Do not sell our heritage !

Just came across in Malaysiakini blog corner today of a posting by ”Electrical Engineering   Univeristy of Malaya”  of an article written by RPK  in which it was mentioned that

“the university would sell off 27.5 acres of its under-utilised land for a price of RM312 million or for a value of RM200 million plus a share of the developer’s profit, whichever is higher”

In June last year, after Malaysiakini reported that “a prominent developer has made a bid for the University of Malaya campus ground”, there was a hue and cry among the public. I myself have wirtten a post and a letter which was publiched in Malaysiakini then. Following all the objections, the government issued a denial that there was such a deal and the whole thing has quiet down.

um-library.jpgUM Library – The whole university is our heritage

Now that this thing has been raised again, I would like to put forward the same points of argument against such acquisition.

The piece of campus land situated in Lembah Pantai is indeed very valuable, and I tend to believe that there may have been a proposal to shift the university and develop the land, bearing in mind that there is no smoke without fire.

I am not a University of Malaya graduate but that is not important because I believe that it is the duty of every single Malaysian to defend the heritage of the country, and one such legacy is the University of Malaya campus.

Businessmen, politicians, civil servants and indeed everyone of us must understand that there is something more valuable than just money. A Heritage ground  is one of these priceless inheritance.

No amount of money can be equited with a heritage ground. Money earned can easily be spent, but a heritage will remain forever a symbol of a nation; it is what nationhood is about.

Imagine a proposal to shift Buckingham Palace in London. Even though it is situated within the one-square-mile golden city centre,  the British will defend this building till the end of their nationhood.

Imagine a proposal to shift Harvard University from its present campus in Cambridge,USA. I think the whole America will be in an uproar, because the American heritage and the whole pride of the nation will be challenged.

There is a Chinese saying ” 君子爱财, 取之有道”, meaning “  a gentleman loves money but you must earn it in the proper way”.

Developers and businessmen, let me appeal to you:

There is something more important in life than just making profit.

Leave University of Malaya Alone!!


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  1. anonymous dud
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 14:22:26

    first um is not a heritage, malaysia’s heritage include klia, kl sentral and putrajaya.

    um was built by imperialist, and spinoff of nus – so to majority from gov, um is just a falling university, period. why not allocating to sepang where the land is sparse and lembah pantai to develop as residential/commercial area…. more investor and developer can make $$$$$


  2. monsterball
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 14:58:34

    And where have all the profits gone to?…’s part development to please Malaysians ..and mostly to party….self/relatives/sons/daughters… and chosen friends…and to friends with the condition…they dare to go to jail,…..if caught stealing or cheating…that’s the condition to the chosen friends.
    So profits for the country….is least in the minds of UMNO.
    It is profits accumulated….ready to be siphoned ….with a big project….involving billions….for hundreds of millions….overcharged… profits…for the party….personal and chosen cronies.
    Their motto…”Security…Peace …Prosperity” is hintt8ng to the “have not” Malays…to vote for them…to be rich. .saying their turn is now…after the election.
    How many will fall for th bait???


  3. yapchongyee
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 20:50:43

    A note from this blog (Dr Hsu’s forum): I received a very lengthy comment from a fellow blogger yapchongyee . SInce what he has written as comment is quite similar to what he ahs posted in his blog, maybe the readers of this blog would like to read what hes has written in his own blog, instead of me posting the whole lengthy comment whih I actually retrieved among spam comments.

    The blog site given is


  4. monsterball
    Mar 01, 2008 @ 00:08:28

    And Ka ting said …he has successfully LOBBIED 2300 university seats for the Chinese.
    From the horse mouth..comes the truth.
    Why do MCA need to lobby for university seats?….if UMNO and Barisan do treat all MALAYSIANS equal…and scholarships should be based on merits….and not allocations ..approved by UMNO for each race.
    Just look at Malaysia universities compared to others……worst in the world..
    How can we be the best amongst the best….when educations…from Std 1 to University are all low class and based on race and religion .so call abilities..when is the low class teachers….we have….unable to bring children to think and perform as well as anyone in the world.
    But then……most of these teaches are UMNO members….so that’s most important…not tyo loose their votes.
    That’s how selfish and evil UMNO is ….to their race and religion.
    MCA is contributing to make Chinese.a second class citizen race ..yet they all deny playing race and religion politics.
    The worst……is UMNO keep churning out worthless diplomas from MARA for Malays…on so many professions..and one need to employ any of them….to know…how sad….these youngsters are being treated with false hopes.
    But leave it to UMNO….they have an art to blame others..never themselves for all failures.


