What will be the results ?

The campaign stops at midnight today. The results will be a foregone conclusion, BN is set to be returned to government with 2/3 majority again.

I agree fully with Steven Gan’s article in Malaysiakini “Do not expect BN to lose big”.  He did a good analysis. It will lose many votes, with a reduced total no of popular votes, but not enough to lose its 2/3 majority. What will happen is that some seats in Penang, Kinta Valley and Klang valley will be lost, but UMNO will retain most of its seats.

The fact is majority of Chinese Malaysian in urban areas may vote opposition, but a size-able of them (maybe 30%) will still vote for BN for stability and progress, as can be gauged from  a BBC interview with voters. One of the voters interviewed is Cherrie Goh in Penang, and this is what she told BBC:

I want the government to continue the work it has begun.

Cherrie Goh

The government needs to build on its achievements.

If there are major changes, a lot of things we have been working for will be dropped. I don’t think we need a change right now.

I live in Penang and we have been talking about building a monorail and light rail transport for years. I want the new government to continue with this agenda and make it a reality.

Personally I don’t want to see new kids on the block.

I work in a factory in an industrial area and the major concern I have is that foreign investment into Malaysia is not doing so great. I want the government to attract more of this. In Penang we are trying to get into the biotechnology market – but the government isn’t proactive enough in helping this along.

Perhaps a new government will do better but I want those in power – who know what we want – to stay.

The ethnic tensions you hear about in the news don’t have much of an impact over here. Life in Penang is different. We are too small and don’t have the same atmosphere as Kuala Lumpur.

We have our own concerns.

The Malay votes will best be summed up by this Malay Malaysian’s view in the same interview:


Ami Rozaidi

I am going to vote for the current government.

For this country to develop, what is needed is a government or ruling party with a vision. I think that Malaysia does not have a strong opposition. But I think our current government has a vision and a mission.

In my view, there is no good reason to oppose the ruling party. For that to happen something must be wrong. But this government delivers everything I expect from a good government: they provide good services and develop the country very well.

There are some who want to use Islam to rule the government. They ignore the youngsters and professionals rising up through the ranks. But the current ruling faction has a modern outlook.

I’m loving the current election campaign: the mood and ambience, the posters everywhere. It’s a really good mood.

I believe Malaysia has a healthy democracy. We provide fair platforms to everybody to voice their opinions. The government is in power, it has the privileges of power and it is only normal that they use this.

If the opposition was to win the election, they would do the same thing – they would use the media, television, radio and newspaper to get votes.

Many Indian votes will be for Opposition this time , as can be gauged from the same interview:


I would like to see the government suffer a right and proper trouncing.

Christopher Savarimuthu

As has been the case for decades now, there is no protection against the trampling of the fundamental rights of minorities in this country.

I was born in this country. I am Malaysian but all of us ethnic Indians feel like second class citizens because of the dominant Malays.

I would compare the Indians here to dogs at the receiving end of scraps at a table full of Chinese big businessmen and Malays. When we ask for a bigger slice of the economic pie, we are told to appreciate the fact that we are even here at all.

As an Indian, I would even find it difficult to secure a personal loan. It is much more difficult for ethnic Indians to get help unless they are well connected.

So I support the Hindraf [the Hindu activist group] cause although I think their approach of public demonstrations is unbecoming because these can cause violence.

The present political atmosphere is one of a growing sense of despair among the people I know.

Ever since I was eligible, I have cast my vote for the opposition. I hope that other Malaysians will do likewise. I believe this time around, this election, we have a golden opportunity.

So with majority of Malay Malaysian’s votes and perhaps 30% of the Chinese and Indian Malaysian’s votes, BN will retain most of its seats, except those with more than 70% of NonMalay majority areas.

I expect BN to lose up to 45 to 50 seats out of 222 Parliament seats and that is only about 20 to 23% of Parliament seats.

This is also same as what Dr Mahathir predicted yesterday in Malaysiakini. In the article: We need an opposition, Dr Mahathir prognosticated that BN will probably lose 70 to 75 % of Parliament seats.

Anyway, I hope that this will serve as a wake up call for the government to seriously consider tackling the various issues, such as crime , inflation, good governance, corruption, ethnic tension and so on.

P.S. Pls also read this article from MalaysianInsider.com titled: “Which way will they vote? this is what we found”.


