Racial politics and Brain Drain

cartoon from the Economist.


The most important asset of a country is not its natural resources, but rather human resources. This is especially true in a knowledge based economy, which of course will be the trend in future if not already the trend in most of the western countries.

My daughter, who is in her final year medicine in Auckland, told me that a team of SIngapore recruitment officers have just visited Auckland and talked to the Malaysian students there, offering job and training prospect for the final year students once they graduate. My daughter also told me that over the last few years, quite a lot of her Malaysian seniors, after graduating from medical courses in NZ, have gone to Singapore to work as house-officers and subsequently stayed back in Singapore for their postgraduate training.

Similar teams are sent to Australia and UK for recruiting Malaysians there to work in Singapore.

ABout a year ago, in one of the articles in Reuters, this was reported:

Malaysia is counting on bright, ambitious people like Tan Chye Ling for its future, to lead it away from manufacturing and into the knowledge age.

But the 32-year-old scientist, a post-graduate in molecular biology, is not counting on Malaysia to look after her future.

“I felt very suppressed in Malaysia,” said Tan, who moved to neighbouring Singapore, the region’s pace-setter for biotech investment, after a decade of study and research in Malaysia.

“I have benefited from the better research environment and salary scheme here. Things are much smoother,” she said by phone from the National University of Singapore where she is studying dust mites and allergies.

Tan estimates that 60 percent of the research teams she works with in Singapore are from Malaysia, despite her country’s efforts over several years to develop a biotech industry.

The Malaysian government unveiled plans last March to spend $553.3 million over five years to boost research, attract foreign investment and build new facilities. But its efforts are wasted unless it can retain more talented people like Tan.

“By the time we have the research environment in place, every other country would have taken a slice of the biotech investment pie,” said Iskandar Mizal, head of the state-run Malaysian Biotech Corporation which oversees the government’s strategy.

There is a serious problem facing Malaysia and that is the problem of Brain Drain. Why are Malaysians overseas not coming back to work?

Well, pay may be part of the reasons but is not the main reason. Singapore recruitment team offered Malaysian students there a salary which is a few times they would expect to get in Malaysia….S$40,000 a yr for houseman after tax ( equivalent to RM86000) which is about 5 times the pay of a houseman in Malaysia.

But, as I say, pay is not the main problem. The living expenses Overseas is high. And for a person working overseas, the loneliness and the stress level is also high. So not everyone opts to work overseas because of pay. Many would not mind to work for lesser pay if they can stay near to their loved ones.

Why do people choose to work overseas, away from their loved ones ?

Malaysia has many state-of-the-arts hospitals and research centres, which may even be the envy of many overseas countries. But hardware alone would not attract these experts to come home. In the medical fields, I have so many friends /classmates working overseas, many in world renowned centres. Why do they do that?

Some of my classmates and friends did come back as specialists. After working a few years ( many lasted a few months) , most get disillusioned and went off. There is really not much prospect of career advancement. How many can hope to become a professor, even when they are an acknowledged expert in their field? On the other hands , lesser beings are being promoted to professorship for doing much less.

How many of them can have any say about how things are to be run? How many of them can blend into the local team where the work attitude is vastly different from that overseas? 

There is an unwritten rule that even if the person is very good, the head of the team has to be someone from a certain ethnic group who may not even be half as good as him.

In everyday life, some become disillusioned with the corruption, the red tape and tidak apa attitude of the officialdom. For an overseas doctor applying to work home, the application can take up to 6 months to get approved, whereas, SIngapore sends teams overseas to recruit them on the spot, giving them forms to fill and offering them jobs immediately as long as they pass their final examination. See the difference?

It is the sense of being wanted and being appreciated that make these people stay overseas. Back here, they are often made to feel that they are of a lower class; they do not feel wanted and they do not feel appreciated…. That is the main reason.

For those with children , the education system puts them off. Even school children can feel being discriminated, one glaring example is the 2 systems in PreUniversity education.

All these make them pack their bags and off they go again, leaving behind their parents perhaps, siblings, friends they grew up together, favouite food that is often not available overseas. No one likes to be like this; circumstances and a sense of being recognised for their worth make them go away…It is really sad.

Parents spend huge amount of money educating them, but the ones who benefit are the Singaporeans, the Americans,the  AUstralian, the British and so on. As long as race politics is not done away with, this problem of brain drain will continue and Malaysia will always lack behind the advanced countries, no matter how many twin towers and Putrajayas we build.


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  1. ahmadjek
    May 14, 2008 @ 12:15:38

    At first the race is a race equals. No, it’s not a short distance race, but a marathon. When we decided to give a “tongkat” to one, it does not help at all. It becomes a burden to the one with the “tongkat”.

    The one without “tongkat” has fire in his mind, body & soul. It is not necessarily good, but it fuels the desire to get more.

    Talk to the farmers in NZ when the government removed subsidies & see where they are now.

    In Malaysia’s race with Singapore, the same can be seen.


  2. monsterball
    May 14, 2008 @ 12:20:12

    For 50 years..the clever Malaysian Chinese migrate or leave…to work overseas….and not one attempt is made by UMNO or MCA to understand the reasons. Both of them understand ..the reasons… very well. Worst is MCA…pretending all these 50 years.
    Being treated as second class citizens….race and religion politics…always under a Malay…no matter how smart or hard working you are….but sorry…not a Malay. It’s not productivities…..UMNO is after. It’s loyalty to their party.
    Malays are so unproductive….that by paying more by the government…to get best results …..is not logical… out of this world….for those lazy blokes.
    Singapore is nothing…without the thousands of Malaysian Chinese and Indians working there.
    Our country have been f…ed up by UMNO and BN far too long.
    Have you ever seen any developed and good country….in the world…with their smartest leaving their country….to work overseas?
    It is always….the poorest… leaving to work overseas….difficult to get jobs ..in their own country.
    Malaysia have a combinations of both…almost 100% are Chinese….yet UMNO and MCA claim….no race discriminations.
    What bloody bullshitters and hypocrites…they are.


  3. monsterball
    May 14, 2008 @ 12:32:17

    But the Malaysian Chinese is partly to be blamed.
    They are not cowards…but simply the most selfish and disunited overseas Chinese….people on Earth.
    Here in Malaysia…Harun Id stirred up racial riots in 1939. By right….the Chinese community…should unite..but no…they avoided trouble….and started migrating…..becoming a habit……all these 50 years.
    MCA and Gerakan were the Chinese hopes…to voice all these out. One word …’sensitive issue”…they shut their mouths!!!
    It needs demonstrations..protest walks…to confront them.
    Now it is done……MCA and Gerakan …including MIC..should bow their heads in shame.
    UMNO..never learn….so are MCA and Gerakan.


  4. jamesloh
    May 14, 2008 @ 12:49:54

    few yrs back we were approached by singapore education promotors, my son did his application n now he is doing his final yr in accountancy..n my daughter joined the singapore air force.
    we felt much comfortable for our kids there, bothspeak very good mandarin now.as china is one super economic power..reckoned mandarin would be very important. i leave u to add yr lines then !


  5. duke cheng
    May 14, 2008 @ 13:08:28

    they knew all these adversed effects all the time. but it is definitely not anywhere close to their agenda.. so why should they bloody address this evil problem?

    they definitely dont have the country’s interest at heart.. only they own interest. they have to continue to harp on racial calls to stay in power. that is their ulterior motive. staying in power means they can continue to serve their greedy needs. after all, its easy to be a millionaire in malaysia.. just play politics.

    sad case for malaysia.


  6. yh
    May 14, 2008 @ 13:19:14

    just as a thought. sure, the government is well aware of the brain drain problem but why no action is taken to stop this. anything to do with “ketuanan” policy?


  7. Dr Hsu
    May 14, 2008 @ 14:31:53

    Ont Tee Keat has rightly said that Ketuanan means a relationship between master and slaves.

    Even if a slave is very clever and very well educated and an expert in his field, he will forever, in the eyes of the master, be a slave… This type of thinking is medieval and obsolete in the modern world, but 50 yrs after independence , we are still lingering around this sort of raced based politics. There will not be good progress if this is not discarded.

    Imagine what Malaysia would have become if all its talents and brains came back to work for the past 50 yrs. We wold have beaten Korea, Taiwan and be on par with the most advanced economy….We really missed the boat by not looking far enough. Short sighted racial policy retards everyone, including the ones given clutches.


  8. romerz
    May 14, 2008 @ 15:09:02

    There is no sense of belonging for the minorities to the land called Malaysia. We are constantly reminded that we’re are here only because the dominant race was kind enough to grant us citizenship, and the generations that followed are here by accident of birth.

    I think the root cause of the problem goes further back than just not practicing meritocracy. I think before this nation can even address the issue of meritocracy, we have to dig deeper into the minds of the dominant race why they are so fearful of the minorities?

    On our part, we have to try to understand their fears, real or imagined, then convince them that our success equates to the nation’s success which in turn will bring greater opportunities for all, irrespective of race, so long as you’re Malaysian.

    Until we understand their paranoia, and then sincerely convince them it is the minorities who are actually more fearful, maybe then only real cooperation for nation building begin.

    All other measures taken now are no more than short-term measures and cosmetic actions.


  9. taksin
    May 14, 2008 @ 15:10:00

    Tun Razak told Harry Lee 45 years ago that it was not brain drain but trouble drain. What he meant was all the professionals migrating were trouble rousers and we were better off without them. Little did Harry Lee realised that he is going to be a beneficiary of these trouble drain. I guessed that 45 years forward and we are still the same and as long as you do not belong to the same creed you can go where you want. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Nobel prize laurette but it does matter if your name sounds like Sufiah.


  10. Dr Hsu
    May 14, 2008 @ 15:36:49

    If the country is doing well, there will be more taxes, more development, more scholarship , and everyone irrepspective of race will benefit, as I have been harping in my earlier articles.

    By adopting a policy that retard the growth of all in order to give clutches to the indigenous people, it actually retards the whole population, including the indigenous people.

    That is why I have always advocated in a policy that gives help to the poor regardless of race, so that the richer one from the indigenous race can be spurred to work hard to compete; and I am sure they are as competent as the people from other races.

    The poorer ones from the indegenious race need not worry, as such policies will help the poor from all races including them.

    Imagine giving a discount of few hundred thousands to a rich millionaire buying a bungalow worth millions of dollars; there is just no logic in that.

    Giving APs to one who is already multi millionaires would not benefit the real poor….The villagers, the padi farmers and the fishermen.

    The vote in MArch 8 shows that people on bith sides of the fence would not agree to race based policies anymore, and this is the time to change to a policies of help based on social strata. People who need help will be given assistance; people who can stand on their own will compete fairly.


  11. daffodils
    May 14, 2008 @ 16:02:46

    This was a letter that I sent to the Stareducation under the following heading. See how unfair the odds are stacked against the STPMers.

    Common exam for all.

    LET us stop arguing about which programme is better or tougher, matriculation or the STPM. Let us put this debate to rest, once and for all, and try instead to be fair to students who aspire to enter local universities. In other words, let us have a common exam – yes, just one pre-university exam.

