Are the days numbered ?

On MArch 19, I wrote a post “PM under siege” detailing the pressure on the PM after the recent General election. I ended the post saying that I hope all these will not lead to any instability.

In the weeks following, the pressure has become even greater. Everywhere the PM went, members were telling him that he needs to have a succession plan, which is just telling him nicely that he needs to go. States after states, divisions after divisions are telling him the same thing. Added to all these are the calls from Muhyiddin, a UMNO vice-president, Khir Toyo, former MB of selangor, and Rais Yatim, a senior minister for again a clear succession plan –meaning again retirement plan.

2 days ago,  a Reuters report   ( Malaysian PM seen bidding early farewell) mentioned that the PM may have to go this year.

One of the readers of this blog, Novice 101, commented yesterday that without AAB there would not be a 2 party system. This is his comment:

Abdullah Badawi solely to be blamed for the dismal result?

It’s a sad fact of life that when one is down, one is left to stand alone. One is asked to shoulder all blame though, in life, this is never the case. One is isolated, cast to the wolves. In worst cases, the ones one has helped and whom one has placed one’s faith in, joined with the crowd to go for one’s blood. All these, from the mildest to the worst scenarios, are now being played out in UMNO!

Having been through one month of humiliation, he must be at his lowest, right now. For all his faults, this treatment meted out to him is not fair. If, the UMNO people do not want to speak out for him, the rakyat should.

The present state of the nation (the emergence of the 2-party system), which we think is good for the nation, would not have come about if not for AAB’s more tolerant and liberal attitude.

A more basic consideration is the human values. What democratic principles are we talking about if we don’t offer a peron his basic right – the democratic right to dignity and respect!

The question is : if Pah Lah has to go, who will be the next PM? Will the next PM be better?  Will the country go back to the old way under TDM? Will Mahathirism rear its head again?

But if Pah Lah stays, will he do away his inertness and start to take charge and deliver the reform that he promised 4 years ago? Will this country go through another few years like the last few years?






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  1. Peter Yew
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 16:23:47

    Pak Lah was an inappropriate choice to succeed Dr Mahathir because of his soft personality. After being ruled by a person who high handed his party leaders and the cabinet, Badawi let it be known that he is liberal to listen to all complaints. Somehow he let free a pack of caged animals and the past 4 years did him in.

    No, Pak Lah was not the only cause of BN’s downfall but he led the downfall, that he has to admit. I believe that if he felt inadequate to lead the government he should have turned down Mahathir’s offer to have him as PM. He knew what sort of party culture and BN structure he inherited, he knew it would be tough to undo the many damages left behind by Dr Mahathir. By accepting the baton to lead, he must take responsibility of the recent losses.

    Pak Lah’s departure is inevitable. Distractors are calling for resignation now but supporters prefer a more orderly departure. The first option is not good for the country. It will signal instability. However I disagree that the UMNO General Assembly was delayed to December. The 8 months interim period can see much changes, including a takeover by Pakatan, because some BN MPs are impatient for changes.

    However, assuming BN continues to rule into 2009, the obvious choice for the next PM is Najib since the Supreme Council is unlikely to scrap the quota system for the top posts. Muhyuiddin Yassin is quietly waiting to see how things evolve before deciding on which post to contest. I believe he would want to go for the presidency if the quota system is removed. And he might stand a good chance there because many UMNO delegates secretly want change.

    Whoever become the new PM will have a tremendous task to change UMNO’s culture. The fact that the grassroot members hold such power to decide who get elected to head the divisions means money politics will not be easy to be dismantled. A new system of identifying leaders without popular support but based on qualifications and skills should be considered.

    No, Mahathirism is dead. Malaysians will not tolerate bully politics. The people have tasted political power and are unwilling to surrender this right to ‘do as I tell you’ culture. Whoever becomes the next PM must realise this.

    Please forget about Pak Lah. A leopard cannot change his spots, so Pak Lah cannot overnight become the leader we want. He should retire gracefully and spend time with his grandchildren and forget the nightmare of March 8, 2008.


  2. Dr Hsu
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 16:51:22

    Peter Yew, I think you have summed up well.

    But under Muhyiddin or Najib, I doubt the culture of money politics can be done away. Mahathir once called Muhyiddin his richest minister.

    For that matter, as you have rightly pointed out, whoever becomes the PM will have a hard time changing UMNO’s culture. And if they dont change, it is a matter of time that we will see a government by Pakatan.


  3. novice101
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 16:57:15

    Muhyiddin Yassin as Premier – think again!

