From Penang Bridge to PKFZ

The government is apparently going to cut down on some of the projects announced before, including the Penang 2nd Bridge.

As a person who grew up and received my primary and secondary education there, I still consider myself a Penangite even though I have been in KL/ PJ for more than 20 years.  But where I come from does not really matter, I would still voice this out even if I am not from Penang, even if this thing happens in east Malaysia. (Even though in this case I feel a sentimental attachment to Penang……and Penang food lah!!!)


will this be scraped too?

I feel that development projects should not be cut just because the people chose Pakatan this time to govern Penang. Similarly, development projects for Kedah, Kelantan, Perak , Selangor should not be cut back just because of a change for state governments. I have stressed many times that PEOPLE ARE THE BOSS. If the employees they employed to look after their interest is not doing a good job, it is up to the Boss (people) to change the employees. The employees should accept it and try to prove to the Boss again that they have changed and hope that the Boss will take them back in the next evaluation!!

But, no employee in their sane mind would go and barricade the Boss house or go and break the windscreen of the BOss’s car, just because they were sacked for not doing a good job. What BN is doing, by scaling back projects in these States, is analogous to the sacked employees throwing a threat to the Boss. The people are well informed and well educated. Do you think they will accept this????

Do not wait until the last minute, then only you start to shower projects or throw money, like what happened in the past few by elections. I used to tell voter friends, if anyone give you money, take the money but vote the other way, because anyone giving you money to buy your votes will not be worthy of your support.  You should vote on the merits of the party and the candidates, not on their money or the last minute promise of projects, because last minute promise is usually not a sincere promise.

Even Dr  Mahathir talks sense sometimes (rarely though). In today’s Malaysiakini, he was quoted to say this:

Supposing the opposition are smart enough to provide good government, to look after the interests of the ordinary people, to lead a spartan life like not flying in chartered planes when going to Kuala Lumpur or taking excos and divisional heads on jaunts to foreign countries, then those people who voted for the opposition out of anger against the BN in 2008, would transfer their loyalty permanently to the opposition.

When that happens BN, Umno and other component parties can forget about recapturing the states lost to the opposition. To lose once is bad but to lose a second time in Malaysian election is an unmitigated disaster

If the government really suspends the second Bridge project and the monorail project, I would think that Gerakan leaders must immediately take Gerakan out of BN. The bridge might have cost about 4 Billions, but is it not true that the government has pledged more than 4 Billion AAA bonds as guarantee to save the PKFZ fiasco? I got this from a past PAC member. Is it not true that out of the 1000 ares of land in PKFZ , half were swamps and partly submerged in water? Is it not true that the government has asked the vendor company to undertake the construction of the projects, which is an obvious clash of interest?? Is it not true that the company bought the land dirt cheap from a Koperasi? Is it not true that Tiong, the present Chairman of the Backbenchers’ Club is connected to the company?/

The government could have given the chairmanship of the BBC to Alex Linggin, if they wanted a Sarawakian to take the post. Alex is the grandson of Temenggong Jugoh, and is deemed to be untainted. (footnote: I don’t know Alex personally, but other Ybs have been telling me he is clean ad untainted).

Why must the government always promotes people that seemingly have stains on them? Why untainted people are never given a chance in BN ??

I suggest that Penang people ask the government to let them know how much income tax and road tax are collected from Penang residents alone annually. If the project takes 5 years to complete, then what is the total tax paid over 5 years? Ask the government to take a portion say 10 percent of these taxes to build . If government refuses, take the government to court as a first step. There would be more drastic steps, but first step first.

Another way is to ask those involved in the PKFZ thing to foot the bill for the second bridge. Afterall, the whole cost of the second bridge is smaller than the amount involved in the fiasco.



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  1. Superb
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 14:09:04

    Great idea…


  2. A true Malaysian
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 16:22:11

    Due to all these craps, the sooner Pakatan Rakyat take over Federal government, the better Malaysia will be. Based on the fingers pointing and blaming acts, it is impossible these people to change.

    So, based on this, those BN MPs with conscience should cross over to Pakatan Rakyat. Rakyat will accuse you as ‘unfaithful’.