    Letters published in StarEducation over the last two weeks have seen many readers sharing their thoughts about STPM and matriculation.

    The letter “Both have pros and cons” (StarEducation, July 1) said that matriculation programmes ease the students’ financial problems as they are given an allowance of RM1,000 each, per semester. This is indeed a help for students from poor financial backgrounds.

    STPM students do not get to enjoy this aid.

    Please note that some students who opt to take STPM do so because they have been unsuccessful in their application for matriculation programmes, or cannot afford the pre-U programmes offered by private colleges, most of which will burn a big hole in their pockets.

    Those doing STPM are also disadvantaged as their programme takes one-and-a-half years to complete while matriculation students do theirs in 10 months. This results in matriculation students saving a year when they apply for local universities.

    The writer was unsure if matriculation students are given priority in the university intake. I think a simple statistical check will show whether this is true or not, especially for critical courses like medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, chemical engineering, law and accountancy.

    It was also mentioned that candidates who apply for competitive courses in popular universities face greater competition and hence stand a higher chance of rejection. But how do we explain the number of students with good results who are not given the course of their choice?

    The letter “STPM is not superior” (StarEducation, July 1) said that the Malaysian Government should be applauded for implementing the matriculation programme where students do not study for the sake of taking “the big exam at the end of the year”.

    If that is the case, and matriculation is better than the STPM, why don’t we let all students take up the matriculation programme?

    Yes, it is true that STPM students have to keep facts in their heads for a longer period compared to their matriculation counterparts.

    But then, what choice do the STPM students have?

    They do not have the flexibility to opt for modular exams. If anything, they should be pitied as they have the mammoth task of trying to cram everything in and entrusting their future on only one big exam.

    I think there is no end to this debate, so the best thing is to let all students sit for one common entry exam.

    That should be fair, shouldn’t it?


  12. noyawns
    May 14, 2008 @ 16:50:28

    This is not new – it has been ging on for the last 30+ years : the brain drain.

    It starts at Std 6 – ASEAN scholrships skims of some of the best to S’pore. Then at Form 5, many leave for overseas due to the lousy uni/college entry selection criteria and curriculum, and again after F6.

    If you have a professional egre and relavant experience, the first time you have a work permit application in S’pore; the form already asks if you wish to be a PR.

    And to top it all off, any of these immigrants, know that if their kids have the ability and dream to be the next PM of Singapore, NZ, Australia, etc, that kid can be! But not in Malaysia – where after 5 generations, if you are not a Malay, and a Muslim, it’s not even a starting point.

    So, how??


  13. Dr Hsu
    May 14, 2008 @ 16:54:16

    Noyawns, good question. How? Those of us stubborn enouh to remain, voice out and try to change the mindsets of our Malays brothers so that together , we change this system of race politics.

    Many younger Malays are already seeing the point that race based policies will retard the country and will never unify the country.

    Keep talking until we drop dead…


  14. novice101
    May 14, 2008 @ 17:32:03

    The brain drain is a serious problem for Malaysia’s future, but what do they (the self-serving BN politicians) care? It doesn’t bring benefits to their pockets now, so all they do is just pay lip-service.
    How many of them really care about the nation’s well-being?

    Even those who they managed to convince to return will eventually leave again because there is ‘kulitfication’ being practised in the area of career advancement. Disillusion is a big disappointment. Most of these professionals just want to concentrate on doing their work, why do they have to take on themselves the extra burden of having to fight a biased system.

    The government has spent quite a huge sum of money to try and boost the biol-technology sectoe. But all we see is the impressive buildings, devoid of the qualified personnel. Why only the buildings and equipments – because these are areas which ‘fatten’ pockets.


  15. A true Malaysian
    May 14, 2008 @ 18:04:26

    Unless the Malays are willing to become a race that is ‘progressive’ of the true meaning and sense, it is very hard for other races to convince them on the issue of brain drain and meritocracy.

    In saying this, I don’t mean all Malays think that way. We can see in the blogs that a number of them are very much with ‘progressive’ thinking. I don’t need to point out who are they as most of us know who they are.

    Proficiency in English is another problem facing by the Malays, especially those in villages. This has resulting in a very big gap between these two group of Malays, and also result in ‘cut-off’ of their mentality with the rest of the world.

    Malaysia really need to ‘overhaul’ the whole system in order to be an advance country. Slogan and vision alone are meaningless to me.

    Reverting back to meritocracy and English is a good start for this ‘overhauling’ process. What is the use of championing own languages and culture if one ‘bangsa’ couldn’t compete with others?


  16. omo
    May 14, 2008 @ 19:17:34


    Before may 13, Chinese show great interest in Politics. During Vietnam war, they demostrated in the streets and when Lydon Johnson US President visit Malaysia. Also the labour party and the Socialist party under PG Lim did a lot of demostration. The Labour and Socialist party united and form the Socialist Front. But at that time, where are the Malays? All happy under UMNO or PMIP. Even PPP in Ipoh march in KL at one time.

    They are voicing what BN Government is doing. Look at LKS – trying to dig out Bank Bumi loses and many misdeeds done by BN Government. At the end, there is no support fom the malays because they think it is like race vs race. The malays only recently react.
    Another unique thing is why non-Malay parties like Gerakan, PPP, DAP wanted to be multi-racial party are unble to recruit malays. But Chinese are joining Malay base parties like PAS and PKR. In this term do you also think Chinese are selfish and should be united?


  17. jamesloh
    May 14, 2008 @ 20:20:49

    step one remove yr own respective leaders start there not here !


  18. monsterball
    May 14, 2008 @ 20:47:32

    omo…..Overseas Chinese are by nature….very selfish….regardless….which country they belong to.
    It is due to lack of good educations and somewhat…..rightly so….if they are only 5% of the whole population of a country…like Indonesia.
    However..oversea Chinese are proven hard working and successful…due to their thriftiness and sharp pair of eyes….plus slog slog slog….never say die attitudes. Then …when they succeeded and become rich… ..very influential with their 5%..like in Indonesia….they need to contribute to the country’s growth. The recent killings of so many Chinese in Indonesia…..especially in Solo city…..is a clear sign of what they deserved…and leaned from that sad episode.
    Here in Malaysia….oversea Chinese stood at one time….32% of the whole populations….plus the economic powers….they held. Here ….Malaysian Chinese are infect….so powerful…so generous…so understanding….agreeing to co-operate….making sure Malays come up…with special privileges given to them. There is no disagreement in that wise decisions..made by Tan Cheng Lock and others.
    But some 26 years ago…..the Malays have actually achieved the 35% quota….and right now….more than 50%!!!…..that’ my personal opinion…but definitely…have reached the promised quota.
    However…Malaysian Chinese….seems to believe….Malays need to spend their money..and indirectly will benefit…them …as smart traders.
    Thus…the selfish..cunning and calculative Chinese plough …on and on…….happily making money…without….thinking of the country…without ….thinking about the poor Indians or Malays…without thinking ….time to unite as one race….the Malaysians.
    Yes…omo….oversea Chinese are very selfish and calculative…only for personal benefits.
    How do you think UMNO can survive for 50 years…playing race and religion politics….if MCA and Gerakan do not co-operate??
    Mainland China…..have shown to their overseas Chinese…how to unite. They never learn. That’s why Mainland China people….somewhat despise Malaysians Chinese in their hearts….but never show them outwardly. They know alot.
    Yes..we are no more Chinese….but we cannot deny our roots…so rich and powerful.
    Are we like them? Afterall..we are actually like them.
    Remember!!…all over the world…the most overseas Chinese is right here in Malaysia. Forget Singapore. That’s the only country… making China so proud.
    Two are chosen….to be China’s advisers.
    Go …figure that out.


  19. monsterball
    May 14, 2008 @ 21:00:20

    Then …only recently….Malaysian Chinese are showing some changes….care for country and Malaysia more …than themselves.
    Yes….omo…now is better…but don’t count your blessings too soon.
    Lets hope Malaysian Chinese do not value money as almighty…but the priceless opportunity..to be united as one race….as Malaysians …. more important than personal benefits and lives.
    Action speaks louder than words…so let the Chinese act…..again …next election…supporting People’s Party….to give their children and grand children…what they all deserved….at par with all races…as Malaysians
    Ofcourse…if People’s Party is proven lousy….then we are in deep shit trouble….and I am so happy…no eyes see…as long gone dead!


  20. A true Malaysian
    May 14, 2008 @ 22:35:54

    Chinese, by nature, are hardworking, thrifty, never say die attitude. That is why they can survive in any part of the world. There is a saying, Chinese can be found anywhere, so long the place can reach by sunshine.

    Chinese always look at its own family before looking at bigger picture to help others. Perhaps, because of this, Chinese is seen as a selfish people. I think it is not being fair to the Chinese here.

    But, generation after generation, things have changed. In the context of Malaysia, Chinese begin to realise that its contribution to the economy in Malaysia does not equate with fair treatment by BN government. More so, the tax revenue collected from them were not being spent wisely and effectively.

    That is why, many start to realise the important of politics in order to get a fair deal over the economic management of a country. Is this too much what the Chinese are asking for?

    All in all, if policies are fair and equitable, and practise meritocracy, all races will be benefited. We have spent too much unproductive time since merdeka over the issue of race and religion. We need to be realistic or else, Malaysia will be lacking behind many countries.


  21. noyawns
    May 14, 2008 @ 23:10:42

    Dr Hsu: “Keep talking till we drop dead”

    Agree with you – so that’s why we are all here in the blogs! Carry on plugging!


  22. jeff
    May 15, 2008 @ 01:44:49

    If Malaysia’s politician care about the country, they will not have resort to racist policy to govern us. Self enrichment is very much the top priority of our present corrupt power rather than well being of the nation, “brain drain” has cost nothing in the pocket book of Malaysia’s politicians except prospect of becoming an advance nation.


  23. monsterball
    May 15, 2008 @ 03:14:17

    ‘Keep Talking till we drop dead” is not the solution.
    UMNO will say….”So what? We rule….and we will do as we like”
    What then?
    All Malaysians….UNITE..and vote them out..is he ONLY solution.
    Ah…but yes….talk till we drop dead…to open the mind of selfish voters…open minds of their members….to think of the country….and not the party….to think of all Malaysians….and not by race and religion……to feels as Malaysians…so good…so right and so rich…and not be blinded by crooked politicians..bribing them with hand-phones….motor cycles..TV sets..some making small profits.. as favored candidates… in small tenders….making enough to survive… and UMNO demands their a…undying loyalties……to UMNO….as if the whole country belong to them. .as those caught in their traps.are their slaves. Open your eyes!!….and see how filthy rich they are …dressed up with titles….Datuk….Tan Sri…Tun…..programmed to belittle Malaysians……..treating them like Kings…and we are their rightful slaves.
    Very very sad…..are those with titles…truly given to deserving Malaysians..are…..lumped up with crooks. That’s their motives….to confuse…deceive…to bribe. This is so clear….under Mahathir and Dollah. Can’t we all see the differences…from past UMNO leaders??
    Yes….for those that are blind…stubborn and short sighted..selfish and conceited…..yes…we need to talk ….till we drop dead.
    And if my messages can convince just few.. pro UMNO to change..to vote for People’s Party….in next election….I consider my job….well done…for the country……as I am a simple coming 70 year old Malaysian….with no selfish ulterior motives….but for the love of the country and future generations…never for myself.


