A mechanism or a law is needed to prevent conversion controversy

The Gan family conversion controversy is not an isolated case. There were many cases before this, and I am sure there will be more cases in future. There is really a need for a mechanism or a law to prevent such misunderstanding arising from alleged conversion.

I have always stressed that to prevent any more of these cases happening, there must be a law to compel anyone who wish to convert to Islam to inform the spouse and the immediate family of his conversion, before such conversion can be officially performed.

I am re-posting an article which I have written on this issue dated June 10th 2007. This article was published as a letter in Malaysiakini and NST in June 2007.

          Inform the spouse when a person converts

After all the letters and views expressed recently in media such as Malaysiakini on the issue of conversion , I suggest that the government should enact a law to inform, as a matter of courtesy and an obligation under the oath of matrimony, the spouse of a person wishing to convert to Islam.

This law must specify that when a person converts to Islam, it should be made compulsory to inform his or her spouse and his/her spouse should sign a statement before an officer of law acknowleging that he or she has been informed.

There should also be a period of , say, 2 weeks between informing the spouse and the actual conversion, so that the couple can have a heart to heart discussion on the matter. This is necessary because any conversion will have a direct impact on the spouse regarding the status of children, the inheritance, the burial and so on.

This will avoid a lot of confusion or misunderstanding like in the case of the Mt Everest climber Moorthy Maniam, a Hindu bybirth but buried as a Muslim in 2005.

Islamic administration officials”acquired” the body after a headline grabbing tussle for it with Moorthy’swife Kaliammal, saying he had secretly converted to Islam.

Kaliammal disputed the claim and asked the court to declare her husband a Hindu, but the court instead said since one party is a Muslim the court had no jurisdiction to hear the case.

By making it compulsory to inform the spouse, at least the spouse will be given a choice whether to seek seperation from the other party or follow the partner’s path and be converted as well.

I would like to think that if you believe in a certain faith, you should let your family members know and not keep it a secret. What is there to be secretive if you really believe what you do is right?

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. monsterball
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 07:59:48

    TDM said that he is fighting for his race…religion and party….to the approval of few listening to that sly old fox talking…continuing to split the malays…and Malaysians….to divert attentions to his thick skinned acts of selective loss in memory.
    So when come to religion….especially something to talk against Islam…tell me which UMNO minister dare to speak out of their interpretations of the said religion?
    Now you expect someone like Pak Lah…to change it and loose more malay votes?
    Don’t dream…..Doc.


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  3. jeff
    Jan 29, 2008 @ 06:43:01

    Pak lah talk about it, he is hoping all non-muslims Malaysians can leave Malaysia and go back to India or China, dream on…doc


  4. humbleforest
    Feb 11, 2008 @ 02:37:06

    Laws are made to guide one to a right moral path
    of equality, unselfishness, indiscriminate love and
    settle disputes without prejudices but peacefully.

    Good leaders must have the empathy with the poor and innocents, and are able to share and mix with them freely. They are able to win the respect of their multiple races. This is the way of Dao, the “unseen ” law , i.e. action without action,
    and is the Ultimate “Law” of the Universe.


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