The ball is at Gerakan’s foot

This is my third post on Lee Kah choon. For those who have not followed what I wrote the last 2 days, please read these 2 articles : Less politics, more work  and Be big enough to accpet this, Gerakan. I also hope the readers will read the numerous comments, some of which comes from former Gerakan supporters and voters and some from well known commetators in the blogosphere.

One of the reasons why MCA, MIC and Gerakan lost so badly in this election is because they are seen to be subservient to UMNO. When some UMNO leaders– not even the top leaders of UMNO but second rung leaders– make certain comments , there is a perception that leaders of these parties are just sycophants. So much so the rakyat can predict what these leaders are going to say after a budget annoucement or after a policy statement from UMNO leaders.

Then in 2006, Lee Kuan Yew mentioned that the Chinese Malaysians are marginalised. The Minister Mentor may have his agenda in saying this, but what he said is the true situation, and Malaysians are all aware of this. What happened? Barisan NonUmno leaders tried to outdo each other admonishing Lee. Their action has alienated them from their own voting base. Only one person from MCA, Ong Tee Keat, dared to stand up and said that those who drink water will know whether the water is cold or hot. Not surprisingly, Ong is the only MP from MCA that won a seat in the Klang Valley, winning the Pandan Parliamentary seat (even though it is outside KL it is still within the Klang Valley) while the 3 DUNs under Pandan were all lost to Pakatan.

When a Gerakan Indian youth member spoke about the marginalisation of the indians and attributed the reasons to UMNO sometime in Dec last year, , the immediate response was that Party Youth leaders  issued a statement condemning the poor fellow, who was even threatened with disciplinary action from party leaders, after Kerishamuddin arrogantly asked the party to take action. This again gives the voters a perception that the party is subservient to UMNO . Pakatan cleverly played on this , saying that a vote for Gerakan or MCA is a vote for UMNO. We all know the results. Gerakan was wiped out from Penang, its own base for so many years.

The party leadership has mentioned that they will reform. Lee Kah Choon’s incident is a test case indeed. Najib has already asked what Gerakan is going to do about Lee, putting subtle pressure on Gerakan. It is as if UMNO has not learned and is still arrogant. UMNO still wants to be the TaiKo and interfere with affairs of component parties. This arrogance has cost their allies, Gerakan, MCA MIC, to lose big. BUt still they dont learn. Najib still wants to see blood.

Initailly, Pak Lah seems  to be  more accomodating. In today’s Malaysiakini report earlier, Pak Lah was quoted as saying:

“It is for the party to decide. It is up to Penang BN to do what they want as long as there is no clash in policy,” he said at a brief press conference after attending a function in Kuala Lumpur today.

“We leave this to the relevant party. For me, there is no need (to take action). I (would) say thank you,” he said.

When asked whether Lee’s decision would herald a “new era” in cooperation between BN and Pakatan, Abdullah said: “Perhaps this opens ways for cooperation.”

At least, in this instance, the PM has been big enough not to ask for Lee’s head. Because he probably knows that the damage to Gerakan will be very great if UMNO is seen to be pressing Gerakan for action and Gerakan is seen to be kowtowing to UMNO. The voters from Penang will never forgive Gerakan if they give in to Najib’s wish.

But however, in a later update of Malaysiakini, PM seems to be changing his stand-is it because of the 4th Floor guys?- saying that (quoting Malaysiakini again):

Abdullah seemed to change his stand later today. According to a report by Bernama, Abdullah said Lee’s decision was “against the spirit of BN”.

But I tell you, from the comments that were posted in my blogs, the voters will never forgive Gerakan if Lee is expelled from the party. As I have commented earlier, even UMNO leaders do not take action against some of the civil servants who are PAS members and supporters. The ball is now at Gerakan Leaders’ feet , and how they kick it will be closely watched.





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  1. UMNO member
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 17:13:41

    Gerakan should sack Lee Kah Choon. Then we all can celebrate that Gerakan will never make a comeback in Penang. Let’s all pressure Gerakan to sack LKC and put the final nail to Gerakan’s coffin.


  2. pohwatchdog
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 17:34:02

    Wish Lee Kah Choon good luck. DAP used him to demoralise GERAKAN members. Lim Guan Eng is a good hypocrite… holding bible in one hand and a knife behind his back. We respect differences. Life is short… let move on


  3. petestop
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 17:39:06

    Showcause letter from Gerakan… after prompting from Najib and Badawi ?