  5. Chauncey Gardener
    Mar 01, 2008 @ 06:24:53

    I remember in the 90s that the BN govt of the day had sold the Merdeka stadium to a company under the control of Tan Sri Halim Saad of UEM fame.

    I believe that the Merdeka Stadium is part of our heritage. Isn’t it where Tunku Abdul Rahman raised his voice and declared “Merdeka” for all Malayans ?

    Shame, shame, shame for having the audacity to sell this away.


  6. Sharing
    Mar 01, 2008 @ 23:29:29

    Heritage came only with Heart & Soul
    to feel the waves, rains & storms
    the harsh, warmth and cold of life!
    When everything are to come only after cares, skill, wisdoms, tears, sweats or even blood!
    Heritage came into form with memory still to be touched!
    Heritage has to be passed along with education and cares!

    The ignore of heritage, announces the break of these cares and educational chains!

    Above all, money had superseded ALL!!
    Memory and a sense to “feel” history to bring back the memory of these Heritage cannot fight against GOLD!!

    Gone the Land? Or, Gone the Heritage? Or, Rather gone the spiritual part of those Malaysian involved??
    For years to come, will Malaysian have the chance to feel the GOLD from these heritage?



  7. jeff
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 11:24:02

    UMNO has never treat all Malaysians equal! it is a racist party from the time all races fight for independence from white man rule. It is quite a shame OKT has to fight for Chinese Malaysians admission into local university rather than base on HSC academic achievement, show that how low standard Malaysia university has sink into.


  8. khong
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 12:17:35


    I read top grade STPM students who inspired to be Engineers, Accountants, Doctors are given choices beyond their selection such as Zoology, Forestry. Yes in symbols they get admitted but UMNo see that their talents go to waste.


  9. monsterball
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 18:50:32

    One need to watch live talks from videos or go to the rallies and hear oppositions talk.
    Especially from Lim Kit Siang…such a truthful daring orator.
    His speech in P.Jaya….supporting his candidate….Tony Pua was a masterpiece.
    Go listen to that.
    I like his conclusion….that we must get rid of the rotten UMNO…out to wreck the country..and proving Gerakan and MCA treat UMNO as their masters.
    So slaves we all are……including Malays…if you want UMNO.
    And listen to PAS…Husam talking.
    Who says oppositions have no brains to manage the country?
    Then listen to Najib talk in Penang..and I quote…..’We not only want to win..but win with style”…..then he tapped his fingers on the table..exposing him…..regretting to talk cock and bull again.
    ‘with style”…is the trade mark of UMNO ministers……smoking Davidoff RM150 per stick cigars..3 per day…or RM15,000 per month on cigars… in big bangalows and having properties overseas….traveling in first class…to their second home…few times per year………YET…….telling all Malaysians to be patriotic……to protect the country with our lives…just like con men….will all run away…making the con jobs….thinking we are all idiots.
    Fortunately…Malays do not like Najib too….as this man….just watch him talk simply full of shit ……
    Malaysia will be a laughing stock to the have him as PM…..but then..anyone TDM chooses are rotten and those 4 DPM he sacked are capable men…and deep inside….it is not only TDM. He has no power WITHOUT the approval of UMNO kingpins… it is the whole of rotten UMNO ….we must vote them out.


  10. monsterball
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 18:56:55

    Davidoff cigar at RM500 and 3 sticks per day…..smoked by UMNO designated M. Besar……for Kelantan…..if they win Kelantan back.
    And saying PAS are useless..don’t develop Kelantan at all….with Husam proving UMNO keep frustrating PAS with so little money to manage each year..while billions are poured into Johore and Penang.


  11. humbleforest
    Mar 03, 2008 @ 01:43:12

    Whatever it is, a dirty mind creates a dirty action.
    The temptation is so strong that one is being
    pulled towards it or one has many excuses to
    execute or something to hide when one is found to betray one’s responsiblity.
    It is the same old tricks, and one’s stubborn stained mentality is terrible hard to get rid of.

    ” Man is always greedy
    Always expecting and urging for more
    Having no pity and compassion
    Knowing nothing of contentment
    Chasing and chasing endlessly
    Into the pit of disastrous
    When it is time to realise
    It will be too late to regret
    B’cause one has fallen into
    the trap of the law of retribution. ”

    Then it is no use crying over a spilt milk.

    It is better to die with a good reputation rather
    than a crowd of curses befallen upon oneself.


  12. paul
    Mar 03, 2008 @ 10:41:55

    PM’s Department dismisses
    RM1 trillion Economic Corridors

    By Little Bird

    The Economic Corridors are just a farce. They are not happening. This is the view of the highest ranking senior staff at the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) in the Prime Minister’s Department. Here are some facts provided by them.

