A bombshell, again

Malaysiakini reported that one of the MPs from a opposition party, DAP,  announced that she is not standing in her seat because of internal party problems. This is actually not surprising.

By all counts, this MP Fong is a very conscientious and hard working one and is well liked by her constituents as well as young bloggers all over the country. She would have little problem in defending her seat and her withdrawal has exposed once again the unhealthy internal politics of this particular party.

DAP would have been bigger than MCA if it has not sidelined so many of its capable leaders over the years. It would have been the backbone of a 2 party system.

I have lost count of this: Dr Kua Kia Song, Lee Ban Cheng, Lee Lam Thye, Kerk Kim Hock, Sim Kwang Yang, Hu Sepang …..etc etc.

Last year I wrote an article on “Shooting itself in the foot”, about how the former Selangor Chairman Ong C K , who is a personal friend of this blogger, was ousted.

In politics, it is often uncommone to see the head of a party becoming dictatorial and sidelining good leaders who are not yes men. By sidelining all these good leaders, the head can avoid diret challenges to him, and by creating factions using the politics of divide and rule, he would have consolidated his own unassailable position in the party. He would then have a free hand promoting his own preferred candicates, including his own children and cronies.

If the top leader cannot tolerate dissenting opinion within his party, how is he going to listen to differing views of the rakyat? I wonder.

I have written previously that :

is unfortunate that in Malaysia, we don’t have many real leaders who are selfless, who care for people or their members  more than themselves. What we have are leaders who like to play “divide and rule”,  creating factions so that no one faction dominates and so that the top leadership can rule without fear of being challenged. This so-called balancing act results in too much infighting and a waste of energy and resources, which can otherwise be used more productively in analysing national issues or servicing the electorate .

The Star quoted  Wee Choo keong, who was also ousted from the same party, as saying that “young leaders should be careful if they wished to survive in the DAP where “selfsih and personal ambitions” were placed above principles and idealsfor the people.

With this type of opposition, it is not surprising that in Malaysia there is no credible opposition even after 50 years of independence; there is really little hope of a 2 party system, which would be ideal in a democracy,  emerging in the foreseeable future.


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  1. David Yong
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 15:47:57

    Quitting at this time??? She only thinks of herself not the people.Let it be.The people are disappointed.


  2. multidimid
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 17:22:51

    And what was BN Perak MB immediate reaction?
    “For me, I cross the bridge when I come to the bridge. How do you know that she is not standing? Last minute, she might be standing there. So our preparation must be geared to the situation that she will be defending her seat”

    But from her announcement (see Video Clip) she was a determined angry woman out to settle some old score troubling her for years. Personally she cannot accept the fact that as the elected MP she has to take orders from State leaders – or for that matter anybody. Seen her in any demos or protest gatherings? Even if asked to contest elsewhere, she could have accepted the challenge, used her experience and reputation to win another DAP seat. She is too egoistic, larger than life and place her self above the party without realizing it is the DAP party that has given her a life as an MP and now to enjoy her pension. More details at


  3. VJ
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 17:38:56

    unexpected twist . I wondar why opposition is so blind when oppurtunity for them open wide this round than previous years . sigh……


  4. monsterball
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 18:09:05

    She maybe bought out…….like Lee Lam Thye.
    I don’t believe DAP is dictatorial….but can be strict.
    After all….who dares to make DAP famous by going to jail so many times………none…..but the Lims themselves.?


  5. daffodils
    Feb 18, 2008 @ 20:01:08

    Quitting at this moment would be fodder for attack by BN parties. They would say that there is disarray within the party and would spin a lot of tales and the Star being the voice of MCA would not report anything favourable. Already a few volleys of attack have been served, of course to BN advantage.

    The Opposition have to look at the bigger picture, avoid internal squabbles and forge a united front to battle against the BN juggernaut.


  6. kathy
    Feb 19, 2008 @ 13:22:08

    No democracy in DAP,especially for woman members. Lim n his son rule forever n above all, it is no big deal for them to lose a capable people representative, it is the “rakyat” loss.period.


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  8. Sharing
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 01:54:50

    Mutual CONSIDERATION from different Stand Points are Vital for the common Target of Voting BN out and get hold of Parliament!
    (please refer also to my posting in
    Priority for Party should be Party and Representative
    Priority for Representative should be People and his/her family.
    All have their pros and cons and should be put on the table for better communication!
    Unless the priority of the Representative had been totally ignored by the Party, she has the point!
    Party at the end have to respect the choice of the Representative after the whole exercise.

    For Voters during this GE, they should considered the Priority of the Party is to get as much seats as possible, therefore, any shifting of Representative should be compromised unless the new comers do not have a proven record of Heart and Soul!

    If all involved are trying to see A BIGGER PICTURE FOR ALL, it will be better for ALL!!


  9. VJ
    Feb 20, 2008 @ 21:18:12

    also i’m wondering why some DAP members dun accept parachuting candidates . Even the party president not welcomed , claiming him to be an outsider . One of the reason why opposition win less and loose more in past years . Narrow minded !

    The people have awaken and you guys pls stand up to our expectation . Be like a man and not a cry baby. Look at bigger picture to win seats to fight BN instead of crying for your self good !


  10. jeff
    Feb 21, 2008 @ 01:10:09

    DAP can not tolerant capable woman candidate and representative in the party, it is a well known fact in this male dominated chauvinistic party, it is forever “LIM family” party.


  11. daffodils
    Feb 22, 2008 @ 23:19:56

    Yeah yeah the bombshell is defused. FPK is now invigorated. People’s power, people’s petition, the might of the pen as Dr Hsu has said, works

    Good, good. Do not give up the good fight. Let sense prevail.

    Bring back good governance. Let there be check and balance. Say good riddance to corruption, discrimination, nepotism, cronysim, injustice and mismanagement.

    Vote in people of substance. Hail, Malaysians the power is within you. You make or break the nation.


  12. jeff
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 00:27:54

    DAP it is time for you to give women chances to succeed in your party.Many Malaysians women are very capable “rakyat” representative, they are less corrupt and have very high civic mind standard, let them develop fully in your male chauvinist party, stop power grab for LIM only!


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