equality for our women

Today is of course the polling day for the 12th General Election. Malaysiakini reported that voting has started right on the dot at 8am in all 7950 polling stations in the country.

Today is also the International Women’s Day.

While we are fighting for nonracial approach in everything concerning our lives, we should note that there is another form of discrimination that should be put right-  there should be equal treatment and equal opportunities between men and women.

I treat my daughters and sons equally, in education and every aspect of my life. I probably inherited this from my father, who has treated myself and my sister equally, from education down to even every penny in his will.

For those who would treat women unequally, I would  ask them to think of their mother. The sacrifice mother makes for their children, the selflessness of motherhood. Which is no less than that of a father and fatherhood.

Medical studies have shown us that woman is stronger physiologically and lives a longer life. Women have proven to be as capable as men in high offices, in every field including finance, medical, law etc.  Even the most advanced nation in the world, USA, is at the brink of accepting a woman to be its president (of course, she would have to beat Obama first).

So, our nation should treat our women equally in all aspect of lives, give equal protection to them in matrimony matters and divorce settlement, give more support to single parents , in education, in employment, in job promotions etc…..

I would like to really see a world where everyone is treated really equal and be given equal opportunity , regardless of ethnic origin and gender. That world would be an ideal world to live in.


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