Go for multiracial politics and civil service

Malaysiakini reported that Ong Tee Keat has called for a multiracial approach for MCA.

Immediately after the March 8 result, I have written a short article: MCA please disband and show the way. I am glad that one of my favourite politicians in MCA, Ong, are of similar views.

This is what is reported in Malaysiakini :

The main Chinese-based component party in the ruling coalition government must adopt a multiracial approach to survive in the new political landscape, said one of its top leaders.

ong tee keat interview 180805 surpriseThe call by Ong Tee Keat, a vice-president of the MCA, comes after the Barisan Nasional’s worst losses in the March polls, with voters backing a more multiracial opposition alliance.

The BN government coalition lost its two-thirds majority in parliament and control of five states to the opposition, with component parties such as the MCA, Gerakan and Indian-led MIC suffering major losses.

“We need to project a multiracial outlook and multiracial approach to handle the people’s concerns,” Ong told state news agency Bernama.

Ong is one of the more sensible politicians from MCA, and I have mentioned before in one of earlier posts that he is the only one within the BN parties to admit tacitly when Lee Kuan Yew famously said that Chinese Malaysians are marginalised in 2006. He is the one who said the now famous phrase: those who drink water will know whether it is warm or cold.

In fact many MCA grassroots have expressed the same view. I remembered a few months ago, a former MCA candidate for Cheras, Lee Boon Kok, had told me the same thing when we chanced upon each other . He said that the only way forward in Malaysian politics is to adopt the multiracial approach.

I told them this is what i believe along, and that is what drawn me to Gerakan. Racial politics will only segregate the people and not unifying them. Unfortunately, Gerakan, as admitted by its leaders, have failed to change the mindsets of BN leaders to go for multiracialism.

Perhaps, now that MCA has voiced this , and from no less a person than their vice president Ong Tee keat, it is time that all the non UMNO members of BN should seriously consider merging their parties into a single multiracial one. There will still be problems, such as one race can still dominate , but it would certainly be less divisive than now. In a multiracial party, no one would openly make racial slur at least. (though whether they will make it privately, i do not know).

Another area is the civil service. In a multiracial country such as ours, it is really bad to have civil service dominated by just one race. Practical aspect wise, every Raya, you cann see the whole machinery being totally shut down. If it is multiracial, then at least during festivals, there will still be members of other races manning the fort. Socially, it would be good for better integration of races. Nothing is like working with people of another race together. You will find that they are also human, and by working together, you can actually blur the racial divide and learn first hand about their culture and belief.

I hope the next step the government will take is to make sure that at least 30 % of civil service intake is from other races.  That would be a real good start for multiracialism.


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  1. novice101
    May 05, 2008 @ 16:45:33

    Ong Tee Keat and Chua Jui Meng are indulging in their own fantasies. What if the MCA were to adopt a more multiracial outlook and approach? What if the MCA were to change its leaders? What difference would it make to MCA’s fate? There are 2 possible outcomes that can be discerned if this change is adopted:
     MCA can change its outlook and its approach, but if the nature of its association to UMNO remains unchanged, then in the minds of the Chinese, the status quo remains. If this is the perception, then it would not make any difference to the fate of the MCA. Why would this be so? It is because the Chinese would not be convinced that MCA has been accepted as an equal partner in the BN. The old stigma of it being subservient to UMNO and not being able to advance the interests of the Chinese would remain
     MCA can change its leaders but it is, to the Chinese, a matter of changing the drivers not the wagons. Even showing more determination and using stronger language, the Chinese would still see the MCA would not be able to make a dent in the status quo. They know that as long as UMNO is still the big brother and its will still determine the path of the BN, MCA will not be able to make the necessary impact.
    MCA does not need a crystal ball to tell itself what the end result would be. So, are these real solutions for the MCA, or are these just wishful thinking on the part of Ong Tee Keat and Chua Jui Meng?


  2. jamesloh
    May 05, 2008 @ 17:05:26

    commonsense..anyone listening ? am wondering is this a salvo to umno ?or a wayang kulit ? put it open no more back door chatting ?


  3. novice101
    May 05, 2008 @ 17:32:54

    As you mentioned in the article, taking in more non-malay into the civil services would not only foster better integration, it would also offer smoother administrative services to the rakyat during the Raya festivities. This move will help remove some of the resentment that had built up over the selection-bias.