    Well, goodbye, Gerakan…. you just nailed your final coffin. All Gerakan members might as well resign and join UMNO…. oopps… they won’t take you, as you are not same skin color….

    Lim Chong Eu will be crying his heart out tonight at the death of Gerakan, as does many of your former supporter.


  4. BobSam
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 17:47:48

    As a Gerakan member, and proud of a party that has forgotten its roots, but praying that it will find it’s soul soon, I would like to appeal to everybody. The time for gamesmanship and partisanship is over. Lets come together to ensure that the state and the country comes out of this with flying colors.
    We will work with the opposition (or the Government in Power), and show the electorate that Gerakan is the foundation of a future Malaysian Government party.
    All the best.


  5. xtheman
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 18:03:17

    BobSam, This is what you supposed to be seen after all you guys in Gerakan and MCA have been always “KowTau” to Umno.

    The game is just began brother. Many more to come from… DAP or PR

    LGE is brilliant to setup this LKC politic trap for Gerakan and Umno to enjoy. Well !! sorry, i must says. We wel come LKC to join us to fight for what we believe in !!

    Think out of the box !! Tell LKY or KSK parted company with Umno and join PR brother.

    Cheers mate


  6. Gerakan
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 18:07:03

    Once, Liu Bang was asked if he is a great man. He replied that he is not great. The great men are all those people around him and good in their area of specialties. He placed and assigned task to people in accordance with their skill and expertise and thus founded Han Dynasty. Lim Guan Eng appears understand this. One great Chinaman once said, don’t care white cat or black cat, it is a good cat if it can catch Mickey. Old Lim Keng Yik despite his years of experience still lacks wisdom. Wonder how he can be Minister? As a person, why care which side as long as we believe what we do is correct. There are many spineless people out there who will stand in certain side for monetary reasons. I now ‘cos I know a few of them.


  7. msabza05
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 19:04:01

    That is what we call factionalism in poitics. In fact there is nothing wrong for LKC to contribute his experience and expertise for the benefit of Penang and the people. LKC knows that it is very difficult for Gerakan to come back at least for the next 10 years unless they do something to change the perception of the people of being a tool to Umno. How Gerakan come to power in Penang, please give a taught.


  8. gerakilat
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 19:35:58

    DAP is just waiting for Gerakan to expel Lee Kah Choon, and they will welcome him into the party. And if Lee Kah Choon prove he is able, he will join DAP leadership ranks in Penang in next polls.

    Gerakan should blame UMNO’s racia politics for the mess it has been placed in. Now it is too late to reinvent itself and go back to its multi-racial roots. It is also too little and too late for Koh Tsu Koon to scold Penang UMNO which wanted Pak Lah to stop mega projects like 2nd bridge and monorail for Penang just to teac DAP a lesson. He should have spoken out against Hishammuddin when Hisham was wielding the keris at the Chinese.

    If Gerakan (and also MCA and MIC) have any self respect on maruah left in them, they should all quit the racist UMNO and leave it to stew in its own juice under its tempurung, and join the PR and high time practise multi-racial politics instead of racial politics. High time Gerakan, MCA and MIC think of themselves as malaysians instead of Chinese and Indians. By remaining in BN, Gerakan, MCA and MIC will be bullied even more by an UMNO which is becoming more and more racist in order to win back its lost Malay support from Keadilan and PAS.


  9. A true Malaysian
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 19:57:11

    All the while, I hold on to my view that MCA & Gerakan, won the previous elections because of ‘Umno factor’. To a certain extent, MIC also rely on this Umno factor with some support from the Indian votes. But with the diminishing of Umno factor and Hindraf effect, all of them fall like domino in the just concluded 12th GE.

    At first, I thought all Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan would realise that their brand of race-based politics are ‘out-of-date’ but to my dismay and disappointment, they are still ‘arrogantly’ deny this fact, except certain leaders like Lee Kah Choon & Ong Tee Keat. I believe many of the down line members also realised about this, but they too are too helpless to convince their hard headed leaders. If this continues, I would see more and more down line members will resign as members of the parties concerned and / or cross over to Pakatan Rakyat.

    With these ‘old habits die hard’ attitude, 2-party system that many Malaysians would like to see, would definitely remain as dream. There must be two major sides that adopt multi-racial politics to make this 2-party system.


  10. novice101
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 20:39:54

    The rakyat has been complaining about the BN being exclusive, it has also been complaining the BN government had been discriminating. With one act, Lim Guan Eng has shown things can be done different, so the rakyat should be commending him for making the right moves. Utilizing the best talents is for the best interest of ther nation. See what Malaysia has lost by the brain drain!

