Help the Burmese !

Last year, after the military Junta indiscrimately killed thousands of monks after they went on to the street to protest, I wrote a post “The Burmese Way to Facism”  in which I qouted an article from Fast Eastern E review. I received 2 emails from  Burmese thanking me for highlighting the problem and the post was also quoted on one of the Burmese forum site.

Burma used to be the rice bowl of Asia, and at around the time of our Independence, Burma was about on par with us. But with dictatorship and military junta ruling thecountry for decades, the country has become one of the poorest in the world.

There is a Chinese saying, if your roof has leaks, there will be heavy storms coming. True enough, cyclone NArgis swept the country and it is now feared that the death toll can be as high as 100,000.

While UN and many countires are preparing to help , providing necessary medical supplies and essential food stuff, the Military Junta is not cooperating. 

This is the latest AP report :

 Myanmar‘s refusal to give visas to relief experts is “unprecedented” in the history of humanitarian work, the United Nations charged Friday.

A spokesman of the World Food Program says the organization has submitted 10 visa applications around the world, including six in Bangkok, Thailand, and none of have been granted.

Spokesman Paul Risley said Friday “the frustration caused by what appears to be a paperwork delay is unprecedented in modern humanitarian relief efforts.”

Myanmar’s military government said more than 62,000 people died or are missing in a cyclone that hit the country’s Irrawaddy delta last Saturday. The junta says it needs international aid but not the foreign experts and staff to deliver it

Where in the world would a government behave in such a manner? It is their own people that are dying and suffering and yet the government seems not to care. They want the aids but not the experts, is it because they want to keep the food and medicine for themselves? Or sell it in black market?

These people have no feelings, and if they have no feelings, they do not deserve to be called human at all.

I pray with the Burmese people. They have really suffered enough. Hope that the day they become their own boss will soon come and hope that all of them can live a life of peace and freedom.

I will post some of the photos from Reuters :

aerial view of destruction

dead body foreground. Ten of thousands died

whole village gone leaving the dead

monks are helping to clear debris. Where are the army?

water water everywhere, not a single drop to spare. They need to queue for water.

houses were flattened

lucky to have home like this.

Poor children begging for food.


Help the Burmese!!!

 Read also this excellent report in the Economist


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. romerz
    May 09, 2008 @ 17:34:13

    By retaining control of the distribution of aid, the ruling junta can ensure that aid will reach the military and their families 1st thus ensuring their loyalty which in turn secures their grip on power.


  2. romerz
    May 09, 2008 @ 22:21:45

    Dr Hsu,

    I saw a small article in ‘The Star’ today about the Myanmar tragedy which made me think twice about my original perception of PAS.

    The article is titled “PAS send relief team” and in essence says that PAS is sending a 3-man team to Myanmar to provide assistance to the victims of Cyclone Nargis.

    Now I’m not doubting their intentions but seriously what can 3 men do?

    The point I’m trying to make here is that it is a very good public relations move. Think of it, PAS a political party that preaches all things Islam is helping a predominantly Buddhist country in need. They are trying desperately hard to show a softer image.

    On the other hand do we hear anything from Gerakan? Unless they are getting poor press, it would seem that Gerakan has withdrawn back into its ‘invisible’ mode.

    Another thing that surprised me about PAS is their embrace of IT. I wonder how many people know that there is a PAStv.

    Even the government is only showing half an hour of parliament proceedings a day whereas PAStv shows the whole proceedings of parliament ‘live’ daily from 10am to 5.30pm, Monday to Thursday, on the internet.

    Now this got me thinking why would they want to do this given their support base is mostly rural Malays? I think they are now targeting the urban Malays and at the same time showing a softer side to the non-Malays that we have no reason to fear them.

    In short, I’m saying that their new breed of leaders comprising more of technocrats than ulamaks are strategizing well.

    Mark my words, once the older hardline ulamaks are no more, PAS is going to be a dominant force on the political scene.

    On the other hand, what is Gerakan doing? Not much by the look of things.

    Food for thought?


  3. jeff
    May 09, 2008 @ 22:54:46

    Burma military regime has profited from the suffering and hardship of Burmese people in the past, it is business as usual for them to cash in again during this tragic event too by keeping international relief items to themselves instead of the masses.


  4. steven
    May 10, 2008 @ 00:33:04

    International aids already being delivered to Burma but were seized by the cold blooded military, the masses are not getting any from it, they become the property of the regime waiting for the paperwork to go through! How sick it is….


  5. Gerakanwatcher
    May 10, 2008 @ 09:22:43

    romerz, even MCA seems to be more vocal. Ong Ka Ting welcome the syariah judgement, Ong Tee Keat asked UMNO never used Ketuanan again. There is one party which seems to have withdrawn into its own shell. Granted there are coffee talks weekly, but do they really serve any purpose? If they are as brave talking outside as during coffee talks (just like coofee shops talk), it would have won the hearts of the people long long time ago.

    They should have commended the court on the conversion issue. Should have issued statement of condolence to the BUrmese, should have blasted the use of Sedition Act, should have blasted UMNo for too much of politicking.

    That is why a lot of ordinary membrs are asking, what is the party doing?


  6. Dr Hsu
    May 10, 2008 @ 09:34:57

    Romerz, I think what Gerakanwatcher said is true. I do not want to add anything more.

    What you overheard during the election night during vote counting as mentioned in one of your earlier comments represents the true situation inside.


  7. monsterball
    May 10, 2008 @ 10:38:04

    2500 years ago….Buddha saw India had three classes of people….The Kings…Holy Ones…..advising the Kings…and the Untouchables.
    Today is the change…Dictators…cruel governments…replacing the Kings…..cunning dangerous religious figures ..playing politics…and the poor victims.
    It’s still the three……divided by the three….greed…money…and pleasures.
    Money is all mighty to governments. Money is power. Rob..steal..cheat….does not matter…as long as there is money for the party and for themselves….the chances of success to run a government is tilting….overwhelming in their favours.
    History have repeated true stories..from the Roman Empires… European countries and now clearly in Asian countries….all have same patterns. Again the three.
    First… need to start a war. That must be for all they say. Religions and politicians co-operations are the best combinations for success.Then win and start the process. These strange bed fellows…actually do not have anything in common..yet they agree.
    I guess….controlling the minds can be said…is the magnet to draw them….to be … close buddies.
    The game starts…2500 years ago…on going and going….and a never ending….fight to the finish for good or evil…from the untouchables…now call freedom fighters……the real patriotic citizens of any country. Good over evil….and money tempts the good to cross over to evil………the cycle of life…goes on and on.
    For without all these….the world is a dull place to live…so dull….it may be mistaken as Paradise or Heavenly life!!
    People love challenges….excitements…thrills…wine…women and songs….to live in exciting lives. That’s what life is worthwhile …to live…by majority populations of the world….and nothing can change that….until….big bang…bang it up….and start life all over again.
    Strange as it may seem….big bang will be created by ourselves… we are so smart ….we can even destroy god gifted natural things……to challenge nature… and the unseen….very soon.
    The “Star Wars”..will become more fiction. Gone is Earthlings.. We are just a ‘thing”…as the devil has taken over. It will be the real fight…good against evil…for all living things.


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