Is another party fight looming ?

The Chua Soi Lek incident is now more than 1 week old.  It has hogged the headlines of all major newspapers, and even Malaysiakini has been filled with so many letters and comments on this matter. Many people might think this is the end of the matter, and time will make people forget the whole episode.

My personal opinion is  that this episode is going to have serious repercussions in MCA, and the MCA’s national leaders will be under tremendous pressure to avoid another party fight, which has occurred almost as predictable as the sun rises from the east. The Chinese community has a saying: a small fight every three years, and a big fight every five.

It is really unfortunate that infighting has become an entrenched culture.

This morning,  Chinese press reports mentioned that when Chua returned to Batu Pahat last night , many thousands of emotional  supporters from all over Johore thronged the roads of this town to lend support to and welcome him.

chua-soi-lek-support.jpgChua at Batu Pahat rally

chua-support-2.jpga big support rally in Batu Pahat

Meanwhile, it was reported that the Labis division has made a resolution asking  Chua to be chosen as the candidate for the next general election. The presence of few thousands in a support rally in a small town like Batu Pahat would be equivalent to a mass rally of a hundred thousand of people in KL, and that is no joke. Even when he was a minister, the crowd was never so big, nor so emotional in their support. Chua is now being hailed as a hero in a tragedy, and has projected an image of a person ” gan chuo gan dang”- meaning “dare to do and dare to admit”.

Johore is the strong hold of MCA, just like it is the strong hold of UMNO. MCA has 15 state seats in Johore alone. It has also one of the largest  , if not the largest, no. of national delegates to the annual MCA national conference.

So Chua has lost the first battle. With his strong character and determination, be prepared for him to strike back.  He can also play the part of a kingmaker, or at the very least, play the part of a spoiler.

He could , for example , use a proxy to challenge whoever was deemed to be behind the plot to remove him. Even if he cannot win, it would cause a big dent in MCA’s image and split the MCA leadership.

So as I see it, another MCA party fight is now in the making. Whether it is going to be a big fight or a small fight, only time will tell. But it will not auger well for the Barisan National, with so many unsettling issues and election being so near now.

One intriguing point in Chua’s interview with the press following this scandal is that he mentioned that  a ‘clean and healthy political ‘ culture is more than just to limit the terms of office for the leaders. Limiting the terms of office was one of the first acts of the present MCA president Ong K T when he told over the presidency, and a clean and healthy political culture is also what Ong has ostensibly been telling his members. This reference by Chua is undoubtedly an affront to MCA President Ong Ka Ting, and there is plenty to read between the lines, if you are  a keen political observer.

 A friend with political strings told me that MCA  leadership is not confident of doing well in the coming general election. Out of the 40 Parliamentary seats, 7 are considered ‘black’  and 10 are considered ‘grey’.  ‘Black’ means “gonna case”- there is little chance to win- and grey means that the prospect of losing that particular seat is very high. So if MCA does not do well, what will happen? Next yr will be MCA’s election year when the national delegates will gather and choose their leaders again for the next 3 years. If the party suffers a big setback in the general election ( which will most probably come before the party convention), what will the members do?

Members might be looking for a change of leadership. They might want a strong personality to take over, and Chua was perceived to be such a person. With such threat looming, it is small wonder why this scandal is exposed at this time, when general election is just around the corner. As Chua himself hinted that this is a plot to finish him off politically.

Chua’s admission and resignation has endeared him to many MCa grassroots members, with Kelatan and Kedah divisional leaders coming forward to support him, besides of course his own support in Johore (more than 70%). I think whoever was the black hand has not prepared for such a thing happening. By admitting and resigning and ending the episode within 3 days, Chua has thrown the ball back to the foots of the top leadership. He has also put pressure on the leadership.

By his own act of accountability, he has put pressure on those leaders that are perceived to be involved in certain scandals involving possible corrupt practices and abuses of power. Already Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang is calling for MCA deputy President to follow Chua’s example to quit, citing the scandal of the 4.6 billion PKFZ, as reported in Malaysiakini a few days back.