  24. monsterball
    May 15, 2008 @ 03:28:44

    Malaysian Chinese…migrated or work elsewhere.
    Thousands of Chinese company went bankcrupt..due to Mahathir quarreling with Tunku Razaleigh….making all banks lost confidence in Malaysia…started… recalling loans…..90% suffered are Chinese. WHERE WERE MCA AND GERAKAN….MIC????
    Sure…Mahathir could not care less. He is such a racialist…….and a real sly fox..that ..he can even play his own race…divide to rule….to weaken them…feeling safe that way….as a dictator. So who are Malaysian Chinese to him….nobody!!? Only if a Malaysian Chinese.. pleases him…he will be generous. so what type of leader is Mahathir??
    Do Malaysian Chinese want to get rich…without principles in life….without dignity…accepting to be second class citizens? I am ashamed …to be call a Malaysia Chinese….knowing few of my type are like those I described.
    They are animals….not humans…..selling our rights….for personal gains…and that is MCA and Gerakan..including MIC.


  25. monsterball
    May 15, 2008 @ 04:26:59

    Looking at the plane….I just recalled MAS is copying wholesale…..everything… Air Asia is doing.
    Red plane design….offer free tickets….publish adverts in red. You name them..MAS proudly copy them.
    Is not pirating….or in plain language…copying….something .our government is trying so hard to get rid off?
    MAS is owned by our country..our National airline…..managed by UMNO …on our behalf of Malaysians.
    One thing is certain….copycats…can copy all things..but never can copy the original brains…thus MAS is infect….telling all..MAS is not the best…Air Asia is!!!
    UMNO must be very proud…can copy others..but keep raiding small fries….selling copy DVDs…mostly Malaysian Chinese run companies.
    Here is a classic example….a more than 60 years old …our Malaysians Air System….copying a new comer!! What more shame does UMNO want to bring to Malaysians.
    And Air Asia….need to becareful….not to offend UMNO!! One false move…license cancelled…..back to monopoly…..to sleep on the job..yet can be successful… did that to Star…many years ago…Strait Times never had it so good….punishment cancelled….now see what is Straits Times…..miles behind Star!!
    So many clear signs…..UMNO is good for nothing…only good to play race and religion dirty….filthy….sinful politics….enriching themselves…..supported by half past sixes…. idiots.
    Our country will go bankcrupt….if UMNO keeps managing it.


  26. monsterball
    May 15, 2008 @ 07:59:09

    UMNO management:…
    1. Universities….we ranked 200+ in the world…while Singapore is ranked 3rd. even India is ranked 3rd in Asia…so said Anwar.
    2. Proton cars designs are copied. Mahathir was so happy with …”Gen.2″….putting his thump up…what happen? Only idiots will keep producing a car…for very small size people. They did at with ‘Satra”….failed…and repeatred again.
    3. S.Times….from money making to..loosing money for donkey years. No class..a clear controlled paper..hero worship UMNO only.in politics.
    4. MAS….copycat…and most of e time loosing money!!
    5. Mara….produces useless diplomas by the tons….fooling Malays…with their low class lessons. No one in commercial firms….ever recognized Mara’s certificates. Poor Malays students…love to get useless diplomas.
    6.If Koranic lectures are true to the hearts and minds….why do we have so many blind and sinful Islamic people here in Malaysia? Qualifying corruptions is not sinful…robbing and stealing not sinful…against enemies. You get what you preached!! So Dollah should know. Why so many crooks in UMNO….fooling their own race…divide them…to rule…bluff them….bribe them..for votes?? Create fear in politics. Using ISA and Sedition Act…..to shut people’s mouths. Do Prophet Mohammad teach all these??
    So…….young readers…get the list…and find out the truths of UMNO…..simply good for nothing. Only good to talk big….show off….and are mostly thieves leaders…encouraging all to be corrupted….no sin.
    Then our famous ones…the Police and the… Judicial Dept.
    Are not all these…proofs beyond any doubt…UMNO is full of shit???


  27. Ahpek
    May 15, 2008 @ 09:47:40

    “Keris” waving racist barbarians are expert in sending death threat to other races, not in governing the country, they also want to continue their NS failed program so more Malaysians can die before real cause is found, what kind of “pig” will ignore the loss of innocent Malaysian life ?


  28. iamyuanwu
    May 15, 2008 @ 11:01:58

    Good one.
    We really need to understand their paranoia and fears. we can’t just look at everything from our points of view only.


  29. monsterball
    May 15, 2008 @ 12:28:03

    Being paranoia…mistrusting others…is not what UMNO suffering from. It is selfish Malaysians…..to each his/her own..especially by the Malaysian Chinese…..because they are the smartest selfish….race in Malaysia.
    Fears usually comes from weak minds or guilty ones…not focusing on the seriousness of the issues…involving the future of their love ones.
    Just look at the Malays….fearless….when come to defend their race and religion…indirectly….defending their rights…poisoned by UMNO and PAS into their minds…as sons and daughters of the souls…the landlords.
    For unity and help each other…Malaysian Chinese and Indians are far far behind Malaysian Malays. That was the root cause of Malaysians failures…. and the successful formula applied by UMNO and PAS….race and religion politics.
    Yes..I blame MCA and Gerakan MIC….for what we are today..supporting race and religion politics…knowing it is out-dated long long ago.
    Written by me….does not mean my personal opinions only!
    It is opinions of majority patriotic..Malaysians.


  30. jamesloh
    May 15, 2008 @ 13:21:32

    of all civiliazation the chinese survive till today n days to come.chinese is too general,,u have a taiwanese chinesem a hkie chinese china chinesem sinaporean chinese,,when u put all togather over a dinning table..are they the chinese in general u think they are?
    the shell are the same but..the thinking are totally different, i been in china long enough,,i dont see myself a chinese but an oriental chinese comiong here to do a biz and go back,how long depend have i made enough!
    each time i come back to kl ,,i did attended some of the smi conventions, round tables tables ,,these biz men are so arrogant n think that they have 200 workers drive a benz, a semi d factory..few houses are successful.all they have are complaint abt the govt n the banks unwillingness.500 workers , 2000 workers are so common here, a turnover of 50mil usd is no big deal here.malaysia 2nd board counters are miserably performing owning a second board , malaysians act as they are already there as u ahve seen in 1997.the core is not complain but change within our framework ,change our thinking, pay consultants to lead u toa greater heigh! we malaysian want free ideas free advice n never pay ! we shot our toes actually.if one is biz minded n haver foresight move out ! dont sit in n grumbling till the cows come home.on one to one we are far behind those players in vietnam, thailand.
    the point is ? get out n bulid yr biz outside..there are so many opportunites here ..the spin of caSH flow is so rapid..we are just too comfortable..
    the sm i association are run with a hype of many members as perceived.its run by a group of (mca) jokers ! using this platform to raise money by giving out award (you pay basis) n the banks, sponsors n public think this is one hugh association ! back to the chinese ?
    there is nothing to grumble..its rather wasteful running around ..either we stop or move on!
    the world is our market place..malaysia is just too small. its time we unlearn.. change or we die !

    the chinese race always be there with or without our malaysian chinese !there is no trophy !


  31. jamesloh
    May 15, 2008 @ 13:25:38

    get out the world is ours to conquer !


  32. chauncey gardener
    May 15, 2008 @ 15:47:59

    The UK provides a good pointer.

    Head of Economics in the prestigious LSE is Danny Quah, a Malaysian who would not have achieved such a lead role in a local University.

    A woman named Sufiah has politicians of a certain ilk clamouring to provide Malaysian (tax payers) money to fund her studies in UK due to her high achieving scores, despite the fact that she is British.

    Priorities all wrong – simple as that !


  33. pohwatchdog
    May 15, 2008 @ 21:03:04

    It is time the Malaysia government should look why people migrate elsewhere and not back to their beloved countries. If Singapore government can goes to recruit doctors in Auckland, the Health lMinistry can do that do. Do we need BM credit to serve our patients? We need to revise our policy based on meritocracy. Multi racial politic is the answer to our problems. We are Malaysians.

    When I asked a Indonesian why they choose Malaysia? They answer back Bapak, government Singapore rotanlah. Where is the enforcement? Where is the police on beat in Jalan Chow Kit and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman? Is it not time we should start back the police on beat to gain our people confidence again?

    It is not the Chinese or Indians that migrate but Malays too prefer a more better qualities of life that can give to them. As a Malay proverb says, hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu lebih baik di negeri sendiri. We love Malaysia but we need to have a better policy and programmes in place.


  34. insider
    May 15, 2008 @ 23:16:13

    yes many are moving to singapore. half of my chinese coursemate graduated in life sciences work in singapore. some because its money, some not, but because it offer more prospect of career advancement.

    malaysia life sciences is way backward and not facing reality. with technology and research without significant value compared to singapore and overseas. we are only syok sendiri and compared with ourself. talking how good a research is. i gone to singapore and see, no question ask. thumbs up in term of facilities and work ethics. u cant expect we work like hell and no proper facilities in place.

    talking money, take research in malaysia is RM 1200-1300 only. no kiding. Im in this field. if u work for some private lab…some famous few..its RM1500-1600. wages is standard all malaysia. how can u survived in KL? so better dont study biotech and life science in malaysia. u only end up doing sales where everyone can do.


  35. awaken64
    May 15, 2008 @ 23:28:20

    Monsterball – yr comment on MAS copying Air Asia is the true law of Kamma – coz the idea was from a Sir Freedie Laker and then Easy Jet, Ryan Air, Virgin and Air Asia followed ….. MH may be slow but it is why they are where they are.

    Please check the Board of Directors of Air Asia and u will see that they are also UMNO, leave no stone where there is a potential money spinner these rouge politician spin their deceit.

    On the moral issue of sending their top students to Singapore on a silver platter I must say it is really the most short sighted and dumb decision.

    Just this morning i went to a government department, the issue of a similar culture, thinking and norm leads to mongoloids and this is the current state of the administration. The competitive edge and the inter racial mix to create diversity of thinking and idea exchange is dead.

    God bless Malaysia we are truly regressing and the Main stream media is helping to expedite the rot.

    The way to capture these bright students is to tie them with scholarships but due to the cronies and Ketuanan mentalities they become blurred by their incorrect actions. The moment they open their mouths to defend their action, there is where they truly transform into jerks and racial clots.

    Viva meritocracy !!!!


  36. frags
    May 15, 2008 @ 23:46:53

    Whats up with all this drumming of chinese greatness? Aren’t we all capable of great things(as well as selfishness). Qualities such as the ones said are not inherent to the colour of our skin but our upbringing.

    We have had enough bombardment of racial propaganda and stereotypes in our mainstream media. Lets not dwell on our race so much and strive to heal our couuntry.


