MCA please disband and show the way

I read with interest 2 articles in Malaysiakini today, one is by Stanley Koh and the other by my friend Ong Kian Meng. The former wrote the article “MCA drowns in ocean of disgust” and the latter wrote a very good analysis “Making sense of the political tsunami”.

I would like to call upon the leadership of MCA to disband the party and turn it into a multiracial one , possibly merge with Parti Gerakan, since it has lost its relevance as the representative of Chinese Malaysian.

Out of the 40 seats it has contested, it won only 15 seats and majority of which are Malay majority seats, with just a few exception.

It cannot claim to be representative of the Chinese Malaysian anymore.

By disbanding the race based party, it will lead the way for UMNO and MIC to disband  and hence herald the beginning of the end of race based politics in Malaysia.

If their leaders really care for the ountry and the future generations of Malaysian, it should take the lead in doing away with race based politics.

recommeded readings for an analysis of this electiuon:

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  1. monsterball
    Mar 11, 2008 @ 17:39:42

    Yes Doc….Had MCA should have made their party to accept all races..long long ago…
    But greed is the word.
    So those are not politicians for Malaysians..but love to support race and religion politics….for personal gains and party ill gotten wealth.
    Just look at all Americans out for elections……all need to get private donations.
    In Malaysian…Jeff Ooi of DAP…and Elizabeth Wong of KeDEALan did ask for donations to support them in the election. No one suspected foul play by these two righteous souls…got what they wanted..and won!!
    Their good reputations were established years. ago.
    That’s the signs of these two parties are non corruptable.
    Being supported financially by private donations.or by mysterious funds from foreign government is another matter. They do not resort to rob Malaysians….to strengthen their party….like UMNO and Barisan parties.
    Wen you have the big boss as a crook…those who work along side with such a boss are all rotten.
    Corruptions…… ..squeezing and robbing Malaysians money ….getting bigger and bigger every month for years….was somewhat halted by voters. How it will show in the coming months by UMNO…will be seen clearly by Malaysians.
    But judging from Anwar…saying..the oppositions is a government in waiting…he is hinting UMNO will never change…..and so the first sign was there….Pak Lah and Najib attending the funeral of the most corrupted man Zakaria…with a 27 rooms mansion…built in Klang…so many corruption law suits brought on to him..breaking laws…yet not in jail..or sack from UMNO.
    He is dead….UMNO killed him..but that does not is the end of corruptions facts that he may bring to the grave.
    I think many will surface out….since Selangor and Federal Territories are now under the opposition


  2. petestop
    Mar 11, 2008 @ 18:07:44

    I’ll have to disagree on this.

    MCA carries a lot of the “old politics” baggage.

    It is the worse possible merger partner for
    Gerakan. Don’t ever do it.

    What is wrong with MCA, it was so obvious that
    it is laughable.

    An example:

    I’ve grown up in this little town called Ayer Tawar,
    Perak, a small town that has nurtured 2 up and
    coming DAP leaders (and even a potential Perak

    For decades we’ve been trying to get approval
    to build a bigger Church on our own Church
    owned land, behind the existing Church, due
    to the growing members.

    All this using our own hard-earned donated money. But to no avail.
    Yet, the Ngeh family has kept on working on this
    and donates a lot of their own money and time on

    Only until recently, we’ve managed to get
    approval to extend existing Church (not to
    build new one, but still it is a small victory).

    On the day of ground-breaking ceremony
    2 weeks ago, some MCA candidate had the
    gall to show their face, obviously to stake
    their claim of success.

    Man, I haven’t seen this guy ever showing
    up his face in Church for decades and he
    try to take credit for other people’s work
    just before election…. oh boy… we should’ve
    ran him out of town… but still, the Church
    welcomes everyone.

    To add to the cliche, this MCA candidate was
    brought to the Church by a rich local personality,

    Which was not an issue in itself, just that we’ve
    never seen this rich personality donate as much
    towards the Church building.

    MCA are just a political party for Chinese
    business man… that’s all, nothing more.

    Gerakan, salvage yourself, at least in Penang !!

    Join up with the Opposition and work on the
    Malaysian first! agenda.


  3. vincent
    Mar 11, 2008 @ 22:54:23

    hi there, i am an outsider that look into the fall of bn, for me i do not think the disband of mca and merge of all races will really take lead, from what i see is the quality of the candidate, let me share my story that why i say is the quality of the candidate,
    this is what happen in my place, i know one of your candidate that was the second time represent bn to take on our DUN, he was defeat, we all cheer, we all cheer is not because we do not support gerakan or we hate bn, is because the character and attitude of this candidate, before he was been chosen the first time to take the dun in my place, that was 2004, we do support him because we all knew him for along time, after he was elected, the attitude of him towards the people and the service he do, it is really not up to the standard, when we(people) ask him for help, he tell us,” i cannot do this,sorry”, what!!as a Wakil Rakyat, you should guide us or show us the way and not just say sorry and closed the door up!! Also, since we know him for a long time, we saw him, he just pretend that we are invisible, don’t know who are us, this had frustrated us.