I think whoever is the blackhand has not thought of these repercussions. By distributing the dvd which was filmed many months back, they might have thought that the timing is right to remove the enemy, but they have not expected the swiftness that Chua has responded. By their action, they have not only exposed Chua, but have also exposed how low MCA politics has gone down to. I am sure no MCA grassroots would feel proud the way one of their vice presidents is being forced out.

What goes round comes around. This is one of nature’s laws which has proven time and again to be true!

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  1. monsterball
    Jan 06, 2008 @ 20:38:11

    Politics in UMNO and BN is always dirty..and MCA should be ashamed of themselves with in house fighting….so much so the late Gaffar Baba had briefly too over the leadership of the party.
    They say they are grateful….but the Malaysian Chinese hanged their heads so low…all caused by selfish dirty MCA politics.
    Voters did give them so may chances for the sake of unity…but year in year out..they prove to be gutless.
    Black..and grey parliamentarian seats?
    I say..saving a miracle for MCA…almost all are black. THEY ASKED FOR IT….year in year out…now the are going to get it for good.


  2. monsterball
    Jan 06, 2008 @ 20:46:58

    MCA and MIC joined in as BN play the race and religion politics with UMNO….but much to be admired by UMNO in the sense…they will fight tooth and nail ….punished for no reasons…keep talking political languages for excuses…….never a language to defend their own kind .
    Go to hell with K T and Semy….also Gerakan Party can close shop too.


  3. jeff
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 03:12:22

    Chinese political culture is so shameless,not a big surprise to malaysians, why bring along”made in china” into this wonderful country?


  4. jeff
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 03:41:16

    Chinese political culture is so shameless.


  5. steve
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 06:07:45

    Let this man rest in peace, chinese people, please give him some mercy.


  6. yh
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 13:50:18

    wonder is a police permit for such show of force? or the usual selective appliations of law by the police?


  7. max
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 13:53:56

    Chua Soi Lek is a bloody disgrace, and should have been sacked rather than let him resigned gracefully! The only mistakes he admitted to was being caught & using the same hotel room, rather than his unfaithfulness to his spouse! (I would be more sympathetic to him if he has apologised to his wife in public as well, but no such gracefullness from this idiot). His bloody logic, i wondered typifies for all politicians in Malaysia??


  8. sampalee
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 13:59:20

    Chua is a victim.If a minister can be unknowingly video taped in a hotel room,are we sure our innocent wife or daughter are not recorded in full nudity waiting for to day to gto public as porn actr4ess.?No body is up in arm against this particular hotel.Are tourist save staying in our hotel?


  9. sampalee
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 14:00:13

    Chua is a victim.If a minister can be unknowingly video taped in a hotel room,are we sure our innocent wife or daughter are not recorded in full nudity waiting for to day to gto public as porn actr4ess.?No body is up in arm against this particular hotel.Are tourist save staying in our hotel?


  10. centurypatriot
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 14:37:04

    MCA has proven to be gutless and also play racial card for their own bloody benefit.

    Why not CSL consider taking along his supporters to Keadilan and give the BN for a run of their money! Just a thought.


  11. perfume no. 1
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 15:02:13

    You reflect a lot. That’s good.

    Where’s the solution????


  12. monsterball
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 15:27:42

    The good news is Chinese gathered by the thousands to greet Dr.Chua where ever he went in Johore.
    It looks like the Johore Chinese know more than us.
    He may turn out to be the destroyer or saviour of MCA in coming election.
    I am sure UMNO and MCA took notice and as usual…when a man can gather so many voters…they will find ways and means to get this politician back… promising a Senator post…so he can will stay faithful to BN and UMNO?


  13. hkengmacao
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 17:40:21

    BN is not a sincere partnership. This is an open secret to all of us. BN is just a so-called partnership that paint ‘superficial harmony’ among races in Malaysia.

    So, whoever run BN component parties, still the same to me. Think about this carefully and cast your vote wisely in this coming GE.


  14. Shamir
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 18:39:48

    Dr. Chua should leave MCA and fight the battle with the opposition. At least he will be respected. The BN is a party of rascals. I am sure this Dr. Chua does not really belong to this herd of animals who only pretend to be pius people. It is time to teach the BN a lesson and Dr. Chua’s help in exposing the BN chaps would be a great blessing for the Opposition.