  37. steven@yahoo.com
    May 16, 2008 @ 00:02:14

    Malay migrate ? what kind of joke is it..being called bumiputra, have all sorts of privileges, special treatment first class citizen, full control of government, civil service, GLC, that one has to be an idiot to migrate, probably is rejected by MARA or FELDA fellows.


  38. Ramish Rajoo
    May 16, 2008 @ 00:27:59

    The time is right to create Malaysian Malaysia. Bury UMNO forever and the country will develop. As much as the Chinese talk they dont have the balls to change things…….


  39. Red
    May 16, 2008 @ 00:36:19

    Brain drain is not all about race. The subject of brain drain involves all and not just Chinese or Indians but even Malays. Don’t be surprise to see that even Malays are leaving too. I know of many.

    It is a known fact that SG is a benefactor. All woks of races are welcomed there. Irregardless of background or make. It is their well rounded inherent policies and programs that been proven to work time after time i.e. ASEAN Scholars, PRs and Social stability

    The reason leaving is attributed largely to:
    1)Wanting more opportunities
    – For Self
    – For Family
    – Education
    – Better living standard
    2) Ambitions

    Malaysia as country is still not open and progressive enough to think global. Not willing to change its policies always have that selfish thinking that it is protecting its own. Truth is that its educated workers sees that and in the end, make that move to get out rather than wait for the country to change. The sad thing is that the country’s leaders can only do lip service and no real action that make difference.


  40. Londoner
    May 16, 2008 @ 00:55:57

    Interesting news and perhaps it’s true. Science tech blah blah, grad from good uni blah blah.. Good opportunity working in Malaysia. Crap and rubbish! I’m only a diploma holder because my application for sponsorship all got rejected and I couldn’t gain entry to Form 6 because I’m non bumi Chinese with grade 2 SPM, then I used my college result to apply for local uni and got rejected why? because again I’m a chinese non bumi. I tried to apply so many jobs in Malaysia and public sector especially in IT but AGAIN got rejected because they need BUMI only in the public sector or Cronies son and daughter for the private sector. Some even tell me off that I’m not qualify for the job and they preferred a degree holder. I worked hard and finally have an opportunity to travel to UK and within months I found a job here as an engineer with a £55K salary. That was 7 years ago. Now my question is, why is it so hard for a hardworking non bumi like me to get a job in Malaysia? Is Malaysia technology more advance than UK? Whatever! What for I care ? afterall, I’m a British citizen now. There are more opportunities here than there. Shame on you Malaysia!


  41. monsterball
    May 16, 2008 @ 01:01:00

    Yes…Malays are migrating……leaving Malaysia this is no joke!
    Who are those migrating?? Most of those corrupted UMNO guys……with their whole family….buying expensive properties….especially in Australia….USA and few other European countries…that have no race and religion discriminations. Those who started these in Malaysia….are seeking better lives…elsewhere.
    Ordinary Malays..supporting UMNO…do not know this…but daily are beginning to know the truths..through their friends.
    The one race…..that buy most properties…out of Malaysia is Malays…the so call race….willing to die for the country.
    Others left…out if no choices..to slog like slaves elsewhere…because there are treated like animals. in Malaysia.
    UMNO Malays will leave…indirectly…despising their own race. UMNO is evil!!


  42. chin
    May 16, 2008 @ 01:16:00

    I’m working in an multinational engineering design firm in Singapore which has 200 engineers. 50% of them are Malaysians. 80% of top management and managers are Malaysians. The figure says it all.

    I can bet my pants that Singapore would be noticeably poorer without the big cohort of Malaysian brains working there.


  43. romerz
    May 16, 2008 @ 01:25:08

    Dear steven@yahoo.com,

    I’m afraid you are wrong on this and I know this for a fact. I have relatives in Australia and they tell me that not all migrant Malaysians are Chinese or Indians. My brother-in-law is a member of the informal welcoming committee for Malaysians in a part of Australia.

    There are a sizable number of Malays there as well. The reasons they are there are varied but basically they believe they will be better off over there, be it materially, spiritually, mentally, etc.

    As I mentioned in my earlier comment, how do we even address the issue of meritocracy and reverse the brain drain if we don’t even try to understand how the Malay mind works.

    Remember they are as varied as Chinese or Indians, etc. Rural, urban, rich, poor, educated, uneducated, old, young, etc.

    Not all people seek material gain and advantages over others as you would seem to suggest.

    This may not go down well but there exist a tinge of racism in all of us, knowingly or unknowingly.

    Until we confront our own demons, we are also part of the problem by not speaking out or taking actions when we should have, as Ramish just accused us of.

    But Ramish forgets that there still exist a large number of Malays who have only known UMNO all their lives and to render them without an ‘anchor’ will only invite a backlash which will cause additional obstacles and headaches and further impediments to a Malaysian Malaysia.

    Its not about having balls or not but more about realism. For any real change to happen in this country and take root, it must be from those who put the unfair conditions there in the 1st place.

    We still have a long way to go yet.


  44. Administrator
    May 16, 2008 @ 02:52:09

    I came across your article in Malaysia-Today.net and am interested in reprinting it in our forum if you allow us. Currently there is an article in our forum regarding the rejection of a Malaysian Indian lady for a scholarship in spite of getting 9As. I believe the reasons are very obvious and racially motivated. Our forum invites readers and posters from all over the world, and we would appreciate your permission for the reprint in our forum.
    Best regards.


  45. Steve
    May 16, 2008 @ 04:26:22

    I guess I am one of those who has left for greener pastures. I left with a young family way back in 1989 when things for the non-bumis became really bad. I supported Mahathir at that time but realised over time that his alias of MR.10% had a lot of substance. We spoke in whispers whenever politics were spoken.
    Anyway to cut a long story short, I left with children aged between 4yrs and 7yrs of age. All have since graduated from a prestigious university with degrees in Law, Mathematics and Commerce. I started as a Research Officer in a medical school and moved on to become a Senior Research Scientist.
    Do I regret the move I made – not really. The feeling of freedom can be described as intoxicating. I still do visit Malaysia every now and then to enjoy the food and keep up with family. My children – Malaysia is an alien place for them. They will never ever return.


  46. scorpi2000
    May 16, 2008 @ 07:37:32

    There is clearly a fear in white America, that a black American, can objectivly and without bias be the leader of thier country. The same country that no one other than one of them has ever been in charge of.

    I believe and see that because of the past discrimination of African Americans some of white Americans may feel that an African American would be a possible risk being President of this country.

    Some of them might feel that we may treat them the way some of them have treated us. THIS IS NOT TRUE BY ANY MEANS. but some may truely fear this. I think this is one of the reasons Barack is under the microscope in such an exrteme way.

    Thats why what J Wright and Farhkan say are so alarming to some and what I concider as insensitive and counter productive. These fears that exist are real and must be adressed with extreem sensitivity. It must be taken as seriuos as our sensitivities to their veiw and treatment of us as black Americans.

    The fact that they are concidering the possibility of a black President shows me that for one, many Americans are changing their views about race,and are now open, for what ever reasons, to give a black man a try.

    So I think we should be sensitive to their fears of us, just like we would like them to be sensitive to our fears and suspicions of them.
    Barrack is not campaining for the rights of one particular group.
    He is campaining for the rights of human beings.

    And if anyone hasnt noticed, THIS INCLUDES EVERYBODY.



    SCORPI2000 OBAMA 08


  47. scorpi2000
    May 16, 2008 @ 07:45:15

    By scorpi2000 – Mar 9th, 2008 at 3:49 am EDT
    The only reason that race is an issue in any society, is because one group or another feel they have the right to gain power or stay in power by any means. Stopping or preventing any fair competition is ok because, “our existance is more important than yours”. Achieving this goal by hook or by crook doesnt matter to some .

    This way of thinking can only manifest when one race or culture feels that thier individual existance, beliefs and wants are more important or relevant than the lives of others that also live on the planet. The exceptance of this logic leads to one believing they have the right to take over or exploit another mans property or land, and punish, or demonize anyone who resists or fights back.

    When this aproach to survival ,is embraced, and put into action, the individual, the race,the culture, the society, the country, or the nation using it, has actually jeapordized its own future existance, peace and survival. When this aproach to life is used against another human being you have now forced him to either, adopt the same concept to protect himself, ATTACK, flee, be detroyed or dehumanized.

    Any and all wars are a product of this phenomina.

    As history has always repeated itself in previous societies, after building and maintaining a great society based on these concepts, they all fail because of the same concept that created them.
    Colapsing from within , its own people using the concept on themselves, or because the other countries, in fear of you doing the same to them, rush to become powerful enough to protect themselves, or try to do you, before you do them.

    It will only end when we as human beings stop using this concept

    to, gain power, maintain power, gather resources or secure survival.

    We should immidiatly start using our power and knowledge today to first protect ourselves from that which has already been set in motion long time ago. Build and maintain a strong military for defence purposes only.At the same time, create a self sufficient, self sustaining society in America containing a balance of all races and cultures around the world.

    We must teach all children the reasons, rules and laws of existing in a peacful inclusive society.

    The other way it can end is if the concept of (win any way you can) evolves to a point where the use of this way of life spreads around the country, spreads around the world, and manifests into a massive war that destroys most, leaving only the meak to inherit the earth.



  48. SKC
    May 16, 2008 @ 07:59:12

    I am a Chinese Malaysian, raised in Malaysia and left for Canada to study medicine and subsequently in one of the most competitive subspecialty Cardiology program sponsored by Government of Canada. Frankly speaking, Malaysia did not help me in anything.

    Of course I can’t comment on brain-drain, but i feel very hurt to see people criticise the government discrimination policy. I always be grateful that this country (Malaysia) provides an excellent place for me to grow up.

    In my mind, the policy is not the main issue, persistency and determination are the keys!!!!


  49. Dr Hsu
    May 16, 2008 @ 07:59:15

    Administrator. you are welcome to repost the article. But I would be very much obliged if you can just state that the original is from this forum.

    Thank you. 🙂


  50. S.W.Poh
    May 16, 2008 @ 08:32:31

    Dear Dr. Hsu,

    I was a government servant before and I went through system as you mentioned. I remember in 1974 when my first son was born that I told my wife, also a government servant, there is no future for our son here. So we tightened our belts and stinge and saved for our sons (we had another 6 years later) education. My sons are now working overseas after having had their education there. They are doing very well in the country they are in. Contributing in no small way to the economy to the country.

    My elder boy, who did actuarial studies and is now a qualified acturary after having sat and passed the Institute of Actuary of UK exams in 3 years has this story to tell me: he applied to Bank Negara for a scholarship while studying at the LSE. He did not get a response from the Bank. Later while working for an Insurance firm in the UK, The Bank sent a few officers to the firm for attachment and to sit for the Institute’s exams. They did not pass the required exams and had to come back after a few years there. This is the irony.

    This episode justified my sacrifices.



