Give Penang Government a chance

One of the best advice given to DAP-led government of Penang is from Tunku Abdul Aziz, in NST yesterday. In an article  titled : The ballot box is neutral, he wrote that:

The transition for parties such as the Democratic Action Party (DAP), fed on a diet of street skirmishes and boycotts at the drop of a hat, to running a state government cannot be easy.

We should not judge the father-and-son double act too hastily and harshly. Given time they will learn a hard fact that after the giddy first flush and taste of power, reality sets in, and, what at first seems like a winning formula is often, upon further, more mature consideration, not such a clever idea after all. I write this as a friend of both Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng in a spirit of helpfulness.

I have shared the platform with them on many occasions over the years to promote issues of shared concerns such as corruption, the need for good governance, an open public procurement process, national integration, equal opportunity and the New Development Policy, that we would like to see driven by the highest ethical standards and values.

Guan Eng has made it clear where he is coming from on good governance, for which he will get my support and assistance at any time because he represents values I have worked for these many years.

My advice, always gratuitous, is that the DAP leadership must now demonstrate that it is a party for all Malaysians and not a narrow-minded, unashamedly chauvinistic Chinese party in spirit, notwithstanding its protestations to the contrary.

Your role now as chief minister of Penang is to convince the Malays and Indians, in particular, that your own ethnicity is purely an accident of birth, but your heart is in the right place.

You are indeed there to protect the legitimate interests of all the people for whom you carry a responsibility. It is a heavy responsibility that you have chosen to carry.

No one had forced you into this situation. The only ideology that you need to carry with you to the 26th floor of Komtar is service in the public interest.

Indeed, in the interest of our democracy, I do hope that DAP can demonstrate to all Malaysians that it is not a chauvinistic party , but rather a true social democratic party that works and fights for all the people.

For a 2 party system to emerge in Malaysia, DAP led Penag government must demonstrate to the people that the people are right in choosing this coalition. That this coalition is really of the people, for the people and by the people . If they can really put what they preach into practice, such as good governance, consultation with the people etc, there is no doubt that they will be an even more formidable force the next round.

I hope the mainstream media would give them a fair chance to prove themselves. Do not spin anymore stories.

 One of the reasons why BN lost so badly is because of the rosy picture spinned by these media, that ultimately, even BN politicians believe in the spin stories  from the main media and thus did not foresee the tsunami that came with such strong force.

In the end, they were tripped and tricked by their own spins in the newspapers.


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  1. A true Malaysian
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 17:51:06

    DAP is still lacking in trust and confidence from the Malays. Its Malay votes were from PKR and PAS.

    It is a golden opportunity for DAP to gain trust and confidence from Malaysians, especially the Malays by living up to their pledge of governing Penang in transparent and fair manner.

    I have confidence you can, DAP and please don’t follow the footsteps of Gerakan, which supposedly a multi-racial party.


  2. jeff
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 22:33:11

    Gerakan is a phony multi-racial party. Every non-racist know that they are embracing umno-putra racist agenda by joining BN, just like MCA n MIC., unless you want to believe that the leaders are idiot.


  3. romerz
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 04:08:50

    No Dr Hsu, I’m sorry I can only agree with your analysis about the media’s spin factor some what. It actually goes further than that which caused Gerakan’s fall.

    In my humble opinion, even if the media had been fair handed, nothing could have prevented the ‘tsunami’, short of actions from Gerakan which would mirror DAP’s stance. Being a component of BN meant there were restraints on what could be said publicly. This to me this is the major drawback, not being able to be seen to fight for the peoples’ rights.

    In reality, the electorate is increasingly seeing a shift away from race based politics. Whilst the Gerakan is supposedly a multi-racial party, many perceive it to be in name only and not in practice. Talk about whether the future CM of Penang must be able to speak Mandarin only adds strength to the perception that Gerakan has moved away from the middle ground which has served it well since 1969.

