The options for BN component parties

It is now slightly more than 3 weeks since the General Election which has really changed the political landscape of Malaysia. If you are a keen follower of Malaysiakini, you would have noticed that the past 3 weeks, so much unexpected have occurred.

The question in most people mind now is that will UMNO change for the better. One question everyone is asking: if UMNO wants reform, what is Mike Tyson doing there?

I think the PM knows that he has to reform UMNO otherwise people will abandon UMNO. Already there are voices in some of the component parties such as PPP and Gerakan and even MCA that they should opt out of BN if UMNO does not reform. The question is : will he be strong and firm enough to institute a total revamp, including doing away with money politics?

For these component parties, there are 3 options to choose from:

1. Remain in BN, where their fate will be decided by whether UMNO reforms or not.  Their fate will be in the hand of UMNO. If UMNO does not reform radically, these parties will probably be wiped off the next round.

2. Opt out of BN and join the Barisan Rakyat. But some of the parties are so weak now, they will be in no position to bargain for better terms to join Barisan Rakyat. In the reality of politics, do not expect PKR or DAP to give up seats for these parties to contest. They will probably be absorbed and disappeared from national political scene.

3. These small component parties can opt out of BN and remain independent and be a vigilant watchdog over both Barsian National and Barisan Rakyat. They can act as a consciense for the people and give constructive criticism for both sides.

In reality, it would really be difficult for these parties to gain back the support they once have.


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  1. kittykat46
    Apr 01, 2008 @ 15:18:44

    This is like an “All Options are Awful” situation for the BN component parties.
    Gerakan, especially, is practically irrelevant right now.

    I think the BN component’s only hope of becoming relevant again depend on the opposition creating a mess in the states they now form the State government.

    I don’t believe UMNO is capable of reforming itself.
    You may be familiar with medical situations where its impossible to treat a patient, because the disease is so far advanced, the treatment itself may kill the patient.
    That’s about the depth of UMNO’s depravity right now.


  2. Dr Hsu
    Apr 01, 2008 @ 15:36:10

    kittykat46, I agree that it is difficult for UMNo to reform. They probably will do so only when most of them are voted out. Then they will have to wiat for the pendulum to swing back , like the Nationalists in Taiwan. But the Nationalists in Taiwan did undergo a lot of changes.

    Lets just wait and see. In 6 months’ time we will know whether the reform is real or not.


  3. novice101
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 22:20:20

    MCA, MIC, and PPP are in the same boat as the Gerakan. The points laid out below, apply to them equally.

    Gerakan had tried to reform the BN from within, and what has it got to show – that it has, instead, been transformed by UMNO !

    In it deliberations now, it should ponder, very carefully the options opened. The scenarios Dr. Toh and Dr. Choong have painted for its deliberations are very near to the truth. They may not be pretty but they are the hard realities facing Gerakan.

    To stay in the BN and to have more of the same, is like buying a one-way ticket to “Doomsday’.

    To stay and to seek reform from within, trying to get all the parties in the BN to merge to form a multi-racial BN doesn’t seem feasible. UMNO, is still bent on fighting for the the rights and honor of the Malays. There are still many self-proclaimed ‘defenders’ in UMNO (Haishammuddin, Khairy J, Nazir A, Aziz, Ali Rustam Mohd. Ali, M2 Taib) and now, waiting in the wings, are, Mohamad Hasan, Azhar Ibrahim.

    It leaves Gerakan not much of a choice, but to seriously consider leaving the coalition. All the parties in the BN had been too long mired in racial politics, to be able to make a clean break from it. Gerakan cannot hope to survive in the same environment!


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