See the logic, Dear Minister ?

I was shocked reading this piece of newsin NST this morning

“In a move to stop Malaysian women being duped into carrying drugs for international syndicates, the Foreign Ministry has proposed that all women travelling out of the country alone be required to have a letter from parents or employers. “

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said the letter would be a declaration which stated clearly the reason the woman was travelling.

from NST: There are 119 Malaysian women in prisons worldwide for drug offences; the majority are aged between 21 and 27 duped into becoming ‘mules’; and so far this year, 29 have been detained or imprisoned


There is another piece of news in the same paper:

Regressive. Unfair. Biased.

These were some of the words used to describe the proposal by the Foreign Ministry that women leaving the country alone be required to have declarations from parents or employers stating the reason for their travels.

Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said yesterday he had submitted a proposal to the cabinet.

The proposal drew flak from non-governmental and women’s organisations, with their representatives making clear their outrage.

National Council for Women’s Organisations Malaysia (NCWO) deputy president Faridah Khalid called the proposal “backward and unfair”.

“This is an infringement of our rights,” she said.


The first thing that comes to my mind is that this is gross discrimination against women, which forms more than half the population.

It is like amputating the whole leg for a small boil on the tip of the toe. There is no logic.

I don’t like to be rude, but is it not akin to asking the police to castrate all males just because of a few rape cases?

The English will say, never use a sledgehammer to kill a fly.

How many women travelling overseas are involved in vice? Most would be legitimate travellers.

This is how someone who is brought up with a biased view against women would do. And I am supprised that this comes from an experienced Minister.

Socially, this is not acceptable, when the whole world, with the exception of some countries, is now going towards equality of the sexes.

Politically, this is a disaster. He should know that there would be an uproar from women groups. Even though I am a man, I feel this is grossly unfair.

Why has UMNO people not learned from the lesson of March 8?

Policies should be people orientated and should not be an encumbrance to people. There are your boss, Dear Minister. Always look from the angle of the people, not from the top of the ivory tower where the view tends to be narrow and clouded by clouds.

If the government ministers keep going like this, sooner or later, there will be so much red tapes, you have to have a police permit to go out after midnight, because the minister will argue that most crime is committed at night.

See the logic, Dear Minister? 



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  1. novice101
    May 04, 2008 @ 12:25:00

    Why do you think he is called the foreign minister? To introduce ‘foreign’ ideas like this one. The next one is going to be, all women are to wear chastity belts if they are to go abroad. I am going into its production in a big way, Rais is going to make me ricj!


  2. Dr Hsu
    May 04, 2008 @ 12:31:05

    A proper way is to find out the root cause of why people commit crime. Tackle the root causes and do not just treat the symptoms.

    What is there to stop those people to carry drugs even with the introduction of the requirement od letters? Letters can be easily faked and forged.

    The problem with some ministers is that they just treat symptoms and not the cause.


  3. A true Malaysian
    May 04, 2008 @ 12:35:11

    This is definitely ridiculous. Doesn’t make sense at all.

    I can’t understand why Pak Lah still want to let all these ‘obsoletes’ stay in cabinet.


  4. james loh
    May 04, 2008 @ 13:50:23

    this is very interesting ! the fun about maLAYSia we are never short of jokes .this keep us laughing at smart we are in putting these clowns!


  5. monsterball
    May 04, 2008 @ 17:59:22

    This is classic example of UMNO…coming out with an idiotic suggestion…to cover up their poor management abilities.
    They are simply idiots…managing the country…but these idiots think they own us all…lock …stock and barrel. They are still arrogant……have no manners…most love .woman and song….free of charge.
    They also support ISA…just to stop others exposing their short comings.
    They warn the papers…not to put out oppositions news.
    That’s why….they never can learn. They refuse to. They feel…it is too shameful… learn from others…..except from UMNO bosses only.
    Yet..everyday…they behave so humble..praying 5 times per day. I wonder what do they utter from their mouths …with their eyes close in Allah’s house? I suspect..asking for forgiveness…robbing Malaysians…and start all over again and again.
    But even if they change for the better…never trust any politician…want to control….by playing race and religion..politics. Until and unless….the names of UMNO….MCA….MIC…are all erased from Malaysian politics…those guys will never unite Malaysians. They need to divide and rule….to succeed.
    Notice to…Gerakan and MCA supporters….get it very clear…..BN are racialist parties….controlled by…WEIRD PEOPLE.
    Chinese politicians in BN know that are smarter than the weird people….can handle get things done for Chinese.
    50 years ago..ok and wise…….but these 28 years….still the same old style….shows these two Chinese parties are totally corrupted and selfish lot….swelling their own race for wine…women and songs….for Their chosen one too. One sang the with a wrong tune…….got taped…..treated like a swine.
    That’s how dirty …Chinese parties in BN are….not weird….but mostly are too smart…too selfish. Some are low class idiots…holding high posts in the party. Where have the improve for 50 years?
    Again….if they do….they are racialists parties…..and are out-dated now.


  6. pohwatchdog
    May 04, 2008 @ 21:05:58

    Why Malaysian women being duped into carrying drugs for international syndicates? It doesn’t make sense for a Minister that letter of declaration which stated clearly the reason the woman was travelling.

    Are we turning the clock backward? Are Malaysian women really innocent? It is an infringement on women right’s .

    What is the cause of this problem? Awareness and education should stressed here. Gone with those of the days we are restricted. Wake up… the world is flat


  7. romerz
    May 04, 2008 @ 23:23:09

    The verdict is pretty unanimous on this issue.

    MPs should bring this up at question-time and hammer the minister accordingly.