    The negative statements coming out from the BN, on this matter, just go to show how narrow-minded, just how wasteful and how selfish, the BN is prepared to go just to spike the opposition. Are they not aware the one they are being spiteful to is the rakyat and the ones.

    Lim Guan Eng, is introducing a very unconventional way of doing things, unseen of in Malaysia in the past. It is a positive move which should be vigorously encouraged. This constructive move should be emulated by all state governments under the PR banner! If, they can continously introduce such innovative moves, becoming the next federal government in GE13, should not be a problem at all!

    The PM has made a very encouraging statement, hope he doesn’t retract his statement and backtrack on his intention.


  11. novice101
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 20:56:12

    If, Najid and Hishammuddin let Mukhriz off without even a slap on the wrist, what right have UMNO ask Gerakan to take action against LKC. Which is a more offensive move – to ask the president of one’s own party to take full responsibility for the election failure and to step down immediately or LKC’s move to work for the good of the people of Penang?
    If, Koh Tsu Koon and Gerakan were foolish enough to contemplate taking action against LKC, then they are contemplating their own suicide!


  12. Elloh
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 22:08:47

    This about turn by AAB, within a matter of 24 hours, shows how spineless a person we have for a Prime Minister!!!!

    He deserves to have a pack of dogs baying at his heels to resign!


  13. H'ng Khoon Leng
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 23:04:36

    Marilah mari, mari pergi mengundi. Go to poll at – What disciplinary action should be taken against Dato’ Lee Kah Choon?


  14. yugong
    Apr 22, 2008 @ 23:20:38

    I feel that many of the commentators have got the issue all wrong. Lee Kah Choon’s appointment has nothing to do with “serving the interest of the people”. I think in LKC’s case, it is misplaced if we categorise it under this. LKC is not the best person to do the job being a total outsider to the industrial world. There are better people even among the ex-YBs of Penang. Let’s be clear about that.

    One can give thousand and one reasons and justifications to explain and accept LKC’s act but just reflect on this question for a minute, is this appointment purely a question of “best choice of candidate” or of pure politicking? In view of my earlier remark I consider it political.

    LKC wasn’t just an ordinary Gerakan member. LKC was one of Gerakan’s top leaders in CWC and had served in the BN govt, etc. And prior to that he had resigned from all his Party posts without warning seemingly to take “responsibility” of the Party’s defeat in the last elections. He criticised party leaders for inaction, etc and hinted to revamp the Party by seeking new mandates in the coming Party elections. But he didn’t do a single thing to revamp the party and left for greener pastures abandoning his comrades.

    From the signs emitted by him during press interviews after the appointment, one can see that he has allied himself with DAP and did not rule out the possiblity of running under DAP’s ticket. He has no Gerakan at heart any more and yet we are saying that Gerakan should have a big heart to accept his move.

    Just imagine, if the reverse is true, would DAP allow its leaders to serve under BN govt? Allowing LKC to take up these high govt posts is a sure signal for other Gerakan members to cross over to DAP. LKC can do it, why can’t the ex-BN councillors do it? Surely we can’t be as liberal as that?

    We might not need to criticise LKC and he has his own right to decide his own future, but please do not expect any political party including Gerakan to swallow it. It’s a matter of principle and survival. LKC can take up the post but it is only decent and politically honest on his part to quit Gerakan.

    For LKC to insist on Gerakan to sack him is to comfirm people’s criticism of him playing politics along side with DAP against Gerakan. I repeat, he should quit Gerakan voluntarily and we wish him good luck.


  15. romerz
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 00:04:10

    Gerakan is in an untenable position and frankly speaking whatever it does now will not in anyway salvage its relevance on the Malaysian political scene.

    I will not go into how it got itself into this untenable position in the first place but rather concentrate on how it could get itself out of the present mess it’s in and move forward, if at all possible.

    It’s ironic that it now finds itself in the same ‘between a rock and a hard place’ position that its past and present members/supporters/voters find themselves in now.

    So far we know that the party leadership has sent a ‘show-cause’ letter to Lee Kah Choon. So we can assume that the party thinks LKC has done wrong in accepting the appointments. Whether this sending of the show-cause letter was prompted by Badawi/Najib and hence UMNO’s prompting or its original intention anyway, we’ll never know.

    This much we know, LKC will now have to give a good and valid reason why disciplinary action should not be taken against him.

