than the urbanites.

So in the next general election, we may see UMNO winning most of their seats, but the rest of the BN component parties will still face tough battles in the cities and suburban areas.

As in my last post, an analysis on Batu Talam, I hope that the BN leaders will not become complacent. Instead, try to address the discontent that is currently prevailing in the cities. It is not too late to start implement the reforms that was promised in the 2004 election.

Implement more people friendly and people orientated policies, practice good governance, be more transparent and practice accountability, try to correct the prevailing corrupt culture, review the NEP, review the education system, improve the productivities of the civil services and the police,  bring back the urge for excellence. I can tell you, if the government can do that, they will win big again in the next general election. After all, what the people want is a good government that can provide  a peaceful, fair, equitable environment to bring up their kids and find a decent living.

Batu Talam 2 – an analysis

179032.jpgI have mentioned that Batu Talam is a very interesting by election and the opposition has adopted a very clever strategy in my earlier post.

The result of this election is a foregone certainty. Barisan will win, no doubt about it. The importance of this by election, as a prelude to the general election expected later  this year or next year, is that Barisan has to win convincingly , especially against a light weight, an unknown independent candidate.

There might be 2 scenarios:

1. Barisan wins, but voters turnout is low (less than 50%), or the independent manages to retain his deposits.

This will send a chilly reminder to Barisan members all over the country that not all is rosy, that the discontent in the country is not limited to urban areas.


Politics of “drains” 2


The new drain just made. (see the politics of drain)

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