Another case of ‘ what goes round comes around ‘

A few months ago I posted an article ” what goes round comes around”. That was about an African AMerican being wrongfully detained by our police , probabbly as a result of racial profiling.

This time there is another case of ‘what goes round comes around’. According to Malaysiakini today:

Election Commission chairperson Rashid Abdul Rahman said the cabinet did not approve the use of indelible ink during the March 8 general election.

“I was told that I was to take the responsibility for agreeing to it. It’s not easy being EC chairperson. I took the whole rap over the year,” Rashid told reporters after a function today.

Rashid’s comments further fueled speculations that the decision to scrap the use of indelible ink was a executive decision in light of whimsy excuses for the last minute U-turn in using the ink.

Last year, the EC had agreed to use the ink in the 12th General Election to put to rest claims of multiple voting. The plan was cancelled five days before the March 8 polling day.

A princely sum of RM2.4 million for about 48,000 bottles of the ink was bought from India, but Rashid had to call off the move on claims, that were never substantiated, that elements of sabotage had been detected by the police.

Why was the move to use indelible ink was called off last minute? It was said to be one of the causes making the middle ground voters vote opposition.

In the East, we called this Karma, in the west they use a longer phrase: what goes round comes around.

Since 2.4 million was used , which is a princely sum, why is it not used? ANd why the Election Commission chairman had to become the fall guy… another case of what goes round comes around.. since he was extended for a year even when there were so much opposition against his extension.

Perhaps the government has learned the lesson of “what goes round comes around” and would care to be more transparent and tell us the actual reason why the ink was not used? After all we deserve to know since the rakyat foot the bill.

unfortunately the scapegoat’s house was splashed with indelible paint..pic from sinchew


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  1. folo4
    May 17, 2008 @ 17:23:03

    once again, RIGHT after the ink was canceled, everyone knew that the ruling government was behind this.

    God, I hate when they say something we hypothesized 2 months ago.

    here’s a whack theory: the reason the indelible ink was canceled is to retain the important people at UMNO ; the people reactions was taken account and quite a number of BN seats was lost but the important ones remain.

    hmm…..when did the cabinet consisted of an opposition MP?

    Also, what’s your take on the MCAC? A pointless renaming?


  2. monsterball
    May 17, 2008 @ 17:53:33

    Somebody made a huge commission on the import of ink…and then…sold of like scrap iron…for another big private profit.
    Just look at our government…..wasting RM2.4million…and they need to tell it out…as very Malaysian knows what the ink is for. Can you imagine…so many things done…escape the interest of Malaysians….. wasting hundreds of millions??
    They become worthless ….not working well…need to change… again and again.
    Only this way…corruptions…become a business…profits.. becomes legal.
    Rashid deserves all the hatreds …few or one Malaysian showed to him… pouring red paint at his house.
    This Rashid…keep showing he is 100% UMNO supporter.employee…a civil servant..and for election matter..Anyone heading the election department…..should stay neutral. It is like the Chief Judge..favoring UMNO..openly.
    Such is Rashid…and UMNO welcome such low class loyalty…by extending his retirement.
    GOOD!!. That should bring few hundred votes to People’s party too!!
    He is a gone case. Good riddance to bad rubbish….and Rashid is one hell of a stinking bad rubbish…no one will respect him.
    Rasid is a typical Malaysian…that shame our country. Good riddance to such a thick skinned….low class man…yet.. Dollah extended his retirement? That was before election.
    That was… the real Dollah…confirming…not a People’s PM….at all.
    What you are seeing “go where the wind blows” character….to save UMNO and himself…..again …not People’s PM at all.


  3. monsterball
    May 17, 2008 @ 18:02:05

    I mean the ink….will be sold off as very cheap…when all are forgotten by Malaysians.
    So many more important things to remember.
    They know humans weaknesses….takes full advantage of it..getting better and better …for 50 years…and….POW……Malaysians.. gave them… the power punch.
    Never felt better!!
    More to come……13th election.


  4. su
    May 17, 2008 @ 18:12:41


    The old Cabinet line-up will have a lot to answer to after this. Especially since Anwar has been claiming since GE2008 that it was because the indelible ink wasn’t used that Pakatan Rakyat couldn’t form the Federal Government.

    But one must wonder why the Chairman of EC would say this at a time like now. Why didn’t he make any noise before? Why did he allow the Cabinet to meddle with his decisions?

    The EC is supposed to be an independent body, and the Chairman betrayed our trust by letting the administrative body have a say in the election process.


  5. folo4
    May 17, 2008 @ 18:14:18

    thing is, monsterball, by the time the 13th general election rolls along, most of the environmentalist’s fears of global warming and anything worse would be too much for Malaysia, not to mention the reality that Malaysia will be a net oil importer, which is hardly good.

    As I said, the rakyat voted the opposition more, but at the wrong places; the important figures of UMNO still remains, probably due to cheating because of the abolishment of the ink.


