Bird Flu – The threat is real

Bird flu threat is real. The virus H5N1 is mutating. It has spread across species barrier and has infected not only birds, but mammals such as cats, tigers and pigs, besides, of course, human.


Even England has its first case reported in a farm in Suffolk now.

The Guardian reported:

Last night British health officials insisted the risk to the public was still negligible. It set in motion a series of emergency measures aimed at halting the spread of the disease among poultry in Britain. All the turkeys on the affected farm at Holton near Lowestoft, the largest poultry centre run by the breeder Bernard Matthews, are now being culled. Yesterday, piles of slaughtered birds were being scooped into open tractor trailers before being removed for incineration.

Once the virus mutates to a form that can be transmitted  from person to person, a pandemic is inevitable,

and unlike SARS where strict entry surveillance may be useful in preventing entrance of cases, bird flu comes from the sky and there is actually very little that can be done to prevent birds from flying in.

In the mean time, what can be done is to cull all the birds in  the vicinity of a case.


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