Give open tender a try

A reader by the name of “Racist” commented on my blog today of his fear . I presume he is a Malay Malaysian and his fear reflects that of many of our Malay brothers in the planned abolition of the NEP and adoption of open tender in Penang, as announced by the new Penang Adminsitration (see Malaysiakini report on this).

He said:

Go for Open tender and i believe all contract will go to chinamen because they control all the supply. So in the end only chinamen can give low price. IF you don’t believe ask your malay/india and chinesse friend buy a pair of glove and compare the price.
For me if this unfair practice continue we will face a new problem.

I would like to assure “Racist” that open tender does not necessarily mean that the lowest will get it. Under the open tender system, the best and the most “value-for -money” proposal normally will be chosen. Also I noted that the governemnt is a multiracial one and there is an Indian as well as a Malay Deputy CM.

After 50 years, if our Malay brothers still harbour this insecurity, it is because they were not taught to stand up and walk without cluthches . They were given clutches and no attempt was taken to wean them off these clutches.

I have always maintained that to be competitive in this world, (not only in this country, now that globalisation is here, we must think of the world as well), all our people must learn to be hardworking, thrifty and receptive to new ideas in order to be able to compete . There is no easy way about this.

You have to choose either to learn “how to fish” rather than be given fish to eat all your life, because ultimately, if you don’t learn how to fish, you will find that sooner or later, no one will be able to feed you with fish all your life.

Open tender also cuts out corrupt practices and lower the cost of the project. In the end , tis means that the ordinary people on the ground would not have to foot so much out. This savings from corrupt practices will ensure that people of all races , the end users will benefit from a cost reduction.

I am willing to see how they preform and given them some time to prove the merits of a democratic socialist policy . Under this, the strong will have to look after the weak, the rich must be prepared to help the poor. Eradication of poverty irrespective of race will make sure that no one is left behind.

So, my advice to “Racist” and many of our Malay brothers who have the same worries out there, please try this nonracial method for a term. You are in the majority, if after one term, you do not like it, no one can stop you to vote to go back to the wasteful method of awarding tenders to cronies. I promise that this blog will continue to serve as a watchdog and single out whoever is not working for the benefit of all races.

Please also read one of my article posted about one year ago about a successful Malay Entrepreneur in New York, a true story. This story proves that no one race is superior, it is just a matter of hardwork and having the will to learn and the will to overcome.


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  1. Racist
    Mar 13, 2008 @ 18:48:43

    Thank for your comment. But i still don’t believe in open tender cause the implementation will create other problem .


  2. A true Malaysian
    Mar 13, 2008 @ 23:41:04


    Can you share in this forum what problem you foresee when open tender is implemented?


  3. humbleforest
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 03:14:07

    Indiscriminate love and brotherhood will close
    all racial gaps and calm the nerves of fears
    and worries in whatever fields of livelihood.

    If one often practises short-cut to riches
    then one fears competition.

    There is nothing to fear about tender if one is
    honest, diligent, friendly, giving excellent
    service, fair-pricing, humbleness and hold full
    responsiblity in one’s work.


  4. humbleforest
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 03:20:50

    Indiscriminate love and brotherhood will close
    all racial gaps and calm the nerves of fears
    and worries in whatever fields of livelihood.

    If one often practises short-cut to riches
    then one fears competition.

    There is nothing to fear about tender if one is
    honest, diligent, friendly, giving excellent
    service, fair-pricing, humbleness, generous
    and hold full responsiblity in one’s work.


  5. VJ
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 11:29:57

    this is what happens when someone ‘protected’ from market practice . It’s umno which to be blamed . For Malaysian probably it’s a new word in dictionary ‘open tender’ .

    It’s more ridiculous umno leaders coming out to blast PG for reviewing NEP policies . They are proving that they are merely ‘kampung leaders’ and not ‘global leaders’ .

    Even if an Indian supplier lose out in open tender due to uncompetitiveness so be it !


  6. Petyew
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 13:19:19

    Racist has a genuine concern about implementation. After so many years of croynism I think it is justified we give this system a try. The open tender system involves many parties in reviewing who should be awarded so there is better transparency. Also the CM has given the assurance that the Malays will not be marginalized so the spirit of NEP will still be preserved, so let’s give it a go and then criticize if it is not fair.


