From Penang Bridge to PKFZ

The government is apparently going to cut down on some of the projects announced before, including the Penang 2nd Bridge.

As a person who grew up and received my primary and secondary education there, I still consider myself a Penangite even though I have been in KL/ PJ for more than 20 years.  But where I come from does not really matter, I would still voice this out even if I am not from Penang, even if this thing happens in east Malaysia. (Even though in this case I feel a sentimental attachment to Penang……and Penang food lah!!!)


will this be scraped too?

I feel that development projects should not be cut just because the people chose Pakatan this time to govern Penang. Similarly, development projects for Kedah, Kelantan, Perak , Selangor should not be cut back just because of a change for state governments. I have stressed many times that PEOPLE ARE THE BOSS. If the employees they employed to look after their interest is not doing a good job, it is up to the Boss (people) to change the employees. The employees should accept it and try to prove to the Boss again that they have changed and hope that the Boss will take them back in the next evaluation!!

But, no employee in their sane mind would go and barricade the Boss house or go and break the windscreen of the BOss’s car, just because they were sacked for not doing a good job. What BN is doing, by scaling back projects in these States, is analogous to the sacked employees throwing a threat to the Boss. The people are well informed and well educated. Do you think they will accept this????

Do not wait until the last minute, then only you start to shower projects or throw money, like what happened in the past few by elections. I used to tell voter friends, if anyone give you money, take the money but vote the other way, because anyone giving you money to buy your votes will not be worthy of your support.  You should vote on the merits of the party and the candidates, not on their money or the last minute promise of projects, because last minute promise is usually not a sincere promise.

Even Dr  Mahathir talks sense sometimes (rarely though). In today’s Malaysiakini, he was quoted to say this:

Supposing the opposition are smart enough to provide good government, to look after the interests of the ordinary people, to lead a spartan life like not flying in chartered planes when going to Kuala Lumpur or taking excos and divisional heads on jaunts to foreign countries, then those people who voted for the opposition out of anger against the BN in 2008, would transfer their loyalty permanently to the opposition.

When that happens BN, Umno and other component parties can forget about recapturing the states lost to the opposition. To lose once is bad but to lose a second time in Malaysian election is an unmitigated disaster

If the government really suspends the second Bridge project and the monorail project, I would think that Gerakan leaders must immediately take Gerakan out of BN. The bridge might have cost about 4 Billions, but is it not true that the government has pledged more than 4 Billion AAA bonds as guarantee to save the PKFZ fiasco? I got this from a past PAC member. Is it not true that out of the 1000 ares of land in PKFZ , half were swamps and partly submerged in water? Is it not true that the government has asked the vendor company to undertake the construction of the projects, which is an obvious clash of interest?? Is it not true that the company bought the land dirt cheap from a Koperasi? Is it not true that Tiong, the present Chairman of the Backbenchers’ Club is connected to the company?/

The government could have given the chairmanship of the BBC to Alex Linggin, if they wanted a Sarawakian to take the post. Alex is the grandson of Temenggong Jugoh, and is deemed to be untainted. (footnote: I don’t know Alex personally, but other Ybs have been telling me he is clean ad untainted).

Why must the government always promotes people that seemingly have stains on them? Why untainted people are never given a chance in BN ??

I suggest that Penang people ask the government to let them know how much income tax and road tax are collected from Penang residents alone annually. If the project takes 5 years to complete, then what is the total tax paid over 5 years? Ask the government to take a portion say 10 percent of these taxes to build . If government refuses, take the government to court as a first step. There would be more drastic steps, but first step first.

Another way is to ask those involved in the PKFZ thing to foot the bill for the second bridge. Afterall, the whole cost of the second bridge is smaller than the amount involved in the fiasco.



The culprits

Who is telling the truth?

Just read these in Malaysiakini :

According to Khir Toyo,

“Samy Vellu called me on the night of Nov 15 and told me that Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) people had infiltrated the temple and that it must be demolished that night itself,”

According to Samy Vellu:

 “I am surprised by his statement. How can I tell him to demolish a temple which was already demolished?” asked Samy Vellu today.

“It was under his order that more than 500 enforcement personnel from the local authorities from various districts came to demolish just one temple.

Aiyo! Stop blaming each other lah.

