A letter from the Gan family

This is a letter,  taken from the blog ‘A journal of my life’, from the Gan family regarding their father the late Gan Eng Gor.

Letter from Gan Hok Ming on behalf of Gan’s family seeking justice for their beloved father. Please take note on the points that i have highlighted

Justice and Fair play for the family of Gan Eng Gor (deceased)

1. Our father was seventy‐four (74) years old. He suffered a severe stroke in 2006. He was immobilized, bedridden, mentally unsound, cannot speak, partially deaf and has very poor vision.

2. We transferred him to stay with one of our brothers in Klang. Our aged mother looked after, bathed and fed him. She also helped to look after our nephews and nieces.

3. Our father died on 20th Jan 2008. As Gan Hock Seng (the eldest son) is a member of the family, we informed him of our father’s death. He was then told us that our father is a muslim, we were shocked and did not believed him. So we continue to perform the wake service as our father have never led a muslim life. The Majlis Agama officers came and attempted to snatch the dead body, all our family members more shocked and angry, we resisted and strongly protested against the removal of our father’s body.

4. We obtained his alleged conversion papers from Majlis Agama the second day.

5. We were advised by our solicitors that there are serious irregularities in the said conversion papers especially the Declaration of Conversion into Islam.

a). The declaration was before a Pegawai Ukhuwah. His rubber stamp was on the paper but that officer did not sign.

b). Further there was no signatory at the certification column.

c). There was an illegal alteration on the date to 3rd July 2007.

d). The thumb‐print was questionable as we are certain that our deceased father was in Klang and not at the address No. 451, Taman Megaway, 70400 Sikamat, Seremban as stated in the application form.

e). His address stated in the Borang Perakuan Memeluk Islam is No: 1272, Jalan TBK 6/2, Taman Bkt Kepayang, 70200 Seremban, the residence of the eldest son. We wish to state that our father has never resided at this address.

f). The Majlis Agama Authorities claimed that our deceased father made an oral declaration in Arabic accepting the Muslim faith. Our family has medical confirmations from three doctors that our father was unable to speak.

g). We were asked to appear before the Syariah Court Seremban, we believe the Syariah Court is for Muslims only.

h). We refused to attend at the Syariah Court on a matter of principle as non‐Muslims. We refused to submit to the jurisdiction of the Syariah Court.

i). The Syariah Court made a unilateral declaration that our father is a Muslim and is to be buried in accordance to Muslim rites.

j). We filed an application at the High Court Seremban to adjudicate on the validity, authenticity,veracity and legality of the conversion paper especially the declaration of acceptance into Islam.

k). The High Court Seremban dismissed our application on the ground that he has no jurisdiction to hear this matter as the subject matter falls within the purview of the Syariah Court. We beg to differ.

l). We were indeed shocked and aggrieved at the simplistic way the High Court disposed off this matter. We only seek justice, fair play and to find out the truth on his alleged conversion.

10. The eldest son Gan Hock Seng converted to Islam years ago. Our father and mother had strenuously opposed his conversion.

11. This eldest son had allegedly converted our father without the knowledge of our mother and all other seven siblings.

12. Further, the eldest son had NEVER taken care of him physically and financially. He hardly visited him too.

13. Even if the eldest son had converted our father, we like to ask :

i). Why is it that he did not take care of him and brought him to stay in his house to lead a Muslim life?

ii). Why did he allow our father to continue living in a non‐muslim home in Klang ? Our father had never prayed and continued eating pork and other non‐halal food. He never revealed to anyone that he has converted to Islam.

iii). Why he as a Muslim, did not ensure that our father (if he had been indeed converted) led a Muslim life ?

iv). Why is it that the Agama Islam authorities did not visit and follow up with our father – the alleged new convert, after his conversion?

14. We believe we have been unfairly treated by our eldest brother and the Agama Islam authorities in this alleged conversion of our father. If there had been a conversion, we firmly believe that the Agama Islam authorities should have informed all members of the family. There should not be a fight over the body of dead person. There should be dignity and respect on the dead person.

15. We hope the PM and the higher ups in the Islamic Authorities review this case and to ensure that the truth is unraveled. We hope that all conversions to Islam is fair and transparent and made known to all the next of kin of the convert.

We Seek Justice, Fair play and Truth in this matter.

