Give non race politics a try of 2 terms

Dr Mahathir has quit UMNO, Malaysiakini has just reported.

I am not surprised. I was also not surprised when yesterday, Malaysia Insider carried a piece of news that the ‘good’ doctor has decided to play race card again.

I was not surprised because when a person is becoming desperate, he will take desperate measures. Just like an animal, when it is cornered, it will be at its fiercest. And never underestimate Dr Mahathir; this is a move to force Pah Lah into a corner too.

I am however disappointed that he has decided to put his own agenda above that of the nation.

According to Malaysian insider, Dr Mahathir said: “What does it say? Malaysia for Malaysians! This is the reality of the present situation. If we do not speak up, if we choose to keep quiet, we will lose our rights and the other races will take over. When that happens, it will be like Singapore. Do you think we will still have control?”

This is dangerous and seditious. How on the earth can non Malay takes over the country, like in the case of SIngapore, when they make up of less than 40 % of the population?

Remember, this is a democracy, each person has only one vote. As long as the Malay brothers are in the majority, they will have the ultimate say over how the country is run and going to be run. Even if they decided to do away with racial politics, as many Malay intellectuals are starting to advocate, the fact that they are the majority race will always be a safeguard to their rights.

So I appeal to my Malay brothers, do not be afraid of doing away with nonrace politics. You have the number; you are the majority. Give non race politics a try of 2 terms , 10years at the maximum. During these 10 years of trying out non race politics, adopt policies based on social strata and give assistance to the poor and the needy regardless of race. DO away with politics of race, politics of patronage… etc.

I am sure, the country will progress better. There will be better economic progress because by doing so, business people will become more competitive; universities will produce better students due to better competition; there will slowly be a culture of excellence emerging from all fields, even in sports. The indigenous people will develop their potential to succeed and be able to stand without clutches… important attribute in the era of globalisation.

There will definitely be better unity. Without race based politics, the people will definitely mix better.

Just take an analogy. If you have a solid brick house and all your neighbours have only wooden huts, by letting  them build solid houses around you does not make your house any smaller. Another analogy. Say you have the right to use cars and other people only the rights to use bicycle, by giving them right to use cars too does not amke your car any smaller, or your car any uglier.

Similarly, give people more rights does not make your existing special rights any lesser.

When after a trial of 2 terms or 10 years , the Malay majority finds that there are worse off, they can always vote to bring back the old way..race based politics .

In fact, by virtual of being the majority race with the most votes,this is their best safegurad, and  they can vote for any system they like after 10 years.

The thing is, if you do not even try, how do you know that non racial politics will not be better? Overseas examples like Switzerland have shown us that if non race politics is adopted, the progress and unity among people will definitely be better. So why not give it  a try?

Dr Mahathir has misled people again by his speech.. The Malay percentage of the population will get bigger with time and the non Malay proportion will be smaller, according to demographic projections. No matter what happens to the other races, Malays will always be in the majority and because of that majority, they can rest assured that Malaysia will not be another SIngapore, where the Malays are in the minority.

So I appeal to our Malays brothers, do not fear non race politics. It is the trend in this world where everyone will be treated equal, as written under the Universal Declaration of Human rights. With the world becoming smaller and flatter, the ability to blend with the world is getting more and more important, and when everwhere in the world , equality is becoming a reality, how are we going to blend with the rest of the world if short sighted racial policies are still being adopted?


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  1. novice101
    May 19, 2008 @ 15:46:31


    Tunku and Tun Hussien left the UMNO mahathir created, because they had total disdain for what mahathir was doing. mahathir is now leaving the party he has created himself, because he could not get his way.

    He hopes others will follow his example. It would be good to see how much of a support he has in UMNO. AAB now has the opportunity to put mahathir to rest for good, at least in UMNO.

    mahathir’s arrogance knows no bound. This arrogance is a result of his bloated self-confidence in himself. He has convinced himself that he can do no wrong and his logic supasses all others’.

    The logic and confidence which are built with no moral and spiritual foundation are now tumbling down. Malaysia is on the path of recovery from 2 decades of decadence. There is hope for Malaysia yet. Just imagine what people’s unity can do!


  2. novice101
    May 19, 2008 @ 15:56:48

    BROTHERS, LET US CALL OURSELVES BROTHERS, let us unite and build a better Malaysia. Let us do it for ourselevs and for the generations following us.

    Do you have hatred in your hearts for me, I don’t any any hatred for you. Do you despise me, I do not despise you. Do youi want peace and harmony for the nation, so do I.

    Let us not be divided by self-serving individuals who only think of their interests. Let all speak out for unity.


  3. A true Malaysia
    May 19, 2008 @ 17:06:45

    This is what I said previously. Malays, who form the majority of the population, are the ones who lead the non-Malays. Not the other way round.

    Umno is expired its shelf life. Lets change before you are poisoned.


  4. novice101
    May 19, 2008 @ 18:02:27

    Could mahathir do this as a pre-emptive move? Could he have got wind of AAB wanting to take him to court on the Lingam’s tapes affair? He is doing this as a distraction and to dis-stabilise the government so that he can get off scot-free.


