Can a leopard change its spots ?

Ong K T has suddenly become enlightened. According to a report in Star today, he said that the time has come for Barisan leaders to stop working for one race only.

If what he said is true, does it imply then that all this while BN has worked for one race only? Only now they realise they need to work for all people of Malaysia and not one race only?

Ong has not been vocal all this time, and suddenly he is seen to be speaking up. Is it because of the impending challenge that he would face in his own backyard?

Immediately after Chua S L’s sex DVD surfaced, I have written an article predicting a party fight is inevitable in MCA. (Pls read: Is another party fight looming?)

Ong’s sudden change in voicing out may be genuine, I do not know. Nowadays, even a leopard can be made to change its spots through genetic engineering. But coming at a time when there are dissatisfaction among the grassroots and an anti-Ong’s campaign (the Save MCA campaign) within his party, and the appointment of his own brother as minister and Perak State chairman, it gives a perception that he is voicing out more for his own political agenda; re marketing and re packaging himself as a True Malaysian fighting for all races. Stanley Koh has written many excellent analysis in Malaysiakini and I think he would agree with me that a party fight is inevitable for MCA. Anyway, this has always been MCA ‘s culture, brave in fighting each other within the party but silent inside Barisan Nasional.

Since Ong has realised that BN needs to fight for all races and not just one race, perhaps, it is time for MCA to change into a multiracial party . By doing so, they can help force UMNO to discard its racial outlook,and maybe persuade all the component parties of BN to disband and merge into a single multiracial Front.

But even as a single multiracial front, UMNO members would still be in the majority, so if these members still want to play racial politics, what is there to stop them?

What a reader of this blog, romerz, commented yesterday has a lot of sense even though he was commenting on USA system . He said

 ” Ultimately it boils down to the people within the systems since all systems were created by man, they can be circumnavigated by man…..Systems put in place by man will only function in the way it was intended to if good and honest men will step up to stop those with evil intentions from wrecking it.”

The question is thus: if barisan Nasional can be disbanded and formed into a big party, will there be good and honest people at the top to make sure that multiracialism would not be hijacked by crooked people with agenda of their own?  Would the system be circumnavigated by people for their own selfish interest?

That is the big question!!





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  1. uncleboomer
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 14:33:22

    PKR, DAP & PAS should disband and make a good example to BN by making a big party for all Malaysian, as the original and 1st all Malaysian party.


  2. novice101
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 15:24:12

    There is another option opened to MCA, it can change into a multi-racial party and left the Barisan National. It can tryto form a single party with Gerakan, the East Malaysian Parties and PPP. It is a feasible combination, but it takes courage, do all the leaders of all these parties possess the courage?


  3. jamesloh
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 18:56:02

    what is needed is not a piece meal basis , a total reformation within mca,,n structural change .these are more like appetisers ..what we are expecting is main course, 50 yrs of nuts have made us monkey enough.


  4. Monk
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 22:11:41


    Thank you for your encouragement pertaining to my written articles. You’re right in saying that leopards don’t change their spots and unfortunately, the same logic equally applies to other component parties cum leaders who seem to be speaking louder. Ong Ka Ting is not the only one… Samy Vellu and Lim Kheng Yaik as well.

    As far as MCA is concerned, the party is entering a combat zone, with bullets whizzing past but the missiles are not flying yet. And the nuclear bombs are still in the storage bay. But you are also right, there will be a battle come October this year.

    And the previous Team A and B factions are going through another metamorphosis, hard to tell for the uninitiated in MCA political history but you should be an expert by now, Dr.

    Speculatively, there will be three scenarios of sorts. First, OKT will be contesting. Second, OKT will not contest but pave his brother OKC to contest. Third, both OKT and OKC not contesting but Ong Tee Keat contesting. I like to believe the first two scenarios. Anyway, Dr, I will be writing more on MCA as time goes on.



  5. Dr Hsu
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 22:49:29

    Thanks Stanley, for your comment.