    Like you, I welcome this move away from race politics but unfortunately the people whom the majority of Penang voters have ushered in are literally shooting themselves in the foot. Is it so difficult to hold a workshop for all elected MPs and ADUNs to have a crash course on palace protocol, dress code, etc., so as not to give those who wish to maintain status quo ammunition to let loose their canons?

    This to me is very important, like it or not, we live in a country which is predominantly Malay and even though the present systems and institutions in placed are not fair to the minorities, real change can only come from the Malays. We kid ourselves if we think that by winning handsomely at the 12th GE, DAP can make institutional changes that can see the test if time.

    Like it or not, the very drive to educate our young is emancipating them. Those who don’t listen to them do so at their own peril.

    I don’t have the answers on how Gerakan can be relevant again but I do know one thing, it better start paying attention to the blogs. Whilst I concede that the bloggers may have an agenda of their own, I was very surprised at the responses from readers to the blogs. They are highly intelligent and what they say is digestible.

    My personal opinion is, for Penang anyway, the DAP has the best of opportunities to change the status quo, if only they could keep their mouth shut and not create controversies which require time and resources to counter. They already have a limited time to prove themselves, not so much to the Chinese voters of Penang but the Malay voters who took a risk.

    Back to the Gerakan. In my humble opinion, KTK gained a lot of goodwill with the transition and the party has a chance to be relevant again.

    If and only if, they move back to the middle ground and pay more attention to the ‘silent majority’. All is not lost because the loose coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS are not helping their cause either by making amateurish blunders and tripping over themselves.

    I appeal to those of you here who has KTK’s ear that we want to see leadership from him, fair and principled, and we will try our best best to resurrect Gerakan and the middle ground.


  4. monsterball
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 06:13:25

    Mahathir had to keep insulting Pak get protect his family.
    UMNO is doing the same thing…causing trouble…from the very first day..after election…to protect their corruptions ….being exposed….plus they are poor loosers…..great in double talks…and sinful actors.
    Shredding government papers tells so much of this evil party. It was ok for first 25 years….killed by a devil…revived it under same name….but actual is UMNO BARU. You know how it is…they can change names …as they like….and if we ordinary folks in business do that….it is charged as… cheating and frauds.
    Daily….it is showing…Malaysian have voted wisely.
    Now the must not be provoked to violences.
    Stay calm and smile over these jokers….trying to irritate and incite trouble.
    When one tries to create a fight..out of nothing to a noble gentleman….like Lim Eng Guan…he who is holding the power now… …should stay calm and composed…focus on work..with precious short 5 years…to prove with results…not with arguments.
    Every minute…opposition spent to argue with UMNO… infact…benifetting alot of UMNO corrupted ministers……and few from BN.
    They are about to drown now….with their shredding of government document actions.
    They are shameless people!!


  5. jeff
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 07:28:40

    Doc.recent election advance for opposition is not a tsunami, but a spring breeze/wind of change for Malaysia, because it is not destructive in nature, only main stream media called it that way to imply bad future ahead for the country to appease their BN master/owner.


  6. Dr Hsu
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 10:45:46

    romerz, u are ivitd to read my earlier post, the beginning of a new dawn part 1 and 2. Just scroll down the main page of this blog.

    i have ventured the causes of the defeat for BN in those articles.

    I agree with u that Malays will have to take the lead in moving away from race based politics. In fact, I have been saying in my earlier articles that we have to influence the majority race that a nonracial approach is the best approach.

    Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately, we seldom have the ears of the top leaders. they listen to their own advisers, who often feed them the wrong info.

    Some of these advisers are more interested to put their people in place, and are so out of touch with the ground. None of them, I presume, read blogs on a regular basis.

    When leaders are too busy with their ork and not listen to the grassroots, they become out of touch with reality. they become the victim of the rosy pictures spinned in the main stream media.