  3. monsterball
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 17:00:56

    Yip..Throw them away….useless.. thick skin …arrogant hypocrites.
    The forces of evil is strong in UMNO…and Dollah is saying good things…but have no actions..or results.
    UMNO should be voted out…next election.
    Let them be the watch dog…..and watch themselves defending themselves…one by one…hurl up to court.
    Let them use the broomsticks themselves….and clean up all the dirt and filth in Malaysia left by Mahathir and still on going….with their weird characters….making out..massive mismanagement and staling money with their sly fox ideas.


  4. sandyow
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 17:10:40

    That is unfair… It is unfair to blame the whole of UMNO just because a number of leaders who are “useless, corrupt, etc”. Sure they might be, you know what spoilt them: POWER. That is the evil thing destroying our state of politics. It is not UMNO, but people who abuse power.

    If we give power to Pakatan Rakyat leaders too, give them a few months and we’ll see how they use that new found tool of theirs. How sure are you they wont be “corrupt, useless, in for their own benefit” too?


  5. pohwatchdog
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 21:52:04

    Do we really need mega project that cannot bring any benefit to majority? With the global economic challenge that we are going to face, we need to trim out expense. Even Pakatan Rakyat will to rule the Federal Government, do we really think the rakyat will get a fair and just deal? Look at Perak Pakatan Rakyat government and Penang Pakatan Rakyat government, have they really care for the rakyat. Even their ADUN’s presence is nowhere and busy with their counting their gains.

    Wake up. Give time and cross our fingers. Let time tell us whether Pakatan Rakyat or BARISAN NASIONAL care more. The choice is in our hand


  6. fred
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 21:59:45

    Pakatan is just starting to manage, time will tell if they are pro-people or pro-power. Barisan ruled for 50 years, we already know they are pro-money. UMNO use dirty tricks:
    Cut big projects,
    use DBKL to fine hawkers in areas they lost,
    increase the rental of public sports facilities in KL for 250%!
    ask their government servants in the 5 states to quit in groups and hire them again for some tens of thousands of made up useless jobs. Talk about wasting taxpayer’s money.
    And with their clear sabotage of opposition, its super difficult for pakatan to manage their state.


  7. monsterball
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 22:04:45

    pohwatchdog…is such a pro BN idiot…trying from day one….finding faults with Pakatan Rakyat….a one month government in Selangor……and not one word bad about the 50 years corrupted.. balls carrying BN to their UMNO masters.
    ‘poh” in Tamil….means go…and I tell this self appointed watchdog of BN to…poh la…and tell all those he wrote… to the marines.
    Reading from his shallow minded message….only half past sixes Chinese… will listen to him…but he must be exposed…..talking for himself..not for the country.


  8. monsterball
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 22:08:02

    Get it very very clear….pohwatchdog.
    UMNO for Malays…MCA for Chinese….MIC for Indians. Such racialists politics…to divide and rule…is all over!!
    Why don’t you understand this simple logic?


  9. Dr Hsu
    Apr 30, 2008 @ 22:40:24

    monsterball, maybe u should not be too hard on those who have different opinions. As humans , we may differ in our views and that makes the world interesting.

    So each of you just views your views and let the readers decide.

    And I think that is fair.
    Poh, as for mega projects, in some of my earlier articles , i did mention that some should be scrapped because those projects are undertaken not for people’s benefits but rather for enriching the pockets of those proposing the projects.

    however, Penang’s 2nd bridge will be beneficial to the people, and anyway, what i have stated ablove is that instead of wasting the 4.7 billions, the money could have been used to build the bridge, and with some left over too. Instead of the leakages and wastages, why not overcome corruption and save the money for projects benefitting the people?

    Penang also needs the monorail. The transport system is real bad, no thanks to an inert Municipal council. To become a world class city, there is a real need to improve transport.


  10. jeff
    May 01, 2008 @ 01:19:57

    So Dr Hsu, all these projects announced by federal government in Penang are just “baits” for vote before 12th election, they are not even approved by the cabinet, so why make all these announcement in the first place? I was so “shock by the revelation that PGCC is not even approved by Penang local council but los shares are out for sale to international investors, how is that possible? Is that some sorts of “magic” performance by the cabinet?