    The government may start to act on this issue, but if it were to be left to the ‘little Napoleons’’ in the administration, things may stay the same. It had been tried before but the result showed there were few non-Malays takers. This result was interpreted as the non-Malays were interested in joining the civil service. The truth is, the non-Malays were interested and are still interested, but they refused to take up the offer to join because of the limited advancement opportunities once they join. The former civil servants can vouch for this.

    The ‘little Napoleons’’ have perverted a proper system till it now is turned into a national issue. If the government is sincere, then proper implementation and proper monitoring should be instituted


  4. monsterball
    May 05, 2008 @ 17:57:27

    You mean it takes them more than 28 years to know this?
    Very dangerous to trust them.
    Just listen and ignore.
    Multiracial was theirs to lead BN….or get out…28 years ago.
    Now just listen to Tun Razaleigh talking….same as Mahathir.
    Both these old fut….wants Malays ..to be racialists….not Malaysians. It takes smart cunning ..selfish and insincere ones…to play dirty race and religion politics…and MCA kept both eyes closed.
    Now lost most sets…almost a dead party….want to convert to be a Malaysian party?
    What will “Malaysia Chinese Association” be? MCA
    is dead….. long live….”Multiracial Corrupted Association” Ah ….that may get them new members….first is LINGAM….no one wants him anymore……hahaahaha


  5. monsterball
    May 05, 2008 @ 18:29:52

    If you read some of these so call smart politicians suggestions or ideas….you will notice..most of hem are selfish idiots..real idiots..no joke!!
    That…Rias Yatim suggestion….makes the whole country laugh…yet one UMNO guy…protected him….saying he had good intention. Sure he does….but what a stupid….stupid suggestion from a so call long service politician.
    Look at the face of few ministers….like.. Ong Ka-Ting…..Koh Tsu Khoon….Rias Yatim…Nazri….Chia Soi Lek….Hishammuddin…and many more.all stupid faces……and are real stupid.
    Stupid people have real stupid face….cannot escape.
    That’s why….they say…….smart people….do not want to be active in politics……and here Malaysia …malays think Mahathir is so so clever. Yes…he is the greatest ….dirtiest politician…. Malaysia ever produced. At the back….he uses people…to do all his dirty jobs…..robbing the country wholesale. …pretending to be an angel…goody goody…no playing backside hole…..hahahahaha. How smart can one stoop that low..to put his enemy into jail….with the most ridiculous charges….never ever seen or heard …in the whole wide world…..YET…MCA…Gerakan…did nothing. Aren’t Gerakan a multi racial party in BN?
    MCA can even have a Iban as President…..still voters will vote them out. Voters give them some faces…to win few seats…to do the right thing..to resign .. from MCA and opt to Oppositions. That’s the only choice…to survive next election…for each individual…if the want to be active in politics.
    Chua Soi LeK…is also one typical idiot….already been played out by own MCA people. Just because….MCA quickly gave him back all his positions…he thinks..only for himself and MCA….not the country and it’s people.
    Ling Liong Sek sold off the Chinese rights to UMNO. Now..lets hear the present MCA guys talk… the roots of their failures.


  6. peisheah
    May 05, 2008 @ 22:04:19

    Many of the Malays in the public sector are the ones who claim to be poor. Indeed, pay in the public sector lags the private sector. Look at our armies, police force, teachers, etc – do they earn what they deserve?

    The low pay is one of the factors contributing to corruption in the public sector & there’re many who’re involved in other crimes (army personnel & police inclusive).

    Therefore, the most important issue is still a less corrupt government. Where’s the call for the reduction of the PM’s power? The separation of power of the executive, judiciary & lawmaker? An independent police force & BPR? A freer media & protection of whistleblower?

    If this is not achieved, we still have a long way to go.


  7. pohwatchdog
    May 05, 2008 @ 22:48:51

    How much is enough? Who is to be blame? The giver or the receiver end? Are you sure the public sector pay is lacking than private sector?

    Malaysia needs a more multi racial capable, credible and efficient public service employees. The one that can contribute to better qualities of life and well being of Malaysians. What we need is the public service should acts like servant and not the other way round?

    Separation of power between legislative, judiciary and executive power. It is really clear in our country constitution.