  7. karpa
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 10:46:06

    Shredding state documents at the very least leave a bit for new state government to view. In Penang and Kedah, only an empty office for the Exco-members and C.M., not a piece of paper left behind, it is worst than a Tsunami,


  8. yapchongyee
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 11:13:02

    The Malaysian Constitution in its original form was a document that delivered to the People justice according to law; but after the “513” riots, UMNO had progressively undermined the justice elements of the Constitution to finally make nonsense of the Constitution. The Malaysian Constitution today is nothing short a joke and is the laughing stock of the world community. The final product of all the amendments that have been made to meet the political whims of Tun Mahatir is a document that is meaningless; of all the craziness that went to amend the Constitution are those that GAVE ABSOLUTE POWER TO THE JUDICIARY TO DO & ACT ILLEGALLY AND OUTSIDE THE LAW AS AND WHEN IT PLEASES THEM TO DO SO. Malaysia today is lawless because High Court judges themselves commit criminal offences while performing their duties on the bench because they are not required to be accountable and in their IGNORANCE OF THE LAW they commit breaches of the Penal Code and still are not held accountable. If the laws of the nation is not held sacrosanct as it is not held sacrosanct in Malaysia, then there is no need for the very existence of Parliament, because Judges in Malaysia make their own laws by not strictly enforcing the law. Judges depart from provisions of the law and do as they pleased. What jurisprudence in all the civilized world can make sense of the over-riding of the Malaysian Constitution by the Sharia laws, because the Constitution IS THE MOTHER OF ALL LAWS and the Sharia must come under the Constitution not the other way around; this proposition is so basic that any 1st year law student must know, and yet the Highest Court of Malaysia went on to over ride the Malaysian Constitution by the Sharia.

    The sorry state of Malaysian politics has come about because the leaders of MCA & MIC were co-conspirators to the leaders UMNO to commit PLUNDER on the nation’s wealth and resources. Without exception the leaders of UMNO<MIC & MCA all became rich; just handful of super rich and all the others of Malays, Indians and Chinese are no better off than when Malaysia first got independence. The real problem why the Malays have not progressed as far and as fast is because of the myth of the NEP. This New Economic Policy was crafted to weave the illusion that all the benefits of Malay special privileges went to the Malays while the Chinese & Indians do not get to participate in the national largess. The IRONY of propaganda that has been touted by the Barisan National to all Malaysians is that the more that it is said that all the benefits of special privileges goes to the Malays the more the Malay people supports the UMNO; when in truth all the benefits of Special Malay Privileges went to a handful of UMNO leaders and their children, in short to the UMNO elites. I believe that this exclusive group make up of about 5,000 families or at most 6,000 families. The point that I want to emphasize is the UMNO spin that all the special privileges went to the Malays, when in fact that has always been a lie, because ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE PERSONAL CONTACTS WITH UMNO ELITES HAVE ACCESS TO THE GOODIES and the ordinary Malays who may be very qualified will miss out just because they have no one to PULL STRINGS. The creation of this UMNO clique restrict the selection of suitable candidates to only a very narrow and small base and therefore THE BEST & BRIGHTEST OF THE MALAYS ARE NOT GIVEN CHANCES. This process runs through to the whole of everything.

    I can speak for the Chinese, when I say that we Chinese do not object to giving special privileges to the Malays, but what is not agreeable to us is that the GOODIES ARE NOT GIVEN OUT TO gain the best returns; instead of culling for the best & brightest from 24 million Malay rakyat, the UMNO dominated system find the required number of candidates from only 5,000 families, therefore how can that be the best & brightest ?

    From my perspective, if the Malaysian Constitution were brought back to its original form as when it was originally framed, Malaysia will progress much faster and we in Malaysia will eventually catch up to Singapore instead of looking with envy across the Johore Straits because we in Malaysia do not have a viable and equitable model to develop our nation. We in Malaysia have natural resources while Singapore has only rocks, so why are we still behind in our development ? We had the NEP for the last 40 Years and we have not made any meaningful progress, so why do we not try out something new. If People’s Republic of China can rise in world ranking from 132 to No 2 in just a matter of 20 years, what cannot Malaysia do if we had a model that works instead on that is 40 years old and it does not work !