  11. steven
    May 01, 2008 @ 01:33:46

    It needs at least a term for PR to show us what is the “style” of their governance rather than merely just over a month. It will not be an easy task for PR at all in the face of all these “purse” strings are controlled by BN federal government. Just see the series of “punishment” already meted out on Penang


  12. romerz
    May 01, 2008 @ 02:44:10

    This is my take on the mega projects.

    2nd Bridge
    I think this bridge is necessary given that the present bridge is already at or near peak capacity. If I’m not wrong, the overall plan calls for 3 bridges eventually.

    The 1st bridge linking the middle of the island to Seberang Perai Tengah (present bridge), the 2nd bridge, from south of the island to Seberang Perai Selatan, and the 3rd bridge, from north of the island to Seberang Perai Utara.

    The idea is to restructure how the limited land in Penang is used. With ease of transportation between the island and mainland, it will be easier to live on the island and yet work on the mainland and vice versa.

    The intention was to free the land currently used for industrial purposes on the island so that more land is made available for housing and ease the inner-city congestion. If I remember correctly, there was once even talk of moving all the government agencies over to the mainland.

    The main complaint about the 2nd bridge was that not many locals benefited from the construction of it as most of the tenders were given to non-Penang contractors.

    A second complaint was that it will only increase traffic to the already congested inner-city. This may be the case but it can be managed (eg. Singapore) if a reliable and good public transport system is in place, which brings me to the monorail.

    Light Rail Transit System (LRT) – Monorail or Underground, whatever.
    This is badly needed to complement the Rapid Penang bus system. Granted that Rapid Penang has made great strides for public transportation in Penang, the next natural step would be an LRT system.

    Once a proper working, reliable and affordable mode of public transportation is in place, then the authorities can impose restrictions on vehicles entering the inner-city (like Singapore) and impose higher parking charges for the inner-city (like all major cities throughout the world).

    In fact I would think that the LRT system need to be in place first before the 2nd bridge is completed.

    Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR)
    I think most Penangites have no objections to PORR but take issue with the toll that will be imposed and the high cost of construction involved, some RM1.02b for 17km of highway.

    I think most Penangites will agree with me that a drive from Tanjung Bungah to Tambun for seafood would take about 45 mins at least. From TB to the bridge will probably take more time than crossing the bridge to the 1st highway exit (if it’s not during peak hours).

    Let us be honest. How many Penangites today living on the north side of the island are making more trips to Queensbay now that we have the Jelutong Expressway? I for one, who would previously venture down Green Lane only if absolutely necessary, would now not hesitate to drive there if there is an event of interest or even with the wife on weekend shopping for groceries.

    Looking at the overall picture, I think all 3 projects are needed if Penang desires to develop as a ‘madern’ city. There is no other way forward if the population of Penang continues to rise and with growing affluence, more and more cars are registered each day.

    A major re-engineering of Penang is badly needed if it is to move forward. This is why I think all 3 projects are needed but in which order? Given the financial constraints of the government, I think it is overly ambitious to even contemplate all 3 projects at the same time.

    They need not be carried out simultaneously!

    IMHO, we should prioritise and determine which of the 3 will bring most immediate benefits without exacerbating the other problems at hand.

    I think the LRT should be 1st as it would provide affordable and reliable transportation for those who are not able to afford private vehicles.

    The 2nd should be the 2nd bridge. I choose the 2nd bridge over PORR because if the LRT is in place and working as intended, then there should be less traffic in the inner-city and the need for PORR less pressing.

    However, with the completion of the 2nd bridge, PORR would be needed with the influx of vehicles to the island. To avoid congestions, PORR could be timed to start about midway through the construction of the 2nd bridge.

    In a simplistic way, I believe for all these 3 projects to succeed would be to stagger their implementation. Given the humongous amounts involved, I think it is overly ambitious to carry out all these 3 projects simultaneously.

    The wiser and more realistic way would be to channel all the financial resources available for all 3 projects just for the 1st project only without selling the concessions of any project to a private developer so as not to burden Penangites any further. Then move on to what is 2nd most beneficial and so forth if and when the finances are available.

