The real opportunists

Newspapers are now full of news and write up of the coming election. For the candidates , this is the time when they get very good coverage, especially in the vernacular press. Whatever they do and they say will be in the news.

For certain individuals , this is the best opportunities to advertise themselves and stand as independents. Which better and cheaper way to become famous, by just paying a few thousand dollars deposits? They are prepared to have their deposits forfeited , but then what is few thousand dollars compared to the publicity they get?

 In normal times, just to advertise their names in paper for a day would cost them thousands of dollars. So they take this opportunity to join the fray as candidates. That is why these people are called opportunists. These are smart people, but by standing as independents, they can sometimes draw away a few hundred votes . These few hundred votes may change the results of the contest.

For some cheap publicity, these individuals would have swung the results of a seat, much to the chagrin of the main players.

All this is done in the name of democracy, though a more apt descripton would be hypocrisy and selfishness.


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  1. monsterball
    Feb 21, 2008 @ 15:11:49

    It’s a cheap chess games plan….putting out an Independent candidate….to take votes away.
    It is usually done by UMNO abd BN for places they cannot win.
    So lets see how many Independent candidates will appear on this election.
    The more ……means UMNO and BN have lost hope of winning.


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