    UMNO cannot be salvaged because UMNO is built on an ethos of HATE, it finds support from the Malays by spreading the myth of the Chinese having it all and the Malays are robbed by the Chinese; this is not true but to the Malays it is comforting to know that it is not their inaptitude or their incompetence that is to blame but it is the Chinese that has deprived them of what is theirs. If the truth be told, the Chinese are the ones who keep the economy afloat, of course the Malays will not admit although they know in their own mind that this is so. Who are the people who handle the trade in Malaysia and who are the entrepreneurs in Malaysia if not for the Chinese. We have not been the recipients of any government hand outs for 50 years and we will not need any in the future either. I really think it is good counsel for the Malays not to loose the Chinese component of Malaysia too quickly or as the saying goes, “you may regret getting what you hope for”.

    I had earlier written an opinion that for the well being of Malaysia it is not merely enough that UMNO be toppled, BUT UMNO MUST BE DESTROYED and a new and totally Malaysian Malaysia be put in the place of UMNO. I have always advocated that Dato Seri Anwar is the right leader and this point in Malaysian history, because he has the wisdom to state publicly tat the NEP must be scraped and in its place a model that is Dato Seri Anwar’s be put in place. Malaysia has so far only known race based politics and that model is UMNO and it is divisive and from this election the people have rejected it as nt workable. I had also advocated that with the success of the coalition of PAS, DAP and PKR a two party system will emerge, but since the tremendous success of this coalition, my sights have broadened. I believe that it is time for the MCA and the MIC and the PAS and the DAP to merge with PKR to form a non-race based party and that will mean that all these coalition components become as one as eg. Become PKR; remember only a Malay under the Malaysian Constitution can be Prime Minister. However this can only happen in a distant future because PAS will not easily give up their individuality, they may loose support if they did. My suggestion is for a future when our people are more sophisticated.

    However, The relevance of MCA and MIC have lost their meaning and there is nothing for MCA to stick around UMNO except to lick UMNO arses. I believe that is not this one the next UMNO will loose government. In its present form MCA cannot represent the Chinese in any meaningful way. Having said that may I tout the idea that all MCA members of Parliament of this election CROSS THE FLOOR OF PARLIAMENT AND JOING IN UNITED FRONT WITH KEADILAN TO FORM GOVERNMENT. MCA must not compound their 50 years of licking the feet of UMNO. Stand up on your “hiny” and bid UMNO farewell. Chinese interests is best served by PKR.


  9. observer
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 21:51:06

    Sorry I just don’t buy that “Give DAP a chance” crap.

    DAP promises to be different, so over 10 days have past, can you tell me if they’ve anything??

    Different on what???

    Same old same old father and son bullsh*t !


  10. Jeff Soh
    Mar 20, 2008 @ 21:52:39

    I was reading and re-reading Yap Chong Yee’s comments submitted on 18 March 2008.

    Again he has stated many truths about this country and how it has been thoroughly mismanaged for donkey years.

    He has brought to my consciousness once again and in a very poignant way the evils caused by UMNO and the NEP.

    UMNO, with the connivance of the MIC, Gerakan and the MCA, has perpetrated so many iniquities on the minority citizens and the Malay masses that the only way it can ever dream of being credible to the people once again is if they were to come out and plainly renounce the NEP and confess to all the wrong that they had done.

    They had deliberately nurtured an attitude of contempt for the Chinese and the Indians, making them feel as if they are aliens and second class. Instead of helping towards the assimilation and UNIFICATION of all races into one common identity, they created differences and division between the different ethnic groups.

    A country divided can never be strong or stable. It is waiting to be conquered.

    So kawan in UMNO, shape up or ship out!

    Jeff Soh


  11. Ahpek
    Mar 21, 2008 @ 05:23:13

    10 days is such a long time, Penang is still the same as before. BA has failed to deliver, is that what you mean?


  12. jeff
    Mar 22, 2008 @ 01:20:04

    I will not call those umnoputra racists as “kawan” at all, as a Malaysian by birth, i personally believe these traitors are more concerned about personal aggrandizement than having a strong n fair nation belong to all Malaysians.


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