People before self

An elected office, such as that of a member of Parliament or State Assemly, is a responsibility and should not be viewed as something glamorous. It should be viewed as a responsibility to represent the people’s interest  in either local or national mattes or issues.

Politicians, either in ruling parties or opposition, should not view an elected office as something to get power or something to get rich. People’s interest should always come first, and elected office should be viewed as a position to realise the dreams and aspirations of the people, to achieve a liberal, fair , prosperous, clean and competitive society. If they are elected to an office, they should view their mandate as a heavy responsibility which should be carried out to the best of their abilities.

However, in the opposition camp, self interest seems to reign over everything else. First, there were stalemates in allocation of seats among the parties in certain states, and then latest news reports (not in Malaysiakini) mentioned that a local leader blasting an opposition party, DAP,  for bringing in 3 outsiders to a front line state, Penang.

I really  wonder whether these politicians have the interest of the people in their hearts.

This is the time when we can really see the bad traits of human surfacing. Friends can suddenly become foes; comrades become potential rivals; kniving each other in the back is not uncommon.  It is greed, selfishness and personal glory that these people care about and drive these people to such extreme.

 If these people care for their own interest so much even before an election is called, do you really think that they will work for the interest of the people when they are elected? I doubt.

If the parties cannot even decide on seat allocations, then how are they going to cooperate if they win the election? One really wonders!

Politicians, whether ruling or opposition, should always put people interest above self. The motto of Interact Club can perhaps be the guiding principles for these politicians: Service before Self.

Maybe I should change it to : People before self!


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  1. A true Malaysian
    Feb 13, 2008 @ 19:11:43

    Logically, we should vote on candidates of integrity quality. That is to say, base on this criteria, we will vote both from BN and opposition parties.

    The problem is, as shown in the past, MP and State Assemblyman (SA) from BN were subject to many restrictions which resulting in even an MP and SA with integrity were not able to exercise their conscience when carrying out their duties / responsibilities.

    Under such practices, decisions and laws passed were full of flaws as there were no constructive debates in the process. This was clearly evidenced from the shouting match in Parliament and resulting in the mess that we are facing now.

    Due to this scenario, many people vote for the opposition party candidates, even they are not of integrity quality or ‘People before self’ as suggested by you.

    I can safely say that, most of the opposition candidates qualify this criteria. But, again, it is yet to be seen the end results.

    Anyway, what choice does we have in this kind of scenario?


  2. ahpeng
    Feb 15, 2008 @ 12:48:38

    Different voter has various need,one candidate may be good to some but not to others, some only fight for own race or religion group, but i always look at a representative that fight for my right as a Malaysian not as Chinese , Indian or Malay.


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