  51. MD_Malaysian
    May 16, 2008 @ 08:36:24

    I too am a Chinese Malaysian, raised in Malaysia but left for Ireland to study medicine. I was welcomed in Ireland, took up Irish citizenship, following which I had every right to any job in Ireland and EU as an Irish citizen, regardless of race. I eventually ended up in the US where I am contributing to the biotech industry there. I feel just as welcomed in the US, especially in the San Francisco bay area where Asians form 20% of the population. And they pay me well. I still miss Malaysian food, but hey, we have many Malaysian restaurants here! I voted for Obama. Malaysia, you need to get rid of your racial policies to attract the non-Malays to stay; Anwar, you have the opportunity to revolutionize Malaysia; I salute you.


  52. Gina
    May 16, 2008 @ 08:55:25

    I left in 1988 and I now live in a M$3 Million home . We have two new cars (all paid for) in our garage and our children go to top Australian schools (we pay a about AUD$1,200 per year for each. They will get Govt loans for their University education and even Austudy living allowance when are undergraduates. There is no discrimination in the system. The Courts make people pay compensation if they discriminate.

    Australia and NZ are even better than S’pore. Send a brief email with your CV to “ausmigration@iprimus.com.au” for free assessment if you are about to graduate, have graduated or have trade skills (e.g. welding, hairdressing) especially if you are under 30. You can always come back to Malaysia after obtaining “international experience” if you feel like it. Good luck if you want to remain at home but will your career be as bright?


  53. Lucid Mind
    May 16, 2008 @ 08:58:29

    I agree with you that there is a problem but I see it slightly differently.

    The REAL issue can be traced back to Malay superiority. Who cares about Technology and brain power? In fact, the less the better for them. All they need is the Quran and the land. Critical thinking, development and free will is not desireable. They are happy that those “2nd class” citizen chose to leave.

    And how about those biotech initiative and Multimedia super corridor? They are just the packaging for some property development. Properties that will not fully utilized, especially there will be no good brain…….

    Then again, who cares (for them), they are already paid for the job of construction.

    Sad… but true.


  54. Bett
    May 16, 2008 @ 09:11:24

    If not for my mother, i wouldn’t have come back. Now I am married and have two beautiful kids, being chinese we know our future lies beyond our homeland. When our children finish their chinese primary school we will pack our bags and leave for greener pastures!

    Aloha to the malaysia!


  55. mark
    May 16, 2008 @ 09:48:04

    I am a Malaysian Chinese working in Singapore in the digital animation industry for the past 10 years. During recent years, Singapore had successful attracted many world renowned big player in the game/animation industry, KOEI (japan), Massive black, Lucas Film, Dreamworks, Ubisoft and the list goes on…. 50% of my colleagues are coming from Malaysia. It seems that Malaysia are losing talents in every new industry that are profitable…. sigh.. ketuanan melayu.. phew! Malaysia will be forever 3rd class as long as the current mindset does not change….


  56. Dr Hsu
    May 16, 2008 @ 09:51:15

    FYI, there are many more comments in RPK’s website which has posted this post under “around the blogs”.


  57. Caesar
    May 16, 2008 @ 11:17:18

    Change has started with:
    1)Badawi taking over Mahathir
    3)March 8 election
    4) Cracks in BN racial coalition:finally MCA, Gerakan LEADERS dare to ‘fight for Chinese rights & voice’

    Wait for Anwar’s next move…
    Reverse brain drain …once the current unsettled political climate is cleared.


  58. clearwater
    May 16, 2008 @ 12:28:19

    The discrimination will never end until we have a change of government and an enlightened populace who embrace a Malaysia for all ethnic groups. Will this happen? Maybe, maybe not. At least, there is some hope now with a political renaissance of sorts in the making. I am more optimistic than I have been the last 40 years, perhaps our children can see a brighter future in their birth land. Will they stay and fight for this future? That is entirely their decision, I made mine 20 years ago after a 2nd sojourn overseas; to return and stay. I am, however, convinced there are enough right thinking, fair minded Malaysians who can make change happen.


  59. Lrong
    May 16, 2008 @ 12:56:24

    Dr. Hsu… excellent blog you have here…

    A real pity, of course, to see Malaysia being screwed up by the racially bent politicians… on the other hand, I thank them for pushing us to a corner, and forcing us to seek alternatives…

    I am (was?) a mere kampong boy from Kedah… now I am a Professor and Director of a Center at a Japanese national university… it will probably take me a few lifetimes in Malaysia to reach where I am here in Japan…

    Still, I am hoping for a regime change… the sooner the better, and also, the demise of MCA, UMNO, and MIC, etc…


  60. Dr Hsu
    May 16, 2008 @ 13:24:32

    Lrong, thanks.
    If only all the Malaysians overseas, like your good self and the gentlemen and ladies overseas who commented earlier on, were gvien their rightful places in Malaysia, how much advances and how much progress would we achieve? Singapore, Korea, taiwan, we would have gone ahead of them, and every Malaysian irrespective of race would have benefited.

    It is a pity that 50 years after independence , we still cannot break out from the race cocoon.


  61. edmond wee
    May 16, 2008 @ 14:39:46

    please la… UMNO only care about malays and indons and muslims

    if you fit any of the 3, the gahmen will support you… of course don’t say u support PKR or PAS!!

    MCA??? MIC??? they both will do something so that they can tell the whole world how much they are doing.

    in a way, you learn life is not what it seems

    and that no matter how disadvantaged you are, there’s always something better elsewhere


  62. EastMalaysianInKL
    May 16, 2008 @ 15:28:08

    To monsterball:

    As recently as right before PRU-12, UMNO was telling the Chinese to ‘balik tongsan’ if we don’t like it here.

    And our so-called ‘champions’ the MCA and Gerakan did ABSOLUTELY nothing, like the lap dogs that they are.

    How to unite? How to not be selfish?

    If our champions can’t and won’t fight for us, the best option is to seek greener pastures in countries where our skill and talent are appreciated, and rewarded accordingly.


  63. Laksa
    May 16, 2008 @ 15:35:52

    I know several intelligent Malaysian Chinese leaving the country to work overseas. The thought of leaving has also been nagging me because of the rampant racism, discrimination, injustice and corruption in this country. I have very marketable skills and I am sure that I can have a better future elsewhere. I would rather contribute to a country where I am welcomed.


  64. Ali Shams
    May 16, 2008 @ 17:31:33

    Same here in Iran except people here need no incentive from a third country. The set is like every body is escaping this country to go somewhere else, anywhere that may be.

    I graduated one of the most respected universities here and few photographs I find from my classmates that the person has not gone overseas.

    In fact I myself am leaving for canada this summer. I guess It’s a world of competition that we live in.


  65. arv
    May 16, 2008 @ 17:40:26

    I studied in National Uni of Singapore for a year (2002) before starting work there in one of the professions. Tuition was financed by the SG government via a loan, with repayment starting only after 3 months from the end of the course. At work, pay, praise etc comes when you show merit and diligence. I have since returned to Msia on my parents’ request, but I do not easily forget the no-questions-asked tuition loan they offered that allowed me to take the jump in the first place. Highly doubt I would have got the same offer here.


  66. arnuld
    May 16, 2008 @ 17:46:58

    Not surprisingly, the situation explained by Dr Hsu fits very well on India too. Even when Indian is far more bigger and developed than Malaysia but still problems of racism, corruption and being treated as a lower class man cripples everyone here.

    I never knew the the factors that are causing problems in Malaysia and the factors causing problems in India are same and as Is said, I am not surprised because it all fits onto a pattern.


  67. monsterball
    May 16, 2008 @ 19:45:14

    That’s where you are very wrong….EastMalaysianInKL.
    You can stay put and suffer like all of us…and keep trying to vote them out.
    We old guys….never give up…been doing this since 1st election…and we fought..to ward off hooligans….trying to burn Chinese houses…during May 13th 1969.
    Now…for the first time….Malaysia is seeing great hope to be united as one race..as Malaysians..and have a real free country ….for all to live . We are old and will die soon. Now it is your time…..to carry the torch of freedom……for your children and grand children…until Malaysia is totally free.
    We risked our lives…to save others….including Malays..Indians.
    It was never a racial confrontations. It was political motivated by Harun Idris….and supported by the evil British government.
    I point this out to you…to let you know….thousands of rich Malaysians Chinese could have easily ran away too….but they stayed put..as Malaysia is our rightful country too. Why should you allow one race….to chase you out? Will you allow anyone chase you out from you home …right now? Without…..Malaysians Chinese and Indians…the malays….may still be living on tree tops. There will be …no Kuala Lumpur….no Ipoh…and many more cities.?
    UMNO have purposely shut off the great contributions by the Chinese and Indians from history books…and May 13th story is one big lie….they try to cover up.
    All are now revealed.
    And if you know…the whole truth….majority malays do not support UMNO’s cruel and cunning selfish …corrupted ways….but are helpless…as most are uneducated and poor.
    Look at right now…majority do not support UMNO openly!!
    So….those who ran away…are either…very selfish or big cowards. ..dare not defend their own country and their rights.
    That’s why ..I keep saying Malaysian Chinese is by and large…a selfish race.


  68. Penang
    May 16, 2008 @ 20:10:28

    Dear doctor,

    It’s me again.

    It may begin to look like I’m after you, but rest assure, I don’t have the time nor the intention to do you harm.

    All I am doing here is powered solely by my own curiosity.

    I have read many of your articles, interesting indeed. You have pointed out many ills of our country, and I thank you for that.

    But the same question that I’ve often put to you remains … why now?

    You have been an ardent supporter of a xenophobic regime for many, many years.

    You know that it is a xenophobic regime. I know it is a xenophobic regime. So we don’t need to argue on that point.

    My point is, however, why did you support that xenophobic regime when you *KNOW* that it is xenophobic ??

    I know that you are a Chinese, and you obviously are Chinese educated (mandarin words and all that). For that, I, please excuse my use of this word, *assume* that you also know that the xenophobic regime has cruelly dashed the dreams and aspirations of many bright Chinese students.

    Scrap that, not many, but HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDSS, if not MILLIONS !!!

    You obviously knew of the agonies many Chinese students had to go through, when they received that “dukacita” letter, from local universities.

    And you obviously knew that many of them are from not-as-well-to-do-as-your-family and their family can NOT afford to send them overseas — unlike your lucky daughter.

    Know all that, my dear doctor, why in the world, you, of all people, still support that xenophobic regime?

    I am interested to know why.

    I am asking this because of the title and content of this article — brain drain.

    Apart of brain drain, a lot more of “dream dashed” have happened.

    Of my classmates, for every one brain-drain that I can count of, 4 to 5 others have their dream dashed.

    These are very bright and very talented people I am talking about, not your garden-variety type of bookworms.

    Today these people are mechanics, small business owners, carpenters, plumbers, instead of being a lawyer, or an engineer, or a doctor (like you lucky daughter would be).

    They could easily become a very good doctor, or an excellent lawyer, but they are not, simply because of the fact that they are Chinese.

    So, my dear doctor, maybe you are from Mars or some-where-else, that you have no idea what is happening right here in Malaysia.

    But if you are not, why in the world you have deserted your very own people, by supporting that rotten xenophobic regime?


    Because of short-term benefits?

    Because of self-enrichments?