    I have just read the latest of yours about the land scam. (

    Excellent, and keep it up so that they will think twice next time when they want to misbehave.


    Dr Hsu


  6. A true Malaysia
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 22:53:12

    I am not optimistic at all that BN will change. Their race-based ideologies are too deep rooted in their minds.

    Those who realise this will ultimately will leave their parties, give up politics or join Pakatan Rakyat.


  7. jeff
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 23:36:25

    He probably doesn’t believe UMNO is a racist party, the mere action of your party associating with it make “working for all Malaysians” impossible, he can not possibly have no idea about his own racist master policy and stand for the past 50 years.


  8. romerz
    Apr 28, 2008 @ 23:45:52


    Sorry if I’m off-topic but Tan Sri Dr Koh has finally started to make statements and take stands on certain issues after being silent for so long.

    As of the last 3 days, a lot more press releases regarding him and Gerakan are being reported in Malaysiakini and Malaysia-Today.

    Needless to say, the readers of Malaysia-Today are bashing him.

    What I’m saying is, a lot of readers here had earlier bashed him too for the silence and now that he has started to move, perhaps those of us who agree with some of his points can go over to Malaysia-Today and try to defend him.

    If you disagree with him, put your views forward and offer alternatives.

    I have been highlighting reactions from the public to him and assures you that he is finally reading them.


  9. romerz
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 01:32:09

    Back to this topic.

    A few nights ago when I was under the influence of alcohol, I had sent Dr Hsu an email rambling about what i thought was the real problem of Malaysian politics.

    In essence I thought it was a ‘generation’ problem and to a lesser extent ideology. Old school vs new school of thoughts.

    What I meant was many who can see racial politics are no longer relevant and willing to act accordingly are those from the younger generation, Gen X and later.

    Even baby boomers like me, whilst seeing the need to move away from racial politics, are still a bit apprehensive of moving too far away from the ‘safe’ status quo until now that is (borrowing courage from the younger generation).

    This ‘affliction’ is not confined to BN parties only but DAP and PAS as well, though to a lesser extent MCA and PKR.

    Let me give you examples of ‘elder leaders’ disagreeing with the younger grassroot members and upcoming leaders.

    UMNO = Dr M, etc. (and a whole lot of others)
    Gerakan = LKY
    MIC = Samy Vellu
    DAP = Karpal Singh & LKS
    PAS = Hadi Awang & Nik Aziz

    The only reason why I think that MCA and PKR are not in the above examples is because perhaps MCA’s LLS is a true democrat? and PKR has no predecessor to DSAI.

    So what can we do about it? I think about the only thing we can do is to encourage the younger generation to go back to the kampungs and new villages and rubber estates to convince their parents of the need to change their thinking.

    For after all, most parents, whether urban or rural are proud of what their off-springs have achieved and would at least lend a ear to their children’s wants and desires.

    I am hopeful that multi-racialism will eventually reach us and in fact i already see the beginnings of it.

    Education and exposure to the ‘real world’ will ensure that.

    For those who are worried, let me remind you that the seed for true democracy which was planted in 1957 has started to sprout. Even if the young sprout was to be cut down now, the roots have already taken hold.

    How fast this little sprout will grow will depend on how much we will protect it but with or without us, it will one day mature and blossom!

    My only hope, and for that, I’m prepared to get out of my ‘safe zone’ now, is to see the blossoms of multi-colors flourish NOW.