Press release by Some Gerakan grassroots members

A group of grassroots Gerakan memebers have decided to speak out publicly on the issue of Lee Kah Choon, whom they feel that should not be labeled as opportunist and political ‘frog”. 

They have also decided to give an advice to the party adviser Dr Lim Keng Yaik to stop interfering with party affairs publicly, as was the case over the past few months when he has preempted party top leadership with statements that were causing damage to the party image. They would lke to remind him to keep to his words that he would not give advice publicly after he retired, and would only speak his mind when his view is sought .

I have drafted the press release for the group in both English and Chinese and I will post it below:

Press release by a group of Parti Gerakan members: 

Press Release    by a group of KLFT Gerakan leaders  29 April 2008


1. The people have spoken. Barisan Nasional, including Gerakan, has suffered a big loss.

  We, as members of Parti Gerakan, are of  the view that Parti Gerakan  should accept and respect the people’s choice .We should be humble and listen to the voice asking for change. We should  find out why we have lost and take corrective steps to overcome the weaknesses .


2. We must realize politicians’ first priority is to the people. People’s interest must come first.

 Individuals can come and go but the people’s interest must always be defended and the people’s welfare must always be upheld.

3. The political scenario has changed. This change has come amidst many new challenges facing the country. These include the hefty increase in food prices due to world wide food shortage; the increase in energy costs due to the ever-rising petroleum prices; the inflationary pressure that you and I as ordinary citizens are facing.

 Other challenges include a sluggish economy due to a world wide slowdown as a result of recession in the United States.

 We also need to work hard to reform our Judiciary, improve governance, tackle corruption and improve the crime situation in the country.

4. As a result of these challenges, we need to make the country more productive. As Malaysians, we must pool our resources together to further develop the country and bring in new investments, create more employment and move up the technological ladder in industries.

5. To achieve these goals, we need to have the best available persons working together.

 6. This is the time for more work, and less politicking. We must cut down on politicking, and those in power and those in opposition must be prepared to work hand in hand to bring more development to the people and improve the economic status of the people, thus ensuring prosperity and raising the standard of living of the people.

 7. In this context, we view Sdr Lee Kah Choon’s acceptance of the directorship of Penang Development Corporation and the executive chairmanship of InvestPenang as something that is beneficiary to the people of Penang. These appointments are non political, and his work would be no different from that of a civil servant who is apolitical.

 8. We note that Sdr Lee Kah Choon, at the time of his acceptance of these positions, is only an ordinary member of Gerakan, with no decision making status in Party. Hence, his acceptance of these positions would not jeopardise the party’s interest.  Furthermore, he is putting people’s interest above his self interest . This sort of behaviour should be encouraged and should not be subjected to dispute let alone any disciplinary action. We feel that by his unselfish action, he has created an excellent example of how people with differing political views can work together for the benefits of the people.

 9. We feel strongly that Sdr Dr Lim Keng Yaik, as an advisor to the party and a retired politician, should not have labeled Sdr Lee Kah Choon as an opportunist and a political ‘Katak’.

10. At the time of his acceptance, Sdr Lee Kah Choon has stressed that he remains and wishes to remain as an ordinary Gerakan member and hence there is no ” crossing over’ as in the case of a political Katak, as was the case when Sdr Dr Lim himself joined Gerakan after being expelled from MCA in the early 70s.

 11. Sdr Dr Lim’s action has forced the hand of party leadership to  act and asked for a show cause letter from Sdr Lee Kah Choon. This has forced Sdr Lee to quit the party.

 12. We feel strongly that Malaysians should think more out of the box and should not oppose for the sake of opposing when the people’s interest is at stake. People’s well being and interest should always be viewed above the narrow partisan interest.

 13. We feel that in this new era, cooperation rather than confrontation would have benefited people more.

 14. We regret that a capable leader who was deemed to be fit enough to be a potential Chief Minister of Penang by party leadership just less than 60 days ago, is now deemed to be inexperienced and an opportunist. We regret that a capable leader has been forced out of the party as a result of the action by Sdr Dr Lim Keng Yaik.

 15. We wish to give an advice to Sdr Dr Lim Keng Yaik that he should stick to what he has said publicly, at the time when he announced his retirement,  that he would only give advice when asked for. By giving unsolicited advice publicly over party matters over the past few months, he has done the party image a lot of damages.