  8. pohwatchdog
    May 05, 2008 @ 23:13:21

    Multi racial politic is alive. Politic survival need new approach to win back the hearts and minds of the people. What is the people needs and wants? A better Malaysia which promote fair and just society.

    Tee Keat is right. MCA is not only for Chinese but for Malaysians. Same with UMNO is not for Malays but for all Malaysians. Even MIC not only for Indians but for all Malaysians. But Gerakan not only for Chinese, Indians or Malays but for all Malaysians. A diversity culture brings more colourful ways of life.


  9. monsterball
    May 05, 2008 @ 23:33:20

    I think we gave him too much face.
    Lets all ignore him…..and let him talk to himself….unless one or two want to have fun with this poor soul….lost in the woods…even all the Gods…ignore him…keep an arms length from him….punishing us…to have him here….but Gods are sometimes …. playful.
    We must ask ourselves…why is he sent to this blog….and not another?
    I guess…Doc is a sinner too. What has he done wrong….to deserve this?. Doc will make the excuse….”The Lord is here to save the lost sheep…not like one..like monty…not a sheep…but a wild boar. So he sends him to this blog…the only blog in Malaysia…nearest to the Lord”


  10. kap siao ong aka Steven
    May 06, 2008 @ 00:02:15

    I think all the point mention here is valid. for the first time pohwatchdog actually talk some sense here!

    dun worry Pakatan Rakyat will deliver all this promise to us..lol


  11. Jason Ang
    May 06, 2008 @ 00:56:08

    This is fair blog Dr Hsu dare to publish PR people comments, as for jeff Ooi which have always commented BN government blocking all the news of opposition in major media, also blocking all my comments in his blog, Jeff Ooi worst than BN government.

    Such Multiracial Party is always encouraged in Gerakan, but to sad it just hardly happen, I hope new generation can bring more India and Malay to joint Gerakan.


  12. romerz
    May 06, 2008 @ 01:23:34

    Jeff Ooi also blocked my comment on his blog Screenshots when I questioned his intent over the Bunga Tanjung issue.

    As you all know my writing style, no profanities was used, no wild accusations, just my observations and query to his intent and that was blocked!

    For his sake, I hope he doesn’t make a mistake from henceforth. I’m going to watch him like a hawk!


  13. jeff
    May 06, 2008 @ 03:25:09

    every comment is welcome in this blog…no black out,period.


  14. monsterball
    May 06, 2008 @ 04:56:01

    Doc…I hope you put out a post on Dalai Lama.
    As a Buddhist……I wish to tell everyone…who I think.. he is…and who most uneducated or with little education…think he is…and what’s the present problem in Tibet.


  15. pohwatchdog
    May 06, 2008 @ 07:04:06

    Are we misled by misinformation, misunderstanding and miscommunication? Is PR is really fair and just?
    Is our religion teaching us to use profanities, wild accusations and sound values? Are we emotional? Accepting good integrity? Courtesy, beliefs and attitudes ?

    Do we have courage leaders in MCA, MIC, PPP or Gerakan to voice the aspiration and needs? Are we just responding actively? What direction should BN component parties take? Play the good role as watchdog and opposition in PR led States.
    Watching them as watchdog. Numbers don’t count? Qualities members irrespective of races?
    Malaysians first.


  16. monsterball
    May 06, 2008 @ 11:38:56

    pohwatchdog….what are you watching…proclaiming yourself as a watchdog. Watchdog of what?. Watchdog of characters….reputations….party performances…..unity?
    One who proclaimed himself as a watchdog…..must be most qualified and knowlegable. What have you watch….report to us?
    You keep putting them in question marks. That’s not watch dogging. That’s a dog…asking questions. What a smart doggy you are.
    But you are all human. Then the level of your intelligence as a human..is a confused man……making you a confused hunting dog…do not know where to go fetch the duck…searching and searching…never finding the shot duck.
    If you are a watch dog for your house….gone case..you talk too much nonsense…..even thieves enter your house…you don’t even know.
    If you are a loving brother watching your younger sister’s date…..you will see nothing..as both of them know…you are there…making a fool of yourself…watching other couples..not focusing on your main target to watch.
    If you are assigned by your company….to watch over the store house…it will be the same story…..like millions stolen at the KLIA .with professional watch dogs…sleeping at the job.
    So far….you keep bragging you are a watch dog……but reporting doubts….suspicions…asking question. That’s not a watch dog. That’s a confused dog….with doubts and suspicions.
    What type of watch dog are you??
    So…..if you do not know how to be a watch dog….and love the word .dog..how about changing your nick to pohgooddog…or pohnicedog…or pohcutedog.
    But if you don’t like to be call a dog…then pohreinga…or chektapoh. Check out ….what they mean in Tamil.