    I’d like to add here that whilst previously I thought LKC’s appointments are not political moves by Lim Guan Eng, I must add that Koh Tsu Koon’s comments about the motives behind the appointments does have its validity too. After all LKC has no previous experience in this field.

    On further reflection, I believe this move by LGE may be to test whether Gerakan has heard the voice of the rakyat on 8 March and at the same time to advertise DAP’s ideals of working for the rakyat irrespective of race, religion and political affiliations.

    That no appointments from those affiliated to PAS, a partner of the PR, is very glaring to me indeed.

    Having said that, is Gerakan wrong for snubbing this move by suspecting it’s a political gimmick? Or should it ignore whatever suspicions it has of the motives and accept it with an ‘open-mind’ and see where it takes us and only then act appropriately?

    For those of us who are not involved and only watching from the sidelines, frankly we don’t really care what the motives are except that we are tired of politics per se and only want ‘good’ people who care about Penang and its people to step forward and do their part. Under which banner they stand means very little to us.

    We are tired of being pawns in a chess game!

    For 50 years, the same tried and tested methods may have worked but that is no longer enough since over the same 50 years, the minorities have been forced to accept sacrifices in order for the ‘system’ to work.

    Malaysians of all races are a patient lot and for them to react the way they did on 8 March simply means they were pushed over the edge.

    The present dilemma Gerakan is in is but many to come. If I can presently think of many other ways to put Gerakan in a pickle come the convening of parliament, I’m sure the PR boys can too.

    I may be wrong but I see here a main part of the body that wants to get away from the ‘evil’ in UMNO but the head that governs the body does not even know what its body wants. Perhaps they know but don’t know how to react, never been out of the ‘protection’ of ‘big brother’ before.

    In summary, I think LKC’s problem facing Gerakan is only the first of many to come. Each time, we see in the papers the next day of smiling leaders of BN shaking hands and declaring all has been solved, it’s nothing more than sweeping under the carpet, the UMNO woven carpet!

    As I said earlier, Gerakan is in an untenable position because by remaining in the BN, it’s a damn if I do and damn if I don’t situation.

    If Gerakan wants to play a continued role in Malaysian politics, the FIRST and MOST IMPORATNT thing it has to worry about is its continued participation in BN.

    Everything about the BN is rotten to the core and not in moving with the times. My ass to being the conscience of the BN, the rottenness of BN has already permeated to Gerakan itself!

    Gerakan is doomed as a party, what’s left of 400,000+ members is insignificant if you no longer have the support of the public at large.

    Lee Kah Choon is only but a small issue. The big issue for Gerakan is to determine its own future NOW and be seen to do something, right or wrong, but with BALLS!

    As a party, you have no moral grounds to act against Lee Kah Choon, when you gave up your moral high-ground by letting the UMNOputras encroach on what is rightfully given to you by the people of Penang.

    Better to close shop now and save those of us from further anguish!

    Gerakan is in an untenable position and will remain so and it’s not because of Lee Kah Choon. In a way thank Lee Kah Choon for pushing the party leadership to act NOW if it will listen to those who matter most.


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    Apr 23, 2008 @ 08:04:25

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  18. petestop
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 09:55:20

    If purely looking from a political party point of view, yugong has his points.

    However, if looking from the Rakyat aka Penangites point of view, yugong only cares about his party.

    It is this kind of selfishness that causes them to lose votes amongst us.

    Why can’t DAP and Gerakan work together ?
    Is it so difficult to believe that Malaysian can put their differences aside and act according to their conscience in a non-partisan way ?

    Do you have to oppose for the sake of opposing ?
    Or because UMNO tells you so ?

    And Badawi reversal of his original statement in less than 12 hours, just goes to show that he is a PM of lip services and non-delivery. Maybe he got a call from Khairy, before changing his mind ?

    We gave a HUGE mandate in 2004 and he squandered it, and he is squandering it again for 2008.

    Once, I even believed that Gerakan is working for a Malaysian’s Malaysia, something that resonates with the winds of change taking place.

    But now, I’m just convinced Gerakan only cares about their own political survival, although they are already irrelevant in Penang, their home base.

    Does UMNO has such a grip on Gerakan that it is reduced to a spineless lap dog now ? Is Gerakan lacking leadership of such calibre as Lim Chong Eu who can set out to do what is right, not what UMNO says is right ?

    Still haven’t get out of that stupor on why you lose support in your home ground ??

    Gerakan is turning out to be just UMNO with a majority Chinese face.

    From Rakyat point of view, Gerakan are just “running dogs”.