  7. Ahpek
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 13:58:37

    open tender create problem? haha…most absurd belief one can have…ha ha ..


  8. onelove
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 14:59:23

    I think our not so confident friends and fellow Malaysians should read Will Smith’s interviews. I know there are many more successful and just as talented role models here closer to home. But he couldn’t have said it better.

    From the article:

    Why does he think he has been so successful?

    “I’ve never really viewed myself as particularly talented. I’ve viewed myself as slightly above average in talent. And where I excel is ridiculous, sickening, work ethic. You know, while the other guy’s sleeping? I’m working. While the other guy’s eatin’? I’m working. While the other guy’s making love, I mean, I’m making love, too. But I’m working really hard at it”

    Full article:


  9. monsterball
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 20:27:13

    Nice article .Truths revealed .
    Hope ‘nice’ commentator read and be inspired to change for the better.
    What a cruel government we had in the past …and now their power is drastically reduced…..lets hope UMNO is more sincere towards their own race.


  10. racist
    Mar 14, 2008 @ 21:43:33

    My response is purely based on my experience. Yes i agree that NEP create cronysm but at least i can get project even though as sub contractor. In the private sector i cannot win a single project because the price is not competitive enough. How i can give a competitive price if the chinese friend who control the supply of hardware can’t give me a good price. They only protect their race only although i have already in business with them for more than a decade. What i want to hear from a new goverment is how to improve the delivery system and not to stop a system which good but only lack on implementation.

    I’m also sceptical with being good with chinesse friend because they only look good with you if they want something from you. Otherwise semua bermuka-muka. Where do i know this ( purely experience). So please proof that my perception is wrong.

    As a malay who vote DAP in the last PRU , i hope they can gave a wise comment in the future. To stop NEP even before you sworn in as Chief Minister shown that DAP already shown it true color.


  11. humbleforest
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 00:41:14

    Mr. Racist,

    Maybe you can make a try on the new government of your respective state for your
    tender before you create confusion and worry
    on yourself.

    Tender given should be in a very fair manner with no string attach. If you have proof of any unfair
    distribution then you should make a direct
    complaint to the leader of governance.

    But the particulars submitted by you should
    be fair, with moderate price, quality product and
    friendly service with full responsibility.

    By the way, when a tender is publicly
    announced, it has to face my suppliers or contractors. Those who supply with an
    agreeable condtions are accepted for the tender.
    So this is fair dealing.

    “GOD does not leave human to be hungry. It is human’s greed, indolent, selfishness, ignorant,
    hatred, prejudices and disrespect that make one-self hungry, miserable and confused.”

    Hope you see no differences in racial. See
    all as Malaysian working for peace and economic
    stability of our country. This is the right direction
    we should be moving towards a better future.
    We all should share and act in this respect.


  12. humbleforest
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 00:46:21

    sorry, correction of the above text,

    ” …..when a tender is publicly announced,
    it has to face “many” supplies or contractors.


  13. monsterball
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 02:05:12

    racist….Let me make one thing clear about business by Chinese. It is profits…not neccessary given to the cheapest….most important is quality …to maintain their trusts and reputations from customers….for repeat orders. Only through repeat orders ..can one have tasted success.
    Your experiences in getting projects from government is firstly based on you….being a Malay….and you may have to mark up a product costing RM100 to RM500…to cover the huge commission you may need to give….to get the project. This is quite common practices by UMNO government.
    So please don’t compare lawful business to crooked ones….and quality products maybe least important to government… long as they get what they want….the commission.
    I have been doing business for 45 years….and I never agree to mark up for this or that reasons….and seldom got government business…based purely on professional ways.
    But few…Malays buy my products and supply to the government…with huge mark up…..that I don’t care….it is their business.
    To say DAP have shown their true colors by you….really mean DAP means business for all Malaysians…not for just one race.
    Maybe you are not used to fair play yet.


  14. monsterball
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 02:06:56

    And presuming you are not a Malay…then it is who you know.and not what you know….to do business with UMNO.