    Penangites can be patient if the government shows common sense and practice transparency. I believe we only object to these projects (much as we want them), because of the way they are implemented and believe that if there is no corruption involved, half of these projects would have been paid for without the need of external private financing.


  13. romerz
    May 01, 2008 @ 03:08:10

    There is one more thing which I will touch on at a later date because I’m still studying the existing systems in other countries.

    “Separation of the tax system from federal tax to state tax without increasing the present taxes the rakyat have to pay.”

    I believe if the states can have an independent source of finance from taxes, then we could remove a major obstacle to a true 2-party system.

    “The fear of voting for the opposition for fear of being punished for making democratic choices” – as highlighted in this article.

    Dr Hsu, I will need help from you on this. I think now is the best opportunity given the ‘balance’ in parliament to put forward a non-partisan bill to change our present tax system which gives whoever controls the federal government so much clout over the states.

    For this bill to even have a chance, I need help to reach out to both sides of the aisle. I believe that there will be support for such a bill as neither side are able to declare with certainty that who is government and who is opposition given the fluidity of the present situation.

    I will email you on this subject once I’ve completed the research.


  14. monsterball
    May 01, 2008 @ 05:49:31

    Doc…Just look at all pohwatchdog messages. He is not giving opinions. He is preaching and propagating one sided politics…in favour of BN….with unfair logics and reasons.
    He is also not debating. I could have ignored him….mind my own business like everyone…but concerning the country and the future of the young generations…are serious stuff….and through internet….alot of youngsters learn to see both sides of reasoning. Again… very unreasonable….so he needs to be told off.
    If one propagate or promote a religion…a product or parting knowledges…true or false…are not so harmful. That is his opinion….so be it.
    But if one keeps insulting all voters…voting for the Pakatan Rakyat…then he is not talking politics. He is insulting the people’s choices and is a low class pro BN man. We cannot presume… youngsters can differentiate that. So…if pohwatchdog is left to do what he is doing now…with no will mean he is right….and many youngsters may tend to believe him. That’s why Mahathir could produce so many half past sixes in UMNO…because for 22 years….no one in UMNO .. dare to confront him….and few did so…were sacked ..and one jailed for nothing. Have we not seen it all.
    Right or wrong messages cannot be put out…like the way he did…over and over again.
    He is promoting BN…not putting out opinions. In a way..he is trying to make this blog..low class…by his irritating messages.
    And let all visitors judge us.
    I don’t want to play diplomacy. I know how to play it and be a nice guy too. It works very well with commercial go..straight to the point..waste no time. I will not change…as I have succeeded all my life..being what I am…and being trusted and respected… my customers …friends…and staffs.
    But it is your bog….and I apologize to you..if I have made it… a low class blog.. I have no intention to do so…..but I consider pohwatchdog……a running dog for BN….and will confront he wrote ….all unreasonable messages….making voters who sacrificed their time and efforts…..even their lives…like the 5 Indians..held under ISA….to make Malaysia…a better tomorrow….for future generations….like stupid fools.
    If you understand my explainations…then you will know…I am right.
    Once sincere apology to you only.


  15. monsterball
    May 01, 2008 @ 06:06:51

    I understand blog owners want more commentators to keep their blog alive and interesting..and everyone is treated as important. I hope not.
    But if visitors…like me.. also need to sacrifice our sincerities and apply diplomacies….it will be changing the characters of few… like be hypocrites..and I am sure….you don’t want hypocrites in your blog too.
    This maybe a good subject…to touch on by you..with a post … it involves….how one human can become religious…selfish…truthful….hypocritical…etc etc etc…through friends…teachers..schooling..or parental guidances.
    The root …which is the brain…must be strong and how do we go and become one?….my wise kind hearted Doc Hsu?……hahahahahahaha


  16. Dr Hsu
    May 01, 2008 @ 09:25:24

    monsterball, you have not done anything wrong, so there is no need to apologise to me. You are always welcome here because you have voiced out a lot of sensible and valuable opinion. You have also make the blog very lively with your comments.