  19. romerz
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 10:36:23

    My sentiments exactly petestop.

    Well done for better putting it in words than I could.


  20. Gerakanwatcher
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 10:51:01

    To say that Lee has no experience is to divert the whole issue.

    This position needs leadership , not business skills, which can be provided by Penang businessmen. The post needs someone with leadership caliber, with vision, willingness to workhard, intelligence, ability to grasp new concepts and new ideas.

    Lee fits this bill better than anyone else in Gerakan. He is a lawyer but withn a short time of about 1-2 months into his taking up his parliamentary sec post in the Ministry of Health, he aleady has a good grasp of it. It is not easy dealing with health and medical fields, so much advances to learn.

    By saying Lee has no experience, Koh is trying to blacken Lee. Koh is no angel, he should shoulder the main responsibility of the defeat of Gerakan, but he is trying to push the blame on the tsunami and UMNO and Lee is the only person in Gerakan speaking out the truth.

    Koh, as a former academician, should practise meritocracy in the party, but he would rather the old Man who has made a mess of Penang’s transport to take over Penang CM . This is no meritocracy but rather cronyism and putting self interest above himself.

    Another fellow is Chia, who also wishes to run Penang, but somehow Koh would not trust him but rather would like to see his own man in the seat of CM when he goes down Federal so that he would still in control of Penang. Unfortunately, his selfish scheme was crushed by this election results.

    Now is payback time. Koh is no angel. He is angry with Lee for resigning all 7 posts and putting pressure on him. This is the best excuse to ‘kill’ Lee.

    The central working committee are rubber stamp of the grand old buffoon, people who owe their positions or other ties to the grand old emperor. It is clear the Grand old man has indicated the fate of Lee, who had in the past so kindly gave way to the emperor son to be the deputy youth head.

    By doing so, in the eyes of the Rakyat, Gerakan may have digged its own grave.If another election is called right now, judging from the response of the people, it will suffer a even worst fate tha 8th March.


  21. panca
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 12:13:35

    It is not stupid but an idle idot to not serve the Rakyat when the tree cannot be saved yet still praying to it.

    Remember it’s just in a name that one has then identified with but the essence of one who can contribute to the Nation in a sincere manner holds dear to all than sticking to a piece of Tablet of the Dead that cannot redeem itself!


  22. panca
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 12:15:58

    Correction: It is not ‘just’ stupid


  23. rosella
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 13:13:25

    Koh Tsu Khoon’s reasons that LKC does not have the suitable experience in the industrial sector is not a fatal factor to make LKC unsuitable for the job at InvestPenang and PDC. Most of the core skills LKC has from the time he spent in government are skills that can be ported over to run any other department or unit. Any job specific skills that are peculiar and particular to the industrial sector can be obtained readily in other forms – by reading up past files, by briefings from other officers related to the job, and could be rapidly gained working on the job.

    True, there might be some other candidates who can fill the posts, but LKC represents a candidate who has a high profile, who is local and understands Penang well, and is available- and in the ministry of serving the people, where a person is faithful to the job, is available and teachable and has the heart of a servant, willing to serve, then he has all the hallmarks of a leader, in comparison to someone who is offered a post to serve, but dare not listen to his heart to serve the rakyat because he does not want to be seen as offensive to the inelastic and unhelpful policies of a group or party that do not serve to build, but rather to restrain and destroy.

    He who wants to lead must serve.


  24. Lim g k
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 14:19:58

    Very surprise, KTK says LKC is not suitable really making him a laughing stock. If bn wor the last GE12 he will shout on the top of is voice we have this man the best and only best person to hold such post. Double talk comes from double mind and double standard party bn.


  25. Allex
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 16:01:23

    The majority of the people whether bloggers or the man in the streets have given their mandate on the 12th GE. Turnout was tremendous due to their unhappiness in the ruling Coalition. Alot of issues were swept under the carpet and glossy pictures of a united and harmonious rakyat were painted to fool the fools.

    After the mandate was known, the finger pointing came into the picture. The blame game never stops even when they have sat down and scrutinised their faults which have been there for 50 years.

    A lot of dissatisfaction has been said about the NEP but was it really the issue that brought down the administration? Its a true fact that the Chinese and Indian”s votes alone wont bring the tsunami to the shores of our country as one of the leaders of this country has so unashamely voiced out in the print media. True, NEP was one of the main agenda that the then opposition of the five states were consistently deliberating on and it was hitting on the right nerve causing furore that we are having now.