    Or because them “atas” promise you a datuk or tan sri or even a datuk seri?

    As I said, I am just curious.

    You don’t need to answer me, btw. It’s your life, it ain’t mine, after all.

    Thank you for reading.


  69. monsterball
    May 16, 2008 @ 20:18:04

    MCA and Gerakan are never the champions of Malaysian Chinese.
    Don’t be fooled by their support for Chinese schools and temples..this or that for Malaysian Chinese.
    Don’t be fooled by all those goodies..they suppose to get for the Chinese. All are done..with one objective….to gain votes for their parties. They are never sincere. If they do…they should not support… race and religion politics…as..after 30 years…it is already out-dated……but still 20 years more…selfishly supporting it…to enrich themselves and their relatives..as UMNO encourages it….so MCA and Gerakan are just blood suckers….balls carriers to UMNO. They have no power at all….and actually both depended on Malays votes..not really the Chinese…as almost all Chinese supports DAP…except….perhaps….the filthy rich blokes …that depend on UMNO’s tenders..and some small time contractors..supporting MCA and Gerakan…..for selfish reasons.
    I for one do not support Chinese or Indian schools….but Malaysian schools….and they should allow… the smart Chinese to apply all that are good….to benefit all Malaysians..in education matters.
    But UMNO prefer to choose idiots to be Chancellors of Universities…as smart Chinese makes them look stupid…and the list goes on and on….to what Malaysia has now become…a real low class country…manage by crooks from BN.
    I strongly advise you..to avoid be a member of any political party member….but be real serious of our political situations of Malaysia.
    That way..you vote is really powerful and meaningful….as your vote is yours…not under obligation to anyone… and I vote for any party I feel can give more democracies to our country.
    My only regret was voting for Dollah…on his first term…and got fooled by him.
    How nice….to feel correcting your own serious mistake..done to the country…and come out right… on the 12th election.
    So …..be a serious and loyal MALAYSIAN.


  70. monsterball
    May 16, 2008 @ 20:38:13

    This shit man……”penang” writer…is trying to get attention..putting out same message .repeating them in very post….to disturb our good flow of thoughts.
    He think is so smart..like monsterball…putting out so many messages.
    So….he is trying to compete….but what an irritating idiot he is!!
    Man with no substances..keep repeating ….same message..craving for attention…is a… f…ed up man…usually appear ….when full moon is near.
    Bad luck for Doc..one flew to his blog.
    Doc’s bad khammars are ripening now…..hahahahahaha
    Better go and donate to charity….to ward off evil ones…coming to your life…….hahahahaha


  71. romerz
    May 17, 2008 @ 01:03:39

    “Or because them “atas” promise you a datuk or tan sri or even a datuk seri?”

    Dear Penang,

    The above is no longer ‘just curiosity’ but bordering on sarcasm (actually more on insult!)

    Tell me Penang, what have you done to stop this brain drain? By condemning those who try, albeit a bit late? Or indulging in self-ego by saying “huh, I was right all along”.

    Your 2 comments here and in the ‘tyranny’ article tells me that you are more interested in finding faults than participate in exchange of ideas how to improve.

    Being bitter and finding faults is easy. Convincing others who don’t share or are afraid to share your/our beliefs are 2 different things.

    You write well and but by speech alone does not make you right nor does it make me right.

    I’ll be at the Gurney roundabout this Sunday. My car number is PDG 3883 (I may not come down because of the wife). Looking forward to seeing you there, yellow shirt and all.


  72. steven
    May 17, 2008 @ 01:50:57

    monsterball, seem like UMNOputra does not migrate to oversea but the ill gotten $$$ did, just like the rural minister got busted in Australia with suitcase full of money. Many of them have property and bi-national citizenship actually, rather than give up the Malaysia ketuanan citizenship which is very different from non-malay citizen immigrant which found better opportunity oversea.


  73. jeff
    May 17, 2008 @ 02:23:25

    In order to reverse the trend of “brain drain” in Malaysia, only solution is the “regime change”, where government is fair to all Malaysian races, then Dr Hsu dream will come true, no more suffering for non Malay in foreign land and birth land.


  74. monsterball
    May 17, 2008 @ 06:56:06

    You are so right…Steven….and yet…so many Malaysian Malays keep ignoring…..that..it is their race….in politics….keep fooling them.
    Look at the 5 held under ISA!!
    Whole country…even MCA…Gerakan…..MIC top guns….shouting for release….yet UMNO kept them in.
    You know why???
    UMNO can never admit mistakes!!
    Just watch…how they deal with the Lingam case….on Mahathir. As much as Dollah love to see that guy…put to jail….by commercial court..and not by UMNO….it will be again UMNO guys…talking cock and bull…to see Mahathir ….free and easy….while what Kapal Singh….did not say anything wrong..is questioned by Police.
    They forgot Gaffar Baba did say…it is everybody’s right to question the Royalties. Ah… but then..he was supporting Mahathir’s run down on the Royalties..at that time.
    So you see….UMNO can do all bad…evil and sinful….but others who apply full democratic rights…are traitors….this and that.
    They will never change.
    Next election…Malaysians ..put them in the dust bins….is best.


  75. monsterball
    May 17, 2008 @ 07:16:40

    And UMNO can never admit mistakes….but can even scold Royalties….{RPK said… Rosmah..phoned his cousin..the Sultan of S’gor and scolded him!!}….other cannot do that….because they think….they own the country!!
    This is a very serious sick disease…..and Malaysians are largely to be blamed…keep voting them in.
    Please do not let UMNO twists and turns…. giving some goodies to the public…at the 4th years….near 13th election time..to make voters again forgive them….and give them another chance!!
    Just vote them out…let them stay as insignificant minorities….and allow People’ Party manage with full power.
    I am saying this..not for myself ……nor hatred of UMNO and BN….for tenders or goodies..not given to me. I am near 70 years old….and never depended government for anything…. ..all my life!! Malaysian Chinese and Indians…don’t be treated as second class citizens..and Malaysians Malays…please welcome “Malaysian Malaysia”…that will benefit you more than you know. You are real smart….so don’t to be spoon fed…making you lazy and contented. You will be the ultimate loosers.
    I speak…because of my love for the country and young generations……no need to go through….what we have gone through.
    So…..please stay focus….and vote them out…no matter how good they are. A leopard cannot change it’s spots. UMNO ministers are great ..cunning actors….so becareful. Don’t make same mistake twice..like we old buggers did….in past elections.


  76. monsterball
    May 17, 2008 @ 07:18:49

    How I wish….Doc did not say…..’speak till you drop dead”


  77. Whatthe?
    May 17, 2008 @ 18:17:12

    Am surprised that many people are still trying to rationalize why the UMNO govt is allowing this brain drain. Isn’t it obvious? It’s not rocket science! If you think they have been stupid, think again!


  78. Steven
    May 18, 2008 @ 00:38:51

    monsterball; Malay populace is easily persuade and sway by umnoputra continuing lies, it has been worked out well for this racist party in past 50 years, only the 12th election manage to change a bit, due to small number of Malay got the courage to resist them. Hope a 60 years “old Malaysians” like me get to see great changes come b4 we are “drop dead”, so a better Malaysia is there for our younger generation.


  79. monsterball
    May 18, 2008 @ 01:56:37

    Steven..Yes.I hope also to see same thing….before I am done in this world.
    Malays….by nature are greedy and lazy..and simultaneously…..comfort their sins and evil deeds…by being mild and ever forgiving …..so call landlords….to naught ‘aliens’…..like us.
    simply said….UNNO and PAS…have brainwashed Malays…..they are the owners of the country…and UMNO is the King…and we are all second class citizens.
    It is their weird attitude……so rooted….that they behave so bad…no manners…so arrogant…so boastful….and so corrupted….never afraid to be caught..as they stick together for better or worst..that’s their attitudes.
    But new breed…well educate
    But thank almighty….young Malays..well educated…and most exposed to commercial firms…can see the real Malaysians….especially Chinese bosses…kind and understanding people….and their own race.do not play favoritism…so much..in commercial firms. They cannot afford to…as CEOs expect results…and fast!
    It looks like….we can see….what we both hope to see…..at least….by you… having much better chance than me….as I am coming…10 years older than you……….hahahahahahaha
    Have a ‘Happy Wesak”…..weekend.


  80. romerz
    May 18, 2008 @ 04:40:12

    Dear monsterball,

    I’m afraid I have to point out to you that your previous post is too much of a generalization.

    Sorry for saying this but you’re bordering on chauvinistic.

    Isn’t this what we’re trying so desperately hard to fight against?


  81. monsterball
    May 18, 2008 @ 07:22:57

    romerz….give me example…and don’t start judging me again.
    i am sick of being judged by you or anyone.
    Just debate….for or against..like I did so…on your so call “pragmatic” approach to Malaysians problems.
    You clearly have a soft spot…for Gerakan….and that to me….is simple not acceptable..if we are going to unite…..under People’s Party..complete control…..next election.
    If anyone listen to you….it will be forever…no change..of government.
    The art ….how to agree …to disagree cannot be applied for younger generation’s future!!
    It must be for or against..and lets debate on that.
    What has.. chauvinism got to do with me…crying out loud… .. for total change? You may as well say…Anwar..RPK…LKS…are all….chauvinists. What bunkum label…..you have for me!!
    Go…. drink..get drunk…sleep it off….and when you are sober….lets talk again.


  82. monsterball
    May 18, 2008 @ 07:39:02

    Yes…romerz…We are fighting against UMNO and BN….race and religion dirty politics….and they need to succeed….with each of their machais….play wayang kulit…to help their own races.
    And if you are that smart..those guys are the real chauvinists….but Malaysians like me…risking our lives…to free Malaysians…need no one like you….to label us this or that.
    Do you know how to read a person’s character from messages?
    I read you as one…..playing the game….how to be nice…agree ….then.. hero worship Gerakan…who is like Judas…selling the Malaysian Chinese…for 30 pieces of silver……and if you have read….how I hero worship my roots….what’s wrong with that? It have more than 5000 years great history….and as much as all are Malaysian Chinese….are totally loyal as Malaysians…I bet you..all are proud..of their roots.
    YET!!.I said..oversea Chinese are selfish and disunited lot.
    What root have you….Spanish???


  83. Jay
    May 18, 2008 @ 08:13:05

    I have been overseas for over 2 years now, which is considerably a short time.

    Funny is that i m treated more human over here than back my home country which i have stayed for 20 years.

    And it is here i feel more at home, even though that means i have to let go of everything back home.

    but then to think that, everyone in malaysia said we are greedy, not patriotic enough, to leave own country and serve in another country.

    In the first place, what has the gov given me? I scored almost all As in my SPM exam, and another person with results which is half of and lousier than mine is given scholarship to pursue their degree.

    Yet, my own tertiary education was financed solely by my parent’s hardwork and money. have my parents and many other chinese/indians parents’ plight heard by the gov? Nah, tak apala, mereka akan cari sendiri. Biarkan dialah.