    I treasure opinion from all sides, and I am one of the few who even publich those comments that scold me or criticise me, because I believe in press freedom and i have to practise what i preach.

    The only one I censor are the ones with 4 letter words, or direct attacks on persons by naming names , because that could cost me into legal problems. So far, I have only taken one or two off for calling certain religions and ethnic groups names. I believe all ethnic groups to be good and all religions great so I do not condone any direct attacks on religions and race.

    As far as I am concern, i publish all comments.

    romerz, thanks for doing the research for Malaysians’ benefit.

    You are, like a True Malaysian, a true Malaysian. I think that speaks all and I do not need to go further.

    I thank you for reading this blog and participating in this blog.



  17. phillix
    May 01, 2008 @ 14:20:11

    You sound like you hold a magic ball that can tell the future, and you sound like you know for sure for a hundred per cent that our opposition friends will NOT be corrupt few months down the road (God forbid that they already are). please don’t make assumptions.

    remember the one that gives in to evil is our entire HUMANKIND, not the political institution called UMNO. pakatan rakyat are humans too. they are capable of evil. i suggest you not give them so much credit.

    btw, dr hsu, i salute you for your courtesy in your blog and for being ethical in your posts/comments. unlike many, you don’t profane, and you don’t attack people personally. that’s commendable. 🙂


  18. monsterball
    May 01, 2008 @ 15:31:50

    Oppositions are humans too…and may become good or bad…or fews months from now…proven ….all real hypocrites.
    It need no magic to decide….after 5 years…what to do. It is the balless voters….supporting UMNO and BN…that needs magic and gain confidence and convince voters….how wrong we People’s Party in.
    Now we talk humankind!!
    What kind of humans will allow UMNO and BN bully other races….play race and politics for 50 years??
    Yes….it is not the politicians that are all wrong. It is… HUMANKIND in Malaysia…all being rojak.for 50 years by UMNO.MIC..and value their race…identities..and religion.
    Such powerful mechanism are given by the voters….but don’t blame all Malaysians….vorting them in. They value.. peace and harmony…and keep being hooked…lined and sinked… by sweet promises….from UMNO ..near election time.
    UMNO is a master to find suckers..every second…but right now… Malaysians are mostly educated..can think and know…what are good for the country and their futures.
    Divide to rule….race and religion politics are out-dated. I will repeat this… a hundred times….if necessary….to drum it in to youngsters heads!!
    So…don’t be a dreamer thinking magic ball.
    Magic is entertaining….never real.
    TRUTHS is real!!


  19. sandyow
    May 01, 2008 @ 16:29:32

    whatever it is. we’ll wait and see whether pakatan rakyat will truly keep their word about whatever they are preaching.

    Politicians will always be politicians, and whatever parties they come from, they can still be bad human beings when they get a sense of power. Again, Im saying do you think EVERYONE in umno is evil and corrupted and EVERYONE on pakatan rakyat is pure and selfless? Nobody knows and only time will tell.

    I’m for a better Malaysia and to be able to do that we need to change our attitudes. Number one. Do not purely judge people and put yourself in their shoes.


  20. pohwatchdog
    May 01, 2008 @ 21:30:15

    Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional …we all know the answer. The pot called the kettle black. Have we really have the courage to speak up and courage to listen? Are we saint? Tempatation? Service for mankind. Time will tells us all.

    Look at the councillors appointed by Penang Pakatan Rakyat government. Is it democratic and not bias ?
    Look what a respected MP’s like Karpal Singh keep reminding. I am for a better Malaysia, meritocracy society , just and fair society


  21. monsterball
    May 02, 2008 @ 01:58:18

    yea.. yea ..yea….very courageous….talking cock and bull…faceless and nameless.
    But when come to real life…..behave like a pondan.
    What have I not seen.


  22. petestop
    May 02, 2008 @ 03:48:15

    Let’s see… Penang Island got 1mil+ inhabitants,
    if everybody donate say RM3,000, we can build our own bridge.

    By the Rakyat, for the Rakyat.

    No need to wait for Petronas money.