  17. sandyow
    May 06, 2008 @ 11:57:31

    To think of it, it’s all about who can convince the public better right now. The message is just the same, it’s a matter who speaks the best, whose catchphrase is the best (“ketuanan rakyat” anyone?) and who can screw each other’s reputation better on the internet.

    SO in order to keep up with “trends” in politics, in this case “multiracial concept”. It’s the whole, Malaysia for All concept, which is brilliant, and i so totally support. We just have to sometimes see what other parties are doing, and emulate?


  18. monsterball
    May 06, 2008 @ 12:05:21

    And back to serious stuff!!
    Ka Chuan said….MCA should stay as it is.
    Sure he does…he is…a first timer….trained to play race and relguion politics…..then suddenly change to multiracial party….make him look like fool. A fool he is….with his stupid reason..why MCA should not be multi racial party…all reported in papers. Go read it.
    I told you…MCA cannot be multi racial party….not because of Ka Chuan reason…but simply….cannot do so…if they stay in BN..and if out…they will be nobody.
    Ka Chuan statement confirms MCA must always depend on Malays votes in the BN…..to so call represent the Chinese community. What a low class party MCA have become.
    Their selfishness….hypocrisy….corrupted and greedy lot…..carrying the balls of Mahathir….now Dollah .and even small fry…. UMNO ministers….makes Chinese bow their heads in shame….but never mind….we are not ashame….knowing MCA is a running dog for UMNO…all along.
    Every house have a black sheep. MCA is one….to the Chinese.
    Vision 2020 anyone?


  19. novice101
    May 06, 2008 @ 14:46:41

    Ka Chuan shows his thinking lags behind that of the rakyat’s. He has a lot ctaching up to do. If this thinking prevails in the party, then no progress can be forthcoming from MCA. Ka Ting must have reallsed he has not done a service to the party when he brought his brother in as secretary-general. Every statement he has made recently has shown that he is out of touch with the people.


  20. peisheah
    May 06, 2008 @ 17:35:03

    pohwatchdog, would you join the public sector? why not?

    don’t you think the Prime Minister has too much power? If one has too much power, we can actually call him a dictator. Or as the Malays like to call Mahathir, Firaun.


  21. A true Malaysian
    May 06, 2008 @ 21:20:47

    To Jason Ang & Romerz,

    To me, I regard one’s blog like our own ‘house’. So, when I visit one’s house, ie reading the owner’s articles, I may leave the house with a comment, depending whether I feel like it or not. To leave a comment, I usually observe certain manners so as not to ‘mess up’ people’s house. But, I would not expect the owner to publish my comment, because it is all up to the owner concerned.

    So, just take things easy and if you feel like you are not welcome to visit one’s house, then, just don’t visit next time.


  22. romerz
    May 06, 2008 @ 21:37:03

    Dear A true Malaysian,

    I have no problems with that. What I have problems is what he preaches and what he practices are 2 different things.

    In fact I would say Jeff Ooi has been rather vocal about ‘censorship’ when its done to him and his colleagues then doing it onto others is double standards, is it not?

    All my life, I’ve tried to live by a simple motto – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

    Being blocked by him upset me more than had it been at other blogs as I least expected it from him.


  23. pohwatchdog
    May 06, 2008 @ 22:39:09

    Let face it the realities. What we want is a efficient, capable and dedicated public service employee to serve the public? Check the http://www.jpa.gov.my for the latest salary grade. Peisheah…..the last salary revision cause massive inflation. Food price spiralling higher. Is there shoratge in rice, cooking oil and etc? We need a better enforcement to curb stock pile for profitering by the traders. Are we Malaysian panicky? Watchdog or tough dog… everyone have the right to give their opinion.