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Concerned Papa
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 13:46:08

    Although I can consider myself successful, I tend to agree with Christopher because I have not gotten a single benefit from the present-day govt. Requests for scholarships or even loans were rejected; so I depended on my parents and myself. For far too long, we have had race based policies that divide the nation; and the worst thing is that even within the race that was supposed to benefit, there were marginalization as well due to the greed of certain parties. The marginalized have had to ask for scraps from the table because their leaders did not fight for equal rights but were more willing to enrich themselves first. Cowards! So, I would ask what real achievements the govt can build on and what vision do they actually have? I do wonder if they slept well at night…


  2. monsterball
    Mar 07, 2008 @ 18:04:30

    I predict ..it will ber theother way round…Oppostions will vin and make the changes with 70-75% wins..inspite of proven phantom voters. Had it not for those phantom voters….the win should be almost 90%.
    When have ever Mahathir words …spoken can be relied upon ..or trusted??


  3. jughead
    Mar 08, 2008 @ 10:27:30

    There are still many Malaysian with narrow mind set. What I see, BN Government has not set a Vision for Malaysia’s future. What happen when Malaysia’ Oil dry up and electronic factories are shifting to Vietnam, China and Cambodia where workforce, environment are better without the demand of NEP? LKY said that the Viets are more dedicated and eager to learn. Look at Singapore. Without natural resources, they do not want to depend on water from Malaysia, they have set a Vision for themselves and what sort of products they are going to manufacture. In Malaysia, look at our Minister of Transport – what has he accomplished. Transport has to do with movement but BN has sink more than 3Billion into a non-moving and static project. He resigns saying he is sick but very vocal and healthy during the campaign!


  4. humbleforest
    Mar 08, 2008 @ 10:53:55

    As we have witnessed in many countries,
    opposition parties can become the ruling
    government. So what is wrong with the
    opposition party ?
    Opposition parties are ” pointer parties ”
    whose responbilities are to point out the irregulaties of the ruling government.

    If they are sincere in their action and speech
    and do not misappropriate public funds and really
    treat every citizen as a one nationality then they are qualified to to voted in, otherwise they may be voted out in the next general election if their performance is not trustworthy .

    The citizens are the decision makers of the country. the ruling party is just acting on behalf of the citizens to rule with justice and indiscriminately.

    Humans are always greedy and when they are in power for so long they tend to go overboard and
    get so attached to it that they refuse to let go.
    It is because of their pride and wealth.

    Citizens of the country, please set our mind in
    a right direction and do not vote blindly.


  5. VJ
    Mar 08, 2008 @ 12:36:47

    i do have believe in the capability in opposition in ruling . But not in the people . By experience , there are thousands of Malaysian with no vision ! They believe what they read/hear via media . Some do refer the facts in Internet but they refuse to accept the facts when ruling politician issue statements that those aren’t true .
    Overall , Malaysians not have independent mindset to make judgment . It may take few election and few decades .
    I still cant accept BN’s decision to withdraw the indelible ink and guess what many Malaysians accepted because BN ask them to accept ! OMG !


  6. VJ
    Mar 08, 2008 @ 12:40:24

    Fyi , Anwar had a ‘ceramah’ in Penang a day ago . Below are the points he revealed to the crowd of ~2000 (mainly chinese) :

    -kerismuddin ’sapu’ thousands of Bumiputra shares
    -the cabinet is like a kitchen where everyone just enjoy themselves . No arguments . Everyone agrees(incl MIC/MCA presidents) to whatever PM says
    -on why indelible ink withdrawn , he revealed there’s one voter so far identified able to vote 46times in Kelantan and Mentakap .
    -few buses with phantom voters headed towards Terrengganu/Kelantan . Opposition tried to stop but forces stopped them instead of stopping the buses

    For those whom voting/voted opposition — you’ve made the right choice !
    For those whom voting/voted BN — you’ve ruined democracy at least for another 4years.


  7. jeff
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 02:58:10

    opposition is kicking ass this election, the corrupt n racist power will lose some state legislation and try to create unrest resemble may 13th


  8. VJ
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 22:48:17

    I’m very happy that few States (especially with racially mixed States like PG,S’gor,Perak) falling in to the hands of opposition .
    Now, the challenge for the new State gomen is on how to pull $$ allocation from federal …?
    The people have much hope in BA . Prove it to the former umno controlled gomen !

    Surprisingly AP queen survived . Arrogant KJ wins.
    To balance the equation , Anwar has to get into Parliament .


  9. VJ
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 22:55:13

    also nice to see the Information Minister losing. It’s a shame for the country having a Info Minister whom cant even speak simple English !
    This shows the crooked dominance of umno for the sake of party than for country .


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