    Heck, we pay even more taxes to the Federal Govt and what we get in return is a mechanism for them to perpetually suck the Rakyat’s money.

    Let’s give a big hand to the Selangor Govt on the Cheras toll issue.

    We need to put a STOP to all these non-sense political goons sucking the Rakyat’s money.

    Last week I found out that I’m paying more in income tax compared to an acquaintance living in Germany… damn !! 27% for me versus 21% for them…. what the heck ?

    And they don’t even have to pay toll, yet they get the superfast and efficient Autobahn.


  23. petestop
    May 02, 2008 @ 03:51:42


    Well… if the Federal Govt have any balls at all… brin back the local council election.

    Then.. there is no excuse for having to appoint people into local councils and the bitching that follows for those who did’nt get it.

    If Gerakan councillors who has done well, they have every opportunity to get elected again.

    Would’nt that be fair and better for everyone ??


  24. monsterball
    May 02, 2008 @ 07:36:22

    How do MCA Gerakan..and MIC..hope to get elected….when anything they said or done are focusing to get votes…not for Malaysians at large….just like their master….UMNO. I repeat…UMNO is their master..not their partner….and you are so proud of this position for 50 years??
    For 50 years…they did that over and over and over again..fooling Malaysians.
    They know….people just go back to work…after each election and have no time to recall their selfish and evil ways. People easily forget…not because…they are afraid… but are selfish…thinking how to survive…not thinking about the country as .. a whole.
    UMNO is the master in studying peoples characters…..and apply the almost impossible to fail formula……that is…race and religion politics….favoring the majority race only….so you all minorities can go and struggle to survive. .and understand they are landlords…and we are visitors…kindly treated by them…to be second class citizens. ONCE AWHILE…UMNO THROWS IN SOME GOODIES TO THE MINORITIES….AND WE ARE PROGRAMMED TO FEEL GRATEFUL AND HAPPY.
    Each time…near election…you will find few nice news for all. Just trace at Ijok by-election… better still…Lunas… by-election. Look at how they pave the roads…clean the drains…patch holes in houses….foc……..and indirect …is bribing …to get votes….and they succeeded in Ijok…not in Lunas.
    Yes….Malaysians from all walks of life…especially the Malays and Indians have changed….to care for their future and country…..not depending to succeed….based on who you know….and not what you know.
    MCA….GERAKAN and MIC….had donkey years to change…….but they did not. MCA and Gerakan depended on Malay votes.. ..all the time. These two balls carriers parties……love to support race and religion politics.
    MIC…succeeds..with Indian votes!! That’s why ..Samy is so powerful in the past….but Samy have fooled his race….far far too long…..and his low class hypocritical acts idiotic statements….over and over again…forgetting Indians are more educated year by year…..done him in…with the Hindarf walk…and Malaysians….in general….saw how UMNO treated walkers… like animals..and a 100 years old..Indian temple… just pulled down….with no second thought….to show to the Indians….how powerful UMNO is. Malaysians….especially the Chinese…all voted against BN and UMNO..after seeing all these and realize the real truths of their future children….no hope….if no change of government.
    Yet….after elections….so easy to understand why….how and what makes voters vote for oppositions…yet they still play stupid..and talk cock and bull.
    Why are MCA and Gerakan suppoters…..keep avoiding the truths…which is right there? 5 Malaysians being jailed under ISA….just because these five love you more than themselves…and hundreds of thousands sacrificed their time and lives….walking in protest…also loving you.
    Why are you so ungrateful…that …at last…we brought democracy to the country….for you??
    Get it very very clear…no matter what you say…it is demonstrations and protest walks …that change the government….not by elections.
    Are you willing to die for the country? If not…shut up.
    So we walked.,,and changed it.
    You want to challenge the power of love for the country against your love for a party?
    I dare say….all those who talk so much for Gerakan or MCA…dare not walk in protest .to expose…UMNO’s corruptions.
    Gone are the days….Chinese depend on corrupted Malays to succeed. If they do….they need to change…that’s all. Gone are the days….Malays need to be spoon-fed….and gone are the days….Indians are mild and meek race.
    Wake up to the TRUTHS!!


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