    Malaysia is held in high esteem for carefully planning the development of the country through the five-year development plans. The Ninth Malaysia Plan (RMK9) was officially launched on 31 March 2006. The RMK9 was launched after hundreds of rounds of meetings with industry groups, Government Ministries and thousands of pages of reports, studies and consultants views. It took almost two years to put the
    RMK9 together. The RMK9 envisaged an investment of approximately RM280 billion, spread over the whole country over five years. This averages about RM56 billion expenditure per year.

    In stark contrast, the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) in Johor went from announcement to non-implementation in just three months. The Prime Minister suddenly said that he had thought up the IDR Corridor all by himself. There were no inputs from the Economic Planning Unit of the PM’s office. There is a simple reason for this. The EPU does not exist any more. Its staff has been reassigned and it is now a cold
    storage department at the PM’s office.

    The RM300 billion for the IDR was also a complete surprise because this number was derived in a matter of weeks without any studies being done, without the long meetings and discussions that are necessary to put a multi-billion Ringgit plan into operation. However, before the shocked Government planners could close their mouths, the Prime Minister announced RM140 billion for the Northern Corridor and RM120
    billion for the Eastern Corridor.

    For these subsequent launches, they did not even have the time to coin the proper names for the corridors. The ECER was originally touted as the WEPT or Wilayah Ekonomi Pantai Timur. But on the launching day, the PM’s new wife ‘John’ pinched the PM and said WEPT means ‘sudah menangis’. That was not very nice so they changed it to ECER.

    Then, towards the end of 2007, the PM received phone calls that he had forgotten about Sabah and Sarawak. Oops, said the PM. So off he went to Sabah and Sarawak. In the record time of less than eight weeks, the SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy) was launched at RM350 billion. The Sabah Corridor is expected to involve another RM200 billion.

    Taken together, all these corridors total RM1,110 billion or RM1.11trillion. Even if we are off by RM110 billion, it still adds up to RM1,000 billion or RM1.0 trillion. In the meantime, the RMK9 has been completely forgotten. The RMK9 is now due for its mid-term review in 2008. But there is nothing to report because the RMK9 has been shelved. Some 8th Malaysia Plan
    (RMK8) projects which were postponed and included in the RMK9 have been completed. But according to the EPU none of the projects in the RMK9 have even been started yet.

    In the 1990s, multinational engineering firms, Japanese bankers, consultants and all sorts of private investors found their way to Malaysia looking to take part in the development of the country. Throughout 22 years in power, Dr Mahathir spent less than RM50 billion to build the KLCC (RM2 bil), North-South Highway (RM4 bil), KLIA (RM4 bil), Putrajaya (RM14 bil), F1 Racing (RM370 Million), LRT (RM3 bil), etc.

    But this time, despite RM1.11 trillion worth of Development Corridors, there are no foreigners coming in a big way to invest here. No foreign investors are rushing to come to Malaysia to take a crack at the RM1.11 trillion development corridors. They know that these numbers are all fake.

    And true enough, none of the Development Corridors are being developed with any speed. Tan Sri Musa Hitam has been appointed Overlord of the IDR and Dato Anuar Zaini has been appointed Maharaja of the Northern Corridor. Dato Awang Dogoi may be appointed the Daimyo of the ECER while Dato Bujang anak Kapit may be appointed Temenggong of the
    Sarawak Development Corridor. None of them has an office space at any of these Corridors.

    No one knows what these Corridor bosses will be doing but it is
    expected that they will have powers superseding local District
    Officers and other State authorities. They will report direct to the PM’s SIL and his team on the 4th Floor of the PM’s office. Since land is still a State matter this arrangement is expected to cause much confusion. But not to worry because the PM is not losing any sleep over any of these things.


  13. jeff
    Mar 04, 2008 @ 00:07:32

    Even if all these so call ‘economic corridor” take shape, vast majority of Malaysians are not going to derive any benefit from it, probably it is only good on paper and for multi national corporations that buy their way into “white elephant project”to profit greatly on tax payers money legitimately.


  14. humbleforest
    Mar 05, 2008 @ 00:37:03

    It is just like a parent telling lies to their children
    and is considered to be normal and ” wise “.

    Later the children imitate their parent and in return present them with greater lies.

    If this reciprocation goes on and on in the supposed to be a sincere wonderful family,
    what will be the consequences ?

    Is the leader or head of a family or
    country lead a
    moral and ethical example ?

    Is cheating and lying helps one to
    become a better and honest leader of
    a family and country ???

    This type of ” evil consciouness ” will never
    erase from one’s mind. It sticks very fast
    in one’s mind forever until “judgement day”.


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