Back to Mahathirism ?

One of the readers of this blog, Jeff Soh, has written a comment which I would like to seek the opinion of other readers. I think he has a very valid point for all of us to ponder further and deeper.

This is his comment:

I think it is a matter of urgency that you or your blog make it known that trouble is brewing in a powerful way which will turn the sanguine results of the recent election into an impetus for diehards of NEP to regroup and regain overwhelming political strength.

This effort is now being undertaken by none other than Mahathir himself. Notice he has been given a lot of press coverage of late.

Seems to me that it is not in our interest to have the PM removed. This is because in reality Abdullah is a moderate.

The person taking over will be louder and more adamant in advocating the NEP to win back the Malay votes. This will be their strategy for the next elections.

Frankly, I think Mahathir is very detrimental to democracy and the principle of a government for all Malaysians. He is still very powerful and even more powerful now because Abdullah’s position has been weakened.

We must support the PM.

Please think about this issue and let us have your thoughts.

My personal view is that most of the problems we are facing now are the results of the past adminstration, which had encouraged a culture of money politics, cronyism, abuses in governance and corruption. However, the present adminstration is too inert, and although it has been more open and more tolerant of dissent, what the son-in-law does are not so much different from what we got during the past administration. In fact, in certain aspects, minority has become marginalised more. Corruption has indeed become more rampant and leaders have become more arrogant.

Will a new leader go back to Mahathirian way? With the 2 party system in place, would a new leader still advocate the old type of NEP which breeds cronies and corruption?

I would like to hear more comments from the readers of this blog on this. 


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rudy
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 12:11:51

    The undercurrents that are dissipating out from the beaten smells ugly and rotten. Could someone be plotting some evil agenda to usurp the power equation? Could it be a military coup? Or the Royals who realised their new found power? Either way AAB is history. Have anybody realised the stakes are too high to forgo the prize?


  2. kittykat46
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 14:41:46

    Yes, it is quite possible UMNO will react to its current depression by advocating even more “Ketuanan Melayu” and Islamisation. In fact , this is what Mahathir did in every past case where UMNO was under siege – Ops Lallang, 1997 Financial Crisis together with Anwar’s sacking.

    But I think many things have changed, and a lot of Malays don’t automatically buy that to the exclusion of other issues.

    UMNO ceded much of the middle ground to PKR in the just completed General Elections. If it moves even further to the right, it could strengthen the position of its die-hard supporters, but it risks ending up a fringe party.


  3. romerz
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 17:32:39

    A very good point indeed by Mr Soh and a valid observation by Dr Hsu.

    I would like to offer a third alternative to supporting the PM’s survival lest he be replaced by a Mahatir type leader or worst still, the man himself.

    How about precipitating the fall of BN and in so doing bring about the fall of UMNO itself. If you’re to believe rumors floating around, it is supposedly inevitable anyway once Anwar Ibrahim gets elected to Parliament.

    Given the present mood of the rakyat, I foresee whoever stands against Anwar will be well and truly annihilated.

    Perhaps the best course of action would be to throw our support behind non-UMNO BN MPs to ‘jump ship’ and sweep the PR into power under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim.

    Is it ‘safe’ to do so? Perhaps not, given that Anwar was once part of the UMNO elite and his expulsion which led to his change of politics was brought about by his own attempt at power rather than a desire to reform UMNO.

    Moreover, the PR is an untested coalition with DAP and PAS at odds with each other over ideology.

    But what choices do we have left? Support Badawi to ensure his survival? Won’t we be getting more of the same since most of his advisors of the last 4 years are still around him? And he is too weak to rein them in.

    Or cause Badawi to fall and return UMNO back to the Mahatir era of ‘dictatorship’?

    Both are awful choices and these are the only choices available if we are to believe that UMNO and in turn the BN cannot or must not be toppled.

    I beg to disagree that this country will forever be ruled by UMNO or a coalition of parties revolving around UMNO. As more and more Malaysians are being educated to think and with the aid of the internet and satellite TV, they are becoming less insular and more exposed to the outside world at large. I think more and more Malaysians will not accept the propaganda that UMNO must rule or there will be chaos.

    I think now presents a very good opportunity to debunk this myth and take the first step towards a truly 2-party system.

    Let UMNO fall and then maybe real reforms from within UMNO can occur. When that happens, then only would I say that Malaysia is a true democratic country with a strong 2-party system.

    So what must we do? I think we should take the unexplored road, whilst frightening, rather than try to maintain status quo, which has seen the erosion of our rights, be it under Badawi or Mahatir.

    We may not know about Anwar’s true intentions or the PR viability to function but at least we have hope.

    In my humble opinion, I think most of the readers here are/were supporters of BN’s component parties or maybe even apolitical until now.

    What we should do is to offer reasons for the component parties to leave the BN now and at the same time undertake real reforms away from communal politics.

    This would be a step in the right direction, in my humble opinion.


  4. romerz
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 18:30:09

    “UMNO ceded much of the middle ground to PKR in the just completed General Elections. If it moves even further to the right, it could strengthen the position of its die-hard supporters, but it risks ending up a fringe party.”