  15. trashed
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 03:28:11

    Current Supply Chain Management practices (at least in developed countries) espouse Value and the Total Cost of Ownership ( These include zero defect, timely completion, responsiveness to customer requests, serviceable warranties, transfer of knowledge and other issues in which supplier-client collaboration are the key.

    Old school buyers highlight Cost.

    We shall see if the new Penang govt chooses Old School or current methodologies, bearing in mind that anyone can be a buyer but managing the Suppy Chain requires higher skills.


  16. Jeff Soh
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 09:00:28

    It is obvious that when you have laws and regulations that protect only a certain group, you are telling the other groups that they have to take care of themselves.

    If under protection over a protracted period of time, one still cannot outperform the other groups, then there needs a time for self-reflection as well as analysis of those laws and regulations that sought to benefit him in the first place.

    One apparent conclusion is that the more one promotes the protection of one group, the more dependent that group becomes. Should we not understand that anything that causes us to become reliant on others is not good for us?

    The NEP has not helped our Malay brethren who make up the bulk of our society. It has helped the ruling elite to be inordinately rich. And all this at the expense of the masses, Malays, Chinese and Indians.

    Let us all think Malaysia and not Malay Malaysia or Chinese Malaysia or Indian Malaysia.

    Isn’t it time?

    Jeff Soh


  17. Low Keing Hooi
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 10:59:26

    I understand fully what Racist concerns are having in his mind. It is difficult to accept if we are having an earning with a current practice or culture but suddenly due to another possible practice or cultural change that may affect one’s rice bowl.

    But, I have a plead for Racist. A plead for Racist to think of the other who formed the majority, hardworking, sincere, prudent men irrespective of its races, without such a luck like Racist do, to have the connections or networks like he do with the government, but with a chance to provide better quality services or works without imposing unreasonable high price to cater the commission for the government linked middle man. Give a fairness to the society, to compete fairly based on capabilities and not connections or cronysm.

    I think the new administors should be given a chance and reasonable time to prove that they are sincere to the society. If they are not, I believe they can’t survive for the next general election.

    Lastly, a policy can only be successful if the administator is sincere in enforcing the policy. Creation of a policy does not, to me carry much weight without enforcing it diligently. This is one of the lesson BN government should learn.

    Brothers, let works together for a better future to Malaysian as a whole!


  18. yapchongyee
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 12:46:15

    Hello Anil ! You have written a very insightful article arising from the Sub-prime mortgage problem, of which I was not too clear about. After reading your article I can see that it looks very much the 1997 problem that got Asia undone by the same people from the US and I suppose from EU.

    I believe in one wise and ancient saying that nothing comes from nothing; and no matter how clever you are you just cannot pump up hot air and expect it to remain the same all the time, what goes up must eventually come down. The BN government have for the last 50 years been about shaving off a percentage of all government generated contracts and franchises for their own selfish benefit; I would go as far as to say that about 25% of all government contracts have been shaved off and pass on as waste due to corruption. Grandiose projects are thought up that are not of any urgency or requirement are implemented merely because the bigger they are the more the politicians can shave off for themselves. Looking at the second bridge project for Penang I can only say that this is another white elephant that will costs the state several billion ringgit and the shave off will make another crony very rich.

    I have been back to KL and the huge highway that runs through KL to Penang must have costs several billions, and from my observation there is no urgency for such a huge project, Penang is a sea port and Penang could have a first class air-port to improve much needed infrastructure, but instead you plan to put in a billion dollar second bridge project; where is the need for such a project ?

    In KL the hugely expensive FREEWAY does not merit the expenditure because it has not loosened up traffic at all, there are still very long traffic chock points that were there before the highway was put in use as it is now when it is in use. These projects were built merely to benefit those in power. To give them the opportunity to collect toll and to shave off a percentage of the contract sum. The BN government has wasted billions upon billions over the past 50 years. Compare the returns on investment between Singapore and Malaysia and you can see what they have and how they have put their investment dollars to good use. Malaysia wasted their billions upon billions of their ringgit merely to profit a few in the government. While Singapore has invested billions of dollars towards building up one of the world’s finest educational system and a world renown R & D facilities, Malaysia is still “clomping” along at bullock-cart speed; there is just no comparison, a case of cheese and chalk. Singapore has catapulted into the front ranks of a 21st century economy, while Malaysia is still chugging along at a leisurely “kampong” pace.

