MCA’s dilemma

It was indeed rare to see MCA members demonstrate against government policies. However, in politics, nothing is impossible.

MCA youth Puchong Division carrried out a anti-toll hike demon recently. Ordinarily, this action would have been sanctioned by their top leaders. But this time, even Ong Ka Ting has mentioned that MCA members would not be prevented from raising the grouses of the people.

Over the past one year, the people  staying in urban areas have not been too happy. First, petrol hike. Then electricity and water tariffs went up. The retail economy was not in too good shape. All these add up to higher inflation rate and most people , especially the middle lower class, feel that their disposible income is shrinking while at the same time, there are not many ways to boost income. People walking in the street feel unsafe as crime rate seems to have go up. Then comes the toll hikes in the region of 20-60% increase.

For the more politically conscious, last year was also a very disappointing year. First, anti corruption promises remained as promises. IPCMC was still in the stage of being mentioned, after being mentioned for more than 3 years.  Then the attacks against the administration started from none other than the previous PM. Khairy became the first to raise racial issue, saying that the Chinese will take advantage of the situation when the Malays are disunited. Once the racial issue was started, others joined in, culminating in UMNO delegates’s conference when a youth leader raised his unsheathed  kris and someone from the floor asked when he was going to use it.  While facts and figures showed that NEP targets have been exceeded, it was just cast aside as being wrong because it was alleged that wrong methology was used. Then a government deputy minister and a full minister gave contradicting figures about NEP in Parliament.

All these add up to one thing. The ordinary people , especially the non Malays in urban areas, feel very unhappy. Many of these ordinary people made up of the rank and files of the grassroots of MCA.

Thus , it is not surpring to see MCA members take to the road to demonstrate. The top leadership’s hands are tied. If they stop their grassroots from demonstrating, they will be seen as insensitive to the peoples’ grouses. If they encourage these members , they will incur the wrath of UMNO.

There lies the dilemma. To speak out will risk offending their big brother. To shut up, they will offend the grassroots.

The leaders of the Non-Bumi parties in BN know that unless there are “feel good” factors emerging in the next year or so, the next election will be very tough for them.

SO it remains for them, as partners within the ruling coalition,  to push and convince the top leaders of  Barisan Nasional to implement “feel good” policies which are people orientated. So far, I have not seen any yet but hopefully these “rakyat orientated “policies will make their appearances before it is too late.


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  1. Winston
    Jan 11, 2007 @ 22:46:25

    “MCA youth Puchong Division carrried out a anti-toll hike demon recently.”
    Isn’t it hypocritical that they do this?
    Don’t they have a hand in the signing of the toll agreements?
    Is this a show to win votes in the next GE?
    However, they shouldn’t have worried. Malaysian voters have very short memory – that’s what one former PM used to say! The majority are also stupid.
    If you want to know what the people of a country is like, just look at the government that they are having!


  2. Low Keing Hooi
    Feb 03, 2007 @ 13:56:51

    Perhaps the whole political practice here is towards the direction of ‘acting’. The more a politician ‘acted’, the more people will come to know him, irrespective of whether the politician is indeed carrying out his work honestly and/or diligently.

    So, welcome to the world of ‘acting’. The more you can act, the better you would be. I shall propose we should have a new ‘Oscar Award’ for the politician and the assessment should be done by recognised independent professional bodies eg. profession of doctors, lawyers, accountants, press media, and the list should not become exhausive, and shall admit more bodies with the relevant merit to assess. We should not forget those who have contributed much in the industry of political ‘acting’.

    I am sorry to hear that most of the people in the country are ‘stupid’, but I do not strictly deny. They are ‘stupid’ because they are not involving themselves in politics, avoid politics, no interest in politics or hate politics. They do not realise, either we like it or not, the politics have been heavily influenced every single piece of our life, from their directives, decisions, implementations, enforcements and making of rules. You see a doctor when you are sick, the government have set a schedule of payment for the consultation fee to you. You want to buy a dinner, the ingredient of your meals have already taxed before it served to you. Of course, after served to you and when you are paying the bill, another service tax will be levied against you.

    Perhaps the most highlighted example would be the signing of concessionaire agreements with the highway builders to allow for their construction of highway in exchange of the permission for their tolls collection. The implication was the increase of high transportation fee, that lead to increase of all prices for the domestic goods and services. Of course, as usual, our ‘beloved’ and ‘brained’ minister have always given the same excuse, that the tolls rates are still the lowest in the world (after taking into account the exchange rates between countries, but silent on the low average income of the people after the exchange rates). So those people will become stupid if they believe what the government said!

    To urge our fellow readers: Be the one that will analyse first before you believe. let those ‘brained’ minister to become stupid for alleging statement that he thought people will believe.

    Let us be the ‘smart one’ and not the ‘stupid one’.


  3. cyrstalchest52
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 19:57:06

    Well, as far as I know MCA is done and irrelevant to the Chinese communities. Their focus is now so much on stabilizing the party instead of fighting for the right of the community and check the abuses and corruption of the govt especially UMNOputra minister. Where is MCA in the NFC scandal, exorbitant military purchase. Food price increases and etc? The power of MCA has been downgraded so tremendously over the years from Minister of Finance important portfolio to Minister of Transport. MCA has been a selfish party, typically Chinese. Penang lost its Free Port Status because of MCA, the ploy was to pressure the opposition party govt’s economy so that they can regain Penang. Well, they succeeded, and majority of the penangnite Chinese lost the opportunity to enjoy the Free Port status. Now the Free Port status is being enjoyed by the Malays in Langkawi. I hope MCA do not every now and then come publicly with the statement that they fighting for our Chinese and public communities. Look how silent MCA is no important and public issues like NFC scandal, NFC bribery case, exorbitant military purchases, Christian communities and etc. You dont have the balls, so Chua Soi Lek dont always claim that MCA act without ‘fear and favor’ because MCA survival hinged on UMNO. Reinvent for once.


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