The battle begins

The battle for votes has begun for the 12th General Election.

 Malaysiakini gave a very good account of the nominations going on yesterday, even though it was a Sunday.

The battle starts after about 10 days of intense lobbying and manoeuvre of the would-be YBs to get nominated as the candidates.

Some of the manoeuvres used are so dirtybrilliant that even Sun Tsu would have kowtowed and be cowed.  It reads like Modern Art of War.

For some parties,  this is a time to consolidate power and sideline those who do not toe the line, using the great euphemism of “change or renewal”.

Are the candidates chosen really in the best interest of the people or  the parties? Only the top leaders themselves know, but even young students lay men can tell you that this is not the case. Often,   not the best people are selected, but rather those who belong to certain factions or alignments .

Sometimes, a weaker candidate is chosen over a stronger one, even though the former is sure to lose and the latter might have a better fighting chance, because of factional interest and lobbying by the faction chiefs. 

Smokescreens are everywhere; rumours abound. Often these smokescreen and rumours are created to put certain individuals off tract and off guard to serve the purpose of finishing certain people or certain factions off.

Others are so pathetic and resort to crying publicly and asking friends to demonstrate as if their whole world depends on this and this alone!! A friend remarked that he doubted whether such cry babies have what it takes to shoulder the heavy responsibilities of a elected representative. I really have no answer.

Now that the nomination selection is over and the real battle starts, let us hope that both sides will fight a gentleman’s war and not resort to dirty tactics.

I hope all parties will follow strictly the election rules and regulations, even though my friends are telling me that rules are meant to be broken!!

Some people are willing to do anything to win at all cost – pouring in millions to try to swing votes may be one option of those who have deep pockets.

For those who cannot afford, borrowing huge sums from relatives or even “A Long” might be an option. These people probably treat this war as if their whole lives depend on it.

By their action, they probably treat elected office as a stepping stone to get high positions and of course good financial returns.

How will the people vote? No one knows until the final vote is cast.


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  2. Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Feb 25, 2008 @ 18:41:28

    In any general election some candidates are used as sacrificial lambs (to be slaughtered by political ‘giants’), some are decoys (to draw some votes away for ‘strategic’ reasons), and only a few are ‘Davids’ (to fight it out with ‘Goliathes’.)

    Only after the votes have been counted do we know for sure if the strategies worked as expected.

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 250208
    Mon. 25th Feb. 2008.


  3. Pegasus
    Feb 25, 2008 @ 21:45:23

    How the votes were casted we will know by 9 March early morning.Hopefully we have a new goverment rather then the BN regime ruling again. After 50 years, this is the 1st time the citizens of this much beloved country has really woken up to the rash reality of the situation in the nation. We have to vote a new goverment in, denying 2/3rd majority for BN is not enough. With all tactics to be employ in this GE, the postal votes could turn up at any place to deny the opposition parties from winning. The time has arrived for all Malaysian to unite and kick the BN party out for good. Their system of racial party rule should be thrown out in this age and era. This has keep us divided and only hatred is the outcome of this racial base parties towards other races in this country. This is very clear as crystal, why don’t we see this. Its time we give our votes to the opposition and vote in a new goverment NOW. Lets do it for the future generation, and let them know and let history be written that this generation folks are the heroes in changing the face of history in bringing in a new goverment. Lets come and vote the opposition. Lets give them the support which we deny the all this years!!, LETS VOTE FOR THE OPPOSITION !!!.


  4. A true Malaysian
    Feb 26, 2008 @ 17:45:45

    As I commented previously, MCA, MIC, Gerakan & etc will fight like dogs over ‘bones’ allocated to them. But this time around, even if a candidate won the fight, he / she need to get the ‘blessing’ from UMNO, if not, the ‘bone’ will be given to someone in favour of UMNO.

    Once selected as candidates and if won, their life as MP or State Assemblyperson will be an easy one, as somehow these people will be subject to ‘gag order’ in the Parliament / State Assembly. So, it is better not to talk a lot in these places.

    So, it is rather easy to be an BN representatives. That is also the reason why so many people willing to get involve in the games.

    It is time now Malaysian deny BN 2/3 majority this coming GE, better still, if Barisan Rakyat can form government in Penang, then prove to all of us they can manage much much better than BN. Thus, don’t waste your vote this time.


  5. Damocles
    Feb 26, 2008 @ 17:52:28

    The EC kept changing the laws to frustrate the opposition.
    First, stamp duty is required but when the BN candidates did not fulfill this condition, it was immediately waived!
    It also seems that one of the senior BN candidate did not sign the nomination papers and this condition was waived for that particular person!
    If the opposition candidate has made similar mistakes or flout the same laws, would the EC do the same for them?
    Is that what one would call level playing field?
    No wonder, the PM goes to extreme to change the constitution to accommodate the EC chairman so that he can continue after his supposed retirement age!
    What a bunch of SOBs!