    I have forever said that Malaysia had the good fortune to discover oil at the time that I left Malaysia, and that discovery of oil saved Malaysia from becoming a case of a SUDAN OR AFGHANISTAN. Malaysia has no manufacturing to speak off. What is passed off as manufacturing in Malaysia is nothing more than mere assembly of discarded Japanese technology as eg. The assembly of the Mitsubishi that passes for the Proton. Yes Malaysia bought the British Lotus and what profitability has it generated ? Look at the Malaysian icon of cheap flights, like Asia Airlines a success story, but it was bought by Fernandes for 1 ringgit and turned around. The Malaysian government lost billions in that project only to be turned around by a non Malay. There are hundreds of other similar examples, that proves the rule that AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IS A WASTE OF SCARCE RESOURCES; it did not really benefit the Malays because all the projects that were supported by Affirmative action went into huge losses and they did not benefit Malaysia in any meaningful way.

    The Malays ought to by now at least by trial and error, realize that it takes a certain type of individual to become an entrepreneur and one can say by a rule of thump that a Malay is not likely to be one.

    Penang is an excellent test bed for Malaysia (and by that I mean the BN government) to find a more effective model for development than just sticking to a failed model that is hooked on affirmative action that has gone on for the last 50 years. I agree with DAP that the NEP needs to be scraped because Penang is mainly Chinese, may I guess about 75% Chinese ? Therefore, 75% of the population will not need affirmative action (are there 25% Malays in Penang ? ) In the case of Penang therefore, may I suggest that CM Lim Guan Eng need not take any step back from what he has declared, that he will scrap the NEP(I think he will scrap it too ). My suggestion is for the CM to implement a public announcement of all the good stuff eg. Government contracts up for tender and scholarships and jobs in government.
    My suggestion is that if qualified Malays win any government contracts by fair tender then government assistance may be available to the successful Malay contractor to complete the project. This model is built on the foundation that merit is the basis of success and that if the Malay candidate has merit but not sufficient means to complete his project, the government will render assistance to him. This system will therefore remove the “Malay Sultan syndrome”; the Chinese dubbed this the Malai Wong system, whereby the China-man enlist a Malay as the chairman and under his name takes on a government contract and pays off the Malay chairman a percentage of the contract but the whole project is managed by the Chinese. This system has gone on ever since the first days of Merdeka and it is the greatest indictment of the failure of Malaysia’s failed affirmative action. Let us be blunt about it, if the Malay is not able or qualified to take the job then where is the common sense for taking him on ? His inadequacy only blow up the costs of the project and this has gone on forever.

    I can say that I speak for most Chinese that we do not object and for that matter we had never ever objected to a fair and equitably administered affirmative action, meaning that this assistance are given justly to deserving cases of Malays who need assistances to progress. We Chinese only object to the wastage brought on by nepotism and corruption. If affirmative action only benefits an elite then the Malays will never progress to the point when they will not need any assistance. This is our objection. That being the case CM Lim can experiment with a system that will ultimately create a class of Malay entrepreneurs that will draw level with the other races. What CM Lim has said is just common sense and good thinking. We Chinese do not need any affirmative action.

    On the issue of the award of scholarships and government jobs, if I remember rightly, there is provision in the original Malaysian Constitution that mandates a ratio of 3 : 1 in other words, a 25% places reserved for non-Malays; but this provision had been perverted by those administer the government to give ALL THE PLACES to the Malays. All we need do is to revert to the original Malaysian Constitution and enforce that provision according to the law. We need to name the successful candidates in the press, like the publication of the HSC results. Who are the Malays and who are the non-Malays to show transparency and just administration of the required affirmative action. I believe that transparency is the key and it applies even in the case of the Malays.