    We can’t just push through our opinion in other people throat. That is democracy. What is a dictator mean? Are we having chao here or are we
    a peaceful society? Let give constructive opinion for a just and fair society. No point belittle each other. What we want here is a place to live, to earn our living, to place to call home and self esteem needs? We can hold our head high compare with other countries. It is not we are having our good times here to blog our opinions


  24. monsterball
    May 06, 2008 @ 22:53:45

    romerz…I don’t think Jeff Ooi blog anyone. I spoke to him about this matter some time ago and he said he put out messages….and the censorship part…has nothing to do with him. It is the program…..designed to filter off certain comments…and …that system has been proven… unreliable.
    Why don’t you register again…and try. I was also blogged off too…….but too lazy to try. There is always other blogs. That’s my attitude.
    system.with full of loop holes….to fool others.Infect…if you care to browse through so many blogs…you may love varieties….like I do now.
    The most popular blogger is not RPK….many think so.
    I can’t remember his full name….sound like “Kenny..”??…a young man…with so many visitors….talking to him. I wish I am young. talking to him…a fun guy… so intelligent with a touch of humour. …with his posts and replies to visitors. He is actually a fun guy to talk to…and is Malaysia’s most popular blogger.
    How do I know??…Well… there is a well establish research company….compiling..best message…best blogger……..best…this or that…and report out.
    And don’t be fooled by anyone….scoring 2 million hits….feeling ten feet tall!! That is absolutely not true.
    Even MT blog …claiming 1 million visitors per day is not true.
    It is …once you clicked in….the meter will run…like as if a thousand have followed you….and due to many other factors. ..again… this is told to me ……by Jeff Ooi…advising me….not to be fooled by it.
    That’s why….few bloggers…do not wish to talk about hits……knowing…that is such an unreliable. and giving false informations.
    So don’t blame Jeff. I wish you can speak to him….and get the truths from him.
    Again……..all think RPK banned me. I asked Sheih to ask him…and he said not true. that’s god enough for me….although….yes…I cannot get in.
    But even if I do…I don’t like to comment i his blog. Just like to read and laugh over some comments.
    All things been said….no blog owner can blog off anyone. All one needs to do….is blog under ‘anonymous”….no problem…but few bloggers ban “anon”
    So get a new nick..and one can go in easily.
    I can’t be bother with it.


  25. monsterball
    May 06, 2008 @ 22:57:39

    pohwatchdog….a tough dog?
    What have we not heard from a low class dog…wanting to be heard..in the name of freedom of speech.
    So speak on….foolish dog.
    What have you go to teach grandfather?
    How to such eggs?


  26. monsterball
    May 06, 2008 @ 23:05:34

    At least I have one dog in Doc’s blog to play with…hahahahaha
    I simply love dogs…have 8 pugs and 2 chihwahwa.
    Seriously….dogs do have personalities and characters…..like human beings.
    And pohwatchdog reminds me of my male chihwahwa….love to talk and talk to get attention…scold him…beat him..talk nicely to him…all do not work…keep talking{barking}…but can be bribed. Unfortunately…I cannot hand out to pohwatchdog…something he may not be able to refuse…and be tamed.


  27. romerz
    May 06, 2008 @ 23:12:09

    Thanks monsterball,

    Maybe I’ll do what you suggest next time there is something I feel strongly enough to comment on.

    As it is, I visit about 10+ blogs per day and already my wife is giving me the ‘devil eye’. LOL

    Tomorrow I’m going to take it a step further by attending the Gerakan white coffee talk in Penang.

    The topic of local elections is something I’m interested in and also I’m keen to meet a few of the Gerakan members I’ve met in their blogs.


  28. monsterball
    May 06, 2008 @ 23:18:37

    As long as I can remember….I have never live without a dog.
    My father loves an Alsatian….and I went for pure breed German Sheperd….then fighting dog… bull mustiff….and a rockwhelier{hope I got the right spelling!!}
    Moved to small house….when all children got married….and start having pugs and chihwahwa…and cats. But cats…are cunning and insincere.
    Gave that up.
    So…you can imagine..how happy I am talking to a dog …in this blog.
    I hope he lives up to the reputation….”dog is a man’s best friend”
    So far….looks like all men want to shut doggy’s mouth….listen and learn and talk sense…but all fail. I get headaches..listening tO him……..hahahahahahaha
    Maybe get a female sexy dog… to tempt him…… rumble and dumble with her… and produce doogies………hahahahaha


  29. monsterball
    May 06, 2008 @ 23:30:47

    Good romerz! Try to see Jeff Ooi….and say I send him my best regards.
    Hope “Desperate Housewife” topic..do not get him into any trouble..but knowing Jeff….briefly…..he is one brave kookie…..talking to you….looking at your face…..with no fear.
    Have a pleasant safe journey….to and fro.