    I agree with kittykat46 on this.

    I like to add that the same applies to the component parties like MCA, Gerakan & MIC. To remain in BN is seen as endorsement of UMNO’s policies, whatever they may be.

    These parties may risk losing some supporters by leaving the BN but by not taking this step, many supporters are already contemplating throwing their support behind DAP or PKR, if they have not already done so.


  5. A true Malaysia
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 23:55:49

    Dr. Hsu,

    My view is that Mahathir will not be back to power again. Instead, Pakatan Rakyat will take over. I have made this prediction in your previous post ‘A leopard does not change its spots’.

    Don’t forget Lingam tape report will be out soon. Then the picture will become clearer which direction Mahathir will take.

    By the way, do you think Anwar will let go Mahathir for whatever he caused to Anwar?


  6. A true Malaysia
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 23:57:43

    Furthermore, I won’t think Tengku Razaleigh will team up with Mahathir. Razaleigh has his own power base.


  7. A true Malaysia
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 00:00:54

    and after the hard earned victories, Pakatan Rakyat will not go back to ‘Mahathirism’.

    If they does, then Pakatan Rakyat will definite break.


  8. romerz
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 02:26:58

    Interesting debate going on in Malaysia Today on a similar subject.

    Dr Hsu, perhaps you could post a link to this thread in the debate there.


  9. yapchongyee
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 10:03:07

    Let me state my rejection of the Ku Li & Mahatir return to politics at the very start; both of them are already too old to return. Mahatir is in his 80’s and Ku Li is close to 70’s. There is no doubt that they would if they could return but age catches up with every body, remember it will be another 5 years at best before any reforms in the BN can even smell the coffee !

    My strategy is more to look at reality in the face. IF PAKATAN RAKYAT DOES NOT FORM THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT THIS SIDE OF THE 2008 ELECTION, THEN UMNO WILL TURN MALAYSIA INTO A MALAY NATION; then you can forget about voting in any government at all.

    You would like to ask why is it that UMNO lost this time around ? I will tell you that Pak Lah did not expect it at all and in more ways, he is right because the national government is still in UMNO’s hands. Therefore for this period (4years) IF DATO SERI ANWAR does not CONSOLIDATE HIS HOLD ON POWER FOR THE PAKATAN PAKYAT THEN EVERYTHING IS LOST AND THERE WON’T BE ANOTHER OPPOSITION WIN FOR ALL TIMES.

    The reason why I say this is the reality that, like it or not UMNO has installed “UMNO JUDGES IN PLACE” and when the polls are rigged, the issue will be reffered to the courts for decision; and already we have a very disgraceful legal precedent in the disgraceful case for the adjudication of the BUKIT BINTANG FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY DISPUTE. In that case the court held that there was irregularity in the voting process and instead of formally declaring the seat vacant so that a run off by election can be called, the JUDGE DECLARED THE VICTOR TO BE MCA. This decision is unlawful because this WILL BE ELECTION BY THE COURTS and as such is unconstitutional.

    As I said in my article posted in my blog at, Pakatan Rakyat has by their very impressive victory, achieved only a window of opportunity and must consolidate their victory by working hard to win voter confidence and increase their hold further.

    The solution for Pakatan Rakyat to consolidate their position is to impliment A 3 DIMENSIONAL REFORM ! This may sound a bit out of tune; 3 dimensional reform WHAT IS THAT ? I have already written an article on what I mean by 3 dimensional reform; I will post it soon.

    I used that description because from now until the next election Pakatan Rakyat MUST ACT OPENLY AND ATTRACT VOTER PARTICIPATION AND TRANSPRENCY, “CHANGE THAT VOTERS CAN SEE AND HEAR” as in solid and transparent. This is what I mean as 3 dimensional.

    Pakatan campainged on a platform ofor an independant judiciary and a nnon race based UPLIFTMENT OF POOR AND AN ECONOMIC POLICY THAT DISPENSES JUSTICE TO ALL MALAYSIANS. This is what can be seen if the government will project their implimentation ! I will discuss at length in my blogg. soon.


  10. Dr Hsu
    Apr 05, 2008 @ 10:05:32

    HI , romerz, I have read that article, a well written one , i would say. Thanks for putting up the link for readers who have not read the article to go there.


  11. jeff
    Apr 07, 2008 @ 10:21:13

    Pak lah is not worry about recent election result, he is not going anywhere near topple or losing power, majority of Malaysians just want to have some stronger opposition voices in parliament and hope for a better future for the country due to the weak responses from MCA , MIC n Gerakan in light of the violations of our constitutional rights by government agency and discriminatory policy.I doubt TDM have any more influence on those umno-putra racists. It is common to see umno putra racists in power struggle after each election, cheer!!! fellow Malaysians.


  12. steven
    Apr 08, 2008 @ 00:46:03

    TDM is suffering from post minister syndrome,he already lose much influence over umnoputra racists, after all, he managed to accumulate huge wealth for himself n family members during his era, time for others umnoputras to reign in their shares now through his past policy,majority of Malaysians and the world do not see him as one with credibility at all.


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