  19. Selangor Voter
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 13:36:54

    I can understand the concern expressed by “Racist”. I think the suppliers may behave in the manner described by “Racist” but if he is a true contractor or businessman who knows his trade in and out, he should be tactful enough to secure competitive bids from his suppliers. Also, the profit margin that he has built in when he submitted his bids can be another factor that makes the difference. My main concern is most of the Malay businessmen (I say most and not all) can’t stand the temptation of seeing “CASH” or money. Very often, these businessmen’s priority is to purchase luxury goods such as automobiles forgetting about the money they have is not all profit or they have to keep some money for the next project etc. Even before NEP, there was a thriving hardware business run by Mr Safuan in Kg Baru, KL. Who says Malays can’t be successful hardware traders without NEP. The most important is the ALTITUDE towards business. After 3 or 4 decades of NEP and with the education provided, the Malay professionals MUST be competitive otherwise I think there is something wrong somewhere. Honestly, an equally competent and competitive Malaysian Malay community is definitely a plus factor for Malaysia. There may be short term pain in an open tender but in the longer term, every Malaysian will benefit from this exercise. I think we have to confront the issue head-on. Please look at statement made by an expatriate who knows Malaysia in and out.

    “Essentially, non-Malays including myself have to frequently discount the achievements of talented and educated Malays as somewhat ordinary. Modifying the NEP would accord more respect to and self-respect for the Malay community. Once this journey has begun, it won’t be long before it becomes habitualised in the Malay psyche. Merit will ensue and your team will then be tested with the issues of designing the appropriate metrics/measures. Better this test than tests of nepotism and cronyism. Poor design is how the NEP got hijacked by the Umno elite and their cronies in the first place.”


  20. Dr Hsu
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 13:58:33

    Selangor voter, well said.

    That is what this blog has been saying all along. We want our Malay brothers to be as strong as the other races and so be able to compete in this globalised world.

    Discard the fear factor. I know the fear is real.Try this for a term. I have been saying that there is no superior or inferior race. All men are equal and all men are brothers. It is all in the mind and in the amount of work you put in.

    After a fall, stand up and learn not to fall again. The learning process may be a bit painful but ultimately, it will help our country progeress and everyone will benefit regardless of ethnicity.


  21. A true Malaysian
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 18:25:29


    Thank you for responding to me. I appreciate it very much. It is good to have you to voice out your concerns so to let everyone knows that there are ‘fears’ among our Malay friends in lifting of NEP.

    Malays have depended on NEP for far too long. I don’t deny NEP has helped a lot of ‘genuine’ Malay contractors and businessmen. At the same time, NEP has created a lot of issues, like Ali-Baba, corruptions and cronyism. These issues arise not because of NEP, but due to no transparency or lack of transparency in carrying out the NEP.

    I personally like Malays a lot because of their humble, helpful and sincere nature. I believe with this good nature, a Malay can definitely be good friends to all other races in whatever fields, that include the business world. We can definitely build up ‘trust’ among us to face up with the globalised world.

    I would suggest Racist take the lead to join DAP, a multi-racial party, but still lacking in Malay memberships. My suggestion is not because of getting contracts from Penang Government, but to help to build up the much needed ‘trust’ among Malaysian of all races.

    Many thanks again to Racist for sharing. I wish to see more ‘True Malaysian’ around.


  22. Jeff Soh
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 20:25:07

    I appreciate and enjoyed Yap Chong Yee’s comments above.

    On the existing tendering system, the shrewd non-Bumiputra enlists the help of a couple of our Malay brethren and overcomes the system. But do our fellow Malay people ever benefit from the system? Yes, but these are only the well heeled, powerfully connected ones who are already moneyed. So for the ordinary Malay folk, they can only dream about it just like most of us.

    On the matter of the government scholarships and civil service jobs, it is so darn sickening that those in power can so easily misapply what the Constitution, the highest law of the land, has provided or stipulated.

    On the issue of the NEP, this so-called ‘affirmative action’ intended to help the common Malay folk has mostly not benefited them very much. They are still in the rut just like any other man in the street. It is a sham. Its greatest sin is to make the other communities envy and dislike our Malay community. But to be fair, it was well-intended, but the effect of it has been negative not affirmative because of abuse by those in power.

    Opposition, scrap the NEP but do it gently, give lots of assurances. Hey, you now have control of the media in Penang, Selangor, etc. Do your State of the Union address as and when you like to explain your stand. You can now present your views unimpeded.