  15. Adrian Wong
    Jan 07, 2008 @ 21:25:57

    IMHO, good riddance to bad rubbish. Chua Soi Lek may have done some good for the doctors and patients. SOME good. But he tainted it all by supporting dubious government policies like racially-biased specialist programmes and the recent extension of housemanship (and indirectly, government service) for doctors.

    When I wrote about this to The Star, they sanitized the whole thing. Fortunately, I posted it at my blog – and sent a copy to The Sun where it was printed. Of course, no response from CSL. So, don’t count me as a grassroot supporter.

    The only real problem with the whole issue is that Chua Soi Lek was replaced by the spineless OKT as Health Minister. Ong Ka Ting cannot even fart without asking permission from his MCA backer.

    I think the Chinese must learn to be forthright and decent. Not everything is about making money. Wrong is wrong is wrong is wrong. I personally don’t care if he bonks Jean Danker as well. That’s his personal life. But as a Health Minister, he fell far short of the mark.

    I really don’t know why people would support him. Obviously, his grassroots are thinking with their wallets and not their heads. Sad…


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  17. jeff
    Jan 08, 2008 @ 01:20:47

    Get real, chinese people, the victims of this sexual adventure is the wife n the children. Please give us some peace in Batu Pahat, and take your fight back to china.


  18. Steve
    Jan 08, 2008 @ 01:28:49

    sampalee, CSL is victim alright, Malaysians are the aggressors here, we have “holier than thou” mindset.
    is that for real?His wife n children are the real victims, even the kids are ask to pay rent for living in daddy’s house now.


  19. Ah peng
    Jan 08, 2008 @ 01:33:47

    As a resident in B.P, i need peace n quiet. take your gathering some where else, chinese!


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  21. anonymous dud
    Jan 08, 2008 @ 12:30:01

    don;t understand, it says that we should not expose ppl like csl who holds high office but cheat behind his wife (and use taxpayers money for rm800 per night suite for his love-making pursuit) , and some say celebrated womanizer, that we public should be kept with dark and shoved with good, diligent and responsible image of the minister. if he did not commit adultery at first place, he should no worry at all. like rapist admit everything and be acquited…..


  22. monsterball
    Jan 08, 2008 @ 15:18:41

    Batu Pahat wants peace and quiet…fat chance!
    It can only be done….if Dr.Chua does not live there….and we understand he still have a clinic in BP?
    He is now the hero of MCA…living in Batu Pahat. How to have peace?…….hahahahahahaha


  23. mikebravo
    Jan 09, 2008 @ 07:21:52

    Ask Dr Chua to stand as independant for this pru 12 . Sure menang


  24. ah peng
    Jan 11, 2008 @ 03:55:57

    monsterball, it is get out of control now in B.P., the beast is being set free, the fight will start here. you are right.


  25. monsterball
    Jan 12, 2008 @ 03:21:25

    Ah Peng….The fight has started.
    By the way…I was educated in Batu Pahat High School for three years…that time known to have crocodiles at the football field…and HM is Rawkcliff.
    I also travelled all over Johore for few years…dealing with school products and LKS was just a town council clerk near Pontian….if my memory serves me right.
    Back to Chua…..KaTing and those stooges are playing safe…after trying to crucify him.
    All B.Pahat MCA members turned out to support Chua….and had it still be the ‘Paris of Malaysia”…hordes of gro girls needed….to start a fire….drink and be merry…. BP have never seen before….hahahahahaha
    A sick sick party….to stoop so low…making sure Chua will resign with that sting. What is sex?…every man love it….yet they tape his privacies.
    Chua is much to be admired …able to joke about it. Lesser sensitive man will loose his temper…not Chua.
    But he should stand as an Independent….supported by invisible hands from the opposition parties..and get lost from MCA for good.
    Only after the election…..can Batu Pahat be peaceful……since the erection is long gone….the battle of who have bigger balls have just started.


  26. ah peng
    Jan 13, 2008 @ 01:07:35

    monsterball, i am no admire of an unfaithful man to his wife n children, of course every man love sex, but him is not only about sex, also infidelity, adultery, and behavior unbecoming a big minister for Johorean. I think after he quit, nobody is going to care how many girl friends he has at all, he can party all night. opposition party may be interested in him, who know?


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