Happy Wesak Day

Tomorrow is Wesak Day. This blog wishes all my Buddhist readers a very Happy Wesak Day.

thanks to Tanco.com

May Peace be upon Earth, no more fighting , killings and natural disasters.


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  1. monsterball
    May 18, 2008 @ 08:54:45

    Yes! Happy Wesak Day…to all my Buddhists friends.
    And in Buddhism…..all those who do good..do not do bad…and can control their monkey mind…are Buddhists.
    Buddhism is not a religion. It is “A Way of Life”
    And Buddha is not a God. He is a great teacher…real name is Sithattha Guatama ….a Prince from the Sakya clan.
    He always tell us….do not simple believe…even things ..spoken by him. He said…go and ….think about what he said….ask questions…and seek the truths.
    The word “Buddha”..simply means..one who have attain enlightenment….wise and free from sins.
    Anyone can do that..to be a Buddha.
    The only problem..how many can give up..all..as a Prince..all wealth..wife and child….to fee himself from earthly sins.
    In Malaysia….I have the good fortune…to know one man..from Penang…gave up all his wealth and children….at age 60…became a monk…..and he was well loved and welknown.
    His famous contribution..is the Lunas Monastery…he built in Lunas…..for monks to make retreats to purify themselves.. He just died…at age 82…. few months apart…from his very good friend….the Chief Reverend of Malaysia….also died at age… 82.
    To Buddhists…people like…Mother Teresa…..Mahatma Gandhi….. Martin Luther King….Princess Diana..to name a few..are great Buddhists.
    Buddhism can boast to have their own flag..and when monks congregates….it is like a sea of yellow buffaloes……hahahahahahaha


  2. monsterball
    May 18, 2008 @ 09:14:05

    You see…we are allowed to joke about our beloved monks.
    How nice!
    I want to add more…if I may.
    Buddha..was the first man…treated woman and man…….as equals..no class distinctions. At that time…2500 years ago….this is very important.
    He establish… the first Nun…with equal rights to Monks.
    He established the first hospital!..in the world!
    He have said…all that have been said…by special holy men and women..after him…and have said whatever scientists are saying now. He has said all. these things…..2500 years ago.
    He was a Hindu…embracing the great Hinduism
    “Way of life”….and spoke like Confucious….who died 30 years…..before he was born.
    There is no doubt…Confucious have a great influence on him. That’s why China love and revered him..him too.
    Without China….there is no Buddhism.


  3. daffodils
    May 18, 2008 @ 17:01:27

    For the past few days, Astro has been providing live coverage of the earthquake disaster at Sichuan.

    We should pause and reflect on the sufferings of the Chinese and count our blessings that we are sheltered from these disasters.

    Let us now at this moment close our eyes and pray for the valiant efforts of the soldiers in the rescue operation to save those who are still trapped in the rubble.

    The Chinese government has risen to the occasion and is doing everything that is manly possible to alleviate the sufferings of those who have lost their children and children who have lost their parents.

    Chinese all over have rallied to contribute in terms of cash and kind in this humanitarian effort to provide aid.

    Let us also pray for those in Myanmar who are affected by the cyclone. It seems that the government there is not as quick action as the Chinese government.

    Count our blessings each day that God has protected us from all these calamities.


  4. novice101
    May 19, 2008 @ 01:24:18

    WE pray all of us can transcend our narrow, confined love so that the Great Love in us can spread out and do its good!


  5. romerz
    May 19, 2008 @ 03:17:12

    Happy Wesak Day to all.

    “The middle path; going through the center of center; enlightenment awaits.”


  6. A true Malaysia
    May 19, 2008 @ 11:36:28

    To me, Buddhism is about nature. How nature was created is not important.

    Being living creature of higher intelligence than others, we human need to know how to co-exist or blend with nature. We need to respect life of other living beings.

    But things don’t work out so perfectly in the real world where we kill animal for food, encroach into jungle and spoil their habitats, clear up forest to cater for our needs and so on.

    That is why Buddha told us not to adopt his teachings blindly without understanding and self realisation. To understand Buddha’s teachings fully is not an easy task and it is near impossible.

    But at least, if we can do things moderately and with clear conscience, I should say that we have contributed quite a bit to mankind. Just remember, what goes around, comes around, if you don’t believe in ‘Law of Karma’ discovered by Gautama Buddha.

    There is no point if you ask for forgiveness for sins committed from God, you need to clear your sins by doing good deeds.



  7. andyxl
    May 17, 2011 @ 14:29:01

    @ Monsterball

    “To Buddhists…people like…Mother Teresa…..Mahatma Gandhi….. Martin Luther King….Princess Diana..to name a few..are great Buddhists”

    Whats wrong with saying they were just good humanists ? Except that in three out four cases you wouldn’t. I don’t see how you can encourage ancient superstitions and preach against contraception and believe that poverty is good for you and still be seen as a great cause for good. And how Diana has become some kind of secular saint is beyond me. She was a rich kid who had a tough marriage but became loved by the public because she was in the newspapers every day. Its good that towards the end of her life she contributed to good charitable causes, but to be honest the overprivileged damn well should. Even Gandhi, who achieved great things politically, and had a genuine nobleness of spirit, wanted to take India back to a mediaeval economy that would have kept everybody as poor as he had the luxury of choosing to be. Martin Luther King is very different from the others. He didn’t have a carefully cultivated public persona of shining goodness, telling other people they were unworthy and it was good for them to be poor. He was well known to be a flawed person – woman, drink, temper etc – but he just kept plugging away at something he thought was right, and trying to improve the lives of millions of Americans.


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