    But remember to brush up on your eloquence, and your rhetoric as well. Get good speech writers who can craft the words to help you present your case well.

    AND beware of UMNO street protests. I have this uncomfortable feeling that the cops may not be as tough on these protesters as they have been with the Hindraf people, which means that such protesters can have several small demonstrations all at the same time which will have great psychological impact on the people.

    Jeff Soh

    Jeff Soh


  23. VJ
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 20:53:51

    Dear Racist ,
    in the event of such side-lining happen from now onwards you should be approaching the PKR rep in the PG coalition for assistance . Or even DAP , i’m sure they’re wulling to listen. This is the constructive way to address in case of such issues arise instead of blaming PG Gomen for putting aside NEP or supporting PG umno’s crooked way of protest which is politically motivated.

    Btw, you should change your nickname ….


  24. monsterball
    Mar 15, 2008 @ 22:58:13

    Very good advise to racist .
    Hope he can feel the genuine love and care by others.


  25. jeff
    Mar 16, 2008 @ 04:07:10

    Doc. Malay is always strong , it is the minority-citizens that are weak after so many years of government legalized racial discrimination policy n institutional racism. The few well connected Chinese n Indian Malaysia tycoons that have access to inner circle of umno-putra racists are finding it harder to get favors from Penang state now, under table deal is less possible for these greedy Malaysian tycoons after this election.


  26. ahpek
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 01:49:18

    Changing his nickname? fat chance, may be he is proud of that name…ha ha….just like those umno-putra racist is eager to remain “bumiputra”.


  27. ahpek
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 01:54:59

    I can not see how any one will consider Malay as weak , they control Malaysia in every walk of life, in politic n corporate equity for 50 years…….. may 13th, operation lalang, demolition of non Muslim places of worship , etc on other non- Malay citizens.


  28. highlander1208
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 09:44:01

    Thats right. why not give it a try. Open tender is the best option that we still have. For the past 50 years it created lots of problems to Malaysians be it Malays, Chinese or Indians. Those who have connections with the authority will be getting all the benefits. I am a Sabahan myself and i am sad that the Sabahans are going to suffer yet another 4 to 5 years. I have seen all these things happening in past and still is happening in the present . So im sure that it will also be happening in the future. I have no proof about it but what i heard ,when the Federal Government awards projects ,all projects will be handed to the politicians before they are given to the so called contractors who are willing to give high commissions to them. A friend of mine who is from UMNO has transformed himself quite obvious for the past 10 years. From driving a Proton Saga, he is now owning many luxury cars, big houses around Sabah and who knows he has assets outside malaysia? Projects without open tender have created disadvantages to the people and the nation . We have tried the previous option and it proven to be a disaster. So why not give it a try.


  29. Racist
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 18:42:50

    Why i’m so worried about fairness because PG govt change the policy without having a formal exco meeting.


  30. Racist
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 19:08:33

    What i mean is one man govt. The CM will give comment the other exco member just say yes in the formal meeting. So at the end it look like current BN govt. Everbody fear to express their view or object any idea because it already curculated thru newspaper.


  31. KShan
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 19:31:13

    Hey Racist, first of all if you think you’re not being treated fairly by Chinese? That’s probably you’re been using “Chinamen” too much! Stop using it because it’s derogatory!

    Secondly, doing business with Chinese or anywhere alse for that matter, you’ll need to demonstrate you can are trustworthy! Don’t behave like many Malay contractors that I’ve known, who will buy themselves big cars and big house when the first payment comes and conveniently forgetting their Chinese/Indian sub-cons who are struggling to make ends meet and trying to pay their workers.

    Thirdly, need to be smart and know the market well when you’re in the construction industry sometimes you’ll have to do it yourself and stop thinking that you can simply farm out the work while you just sit back (and relax) in the meetings (some don’t even bother to attend) to collect payments.


  32. jeff
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 23:23:43

    Racist needs a complete mentality overhaul to get rid of Umno-putra racist belief, Malaysian of Chinese decent is different from chinaman in China, unless he is talking about economy situation in China which is true “chinaman control ALL the supply”, whereas few super rich Chinese Malaysian tycoon are indeed control some major supply through their well connected network.


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