Join this group – support RPK

Someone has started a group called  “Support raja Petra Kamaruddin” in facebook. I have just come to know about this via an email from facebook. I have joined  as a member.

There will also be a candle light vigil at Dataran merdeka at 8pm tonight. (8th May).

For more info, please go to Haris Ibrahim’s blog:


I have also joined a new group , on the invitation of Lucia Lai. This is called BENAR.


BENAR is an initiative with the objective of triggering change. We want to get our message out to all segments of our population that press freedom is important to us as a nation. We want to stimulate the people to insist that they deserve a fair and free media. We want to inspire the journalist community to stand up and demand their rights and Dare to be Free. We want to apply pressure wherever necessary to make the change happen


Those interested can go to this link: Benar for a Free and Fair Media

One of the first act of this group is to petition for a Malaysian Freedom of Information Act. Pls go the the link above.


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  1. monsterball
    May 09, 2008 @ 00:06:36

    Step back …and don’t be too hasty DOC.!!
    RPK deserves all Malaysians support……but he has also to prove his writings are not rumor mongering stuffs.
    This is a very unique and brave man.
    I will do anything within my ability….to support him…getting justice….and not chosen to be bullied by the government….be it what he wrote…are true or false….but I will not join any tie myself case the said party….switch sides.
    I always admire DAP….but never is a member…and I sometimes..disagree with what they said or did. So be free… love the country as much as we all should love RPK for being truly a wonderful Malaysian.
    I will pray in my owe ways…for his health and happiness.
    Who is greater…the 5 now jailed at ISA…or RPK?
    So…why not join keDALan or DAP…where these 5 are active members…jailed for nearly two months now. Why do Malaysians easily forget?. Why no vigil candle light for them….every night…..numbers swelling more and more each night?


  2. romerz
    May 09, 2008 @ 01:58:31

    Dear monsterball,

    There is a difference between the Hindraf 5 and RPK.

    The Hindraf 5 took to the streets and at the same time encouraged others to do likewise. Please don’t get me wrong but I also believe they were forced into taking this action as they saw no other alternative to get attention for their plight unless a visible ruckus was made.

    In RPK’s instance, he incited no one to take to the streets. He did not encourage civil disobedience. He just asked questions and gave his personal version of his logic.

    Is that so wrong?

    To be the 1st blogger in Malaysia to be charged under the Sedition Act is way too much of an overkill.

    A more worrying question. If it can happen to such a high profile person as RPK is, what will happen to the rest of us ‘minnows’ who do not share the same views with the UMNO ultras?


  3. monsterball
    May 09, 2008 @ 04:23:33

    romerz……You have misread my point…or I may have not given..a good explaination.
    To say…..RPK writing does not influence readers….I disagree with you totally.
    And to say..RPK just ask questions…is somewhat….underestimating RPK’s character and abilities.. He seldom ask questions…he gives his points….sometimes..with convincing proofs….and most of the time….due to his excellent and special God gifted talent in writing..without proofs..yet so convincing.
    Did he ask question on Khairy Ibrahim chronicle?
    Are you very sure….it is all true?
    But is that not an exciting 32 chapters to read. How many bloggers can do that? Not one.
    He has written many many ….and I try not to fail reading any….but some…..I just glance through and laugh over his accusations or presumptions….or like you said….opinions…and some…whatever you want to call them..certainly not opinions…but an art…to get readers agree with him…like having doubts.
    He is simply.a great down to earth writer.
    But he is also …a powerful writer…with royal bloodline…….and political background!!!. He is …like a preacher…preaching through internet….and do get one hell of a lot followers.
    He even said himself….he receives at least… one million visitors a day. So …where is a more powerful blogger tan him?. He need not be one … taking to the street.. like Tian be famous.. One million visitors…means 30 millions per months. Who can beat him….and are all these 30 millions. Surely…majority….cannot be foreigners?
    Now is this a fact or fiction?
    I asked Jeff Ooi…he said it is fiction.
    So why do bloggers…even now…one lady blogger.blogging from overseas….bragging two million hits and her blog……..knowing it is not true…yet keep saying it? WHY??
    It is trying to gain as much mileages .hoping .. to be spotted for a better job..or one.if jobless…but RPK is established and special. He can get sponsors easily. That’s what makes him tick…boss of his owe….doing what he like best……getting paid .
    I am a die hard supporter of RPK….no matter what..he says…true or false….but I sometimes feel sorry for him…..keep courting trouble…now got it….so what’s next …are my thought.
    Hindraf….is direct and simple. I will not want to disagree or agree..with you…but it is through Hindraf…voter throw their vote to.. PR.
    So again..I am advising….cautions and calmness ….supporting an RPK party. He did not announce it. It may be a trying to make money…out of his situation….so becareful.
    Last I heard….he accepted bail…and stopped hunger strikes. That’s good….the show is over. Lets go forward ….to see another this brave fighting cock. Lets keep cool and calm…encouraging him…to finish his work….by convincing more to vote for PR….next election.
    This is what he s good at..and all Malaysians are hungry for change…even supported by the devil….Mahathir indirectly…is also welcome.
    RPK is indespensible to far as political blogging is concern. Most are instigators…putting out low class…fanning and fanning message .totally irresponsible…yet getting so many to comment. You see..political bloggers get most attentions…totalk cock and bull or serious stuffs.
    So we go hunting.
    For me.I hunt one.that do not lead me to be a hypocrite….or be someone else.I am not….so be careful in blogging. We may enjoy….but you may also loose your soul to a .. political blogger..out to get a job…blogging and …claiming to be an NGO…saying he/she is blogging for TRUTHS….that’s the biggest bullshit blogger you can ever get.
    It is a is blogging for…especially from political bloggers..and they will say get attentions.
    Do you know….I am the most exposed commentator…done by one blogger…to please few political bloggers…two years ago…..and above all….trying to get a job a….as an investigator.? This low down blogger is faceless and no home address…exposed all of me…and his mane is Simon Wee..claiming to be an active MCA member.
    I confronted him at Chua Soi Lek’s blog…hoping Chua will help me…as he was exposed in different ways……hahahahahaha..and we are on the same boat….stripped naked in front of the whole world…by faceless ..nameless cowards…but he allows Simon{if that’s is his real name} to keep commenting. Now…I just wait and read .


  4. lucia
    May 09, 2008 @ 09:23:17

    thanks dr hsu for joining BENAR group. i’m sure we can count on your support.


  5. Dr Hsu
    May 09, 2008 @ 09:31:03

    Lucia, I thank you for inviting me.

    I join because I believe in freedom of expression. I walked in Dataran last night, wanting to join the vigil, not for RPK personally, but for the bigger issue of Freedom of speech and of course showing my suppport for the call to abolish ancient law like the ISA and Sedition ACt.

    Keep up the good work, Lucia.


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