    If the whole system was based on merit, and like singapore, i am sure we malaysian chinese can be as patriotic as singaporeans (i have met so many singaporean here that are so patriotic to their country, even watching online their national parade on national day, and go back to serve their country after graduating)

    But, in malaysia, what has the country given us? We are left to fend for ourselves, all through parents hardwork.

    Yes, u can say we are selfish, self-centered, only prioritze our own needs.

    BUt in the first place, what has triggered us to be like this? if there is no causal, there will be no effect.
    It was because there was causes, that’s why, many of us are away, far away from our home, serving another country that has treated us fairly, given us rights and status which we never enjoyed before in Malaysia, ironically, the country which we supposed to be citizens.

    Sorry if i have offended anyone btw, just my viewpoint.


  84. jeff
    May 18, 2008 @ 23:08:17

    How non malay can be non patriotic? since non bumi is oppressed so much by malay government,
    he has to find opportunity oversea, even migrate there, he is not attacking Malaysia, or using terrorism to topple government, there is no issue of “loyalty, patriotism or greedy” involve at all, the poor chap just want to make a better living elsewhere since he doesn’t have any sort of privileges, special rights and ketuanan in Bolehland.


  85. romerz
    May 19, 2008 @ 02:59:54

    Dear monsterball,

    I am not trying to judge you. I’m only commenting that your statement of “Malays….by nature are greedy and lazy” is bordering on chauvinism.

    In this fight of ours for a better Malaysia, why alienate fair-thinking and progressive Malays, who could be potential allies, by making sweeping statements like that?

    You still don’t get it do you? For the Malaysia that we dream of to exist, we have to make the fight for it be between good people and bad people, not be between Malays and Chinese.

    Since today is Wesak day and I’ve just come back from the temple with my wife, I shall let your sarcasm about my roots pass.

    I know where you’re coming from but is it so hard to allow some of us with more ‘baggage’ leeway, to find our way forward? It may not suit your timeline but the destination is the same!

    Happy Wesak day to all.


  86. Dr Hsu
    May 19, 2008 @ 21:17:12

    i think to have any chance of reforming the nation, the most important thing is to influence the majority race to join hand with all minority to fight for a fair and equal society.

    To do so, we need to convince them with reasoning and logic.

    We hope that we can convince them to adopt a nonracial approach for maybe just 2 terms. We also stress to them the importance of good governance.

    Some of us in the blogosphere, including writers and commentators, may be taking different routes but the ultimate destination is the same. So we should bury all hatchet and join hands to work towards our common goal, a fair and equal nation that practices good politics, good governances, and people orientated policies.


  87. steven
    May 20, 2008 @ 04:04:50

    Try to convince the majority with logic and reasoning can only work when they want to listen and change, but with so much political power at stage, and the biggest racist party continue to harp on “ketuanan” politic, it remains just a wishful thinking after 50 years of trying….Doc.Just look at history of Hitler’s Germany explain it is impossible in Malaysia.


  88. monsterball
    May 20, 2008 @ 13:14:24

    romerz……You need not teach a grandfather…. how to suck eggs!!
    I don’t like you judging me ….all the time.
    Like I said…get sober..then put out your comments….by leaving me alone.
    But …..you can …..me…like I do to others…and give my reasons……not being judged by you..as I will surely you too..if I don’t like what you write.
    I have read many of your messages….and they are shallow.
    So stick to your style….and leave me alone.
    I have eaten more salts than… you …with rice!!
    To be blunt..I don’t like you.. at all.
    And we are visitors …to Doc’s blog……so behave and move on.
    Go talk to others…..leave me alone.
    As you can see…few ask me questions…and I responded….because they are polite and want o learn.


  89. Dr Hsu
    May 20, 2008 @ 13:45:07

    My dear commentators,please cool down…. All of you are good and wise people, contributing so much to the blogdsphere. Since we are all humans, we have different thoughts at times, but we must agree to disagree and move on..

    I appeal to all of you to reserve your energy to speak out against the evils out there….. to speak for a better tomorrow….

    SO please, just move on…….Thank you in advance.


  90. EastMalaysianInKL
    May 20, 2008 @ 23:39:47

    I agree with Steven above. Its impossible to “convince the majority with logic and reasoning” when they get emotional every time someone touch on the ‘ketuanan’ issue. If they are not willing to compromise on the ‘ketuanan’ issue by continuing to declare that it is ‘enshrined in the constitution’ and ‘should not be questioned’, then there’s no point in even talking.

    How to have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when one race insist they must have special rights? That in itself is an oxymoron…

    So, in this context, the grass is truly greener elsewhere for non-Malays.

    On another note, my observation is that Malays are shy, timid and gentle when they’re by themselves. However, put 2 or more Malays together, then they become braver and arrogant. And all it takes is someone to start behaving aggressively, and everyone will follow. Sometimes they don’t even know why they’re behaving aggressively; they just become like that in a group. So how to talk with “logic and reasoning” when they become like that?


  91. romerz
    May 21, 2008 @ 00:11:44

    Dear Dr Hsu,

    Okay, I’ll move on at your request and ignore that egoistical, can’t be faulted, chauvinistic, bigoted, self-proclaimed ‘wise’ old man.

    On this you have my word. No more comments on his comments.

    Doc, sorry for any unpleasantness caused.


  92. Steven
    May 21, 2008 @ 00:26:35

    At last i got one agree with me among hundred in Dr Hsu blog, guess i am saying the right stuff this time , East Malaysian in KL..

    Fyi, actually for a non malay Malaysian, some foreign countries are in fact a lot better than Malaysia in term of lesser racial n religion discrimination , opportunity, personal freedom and many more, at least you are non bumi and no special right, privilege, “ketuanan malayu” status like everyone else in western country as far as the government is concerned, institutional racism is at the minimum in many “true” democracy.


  93. jeff
    May 21, 2008 @ 00:39:36

    “Bangsa Malaysia” is just a wishful thinking for non Malay Malaysians. The majority race especially those in high offices are only interested in having “ketuanan Melayu” in this bolehland rather than whatever national race you can think of, their thinking set is along the line of the biggest evil in human history as Hilter Germany, if you ever learn about world history.


  94. monsterball
    May 21, 2008 @ 01:24:26

    There you see Doc…he has to label me….to think….he is so smart…that drunkard nobody.
    I am wise. Did you not read….even Doc…confirm it??


  95. monsterball
    May 21, 2008 @ 01:27:29

    And if you learn history….jeff…the way to change all the wrongs….is by streets demonstrations…by brave and dedicated people of that country.
    That what we call….walk the talk.


  96. Dr Hsu
    May 21, 2008 @ 07:57:09

    Thank you all of you for heading my request and moving on.

    We have a long long journey in front of us. Let us join hands and move towards the same goal of a better Malaysia, despite all our differences.

    The country may be in for an interesting but unpredictable time…. We should be watchful but at the same time speak out for the ordinary people on the ground.

    One problem that has really hit the poor is inflation, and many are complaining that it is getting difficult to live on their meagre income.

    I really hope that the government will do more and talk less. Get the best brains together and work for a better future……


  97. Vagus
    May 22, 2008 @ 11:01:15

    Being in the same situation, and feeling forced to be part of the drain, I agree with your words 100%.
    We sacrifice much, leaving the place we call home. But here, in a foreign land, ironic as it may seem, I feel less like a 2nd class citizen than I do in my home country.


  98. drCSL
    May 23, 2008 @ 00:28:22

    In nidst of all this turmoil,we must admit that the majority regardless of race,ethnicity etc is concerned with survival.
    The Malays are only doing what they perceive to be the most logical way to survive and so are the Chinese.
    I do not think one should comment on another without putting on another’s shoes and running 10 miles in it.
    Nobody ever said life was fair.Nobody is ever created equal.
    What can unite people is enlightenment,love and compassion and we cannot achieve this with tyrants who usurp from their own;and try to pull others down just because of color.We all have flaws.
    It is one thing to have hatred for another and another to instill such values in fellow people and young children.
    Think properly,hatred and anger all stems from lack of control and a feeling of being disrespected.


  99. monsterball
    May 27, 2008 @ 02:58:51

    We should teach our children…to also speak truths……straight to the point. and not to learn to beat around the bush.
    They should avoid those they do not like to mix with …and if being pestered…to speak… straight to the point…to that person’s face..to shoo him/her away.
    This is not about hatred or love. This is about….what type of futures we want our children to have.
    But in social life….yes ..we all smile and laugh away..like actors. They should learn that too…avoiding to be a snob…and be humble.
    But to me..matters concerning our country and Malaysians are no laughing matters.
    We can agree or disagree..not trying to be too smart…..to judge characters…..unless…you are confident to be ..as wise as monsterball…..hahahahahahaha
    Then we must respect blog owner…and lets use our wits to out foxed each other…without Doc knowing it…..hahahahahaha
    That is a rare quality.
    Judging others…is not commenting.
    It is s easy and cheap..braggart style.
    I do judge commentators…but I usually put out my reasons with my judgement….to let him/her prove I am wrong.
    But anyone ….trying to judge others…as if ..he/she is smarter…is an insult…put out by a braggart…..and that cannot be tolerated.
    This is not a holy house…talking holy stuffs and love…compassion..tolerance and understandings.
    This is a blog…talking about Malaysia and Malaysians….sort of a subtle ..political blogger..with a touch of love for all….quite rare indeed.


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  103. Melayu Expat
    Oct 17, 2008 @ 21:48:12

    This subject is getting boring.

    Why argue about the brain drain when we Malaysians are also benefitting from overseas labour for tasks that we Malaysians do no want to do anymore. In today’s free moving employment world, good, talented employees will always want to move on for many reasons, some will do it for financial reasons, some do it for personal reasons. Either way, some lose, some win…. and all these talk about freedom of speech, racism etc is just an excuse.

    Where majority of Malaysians are at overseas , they do not vote, they do not participate in the communities they live in , do not organise human rights protests, do not complain if their children do not get into the top state schools etc. Those who can pay will pay, and those who cannot accept whatever is dished out…. same in Malaysia no?

    I see most Malaysians in Western countries subject themselves to a lower quality of life (comparatively to back home due to high taxes, cost of living, housing costs etc ) and believing that this is the price of freedom…. What freedom?

    In example, what makes Singapore a much better place wrt personal freedom. The fact that they recruited our graduates early on only suggest better HR practise, something other countries can also follow. Imagine one day Indonesia recruiting our medic grads for hospitals in Bali and they pay in USD ? Would this make Indonesia a better option as a whole ?

    Most Malysian overseas are content to lead a quiet life, better themselves financially, reap whatever benefits on the cheap and in most cases, Malaysian expats will still remain alien in their adopted countries (be it the multi-national executives, professionals or the illegal immigrant cook in the Malaysian restaurant). No different than what I’ve experienced at home… some of us do not even talk to our neighbours.

    In fact, many Malysian expats do retain their Malaysian passport as their safety net and refuse to take up citizenship.

    So I say, do not suggest that when one leaves Malaysia to work elsewhere its because Malaysia is no longer a free country, can’t do this, can’t do that, suppression of minority races… I see many Malysians of all races where I’ve been assigned to… so its the same for all.

