betting the future away

As the voting draws near, I have started to read more papers, besides the internet portals like Malaysiakini and the blogs. 

Oriental Daily, a vernacular press, reported today that some bookies are already at work in certain constituencies and collecting bets from voters.

I just cannot understand the mentality of these people. They can bet on anything and everything.

Please do not underestimate the effects in betting. This is a sure way where votes can be swung one way or other.

When a person put a wager of a hefty amount on certain bets, he would expect to win and hence he would vote in order for  his bet to win. That would become his primary aim. He would also ask his family members and his friends to vote the same way as he does.

Whether that would result in a moron getting elected will be secondary to him; human being human, he would care for his own bet first.

If many people do the same thing and place bet in a similar trend, then it would definitely skew the result and do not be surprised that a moron get elected this way.

A voter should realise that his vote is very important. It is about voting in people who would form the government, the policies of which would shape the future of the country. If a group of morons get elected and form the government, what types of policies will there be? Ultimately, the one who suffer will be the people themselves.

Gambling in a casino is bad; but at least the one who suffers is the individual himself. But by betting in an election, not only the individual suffers , the whole nation will suffer as will the future generations.

So I would like to appeal to those would-be gamblers not to place any wager in this election. Do not let the bookies control the way they vote. Think of their own future as well as that of their children.


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  1. A true Malaysian
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 18:36:22

    I fully agree with you on this. Unfortunately, the ‘bankers’ for these betting are mainly Chinese. They can collect bets practically in everything they can think of like World Cup, which young boy can ‘pee’ the furthest (I recall this from a Hong Kong movie), what time Taiping will rain on so on and so forth.

    Chinese are well known for being hard working but the behaviours like betting, gambling and give ‘kopi-o money’ are really shameful. In fact, such shameful behaviours had directly or indirectly corrupted the minds of other races in Malaysia, which resulting in corruption in every field that we can think of in Malaysia.

    This is also the main reason why Kelantan Chinese support PAS for many years in the past GE. PAS government in Kelantan actually did the right thing in banning gambling dens, night clubs, bars and night spots. If PAS can ‘re-branding’ themselves in time to come, they will gain more supports from all races in Malaysia.


  2. monsterball
    Feb 27, 2008 @ 21:51:41

    Yes….do not bet on election results.’This involves the future of our country….and it is too sacred a matter to bet with.
    Be serious and real for once.
    And I find it so very difficult to click to all the videos in Malaysiakini.
    I tried few..but none can be viewed.
    If this is UMNO’s control….then daily .it shows….more and undemocratic they have become.
    I hope I am wrong….but nothing will surprise me….from UMNO these days…monopolizing .everything……applying unfair advertising techniques…to hypnotize voters.
    It has in fact….. become…..a very dangerous government… depend on.
    Can anyone confirm…he/she also have difficulties to view the videos….speeches from Lim Kit Siang and Anwar??
    The headline said….sold out crowd….listening to them in Penang.


  3. Teoh
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 09:12:52

    I’m truely intrigued at the level of services provided by Gerakan to the respective constituencies. Hats off to them and please keep up the good work. However, I’m disppointed at the elected representatives for NOT spending enough time on Penang as a whole . Their time spent on the respective constituency while important but should not constitute more than 50% of their time. There are more important thing to Penang than the mundane tasks.

    Issues dear to my hearts are;
    1. Transportation – Penang State Government has not been able to solve the traffic issue and has to import Rapid Penang from outside. It’s okay to get the fund but we must have the expertise to manage. Penang State Government needs to be run by professional and not politicians.

    2. Building of Bayan Lepas flyover – cost escalated and commuters were inconvenienced during the construction. Today, the traffic is not improving while the fly-over is hardly used by commuter. This is another example of “lack of skill”. While the job is run a construction company, politician in charge should have enough skill set to ensure the project is well managed and commuters are not inconvenienced.

    3. Expansion of Penang Bridge – Another VERY BAD example. This is a total lack of skill set. The bridge is stretched to the limit, how can UEM be allowed to occupy one lane on the bridge to locate their equipment and offices.

    The list goes on. Outer Ring Road, second bridge and mono rail will not fare well if the same politicians and government are allowed to execute the projects.


    Thanks & Rdgs,


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