    The Chinese, Indians and all the minority so called immigrants were already here before Merdeka. Like me, many were born here as well. We have live together with the bumiputras through ups and downs, not to mentioned the Japanese occupation era. Though I was not yet around during that period, I can recall the stories that my now deceased dad use to share with us. One of those which always lingers on my mind is the way the whole kampungs irrespective of race shared a black and white tv to watch the Thomas Cup event. My dad use to say they were all Malaysian. There wasnt a ‘race’ in their minds. Just like what was potrayed in many of the great P. Ramlee’s movies. Everyone was so simple and liberal.

    The NEP is one of the major tools used by the ruling party to gain a stronghold on the Malays, promising them the privileges that is rightly theirs. Harping on the rights which they would lose if the ruling party is booted out. Segregating the Malays from the Non-Malays is the outcome of this propoganda. All for the sake of holding onto power.

    With power, the highhandedness of the leaders are revealed in so many issues that was either black out of the media or just left idle by the Yes man of the ruling administration. No transparencies in bills being passed or tenders being called have enriched not the general Bumiputras but the few people in the administration. Yet they are insisting on the NEP. The truth is, the minorities have lived with the NEP for umpteen years and have gotten used to it. But its the Propaganda and misused of power that every rakyat except, those that have an interest in the process of sucking the nation dry, have stood up to be heard.

    Corruption is the norm nowadays. We see it everywhere and its because the top is corrupted, do you expect those in the lower rung to be clean? To be an elected representatives is one of the ways to enriched yourself nowadays and you have funds collected by the tax department to splash on your supporters to ensure your superiority. Thats how you get your Yes man.

    I sincerely hope that there will be a major reform in the ruling party now that they are on the brink of destruction cos even the Malays are tired of their spins. The PM should sit up and run the country for the Rakyat, not the outdated notion of just wanting to stay in power and let the Rakyat will be the judge of the situation. Those leaders should realise that when they take the oath in office, they are there to serve the Rakyat !


  26. wendy
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 16:20:30

    if the selection is meant for the good of the state, the people of the land & our beloved Malaysia, what;s the problem?
    I don’t see this hoo-ha in other countries if a similar incident occurs.
    We’re pretty small-minded … still – unfortunately. The results of the GE12 started something – yes but baby, we’ve still a long way to go. Good luck Malaysians.


  27. romerz
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 16:23:22

    Well done to the leaders of Gerakan.

    You have driven a good man to leave the party!

    Since you’d rather ‘politic’ than serve us the people, the people will seek and support those who serves our best interest.

    Goodbye PGRM.


  28. Dr Hsu
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 16:28:12

    disappointed but the outcome is expected as mentioned by Khoo Kay Peng in his blog Straight talk.


  29. petestop
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 17:34:36

    Well, that’s the end of Gerakan for me.

    It has lost all my respect, too bad all those pioneering leaders and their struggle for Penang, will just be a distant memories.

    Big lump in my throat.

    But got to move on, let’s give our support to PR.


  30. Ricardo
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 18:31:36

    Praises for LGE & LKC for their willingness to work with each other for the benefits of the people envethough they are from different party but same idealogy. Kudos.


  31. A true Malaysian
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 23:07:47

    I am sad over the passing of ‘A true Malaysian’, Rustam Sani.

    Just imagine, life is so short and yet those in BN still harping on unproductive issue like appointment of Lee Kah Choon.

    Can’t these people just give their blessing to Mr. Lee to do a good job of Penang? A person willing to learn in order to excel, no experience in certain areas is not a good excuse. It was just a lame excuse being cooked up by Lim Keng Yaik.


  32. pohwatchdog
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 23:08:18

    Lee Kah Choon still have conscience with him. At least he resigned from GERAKAN and rather putting GERAKAN ship from moving forward. Gerakan members will remember him for what he stand. His ambition, survival instinct and frustation taken along with him. Still wish him GOOD LUCK. Hopefully Lim Guan Eng will not discard him.

    Pakatan Rakyat is still working like an opposition party even when there are in power. Where is the efficiency to administer? They have the challenge to move ahead with the bread and butter issue, infrastructure development, welfare, etc..etc.

    I still prefer a reform BARISAN NASIONAL back in power


  33. miwaki
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 23:09:07

    Kah Choon’s political ideal has been to help develop Penang,to serve the people of Penang and to see that Penang can match sate like Selangor.Since BN couldn’t develop Penang,what is wrong if Kah Choon takes up a position in PDC to fulfill his plan ? Pak Lah is not only shortsighted but without wisdom.Penang is his home state but he doesn’t care about his home state.He prefers Penang to continue to be what it is now or better still,worst than present !