    Second is that the image that show by bn member, those “cowboy” really hurt us a lot. the words they say and the way they act, really make us upset, it make us feel that gerakan is weak, after those “cowboy” speak out, even gerakan had counter back, but they seem did not listen at all. This make us feel very unsafe, we are worry about our rice bowl.

    Here, i would like to say a word, this defeat may make us lost a lot, but it also will build us up and we will be stronger. Please don’t give up. Please don’t quit.


  4. A true Malaysian
    Mar 11, 2008 @ 23:12:02

    Dr. Hsu,

    I commented in your blog on topic ‘Race and nonracialism’ that MCA and Gerakan won in general election was because of ‘Umno factor’ and not because of votes from Chinese Malaysian that they so-called represent.

    I also touched on once ‘Umno factor’ diminishes, both MCA and Gerakan will not be able to win in general election and will become irrelevant to the Chinese Malaysian. This is what we see in the last 12th GE.

    Race-based politics will soon be die of natural death as Malaysian of all races begin to realise multi-racial politics should be the way to go for Malaysia.


  5. trashed
    Mar 12, 2008 @ 04:51:57

    If the MCA can successfully abolish the annual grovelling by non-Malay high achieving students for places in local universities, then it can be relevant again as our universities should have the brightest and best for the development of the country.

    That is not just looking after the welfare of the community but strengthens national development and maximises human and economic resources of the country.


  6. Jeff
    Mar 12, 2008 @ 13:59:13

    Restore our country competitive edge and elect only qualify , honest, and non-corrupt individual, this is the message given by majority of voters in this election, stop playing race card among Malaysians, we are no more in the pre-independence time, unite all Malaysians, so the country can move forward in this globalized and more challenging world. BN it is time to wake up!!!!


  7. humbleforest
    Mar 12, 2008 @ 17:57:34

    On 8th March is international women’s day and is
    a better understanding for all human beings regardless of gender that women are on par
    with men. They are being respected in equality
    as normal human beings, and are not to be totally
    discriminated or segregated as still been seen in many other countries. This is to be the correct mindset for the next generation to follow.

    As can be seen that on this election day, same as Women’s Day, the mindset of the M.C.A. still
    remains as for the ” Chinese,” and that is not
    to be walking in the right direction. That may create a fear to other races, as this has “differences” in outlook.

    So it advisable to rename it as ” Malaysian
    Comradeship Associarion ” or whatever
    inter-racial or inter-religious brotherhood
    organisation name-calling, where all Malaysians irrespective of races are welcome to join. When in power, all are treated as one.. Malaysia Malaysian. Totally no segregation and the public won’t feel any doubt or fear about it. There will be true harmony.

    If the old concept of the word ” Chinese ” still remains in the party’s Association then it won’t bring trust and confidence to the next generation and other races as well.

    By the way a salute to Dato’ Ong Ka Teng
    for his bravely in declining his ministership
    Failure does not mean that you and your teams
    are not going to serve the people any more.
    Serve without expectation and wholeheartedly
    to the people is what a good polician should do.

    Moral example is what the people need, not mere talk.

    Just sharing wtih all parties .

    “Malaysia Malaysian, Malaysian Malaysia”

    …irrespective of races, cultures, religions, languages, dialects and others. then only Malaysia is proud to lead and talk on human rights and globalisation
    in true peace and harmony.


  8. sob from Tennessee
    Mar 13, 2008 @ 07:46:26

    the Chinese will become more and more corrupt and pushy, as seen now in the Philippine Telecom/Spratly scandal. Behaving like pigs and denying everything in the standard Chinese style.


  9. jeff
    Mar 13, 2008 @ 09:08:50

    MCA -money conquer all is no more effective in Malaysia major city. Fighting for “chong hwa primary school” or given out goodies at election year is not enough anymore for all Malaysians, we do not need gutless MCA MP in parliament second approve UNMO-putra racist stealing our constitutional rights during every parliament session.


  10. steven
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 02:57:28

    Chinese n Indian Malaysians are no where near the easy money wealth generated machinery UMNO-putra in possess, only those lap dog parties allay themselves with their master umno-putra manage to secure crumbs left over from the master table, in their mediocre mind-set, they believed they are fighting for the minority community.


  11. jeff
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 08:42:10

    MCA is hard to disband, another power struggle is sure to take place within the party. It is the chinese political culture , as most of their party leaders are still very much willing to be UMNO -putra lapdogs to secure left over crumbs from the master.


  12. Jeff Soh
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 21:08:55

    I know there were Chinese ministers in the cabinet but never really totalled them up until this last election when their names were mentioned together.

    So many of them, man.

    How could they have just closed an eye to all the evils and excesses of the ruling party for so long?

    Wah, power, status and money were their key concerns as well.

    But hey, they did not get the flak as much as their bumiputra counterparts in government. I was pondering over ‘why?’.

    Alamak! Oh, they look so humble and talk so humble. Honest personas lah. That’s the secret. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

    Jeff Soh


  13. chong
    Mar 16, 2008 @ 03:56:24

    As a student studying oversea, it is such a great joy to see opposition party is winning 5 states assembly majority, it shows that Malaysians of all races are finally waking up to the hard reality facing Malaysia now, at least now i can see some hopes n light at the end of this nation building tunnel.


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