This is how politics is played…..

This is how politics is played ….. in most of the Tongs (parties/societies):

Call yourself the great advocate of democracy or change. People always want change because only with change, they can hope for the better…. So they support you… you become famous and then….

Capitalise on your fame and form a TONG or society; project a clean image asking for change and plays to the sentiments of the people.

Choose your inner circle, people who depend on you for ….business….kang dao (hokkiens meaning projects/positions)……..patronage.

Make promises to others— talented , gifted popular leaders from the ground….Promises that do not have to be fulfilled…. They will bring in the support for you and the size of your Tong grows. But always make sure in every level of the Tong , create  2 or more camps, so that these 2 or more camps will be busy fighting each other and the top leader ‘you’ plays divide and rule, and dispense the goodies and control all the factions. When anyone asks you about the ” empty promises’  you make, use the other camp to finish him off.

Send your spies either to infiltrate other groups or to talk bad about you in front of others. From the response, you know who is not for you and who talks bad about you. Chop them when you have the chance.

People not in your good book — create a false perception about them, tell people they are not clean… they are corrupt…. they are useless….. without any real evidence or basis ( evidence not important, a lie when told a few times, becomes a truth).

Good and sincere people who may ultimately command good support and become a threat—- block them when they are still at the lowest rung. Do not let those with potential (but difficult to control type) surface in top level of party. Isolate them. If they become too dangerous, use and support the other camp to kill them off.

Comes to election–eh— either interfere to get your inner groups/proteges/relatives up………..Otherwise create a Chai Dan (menu) and ask your members to vote only those in the Chai dan…. Chai Dan culture is good because any person who wish to be in the Chai Dan will have to ‘bodek” you. You become all powerful.

Those leaders who are good for nothing, cannot contribute to society, never mind, promote them if they are obedient or as long as they contribute to you in whatever way lah. These people will not be a threat to you. In fact, you can tie a leash on their neck; you want them  go east…they go east….west…they go west…..

Never mind about ideology…. that is for talking to the media like NST, the Star, Nanyang, or Malaysiakini.

In the name of politics, all dirty tricks are allowed…… as long as you rule in the little turf of yours.

This is democracy…….

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9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ktemoc
    May 27, 2007 @ 05:27:20

    wow, dareen, hard hitting lah – good on you


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  3. peter toh
    May 28, 2007 @ 20:16:29

    Dr. Hsu,
    You talk sense. You have done a good job for the good of the country.We need more people like. Keep up you good work!


  4. hsudarren
    May 28, 2007 @ 20:29:12

    Thank you for your encouragement, Peter. My voice is very small and soft, but I believe that with more people joining in, our voice can be big enough for government to adopt certain changes. Rgds.


  5. iamyuanwu
    Jun 01, 2007 @ 00:10:25

    Now I know… now I know.
    I’ve always harboured the hope that one day, Malaysia will have a totally transparent, non-race based party that will rule us. And another few opposition parties of the same with shadow committees to match.
    I guess not going to happen soon.


  6. Low Keing Hooi
    Jun 15, 2007 @ 12:36:04

    Haha.. I am raising my hands and legs to give full accord with what you have said!

    But of course, there are still some small number of leaders that do come with good quality. Hmm… yes.. sadly, very small number can survive..


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