  30. romerz
    May 07, 2008 @ 01:03:36

    Dear monsterball,

    Did I say I was going to try to meet Jeff Ooi?

    I won’t be seeing Jeff Ooi unless he attends the Gerakan sponsored white coffee talk also, which I seriously doubt.

    Like I said in a post elsewhere, I’ve unfortunately given up on him. I know you know him and consider him your friend but I have no such ties hence my limited patience. I owe him no ‘kam-cheng’!

    Let me tell you this. When he was elected into Parliament, I considered him a hope for fresh ideas and fresh politics but the Malaysian malaise struck again.

    Please tell your friend, I had written him emails before and to no replies.

    When my old school friend from UK, a liberal democrat councilor from the borough of Camden, was in Penang a month ago and wanted to meet up with Jeff to exchange ideas, tried as we did, we didn’t even get to talk to him on the phone.

    Maybe Jeff didn’t intend it this way, but as of late, he sure has a lot of ‘friends’ who claims to speak on his behalf and who seems to know what is best for him.

    Maybe its about time he decided himself what is his best role for the country and its people.

    There’s just NO “having your cake and eating it too!”


  31. monsterball
    May 07, 2008 @ 06:13:08

    romerz….I was thinking under different wavelength….and I do not wish to protect Jeff with your above comment……only to say……one can understand another person better……by putting himself in his shoes.
    Over night….Jeff’s life changed. He worked very hard for that. I am sure….his life is no more his own …like before..having real nice week-ends with his family……enjoying his photography hobby.
    Everyone wants a piece of him…lunch or dinner…as guest of honour….for talks…for advises…for help. You name it..he got them. Over night…he as so many powerful political friends. good or bad.he has to mix…for the sake of Penang people.
    And above all that…he has the most difficult job in Penang…..dealing with all government staffs and systems. You think that is easy?
    He may not have time to sleep or shit too!!
    Just look at Eng Guan. I am sure…his close friends will say..same thing. He did say…his doors are open to anyone….but idiots may not understand……open to anyone with serious things to talk about Penang..for the benefit of Penang people…for real bad injustices done to him/he….by any organization….and not for personal chit chat. So his secretary is trained to filter off not important people….wanting to meet him..and one can be his close friend……..and that’s where friend may part…saying he has changed…just because one don’t think for the other…except for himself.
    I have so many friends…struck in rich..became this or that….simply changed. We are still friends…but our lifestyles are different.
    Hope….this may give you….more understandings ..about friends.
    But in real life….the richer you are….the more friends you can easily get….and smart guys…..but once you fall….most will avoid you.
    So…one will be very lucky….poor become rich…not to change the simple lifestyle….but enjoy the extras….with the family…….without worrying..where the next meal will come….and donate to worthwhile recognized charitable bodies..as much a he can….every year.


  32. monsterball
    May 07, 2008 @ 06:16:16

    Doc…how come same message ..printed out twice??
    Please delete FIRST one . Thanks.


  33. pohwatchdog
    May 08, 2008 @ 21:50:52

    Malaysia has diversity of culture. Multi racial politic have been practised since the Alliance. Those were the days we give and take. Do we need the style of Dr. Mahatir bin Mohamad? Those were the days.

    The new generation need a new style of leadership, sensible and pragmatic leaders, wise implementation of delivery systems and many more. Are we better than our neighbours countries? Of course, we have a government that cares. We have given a choice to choose our education.

    Have PR fulfill its promises? A free education, less quit rent, freehold title and good delivery system. Yet to be seen. We don’t need a multi racial civil services that couldn’t deliver. We need a multi-racial civil service to serve not master to us.


  34. monsterball
    May 09, 2008 @ 12:14:49

    pohwatcdog is confirming ..the educations is full of shit….by blaming a two months old PR ……who is infect….a strong opposition……and not the government of Malaysia. He is so engrossed to be anti-PR.
    I wish he keep quiet and learn more…and stop….making a fool of himself.
    Daily…he is a pain in the arse…with his stupid illogical message…….but once awhile…he does write some sensible stuffs…..showing…he is a one screw loose man…depending…where the wind blows..and half moon or full moon. No moon …ans calm sea…he is okay.


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