    We Penangites welcome Kah Choon into PR’s family and it is the people of Penang that’s important to Kah Choon,not Tsu Koon,Najib or Pak Lah.


  34. romerz
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 23:59:45

    The way Badawi changed his stance within 4 hrs tells me that he is genuinely good at heart but unfortunately does not have his own conviction to assert what he believes in and relies on too much from those he surrounds himself with.

    I may get brickbats for saying this but I think as a person, there maybe some decency in him but he’s not ruthless and confident enough to act.

    As for Lee Kah Choon, I wish you every success. My hope is that you succeed and at the same time, not succumb to join DAP/PR. Bring success to Penang from a non-partisan perspective and you would have advanced the cause of many who would like to serve but find politics of either side unpalatable.

    Show us the way and do not be afraid to ask assistance from the many apolitical but highly qualified Penangites.


  35. Victory or Death
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 01:03:30

    By: yugong on April 22, 2008
    at 11:20 pm
    Just imagine, if the reverse is true, would DAP allow its leaders to serve under BN govt? Allowing LKC to take up these high govt posts is a sure signal for other Gerakan members to cross over to DAP. LKC can do it, why can’t the ex-BN councillors do it? Surely we can’t be as liberal as that?

    Dear Yugong,

    Was it Lee Lam Thye of DAP who followed Tun Dr Mahatir’s overseas trade delegation while still a DAP MP?

    I am not sure if he had sat on any BN govt committee while still with DAP but I believe he had joined TDM overseas trip delegations .

    Anybody here can recall accurately?


  36. monsterball
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 01:52:58

    Playing race and religion politics are out-dated…and MCA ..have been very selfish and cunning…to be close to UMNO…supporting this divide to rule ..race and religion doctrines.
    You can say any and everything…logical or illogical….for all Malaysians to debate on….Doc.
    Bottom line…fighting for Chinese one way .to say we are Chinese…and not as Malaysians.
    And we all know..why UMNO …MCA …MIC Gerakan…all got knocked out…don’t we??
    Anyway…it is time for a change in government….away from the braggarts…corrupted UMNO ministers….period!!
    To my sincere opinion..MCA have no guts to really speak on behalf of Chinese…then allow all join the party keep up with the time…but it is impossible…with the party name…Malaysian Chinese Association…is it not??
    So MCA want to be a racialist??..what bloody fools they are…so blind and submit to their masters..not as equal Malaysians.


  37. Saliva_Shield
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 01:59:46

    Speculations of political manoeuvres and manipulations aside, I should think the legitimate government of Penang of the day is doing the right thing to recruit capable people to move the state (and perhaps the country) ahead. It is critical that Penang be saved from the past abuses and negligences in order to be accorded its former glories. Lim KY should be big enough to put aside the political differences and stop spraying saliva all over the place. I sincerely hope when you greeted Lee Kah Choon good luck, you meant it from the bottom of your heart. As for Mr. Lee Kah Choon, gain your strength from all this negative snides and vibes from Gerakan – SHOW THEM WHAT YOU’VE GOT. Help Penang!! Yes, go get it, tiger.


  38. Jeff
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 02:31:39

    let this man make up his decision without all these political crooks “bitching” on it, let this fellow LKC exercise his right as a Malaysian. I have better way to spend my time in Malaysia than micromanaging other man decision, Dr Hsu. Gerakan is a “big Joke” to Malaysia especially to Penangites, they have no clue UMNO racists see them as one of their lap dag, period. Poor Gerakan, play by UMNO racist but too spineless to even retaliate !!!!


  39. humbleforest
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 02:32:35

    “A real genuine gold does not afraid of fire ”

    “A man of integrity knows his stance”.

    “Humbleness and Honesty is the Best Policy”
    It is being Observed and Judged by Heaven,
    not by reasons and justifications.

    “Arrogance Makes a so-called Fool falls.”


  40. petestop
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 06:10:59

    It just goes to prove that Gerakan does not listen to the Rakyat, but only to their political master, UMNO.

    Down with Gerakan, you will never rule Penang again!


  41. ahpek
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 09:02:13

    Koh should present himself for that position to LGE, since he is such an experience bureaucrat. opp.. forget he is much interested in Bodowi’s cabinet post.


