Another Barisan vs Pakatan fight soon ?

                              spy-vs-spy-2.gif another fight so soon?

With the formation of Pakatan Rakyat, as reported in Malaysiakini yesteday, the opposition is on track to consolidate their power and gain during the last general election. As I have mentioned yesterday, it is the beginning of a two party system which is good for the nation.

However,  one of my friends told me during dinner that  UMNO may push for dissolution of the Parliament and go for a snap poll again in May during the first sitting of the new Parliamentary session. It seems that they believe that the last election results was a fluke and in calling for another general election, they are hoping that  those voters,  who voted opposition merely to teach the BN a lesson, would come back to BN. They are hoping that enough voters would come back to their side to enable them to win back a few states at least.

I do not think that would be a wise move. This is like a sword, it can cut both ways. If another election is called, who is to guarantee that BN will win more? Given that a lot of people are saying that UMNO is still in a denial mode, what is there to stop the Pakatan Rakyat to win even more? Even Trengganu might fall, and PR may increase their strength in East Malaysia seats, where some of the seats were won with just a wafer thin margin. In Penang, many businessmen may have second thoughts, but so far, the new State Government is pressing the right buttons , and many people on the ground are quite impressed, and so it would be difficult to dislodge the PR Government there.

It is also the prerogative of the King to dissolve the Parliament. If in his opinion, there is no such need, he can just scout around to find a person who in his judgement commands the majority in Parliament. 

Anyway, it is interesting time. Let us just wait for the drama to further unfold. Do not forget that politics is the Art of the possibles – anything indeed can happen. But ultimately, it is still the people who are the boss !




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  1. ismail ahmad
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 12:53:56

    I believe Umno may be right. Malays in Kedah, Selangor and Perak may have second thoughts about voting PKR and DAP again. Without Malay support, there will be no coalition. But again it depends on the candidates fielded.
    DAP had scared off most Malays. I too am scared after listening to Kit Siang and his son. And i voted in Gombak the last time.
    And there is no way Pas will win Trg, unless Umno field all the anti-Sultan assemblymen again.


  2. petestop
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 15:47:47

    Err… from analysis of last election result, only 5% swing in Malay votes, while there is a massive swing in the Chinese and Indian votes.

    Do you think that calling a re-election (and wasting more tax-payers money) will make a difference.

    Face it UMNO, you lose big time and we will make sure you lose big time again comes PRU-13.

    And we hope our Sabah and Sarawak brethren have come to realise that UMNO is only in BN for UMNO sake… to hell with everybody else.
    Just look at the Cabinet appointment… even though East Malaysia contributed the bulk of the parliamentarians.

    Get back what is rightfully yours, which is your oil royalty and state autonomy. Don’t play second fiddle to the racist UMNO.


  3. A true Malaysian
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 16:01:21

    Any Tom. Dick & Harry knows the apparent reasons for Umno & BN defeats except those so-called leaders. We don’t need expert to do a post-mortem for the just concluded 12th GE.

    A push for dissolution of the Parliament and go for a snap poll again in May will see even more severe defeats of Umno & BN.

    Without we realise, the thinking of our Malay brothers and sisters have changed tremendously. The lost of 5 states to Pakatan Rakyat is the prove for this change.

    My prediction is that dissolution is unlikely to happen. Jump ship is more likely.


  4. monsterball
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 18:41:42

    As I read on messages and newspapers reports….UMNO cares only for themselves….and not the Malaysians.
    Yes..let them call for a snap election….and get them buried once and for all.
    They still think they will forever rule….their ways.
    Mahathir is challenging LKS to bring him to court..on Tun Salleh’s sacking episode.
    Toyol is also challenging oppositions to prove he is corrupted.
    Mahathir is getting more and more sickening by the days. I guess,,,,he knows ..his time is up… throw all he can at Dollah and now even to Lim Kit Siang….including Najib.
    He is at his best to want get arrested and go to jail……..knowing UMNO will never do it to him.
    Not one word of regrets in his whole life..destroying so much on so many so many people.


  5. novice101
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 21:18:41

    Politics sure offers much opportunities, so it opens countless eyes to all the tempting possibilities. These attract all kinds of behaviors, as can be seen in the present political scene in Malaysia.

    In the present UMNO environment, which is directionless and confusing, the different modes of behavior are in full exhibition! Some are hedging their bets by picking the horse which they think will win first spot.

    The more opportunistic of the lot, who want to win the first spot themselves, resort to the more unabashedly behavior of playing the role of the ‘white knights’, others play the ‘wise statesmen’, posturing to the gallery, professing loyalty one day, decrying the faults of the incumbents, the next day.