    It is most disturbing while most Malaysians are calling themselves first as Malaysians, there are still those in UMNO and PAS who prefer to call themselves first as Malays. The Perkatan Rakyat politicians must use their power judiciously. They must show the UMNO politicians that power is to be used as a tool for the better of the rakyat and not for accumulating personal wealth!

    It is discomforting to note that Nik Aziz and Abdul Hadi Awang are alleged to be opened to discussion with UMNO on this issue. Anwar Ibrahim seems to be pretty confident of being able to contain the excesses of the people from DAP and PAS, he should now come out and confront this affront committed against the Malaysian Race!

    It is detrimental for the Malaysian nation, that UMNO, the UMNO-controlled newspapers and the UMNO-affiliated NGOs are working in concert to create fears in the Malays. They are exploiting this to perpetuate their own power base. MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP, what are they doing. Aren’t they aware of this going on? What are they waiting for? Or do they want to continue to push for communal politics – can’t they see the irrelevance of this, anymore? Don’t they want to be equal partners in the PR, why do they still want to play ‘second fiddles’ to a racist party!

    MCA, MIC, why are they not using the papers in their stable and those NGOs affiliated to them to resist this unhealthy trend? There is not even a squeak from any of them. Don’t they want equality for all the races?

    Even a vice president of UMNO (Muhyiddin Yassin) is alleged to come out to urge the Malays to reunited for Malay supremacy. What are the other BN component parties doing? Don’t they care for Malaysian Supremacy? They should come out and be counted! Tell, yes, they should tell the rakyat, supremacy of Malaysians is of utmost importance and they are prepared to stand together to make it a reality!


  4. A true Malaysian
    Apr 16, 2008 @ 18:04:26

    I would prefer Pak Lah to hang on first instead of giving way now. Today Malaysian Insider carries a report that Pak Lah has the will to reform the judiciary.

    I hope Pak Lah has strong will to do that, at least he will be remembered as a PM who cleaned up the mess. So, let us give him support to do the clean up.


  5. jeff
    Apr 17, 2008 @ 00:50:04

    The reduction in pro-umno votes during the election is the result of many factors including AAB weak leadership in dealing with the rising racist n islamic extremism in the country, laying all the factors solely on his shoulder is very much those old guards within his racist party way of scapegoating, just see what TDM used to blame every short fall in the country during his reign on the west n isreal very much explain how the umno man little twisted mind set work.


  6. Surind
    Apr 17, 2008 @ 03:48:33

    Dear Freedom Fighters, both Online & Offline…

    I have been supporting the boycott the newspapers initiative for sometime & I have done my push & pull marketing rather we’ll around my circle of family, friends & contacts. A few have stopped buying, some don’t already. A lot whom still want to purchase the papers, I passed on the info – which was the worst in all mediums & urged them to switch to the least worst. For English papers, the worst was the The Star (Spinning & BN coverage). Data can be found on the People’s Parliament.

    Now, the story. I have noticed that some, are still purchasing the newspapers, especially “The Star” every now & then, especially on Saturdays for… “The Recruitment Section!”

    So, I urge all those whom support this cause to pass the word. Only get your recruitment information online. Do not purchase the msm & even browse through it.

    PR & others (mid-long term effort), get more beginner computer classes up. Teaching people to use the comp, get the news, browse & apply for jobs, using the email, etc. Keep the fees very low, give it free to the very poor, catch the young, educate! PR, set up a IT centre in the poor areas, with news printed out & pasted there regularly. Put up a few PCs with internet connections for the poor to share & use for free during office hours.

    Check out MT article “My Version of the Truth” by RPK, for some related info.

    Thanks, please pass the word!


  7. steven
    Apr 18, 2008 @ 10:58:13

    Unfortunately, i just can not see any man from this biggest racist party in Malaysia can be called good P.M., as far as my book is concerned, Malaysia deserves a man or woman who is non-racist to be the head of federal government if the country really is interested to be a progressive and modern country in the future.


  8. A true Malaysian
    Apr 18, 2008 @ 18:07:49

    I retract my comment above to give support to Pak Lah to clean-up judiciary. The so-called dinner was just a sandiwara.

    Since Anwar was a victim to this judicial crisis, let him do the cleaning job when the time come.


  9. jeff
    Apr 18, 2008 @ 23:50:28

    For those umnoputra racists doing something constructive for Malaysia is way out of their league but one thing is for sure, they are damb good in delivering sandiwara to Malaysians after every upheaval, it is not something unusual.


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