  6. Steven
    May 18, 2008 @ 00:51:25

    Just wish our east Malaysia MP start to wake up to the reality of umnoputra threat to their states, namely Sabah n Sarawark, stand up to this racist party from messing up their states n populace, before it is too late. Hope our eastern fellow Malaysians realize most of their oil resource revenue is stolen big time by those racists.


  7. monsterball
    May 18, 2008 @ 01:37:40

    folo4..golbal warming and environmental issues are worldwide problems….and need whole world to co-operate. Lets not link everything to blame UMNO. It concerns very much.. every humans co-operation too. Less said….the better.
    It was a very good start on 12th the right time.
    Forget about cheating this or that!! Concentrate to… ‘talk till you drop dead”…making sure….13th election will be complete control by People’s Party.
    Just heard…..Dollah is very weak in UMNO….and may need to go within.. 45 days.
    Poor chap!! He is okay….but what softy and selfish bugger too.
    I like to hear Najib give full speeches and expose himself…a …DUD he is……much much worst than Dollah.
    Malaysia sure…boleh. It is UMNO that created nice meaningful slogan…and they have an confuse and rojak everything…to make them look smart. Actually…..any given … 5 years..they hardly work..but talk UMNO and full of shit stuffs.


  8. monsterball
    May 18, 2008 @ 02:03:48

    Doc…With your permission…I like to wish one and all…a “Happy Wesak” weekend.
    It is so simliar to Christmas for Christian…celebrating the birth of Jesus…but “wesak day”….three times…more powerful…celebrating..birth…attaining enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha. Buddhists love to do things fast and kill three birds …with one stone….hahahahahahaha


  9. romerz
    May 18, 2008 @ 04:13:36

    Whatever his motives are I haven’t the slightest clue except that whatever his failings in the past, he should be encouraged to come forth and divulge more.

    I’m of the opinion that there are more good people than bad people in this country though some of their actions in the past raises questions of credibility.

    Let us not forget that we are all humans after all and the primary human instinct is self-preservation.

    Sometimes we suppress what we know is inherently right and do the opposite for the selfish reason of self-preservation, not so much for ourselves but for those we love and who depend on us.

    I’m not trying to defend Rashid but i think it would be more beneficial to Malaysia if he took courage from us the rakyat and continue to ‘spill-the-beans’.

    Like I said, whatever his motives are is not so important. Information of wrong doings by the ruling elite is more important at this point in time, given the opportunity now to exorcise the ‘demons’ that plague this country for so long.

    If we become vindictive and cry out for punishment, i fear we may only drive those with explosive information back to their ‘masters’.

    Sometimes we may have to temper our ideals with pragmatism.

    As I said in a previous comment, not everything is black or white, there is such a color as grey.


  10. monsterball
    May 18, 2008 @ 07:06:16

    We have been pragmatic ….patience and tolerating Malaysians Chinese….Indians and other so call ‘alien” races…coined by UMNO… for 50 years.
    The straw that broke the camel’s back…was treating all of us….like animals..creating fear factors…during the the two great walks ….in the history of Malaysia.
    40,000 walked..and they said 4000. Another 100000 walked..and they said 20000….clearly showed…they keep on telling lies to the public and to themselves.
    No no no….all UMNO….MCA…Gerakan and MIC..liars and bullshitters…must be confronted .without any more …so call pragmatic attitudes from us. 50 years is enough.
    Malaysia need a total change….and Gerakan can go to hell..or be brave enough…to join the People’s Party struggles for total freedom of rights and religions….to free their terrible sins…done to the Malaysian Chinese…all these 18 years.


  11. monsterball
    May 18, 2008 @ 07:53:02

    Politics…involving human lives and their futures…..are not about…to forgive and forget….this or that.
    Only an idiot….fighting a war…half way….then say to himself…”lets forgive our enemies”…when the enemies have been sucking high and dry.. ..Malaysians wealth…..for 50 years.
    Yes.this is a war on corruptions…race and religion politics.
    And Gerakan have supported …18 years…the devils!!
    Anyone….trying to be too smart…come here to convince..forgive and forget any UMNO or BN people….is either a drunkard….don’t know what he is talking about….or a sly fox.
    Such logics….are disrupting total change and unity.
    I guess….Doc is right….”Talk till we all drop dead”………hahahahahahha


  12. monsterball
    May 18, 2008 @ 08:12:27

    Whatever Rashid is saying now;…..accusing government and stop using the ink….who cares!!
    He is a nobody….willing to hold on to his job…with no principles in life……and even got 1 year extension.. ..being such good balls carrier to UMNO……now retired…and want to tell all?
    Actually….it clearly shows…he will do keep his job…but then….are we not seeing so many BN blokes…doing same thing….and when in desperate positions…speak against UMNO. When no one confront them with power…people’s power!!…they carry the balls of UMNO…and play out their own races.
    Go to hell with Rashid.
    One enemy…mouth shut.
    Don’t romerz prove he has a better heart than mine.


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