    There are a lot of places that are worse off (and for those that have only been to the UK, US and Australia for studies and holidays, I suggest a visit and a working assignment in M-East, Central Asia, Sub-sahara Africa).

    If one has the means to better themselves, enjoy the experience in a new place then by all means go ahead. No need to suggest that all is wrong in Malaysia – its not perfect but its home.

    Lastly, imagine having been born elsewhere and not even having a Malaysian passport to start your adventures.


  104. A true Malaysian
    Oct 18, 2008 @ 12:25:55

    Melayu Expat,

    You got the points here. Many of us value being a Malaysian. What we are trying to point out that there are unfair practices being imposed on non-Malays which resulting in ‘brain drain’ of human resources from our beloved country.

    Can’t the authorities treat everyone as the same, equal and practise meritocracy in our system? I suppose the Malays are smart, aren’t they? As you read in other comments of this forum, even Malays ‘tak boleh tahan’ with the system and migrate elsewhere.


  105. VJ
    Oct 18, 2008 @ 20:13:52

    agree with A true Malaysian . The concern is
    “malaysian” brains moving out . Firstly forget about russian or american brain coming here to work . What’s the point when govt cant please our own people .


  106. Melayu Expat
    Oct 19, 2008 @ 02:17:19

    True Malaysian,

    I doubt that any country practises meritocracy in its truest sense – everywhere you go, there are bound to be unfairness. Even if we have an organisation of only one race (Bangsa Malaysia) unfairness will happen, the terms ‘bodek’, brown nosing, anak buah etc I am sure is familiar to you…

    Its always up to an individual to better themselves by working hard, challenge the system and with good acumen to seek better opportunities. The world is an air ticket and a work permit away…

    I for no one will not go on whining why a Mat Salleh or a Pak Hitam etc. etc. gets a promotion in the office. If I can do better elsewhere and the opportunities are there, its up to me to get it. Feeling pissed off does not get you anywhere.

    In keeping with the subject of Malaysians leaving resulting in a ‘brain drain’… this has been happening since the last 20-30 years. I still see the country functioning… doctors, lawyers, engineers, are still around regardless of race. Not everyone drives a Mercedes but the world has not come crashing down. Many now own computers and can access the Internet – they can either read the gossip, think that everything is wrong or can apply for jobs internationally and participate in world-class projects to enhance their resumes. Need to be very good in what you do though, or else you’ll be flipping burgers across the continents !

    I believe the brain drain is not due to lack of opportunities in Malaysia per se but due to one’s individual choices. Life in Malaysia to a certain extent is predictable (apart from PR winning 80 seats last March-08 election) …. if one yearns for an adventure elsewhere, why not? If you are good and make the cut, pack your bags and take what life has to offer – good or bad. Only then you learn.

    As for me, I do not discount the option of coming back to Malaysia to work again, but I know that I’ll be very good at what I do.

    Enough complaining-lah … back to work! Ada kerja ada gaji, ada gaji semua boleh jadi!


  107. A true Malaysian
    Oct 19, 2008 @ 15:32:09

    Melayu Expat,

    So, do you think it is alright for the government to practise discriminatory policies and let our good brains drain out of Malaysia?

    You gave me the impression that it is alright for the government to do so.

    I agree that bias exist everywhere and that is probably why you choose to work elsewhere. Bias is a weakness in human attitude that exist even in a family. It is different from discriminatory policies that are formulated where even a human with no bias attitude is bound to follow. Do you see the difference here?

    I would prefer a government abolishes ‘discriminatory policies’ and let its officers who may be bias to operate under fair and equitable environment. Only then, if brain drain still there, let it be.


  108. Melayu Expat
    Oct 20, 2008 @ 02:28:34

    True Malaysian,

    I promise that this is my last entry on this subject. A busy week ahead..

    I do not agree that discriminatory practise should exist anywhere in the world. I never said or implied that it was alright to do so.

    If Malays have been rightfully or wrong-fully spoon-fed, does this mean that the non-Malays want all races to be equally spoon-fed, or, for the Malay spoon-feeding to stop? I leave this for readers to decide…I never figured this one out. I’ve survived so far on hard work, good luck, a good dose of common sense and a a wicked sense of humour.

    My argument has always been around the individual doing the best they can and realising their potential…wherever they may be.

    I am also simple in my choice of language, and being able to understand and be understood…. therefore I see no difference between being discriminatory against someone and having a biasness toward someone else. Its the output at the end of the day that counts.

    Have a good and productive week ahead, through the chaos in the current world financial situation, opportunities abound. Seize them and be happy 🙂


  109. A true Malaysian
    Oct 20, 2008 @ 10:23:41

    Melayu Expat,

    Thanks for responding.

    Spoon-fed, rightfully or wrongfully, has got its limit. Don’t you think so?


  110. Killi Valavan
    Oct 20, 2008 @ 14:12:55

    Melayu Expat , think you didnt the point . Yes of course we still have Doc , engineers etc ( btw do you know we’re short of doctors? )
    Are these the only brains ? Do you see why our Uni slipping world ranks ?


  111. Trackback: Dr Hsu’s Forum
  112. Loh
    Jun 30, 2009 @ 03:33:30

    If the political leaders of the government consider the country as their own property and responsibility, the river and mountain as the emperors of the past, then they would care about brain drain and building up the country. But they treat Malaysia as a corporation, and like Greenspan said recently, he didn’t take into account that modern CEOs would not even care for the well being of the companies.

    UMNO leaders are happy to retain only the hardly used brains so that they can continue to rule. They are not about to work themselves out of job. If they feel the need to enjoy what a developed country provides, their luggage full of cash can always provide the convenience. That is why ministers visit Singapore for medical treatment.

    There is no way UMNO leaders can be influenced to do the right thing. The present crop of TDM trained leaders would always travel the well beaten path. UMNO has to be removed from power before any change will ever take place.

    The percentage of Chinese and Indians has reduced over the years. They have now to make Malaysia the stepping stone for emigration, and use the discriminatory environment for making themselves competitive. If they begin to harbour the mindset that this is not home, the strains would be tolerable. Let them be 1Malaysia in time, with only one religion, and all will accept Malays as the race, which after all is not a racial classification.


  113. Ho Chu Chuan
    Jun 30, 2009 @ 10:10:11

    The problem of brain-drain will go on because race-politics will continue. The very core of our problem is that the interest of the country do not come first. It is the vested interested of the members of the ruling class that’s more important than the interest of the country. The very survival of UMNO is keep on telling their people that they have to protect their special rights but that’s politics of yesteryears rather than leading and educating them to be knowledgeable and always improving themselves. So there you have it maintaining the position of UMNO as against the interest of the country.


  114. al
    Jun 30, 2009 @ 10:34:40

    Melayu Expat is both right and wrong, right with micro-view, wrong with macro-view

    Melayu Expat suggested that Singapore has better HR practice, and thus in better recruitment position. Yes, but look at the bigger pic, in the article, it was mentioned that Malaysians do go back to Malaysia to work, but some left in the end. The point is not just about recruiting, but keeping the talents. Talents are not talents if they cannot see beyond immediate gain. Talents think about the longruns, the opportunities, the mutual give-takes.

    To say that Malaysian expats retain their Malaysian passport as their safety net is half true. I’ve seen many given up theirs, and those who retain is just hoping that they would want to go back to Malaysia to work one day. Mind you, not because they don’t feel belonging where they are now, but there is a part of them that feel Malaysian still. But that part is slowly eroding off, and Malaysia government is not doing enough to attract them back. These Malaysian I know, have participated in protest for human rights, involved in community services and certainly not aliens.

    And to put forth argument that other places are worse off, does not mean, Malaysia is better off as she is. There is always a must to strieve forward as a country, and not just staying afloat above the rest.

    The point about spoon-feeding, I don’t think anyone should be spoon-fed. A meritocratic system is the way to go. But like what Melayu Expat pointed out, a true meritocratic system is ideal. Rather than using the term spoon-fed, I would rather say ‘help’. What defines a society is how the less-abled are helped- the poor, the disabled, the elderly, etc. But when ‘help’ is extended unnessarily, that’s when it become spoon-feeding.


  115. DoDodada
    Jun 30, 2009 @ 11:56:38

    All of us are Malaysian at heart, would very much proud to be one patriotic citizen even those who has migrated. If not, we wont be blogging , discussion etc. If there is day in future, when all can truly share a future vision, not some stupid polticise banner etc 1Mal Vision 2020 , but from the heart for our family & future generations where no more pendatangs nonsense, hand in hand , caring & sharing between the all the communities seen as EQUALs, no tuans, Malaysia will be heaven on earth! Even those who leave would return…Alas for me this may remain a dream in my life time. Until & unless we , voters & citizen, especially the politicians willings look beyond the racial based support a complete revamp of Msian politics landscape based on ideology & concept of governance. Unfortunately majority of our voters are simplistic & with the twisting of the politicians to ensure support thats have brought them the power & wealth back by a corrupt & partial judiciary & enforcement system, it will take a near miracle in this generation, though not impossible as the March 8 GE has given some glimpse for the future forcing the incumbants to really wake-up, some did many have not. The question is are you ready to bet your next generation prospects in the hands of the present groups of politicians or take individual action to secure it ie migration as an option?
    The answer is quite loud & clear, Malaysian Government is still not listening. Sad Citizen


  116. bufare
    Jul 09, 2009 @ 00:43:38

    great article. thanks!


  117. Shen Pei
    Dec 21, 2009 @ 10:30:21

    Sdr Dr Hsu : Great Article , but makesure Gerakan will do somethings. If not……Eventually, we will become Irrelevant.


  118. Curious
    Dec 23, 2010 @ 12:33:25

    On reading all the comments posted here, I noticed that we have a lively bunch of commentators who greatly care about the fate and future of Malaysia.

    My only question for the great ideas and ideals put forward is on execution. I assume that most here would agree that meritocracy is the only way forward for Malaysia to prosper and compete in the future. My personal view is that any reforms towards making a better Malaysia for one and all would depend on a long term, multi-generational commitment towards bettering education, be it through a review of acceptance policies to universities, stronger teaching faculty and facilities, meritocractic scholarship provision, etc.

    However producing the world’s finest graduates would be pointless if there is no where for them to go. Hence a simultaneous improvement in the job prospects through attraction of FDI, creation and focus on key industries for development has to be achieved at the same time.

    Coming back to my question then, given the present state of education, policies, stakeholders and government, how would you change the present educational system in order to create a better Malaysia?

    Presupposing that whomever is in power had the will and backing to implement, what strategy would you decide on and more importantly, how would you go about executing that strategy? What time frame are we looking at? Basing the reforms on a platform of meritocracy is a good start, but that’s merely the endpoint of where we would like to see Malaysia. The journey to that end is the real question.


  119. Reason 4 Refills
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 16:26:47

    First off I want to say terrific blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.

    I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your thoughts prior to writing.
    I’ve had a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas out. I do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be lost just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or tips? Appreciate it!


  120. Dr Hsu
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 22:01:06

    Reason4 refill
    Write from your heart. Write on what you believe. You will find that after writing for some time, you do not need to think first and write.


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