 16. Because of this, we ask that Sdr Dr Lim Keng Yaik should quit his post as party adviser and should not interfere anymore in the party affairs.

 17. Perhaps, he should now retire graciously and should devote more time to his family.


Drafted by

Dr Hsu Dar Ren



1 38日,人民已作了裁決。 作為民政黨員, 我們希望民政領袖,能虛心的接受這個事實,找出失敗的原因,作出改變。


2 政黨應以人民的利益為歸依。領袖們要以人民的意愿和權益為根本。人民為先,政黨和個人的利益為后, 這才是從政之道。


3。國家正面對着許多問題。物價全面性的高漲。不單只汽油和運輸費,連食品米糧,也在上漲。這同時,美國經濟蕭條,影響全球經濟, 包括我國經濟也在放. 國家正是面臨多事之秋。




5 要達到這些目標,我們需要最好的人才,全心全力的投入發展



6。這個時候,我們應該多工作,少玩政治。朝野政黨,應該減少政治摩擦, 在經濟領域里,任用優秀人才,為人民的利益服務,致力提高人民的收入和生活水準。


7。在這應以大局為重的時候,李家全同接受委任為Penang Development Corporation InvestPenang 董事,是理應受到人民和我黨領袖的贊許的。這兩個職位,不是政治性的,而是好像公務員性質的,負責策劃檳州的經濟發展和引進外資,以進一步改善檳州人民的生活和收入。對人民來說,是件很好的事情。




9。我們認為我黨顧問林敬益醫生,對李家全同的批評,指李家全同是政治青蛙 和投機分子,是误导性的和錯誤的,也是不公平的。








13。在適當的時機,朝野双方, 應該尝试為人民的利益着想,尝试在某些領域上合作,不要為了對抗而對抗。













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Can a leopard change its spots ?

Ong K T has suddenly become enlightened. According to a report in Star today, he said that the time has come for Barisan leaders to stop working for one race only.

If what he said is true, does it imply then that all this while BN has worked for one race only? Only now they realise they need to work for all people of Malaysia and not one race only?

Ong has not been vocal all this time, and suddenly he is seen to be speaking up. Is it because of the impending challenge that he would face in his own backyard?

Immediately after Chua S L’s sex DVD surfaced, I have written an article predicting a party fight is inevitable in MCA. (Pls read: Is another party fight looming?)

Ong’s sudden change in voicing out may be genuine, I do not know. Nowadays, even a leopard can be made to change its spots through genetic engineering. But coming at a time when there are dissatisfaction among the grassroots and an anti-Ong’s campaign (the Save MCA campaign) within his party, and the appointment of his own brother as minister and Perak State chairman, it gives a perception that he is voicing out more for his own political agenda; re marketing and re packaging himself as a True Malaysian fighting for all races. Stanley Koh has written many excellent analysis in Malaysiakini and I think he would agree with me that a party fight is inevitable for MCA. Anyway, this has always been MCA ‘s culture, brave in fighting each other within the party but silent inside Barisan Nasional.

Since Ong has realised that BN needs to fight for all races and not just one race, perhaps, it is time for MCA to change into a multiracial party . By doing so, they can help force UMNO to discard its racial outlook,and maybe persuade all the component parties of BN to disband and merge into a single multiracial Front.

But even as a single multiracial front, UMNO members would still be in the majority, so if these members still want to play racial politics, what is there to stop them?

What a reader of this blog, romerz, commented yesterday has a lot of sense even though he was commenting on USA system . He said

 ” Ultimately it boils down to the people within the systems since all systems were created by man, they can be circumnavigated by man…..Systems put in place by man will only function in the way it was intended to if good and honest men will step up to stop those with evil intentions from wrecking it.”

The question is thus: if barisan Nasional can be disbanded and formed into a big party, will there be good and honest people at the top to make sure that multiracialism would not be hijacked by crooked people with agenda of their own?  Would the system be circumnavigated by people for their own selfish interest?

That is the big question!!




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Who will get to the flag first?

    Hillary or Obama??

Let’s race…


Indiana 500……….


neck to neck


Who will get the flag  ?



A true Malaysian passes away

As a mark of respect to the passing of a true Malaysian, author, blogger, and social activist Rustam A Sani,  This blog will stop posting for one day.

picture courtesy of Malaysiakini.

For his exploits, please refer to the write up in Malaysiakini.

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