    Many others who, having lost their privileged positions and are hoping to make a come-back. display their skill in ‘wind’ reading. They hope the skill will lead them back to the ‘power’ path.

    Others , who are less skillful, exhibit less polished and less refined method. They seek for scapegoats and openly blame others for the dismal result. One other coarse method used is ‘the setting up of apple-carts’ and doing ‘apple-polishing’ in the open.

    There are also, those who, lacking any political skill, are led by the noses and they just do the biddings of their mentors and elders.

    The directionless and confusing conditions in UMNO are becoming chaotic! The PM must decide as to what he wants to do. But he must not lose sight of the duty of putting the interests of the country as his top priority.


  6. novice101
    Apr 02, 2008 @ 22:07:05

    BN, it seems, may be contemplating to dissolve parliament and call for a snap election in May of next year. It may be basing its decision on wrong premises.

    The result of the recent election was definitely not a fluke. If, it thinks it can increase its seats, in the snap election, it is an erroneous thinking. Those who voted against BN just to teach it a lesson would not be so easily convinced to come back to its fold. Since the election, BN has not shown it has reformed nor has it shown that the voters’ message has sunk in. These voters have not seen any significant shift in its policies and its actions.

    In the recent election, Anwar had, largely, ignored the East Malaysian states. He will live to regret it. If, the snap election were to be called, Anwar would definitely not make the same mistake again. This time, he may enlarge the numbers of seats for his coaltion.

    The Agong has the right not to agree with the BN’s reading of the situation, he may not agree to the resolution of parliament. PR and the rakyat could now take a leaf from UMNO and the UMNO-linked NGOs in Perak. It could ask the Agong to appoint a minority government as UMNO and the BN is too fragmented thus, cannot command the support of the rakyat.

    BN should carefully consider the moods and sentiments of the new rakyat, It has tasted victory, it cannot be cowed easily nor can it be easily intimidated now. It is now more demanding, more exacting and definitely more unforgiving.


  7. monsterball
    Apr 03, 2008 @ 04:15:21

    Our Universities became 200++ position…under smart Mahathir…not Dollah.
    Police are at their worst…under Mahathir…not Dollah
    Corruptions are highest at his 22 years. premiership…..not Dollah
    Thousand of small and medium size Malaysian companies closed shop..when Mahathir create so much tensions….quarreling with Razaleigh…not Dollah.
    UMNO was killed by Mahathir…creating new “UMNO BARU” and…….half res8igned and went to form “Semagat 45″….splitting the Malays by Mahahthir….not Dollah.
    Mahathir sacked Tun alleh and put Anwar in jail….to be a dictator……not Dollah.
    Best of all……not one UMNO hypocrite minister or supreme council men dare to talk straight to the point….but keep twisting and turning…using laws and by laws…to hint this or that….like M bin M is doing now…defending Dollah.
    UMNO is plan and simple….out-dated and out lived their usefulness.
    In commercial firms…such a person is sacked…but Malaysians gave them chance to repent…..yet they still play the same old game….race and religion politics…and have the same mentalities…arrogant and great hypocrites.
    These are the people …showing worst examples…to our children and to the whole world.


  8. monsterball
    Apr 03, 2008 @ 09:32:35

    And hope all Malaysians will unite to let politicians know….we are their bosses.
    Just look at USA…England. ….public are never treated like animals…anymore. freedom of speeches and newspapers are trully free.
    Have you ever heard a US president have title like Sir or Lord…….same in England?
    Here….these corrupted idiots ..decorate themselves with titles…with huge stolen wealth….to put us back to jungle life…that they are our Kings and we are their slaves.
    The election should wake them up.
    Now judge their behaviors.


  9. jeff
    Apr 03, 2008 @ 23:51:43

    TDM is probably one of the worst PM Malaysia ever produced, spreading hate among Malaysians on international issues, violating every one constitutional right, mess up the other two branches of government, mega projects to enrich himself n family members during his reign of power,but he is the one who complain the most about other Malaysians, very typical Umnoputra racist demeanor.


  10. jeff
    Apr 12, 2008 @ 04:27:14

    PR will have a very difficult battle ahead of them, no doubt BN is going to short change the 5 states and make the state government n the people live there have a hard life after losing control of the states. I only hope that PR leadership will foresee it and be prepared for it coming, BN will do whatever it takes to their pledges unfulfillable.


  11. VJ
    Apr 12, 2008 @ 22:58:01

    the only reason why TDM stood out , in local politics, is that he was the only one with brain compared to others in his era . The rest are almost worthless . What happens when the one stands between the worst…..? he/she will be looked as the best ….
    The rest are basically play racial card to keep themselves in power ….
    TDM will continue to stand out in Malaysian political history .


  12. venommmmmm
    May 15, 2008 @ 19:42:37

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