  42. clearwater
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 09:11:49

    LKC has made the inevitable decision to leave Gerakan, and I wish him all the best. Leave UMNO-BN politics to the pack of baying hypocritical hounds and do the job for Penang state to the best of your ability. You are better out of this dirty game dominated by self serving sycophants and their greedy masters. Gerakan, your time is near. You have betrayed your ideals and you will pay the final price. GE12 was only an installment.


  43. Gerakanwatcher
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 09:53:17

    Now that Lee has resigned, what did Gerakan gain?

    Bad feelings from all the rakyat! Why cant they think out of the box?

    The problem is the same old team is managing and leopard does not change its spots.

    This is a team that is beholden to UMNO especially the grand old man.

    Talk about reform? What reform?


  44. xtheman
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 11:35:53

    Well. What did Gerakan Gain ? A coffin for Gerakan to RIP 🙂

    LKY and KTK what kind of reform to want to proceed ? What the hack is going on in Gerakan.

    After all, we rakyat have given you ery strong message in 12th GE, you still seems to be “yes sir’ guy again. Why not to stand up like a man to tell Najip and Badawi ” It is Gerakan familiy issue here, don’t you question anything”. How hard for you to say this out to Umno. Give them a slap !! I guess you still have a lot of personal hiden agenda that made you so weak and fear to Umno.
    I hope you LKY and KTK sees all the comment here, then you know you all in Gerakan is a DEAD man working in politic arena.

    LGE have just nail down his politic in Penang and i wish him good luck for many years to come. We rakyat should give the commiment to LGE and make a better Penang for all Malaysian.

    Cheers mate


  45. pohwatchdog
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 21:08:34

    It is still too early for GERAKAN to REST IN PEACE. GERAKAN will moves forward and let the LKC issue rest in peace. Life is short. Let move on to bring prosperity, stabilty and development to the rakyat.


  46. jeff
    Apr 25, 2008 @ 00:41:18

    This post is for all Gerakan leaders to read, before thinking of “reinvent” your party in Penang, make sure you all have some “backbone” first, for the very least, dare to speak up against your racist master in Putrajaya n their hoodlum youth branch members, you do not have to nod your head and said “yes” whenever meeting your racist master, Penangite voters may consider give all your honorable leaders a second chance.


  47. Lee Kok Liang
    Apr 25, 2008 @ 09:22:21

    To quote from NST, 24/04/2008:
    “Gerakan advisor Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik yesterday called Lee an opportunist and lacking in principle.”
    May I ask him which party he was from before he joined Gerakan? As a malay proverb goes; meludah ke langit…..


  48. petestop
    Apr 25, 2008 @ 22:51:16

    pohwatchdog… “prosperity, stability and development for the Rakyat”….

    What the heck ? Same old formula that lead to Gerakan clean wipe out of Penang.

    Still don’t get it do you ?

    We want to be able to tell our children that “all man are created equal” and they are not 2nd class PR in this Bolehland.

    What is the point of “prosperity, stability and development” when we sacrifices our children future to be 2nd class PR in this land…

    Gerakan is spineless party, as is MCA…

    Stand up and be a MAN, and perhaps we will give you a sympathy vote.


  49. chauncey gardener
    Apr 26, 2008 @ 07:31:07

    The appointment of V Sivakumar as Speaker of the Dewan Negeri in Perak further drives a nail into Gerakan’s coffin.

    Firstly, Gerakan was severely undermined by a lack of non-Chinese candidates in GE12, whereas DAP did walk the talk and put up a number of Indian candidates.

    Second, the Pakatan Rakyat have walked the talk and continue to show that they are practising what they preach.

    Thirdly, under BN rule, Gerakan would not have a hope to appoint a Gerakan candidate for this post in Perak or any other state, in all probablity except Penang (but that is now history).

    Finally, the PR have heeded the Makkal Sakti call and to wit, in the PR-led states, the Indian community can stand tall and claim that Indians have not been marginalised in these states.

    What can Gerakan do to emulate these developments ?


  50. ahpek
    Apr 26, 2008 @ 10:35:56

    Stand up and be a MAN? very difficult P**, judging from their past performance in Penang, probably many of them do not have any ball.


  51. khglkirt
    Apr 26, 2008 @ 10:51:51

    Why all this fuss over a dying mosquito party like Gerakan which will soon be joining the PPP in the trashdump?


  52. jaames loh
    Apr 26, 2008 @ 12:20:57

    he has decided and we respect his decision, we wish him well always..that would be a mark of a statemen..not throwing we not only discover what we have in gerakan, lim keng yik is no one model to follow for our kids.


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