Tun Musa Hitam on blogging-“Malaysia seems to have reach a certain level of maturity”

According to Rocky’s Bru,  Tun Musa Hitam, when opening the launching of the book on the late Tun Dr Ismail in Johore Bahru recently , when asked about blogging, had this to say ” Thank God for digital democracy”.

In my view, blogging can be and is a very powerful tool. What a blogger has written is forever there, unless deleted by the blogger himself, and anyone in the whole world, through the use of a search engine may come to read his postings.

My readers are mainly Malaysian, of course, but they are so many who commented on my blog who are from Canada, New Zealand, Japan etc which makes my blog a multi national and trans-national writings. Most blogs have similar readership.

But bloggers, like journalists, must adhere to certain ethics, and should not go overboard , especially should not go for  any personal attacks, and that’s my views. If we want the world to be a better place to live in, we bloggers must have the responsibilities to expound moderate statements and views.

Use the Dale Carnegie method to influence people. Please read my earlier writings on how to change and influence people. 

Even the Ancient Chinese war strategist Sun Tzu said in his book of the ” Art of War”, the best way to win is to win the heart of your enemy without any physical fighting. But if you need to fight, then try to understand your enemy and if you can understand yourself and your enemy thoroughly, you will win every one of the one hundred battles that you fight with him.

To influence, talk sense and convince people. Not to belittle or scold. To criticise, do it subtly and back it with facts and figures.

I will quote musa-hitam2.jpgTun Musa Hitam’s speech here , thanks to reporting by Rocky’s Bru.

“Some of us may claim, in a very concerned way, that Malaysia currently is in crisis while some claim that we are on a sliding mode. Arguments in support are plenty and we don need to pay attention to them. At the same time though, in honour of our past leaders like Tun Dr Ismail and to mark the 50 years of our country independence, I would like to appeal for a much more optimistic interpretation of current trends toward our country’s future.
“Politically I am sure Tun (Dr) Ismail would approve of what is going on now. He would not brood any nonsense, of course. But after seemingly sliding for many many years, the Tun (Dr Ismail) would certainly approve of the relatively more tolerant, open and liberal way that the present leadership seems to be conducting government. What more with increased emphasis on accountability with action being taken on cases of alleged corruption apparently without fear or favour. More, certainly, need to be done. But what is happening has been unheard of for many many years earlier!
“In politics Malaysians seems have reached a reasonable level of maturity. What used to be taboo subjects are coming out more and more into the open. Even the mainstream media is jumping into the bandwagon, not to mention the digital media that has come out completely unrestrained. Through the internet, furious arguments, most of them again, unrestrained and frank with not a few being highly emotion and even irrational, are continuously going on!

“I guess the late Tun (Dr Ismail) never imagined how our nation has become so so internet savvy in such a short time. Certainly, though, he would be happy to know that in spite of the furious debates on what used to be these taboo subjects, they are not accompanied by the inevitable unrest and even violence that used to be the order of the day! This is what a leading professor calls “Digital Democracy”. And Thank God for that!”


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  1. surfingby
    Apr 01, 2007 @ 14:26:54

    A call was made to the government to tighten up laws regarding blogging. I would only make comments when there are published articles of interest to me. So if the writer does not want comments which he she regards as wrong, this writer should not publish the article in the first place. It is in the very nature of human beings to want to talk about something. You can call it gossip. But communication is something that goes on normally between any human being. Communication of all sorts. Whether it is by writing, by talking, by body language, etc. Why should the government feels threatened or lose face if it has been correct all the while ? Or may be the government has to spend more time explaining itself. Sometimes certain news are hard to believe and will be labelled as lies. Example what are the reactions of your patient when you tell him her that he she has cancer ? Probably we have been too comfortable for too long until we refuse to believe that something is not right somewhere. The denial factor. Why should anything be wrong ? Afterall, we have the hi tech KLIA. We have the well planned hi tech Putrajaya. We are developed because we have Cyberjaya. We have proven we have the means to build the twin towers and the single tall tower. We said we can. So it like everything is running so smoothly. How can there be anything wrong ? By the way I am in the medical field in the government service. Bloggers come in various levels. I have visited some which are created by innocent teenagers and they are very creative; many colours, local English, music. Some are young adults who are university graduates but who are somehow screwed and you find so much obscenities in their contents. Then there are those serious ones. Even some are really extreme. Those are their expressions. Those are their emotions. Those are their dreams, wishes, hopes. We are individuals, aren’t we ?


  2. hsudarren
    Apr 01, 2007 @ 15:59:19

    I did not and do not advocate tigtening of laws regarding blogging. I am all for a freer press, please read my article on “Press freedom”. I have always considered the press as the fourh pillar of democracy, after the judiciary, legislative and the executive branch.

    But even a free press needs to have certain ethics. Just like as a doctor, i cannot reveal what is said to me by my patients. These are told to me intrust and I have to observe the ethic of confidentiality.

    What i am trying to put across is that if something is wrong, we can be more effective by trying to convince and change people’s mind more subtly. It is just a matter of different strategy used.


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