  8. monsterball
    May 05, 2008 @ 12:08:05

    Doc….I visit few political blogs…..but non is as humane and a loving kind Malaysian blogger as you are. You are also a humble learned man…hungry for more knowledge.
    When you say ‘thank you’…I can feel you mean it.
    Some bloggers will say nice words to use him….just to keep him happy…..but when no more important..will treat him like shit. Such is an ungrateful blogger. I have told few bloggers I met personally…to leave me alone…as I find their characters….not sincere be close friends. Casual….ok. What have I not seen in my life.
    Most political bloggers…have a clear agenda.
    Like Dr.Chua Soi Lek…blogging get more informations….how to strengthen MCA..and few more…to promote a race or a party. It is dull and perhaps MCA member love to talk more to him. But if he is smart…he should attract much more non MCA member. He does not know how to do it.
    Just look at Anwar Ibrahim blog. He will be a popUlar political Lim Kit Siang and like…..Jeff Ooi.
    RPK is welknown anti-government….with his special style..and he needs to survive with sponsor..which you can see…he has. Next to Malaysiakini….RPK can boast …getting sponsors ..quite easily.
    So many low class and thick skinned political bloggers…with selfish personal with secretive agendas…but you blog…not searching for a better job…..not to even favor the party you belong to….but blog…to try your utmost best…to part some knowledge to Malaysians.
    Short of our different style and characters..we have the same objectives…how to make Malaysia..a better tomorrow.
    When I visit your blog…is like coming to a holy house……but my style in talking.. cannot change. If it is God’s house….I may need to keep asking for forgiveness and start repeating same old mistakes again……sound familiar…to one race???
    I have total respect for you…although..once a while..I like to pull a fast one on you….which I want to say sorry advance……..hahahahahaha
    May you and your family…be well ad good.
    Thank You.


  9. Dr Hsu
    May 05, 2008 @ 14:09:48

    Monsterball, I really welcome you and your contribution to this forum.

    everyone has his own style. Your style is inimitable. Hard hitting, but humurous at times, and expose he short coming of politicians and political parties.

    My style is moderate, i think, but even then, I have been called extremist and often called non team player, because I am so critical of BN policies, especially regarding governance, corruption, NEP abuse, religious issues such as conversion.

    But I can tell you, I blog from my heart, and I blog from my conscience. Many may not like my stand on a lot of issues, because I am a liberal socialist, but they cannot question my sincerity in voicing out such issues.

    Whatever differences there may have between the readers (myself included),I think there is a common wish to see a better Malaysia, and a better world. And that is what is important, all of us, with different viewpoints, are contributing to the same goal of a better society. This is like what people say: all routes lead to Rome.


  10. puteriledang
    May 05, 2008 @ 14:53:34

    better proposal should be the parent must accompany single lady …. 1) a chance for the parent to tour the country? 2) parent also can be use as mule ? How it is …. Minister without brain?


  11. monsterball
    May 05, 2008 @ 18:56:18

    Doc….and Rome is where you get the most sinners in the world ..for centuries.
    It is also the place…where thousands of “fish” worshipers been crucified….later …known as Christains.
    And thank you for confirming I am welcome at your blog.
    Will try utmost best…not to be crude and vulgar…but near impossible..when all heated up…cannot control….just let loose steams….and say what I mean. I will take up the challenge ..and out of respect to you…to disguise my real self… be a refine gentleman…with my 4 letter words…made like talking about the Birds and Bees….Honey and Comb….when in fact…I am actually is talking about….Bas…tds…and Bullshitters….Hypocrites and Cowards.
    However .if few words….may sound crude..but not really so are allowed…then my thoughts may flow better and f..k that person properly.
    Heaven forbids in the house of one that heals…like Jesus…his Lord.


  12. monsterball
    May 05, 2008 @ 20:40:18

    “tackle the root cause and not just treat the symptoms”…so said Doc….in his own diplomatic way ….telling his fellow medical man…Mahathir how to cure sickos..and how stupid TDM is.
    Doc…should be PM…but his skin colour forbids Malaysia. I think….if he migrated to USA…he would have been filthy rich…loved by all Americans….no race discriminations.
    But sometimes…like the “Magnificent Seven” movie…….one was asked….why do you stick your neck out…to help others….and he replied….that it seems that was the right thing to do at that time.
    Ministers ….especially from UMNO…must be taught…..voters are their bosses…and not be fooled by them ignoring this fact……and ..they are elected….not to do as they like.
    American and British politicians have the highest respect for their citizens and voters. Both making suckers of their citizens …is another story. They have live TV on Parliament sessions….to respect the public. Here … UMNO is trying hard to close it down….with the most idiotic reason….that it may cost RM3 million a month….while they spend hundreds of millions….flying first class…all over the world…to enjoy…not alone…but with one big group…using our money….no second thought about it…….and many many more… useless unproductive side shows……only to promote their party .
    Mahathir traveled to almost all 128 countries…to enjoy himself….using hundred of millions…not one UMNO or BN objected.
    Here…live TV…good for all Malaysians…again UMNO…talking cock and bull. You know why??They are afraid . They always have something to hide… not use to talk straight to the point….openly.
    Usually crooks dare not show their faces too long…not like Mahathir….a gifted great actor with a smart brain… forget or remember grandfather stories as and when he likes.
    Like Mark Antony …..asked Roman citizens….pointing at the dead body of Julius Caesar…”‘when come ..such…. another?”
    The answer is ‘never!!” I hope in Malaysia…we all can say…”never”…..meaning never allow another dictator here.
    One is enough.


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