Gan Hok Ming for and on behalf of the family members of Gan Eng Gor (deceased)
Date: 25th January 2008

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9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. humbleforest
    Jan 27, 2008 @ 21:21:58

    The Supreme Creator has given us a body form in different colours, races, and languages, and also HIS Holy teachings, hoping to see us cultivate purely and faithfully for a journey to HIS Pureland.
    All religions teach indiscriminate love, care and share with one another.
    All are HIS beloved children and should have mutual respect and trust with one another.
    Relgion is to liberate our true-self. That is why for
    many centuries, The Supreme Almighty has given
    human beings a choice to choose.
    Choose the right path one enters HIS Kingdom,
    choose otherwise, one enters the plane of rebirth,
    sufferings or self-extermination.

    There is no true progress spiritually if one has no love, empathy, concern for other races, religions.

    You shall be judged by what you have done, and not by what you have known.
    If constant sufferings and confusions have caused
    to others and yourself then beware. You may be
    taking the wrong track.
    Divine Love is bestowed to those whose heart is
    pure and sincere.

    Everyone irrespective of races, cultures, languages, and especially religions is to help
    one another to live peacefully and not to create disharmony over a petty issue of a dead body.
    Can this action really help a person to achieve
    moral values ???


  2. yh
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 00:15:57

    we must thank lingamgate for that. aint corrupt ex-CJ with the support of the AG wants to do away with secular laws? and now the corrupted courts are abdicating its responsibility.
    this is a blatant abuse of powers. and the so-called religious PM just close one eye to this. Is this Islam Hadhari, may I ask?


  3. Steven
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 10:28:13

    are you a islamic terrorist?, “petty issue of a dead body”? every dead body is belong to the children or love one, not the islamic affair department, do not try to mess up with malaysian’s right! Go back to Islamic state in middle east if you do not like it.


  4. jeff
    Jan 29, 2008 @ 06:38:00

    For a non muslim to have a rightful claim to have their love one decease’s body to bury according to his religion is the only way for him to rest in peace and in paradise, it is not a petty issue like some of the LMN want you to believe or like to see happen in Malaysia from their perverted religion.


  5. Mawi
    Jan 29, 2008 @ 12:24:56

    Every day hundreds of people dies and peculiar in Malaysia, as claimed by many, anyone who dies in Malaysia will be snatched by the religious authorities for it to be buried in a muslim rite . Is this true?


  6. panca
    Jan 29, 2008 @ 18:13:53

    ….when order of the day is simply religious fanatics and stupidity!

    At this difficult time of the living facing the passing away of their Dear Beloved Father, A little prayer of wisdom to the Demised is offered……

    “May the Departed be relieved of his sufferings and moved on the higher plane,

    There shall be quickly and swiftly transformed with thought of Compassion(Loving-Kindness), Merits(Karma) in the conscience of higher rebirth and even Beyond.

    Blessed in the Realm of Merits, Blessed is the state of Being that follows Excellence characteristics of High Being and Beyond.

    The Disciples of Merits and Karma are Excellent Rebirth Conscience of such High Being.”


    May there be Patience follow by Bliss to the Family members.



  7. shakehead
    Jan 29, 2008 @ 20:53:37

    Quote “From
    Gan Hok Ming for and on behalf of the family members of Gan Eng Gor (deceased)
    Date: 25th January 2008” Unquote.

    It should be :
    Gan Hok Ming for and on behalf of the family members of Gan Eng Gor (deceased) with the exception of the xxxxxxx Abdul Rahman Gan Abdullah (eldest son) who not only shames everyone, burt also his religion (together with Azhar ma’ah (High court s**t),
    Md. Nadzri abd rahman (syariah high court s**t) Ong Ka Ting (mca s**t)

    Date: 25th January 2008


  8. jeff
    Jan 30, 2008 @ 02:20:48

    Non-muslim Malaysians are facing an up hill task in re-claiming their rights in Malaysia due to forced religion conversion and Islamic terrorists belief from middle east, it is a well known fact, see the demolition of Hindus temple in Malaysia by those hateful Islamic mullah from government agency? Malaysia is at a cross road of turning into Islamic state and free state.


  9. Jackdaw
    Feb 03, 2008 @ 08:08:48

    My sympathies to the family for their sufferings.

    The fault lies with the following parties:

    – Eldest son
    – The various Authorities and their servants

    I believe they will get their punishments in due course (i.e when they have to answer to the Supreme Almighty).


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