  10. Jason ANG
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 02:24:47

    All this leader does not have a basic concept of politic, the basic of politic is to form a team of to people as leader to help all people, but end up all this leader grazy for power and harm to all the people, useless man


  11. Jason ANG
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 02:26:47

    this 2008 election have heavily hit on Gerakan party, hope all the gerakan people to stand up and help party too shoot back the opposition in internet


  12. Jason ANG
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 02:28:48

    i fell glad that Dr is active in the blog


  13. monsterball
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 04:01:49

    Ong Ka Ting was hand picked by Ling Liong Sik…one Hakka MCA President that carried Mahathir’s balls to survive…like Samy Vellu. …Ling can promise you HEAVEN AND HELL…..never deliver …and a big bullshitter. Guys like Chua Ju Meng and Lim Ah Lek…anyone can be better than OKT…all lost to Ling…under Mahathir. So why are we so surprise….MCA was voted out by Malaysians?? Lets get it straight….MCA has gone from bad to worst…and never sincere to Chinese….and majority Chinese never voted for them. So how come they keep claiming… champion for the Chinese?
    They ..were voted in for.. 50 years…all along….depending on UMNO’s Malay votes. No way…MCA can change.
    And who is OKT….a nobody…made to be somebody by LLS….and under OKT…..MCA lost all trusts by Malaysians Chinese… a dying party.
    Sure…he needs to say things….to win back Chinese votes…since Chinese school ruse did not do the trick….before election.
    Even what Mahathir is talking about Dollah or UMNO…are taken by Malaysians….full of shit..not important.
    Who is Ong Ka Ting….or MCA talking against UMNO…when MCA is still in BN….supporting race and religion dirty politics?
    To me…MCA has reached it lowest ebb……and is out-dated party… UMNO and MIC.
    Yes….all these out-dated parties…need to do or say win Malaysians confidence again …….and keep saying….till next election. Most important is Dollah’s actions …and not what he is saying. So far..he has not delivered…although so much sensational good news for us to hear.
    And as long as M bin M is chosen by him…Dollah weaknesses are exposed…so his own party members…are demanding his resignation…and even crooks like Toyo is criticizing UMNO. This is a very divided party…right now….so is MCA…but not MIC.
    MIC is somewhat strangely owned by Samy…but never mind…vast majority.. Indians are away from MIC..for sure.
    Ong Ka Ting is a nobody….and …even if… Chua Soi Lek…and Jimmy Chua….Lim Ah Lek……all come out to talk nice for Malaysians to hear…it is too late.
    MCA should close shop…but they will never do it…as they are welknown selfish and hypocritical people…holding high posts there…to support race and religion politics….depending on UMNO’s malay get them back into next election…and we can expect more and more MCA powerful politicians resigning to join oppositions….like what we saw…..Gerakan getting this treatment.
    The end is near for race and religion politics.


  14. novice101
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 15:05:05

    Koh: Govt.,Opposition must be distinct
    Posted by: novice101
    Deducing from what Koh Tzu Koon has said, it seems politics is a ‘blame-game! Each side should not interact with the other. The aim is to try catch the other’s wrong-doings and then dump the whole load of rubbish on it. No wonder politics in Malaysia is in such dreadful state. Obviously, he has been in this game too long.

    The opposition role in a democracy is to provide checks and balances in the system, it is definitely not to find faults and place blame. The role of the ruling party is to come out with the best policies and programs for the nation, and be able to put itself up for strenuous questionings and scrutiny. Looks like the BN politicians have to take a course in Democracy 101


  15. pohwatchdog
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 20:23:06

    Are we Malaysian a fool? Is it part of a game? Don’t look at BN component party only but Pakatan Rakyat itself have various problems.

    What is PKR trying to do? Making the fool out of people in Kelana Jaya . Call for a by election for Parliamentary seat in Kelana Jaya. Is Malaysian really fool to believe PKR? Just for the sake of one man ambition.

    It is not Ong Kah Ting, Samy Velu or Lim Keng Yaik is selfish. It is the love of their efforts love and sacrifice in their respective component party


  16. monsterball
    Apr 29, 2008 @ 21:55:30

    pohwatchdog…is talking cock and bull..with his idiotic logics.
    Dream on ….watchdog for the second coming of those next election. Dream on…like some faithful religious followers…waiting the second coming of this or that MAN.
    It may take another 300 years….sure to come true…hahahahahahaha


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