  6. jeff
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 00:37:09

    Rotten governance for 50 years already, half of that under TDM, but every one is blaming Pak Lah for his inherited humongous system fraud, whereas Anwar is cashing on that hoping voters forget about his corruption conviction as a DPM and playing Malaysians in this coming election, i am not that forgetful even though i am an old Malaysian.


  7. monsterball
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 02:39:42

    I can feel the wind for change of government is so strong….as Malaysians are awakened to the truths at last.
    ‘FEAR” created by Pak Lah… with tear gas and water treatments …treating us like animals…hoping peaceful walkers will throw stones….burn cars….all backfired!!
    This is a very strong factor to vote them the monopoly in news reports…so one sided.
    Individual politician may be elected…..but for a government ..who has a sacred task to be noble and true..resort to cheap advertising in newspapers….designed to programmed and hypnotize readers to vote for UMNO BARU….is a low low class….any government can do. It is still after poor and innocent voters…bullshitting them…for past 28 years and on going.
    Accusing oppositions is an alliance of convenience….when UMNO/MCA/MIC are not???
    They are even worst….they are racialists and support race and religion dirty politics.
    Enough is enough..and all voters are ready for change of government.
    Why not??
    Philippines did that 25 years ago.
    Indonesia did that 15 years ago.
    And both are doing much better than Malaysia,.
    Why do we stick to one…. for 50 years?
    I guess Malaysians are calm and peaceful lot……until the tear gas and water treatment to us….hoping to get fury reactions with burn cars and houses…but it got backfired!!…showing what a cruel and cunning sly fox government we do have…and if we don’t change now….we are heading to the drain…to give them courage to controlled all … slaves.


  8. Ah Pek
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 11:48:12

    We “Malaysians” are the richest slaves in the world!
    Thank you Malaysia!!!ha ha ha …


  9. monsterball
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 00:52:47

    We succeed and maybe rich….not due to the government fairness…..if any…..especially to the Chinese and Indians.
    Just go to the Chinese eating shops ..or Chinese pasar malam……and watch those Chinese slog and slog……and many are millionaires too.
    Then watch those Indians selling putuh mayam…open small eating shops……worked at railroad stations……more than normal hours…to earn extra overtime….all their lives…then the many many lorry drivers…all have children….who are doctors ..lawyers.. and engineers…..not because the government helped them at all. They never over spend one ringgit of their lives…and their food are basic…..nothing lavish.
    Then watch the Malays…now spending like no body business…competing with each other on house renovations….biggest customers to Mercedez and BMW….plus all other expensive models of all cars. Puasa month is party month…full house at hotels…coffee houses.
    Most bangalows….in rich residential areas…belong to Malays….with few expensive cars parked inside…….and will block the whole residential road….unlawfully…with a police road sign..saying no entry…again unlawfully put out…….to throw their private parties.
    These Malays are clearly rich ..due to easy need to slog…..created by UMNO.
    And for that….for those .Malays ….who were not chosen to easy money …were quite tolorant …until more and more are given to the same rich ones….none to those that have none at all…..exposing UMNO…..choosing croonies….not really helping their race at all.
    Now……..for the past two years or slightly more…under Pak Lah’s leadership…it is proven a continuation of Mahathir…..which majority Malays do not like him at all. Many do not know….Mahathir was forced to stepped down…..not that he wanted to…..get real!!
    You see…when one is given 50 years chances.. and when one does not fell grateful at all…..but behave arrogant….boastful…and even dare steal our country’s wealth …daringly…to spread it to their party….personal gains though son and daughters…..and relatives/chosen friends to benefit.
    I recalled Mahathirv said in a CNN interview…that Prime Ministers in Malaysia are not corrupted..then quickly cut saying..”that’s another matter”….to save himself from a terrible embarrassment,.
    UMNO is …..very ungrateful party politicians……..thinking they own the country now.
    This we need to change..or else we will be the real slaves….


  10. jeff
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 11:38:45

    Right! monsterball, majority of non-bumi are still struggling like slaves in Malaysia up to this day since independence, no doubt about that, all they have is the” love” of Malaysia that keep them going generation after generation in their birth nation.


  11. VJ
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 22:12:08

    well well…. how to become a millionaire over night ??
    we should consult honorable Khairy !
    People dont see this but blame tussles within opposition (as a reason not voting them )whom never even have a small Perlis to rule to prove their credibility …..


  12. AhPek
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 11:09:33

    opposition party cannot get a small state to govern, muslim will go” amok” unless of course it is control by PAS also make up of Malay. Hard to deal with terrorists.


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