  5. Jason ANG
    May 19, 2008 @ 20:51:02

    Dr M, Sanusi quit Umno (do this help UMNO and BN?)

    Dr M, Sanusi quit Umno

    ALOR STAR: Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and veteran party man Tan Sri Sanusi Junid announced Monday that they are quitting Umno. (I think Dr M , Old already, he can’t wait to see the chnage, the change need time DR M, even you do not have time , you should not give a earth quake to UMNO and BN)

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced this on Monday at 12.35pm, citing a lack of confidence in the current leadership. (Than in the first place why Dr M choose Badawi? a good and senior leader is telling us such a naive comments, i think they may have personal problem, instead of choosing wrong leader as Badawi)

    “I am quitting Umno today,” he told about 1,000 people, mostly Kedah Umno members, at a talk here on Monday. (than we should celebrating the senior leader retirement)

    “I will write a letter to Umno headquarters to inform that I have quit the party,” he said. (remember promissory estoppal OK)

    He has been critical of his appointed successor Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, blaming the current Umno president for the party’s disappointing performance in the 12th general election. (than how, as Pak lah to retire? or Dr M want to make the whole Malaysia to chaos ?)

    The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, of which Umno is the largest component party, won the March 8 election with a simple majority, and saw four more states join Kelantan under Opposition rule.

    Dr Mahathir urged other party members to quit too, as a way of pressuring Abdullah into vacating his post. (Than the whole Malaysia go to hell, we need a peacefull Malaysia , not a chaos Malaysia OK)

    However, he advised those who do quit not to join any opposition party, adding they can all rejoin the party once there is a change in leadership.(are Dr M promoting PKR ? or PAS ? why not promoting Gerakan ?Hahah)


  6. yh
    May 19, 2008 @ 21:22:15

    He is the man that has cause so much pain to this country. He was the architect in turning the civil service to its current malaise situation. he was the architect in the demolition of all our august institutions so that he can rule with impunity. He is responsible for the decay in the education system. And, now he wants to play the race card again to suit his political agenda.
    Malaysians, regardless of race or creed, must stand up to this man and tell him that his days are over.


  7. veonszu
    May 19, 2008 @ 21:54:27

    Dr M will forever be Dr. M.

    He has single-handedly destroyed almost every august institutions and value system that Malaysian once proud of.

    And now, he is trying to destroy another Malaysian Institution, i.e. UMNO. Though UMNO has since lost its moral authority and power grip on multi-racial Malaysian, yet no one can deny that UMNO was and in deed still is until this hour!

    But now, would UMNO be dragged to ground zero or split into multiple factions? NO one can tell for sure at this critical moment.

    We can only keep our fingers crossed praying that the extreme elements within and ourside UMNO won’t exploit the situation to the explosive stage where there is no turning back for Malaysian society anymore.

    God bless malaysia!


  8. yapchongyee
    May 19, 2008 @ 23:36:42

    Mahatir quits UMNO !

    It is indeed sad to read so many fawning accolades that Tun Mahatir is such a great leader and such like. It just shows how blinkered you Malays are; you just do not have vision and you are so naïve that you do not fully appreciate your own predicament. Has Mahatir been a good and caring leader ? This generation of Malays will say that he is, but it will be history that will judge Mahatir as the most self serving and selfish leader, who has no clue what he was doing. I am Chinese living in Australia and it does not worry me too much to say what is best said without any fear or embellishment; just say it as it is.

    Mahatir created an illusion that Malays benefited by his one sided pervasion of the Constitution; but I will not go into that area because there is no useful purpose to state what is obvious(too much energy wasted ). Let me ask you was HITLER a great leader ? From your reaction you Malays will say, “YES”. Hitler too had the German people fawning after him as their FEURER Sounds like the word “father”, yes Hitler was the father to the German people, but was he a good leader ?

    I see a direct comparison between Hitler and Mahatir, they both created the myth that the Jews and the Chinese are suck the blood of the Malays and the Aryan German people. I am fully convinced that Mahatir had learned a great deal from both Goerbels and Hitler; this comparison is uncanny ! The question that I want to ask is “IF IT WERE IN THE POWER OF MAHATIR TO GAS 5 MILLION CHINESE WILL MAHATIR HESITATE ? I will ask the Malays, if it were in your power to gas 8 million Chinese, will you do it ? I say without hesitation that you would ! Malaysia and UMNO has called the tragedy of May 13th a “RIOT” but it is in scale cruelty and destructiveness a pogrom and in the history of Nazism, there was a similar pogrom called the Crystalnach (crystal night) and it also marked the beginning of the extermination of the Jews. The same sort of discrimination against the Jews are today practiced on the non Malays only it is justified by that grossly misunderstood social contract. There was never ever been any social contract and I say it as my own understanding of this bullshit social contract, when did the UMNO ever implemented any social contract; it was a case of the Malays taking it all for themselves ! Can Chinese go and obtain a Banking license ? Can Chinese go and obtain a government contract without a Malays holding 51% equity in the tendering company ? The Chinese has to put up 100% money capital and expertise and GET ONLY 49% OF WHAT IS LEFT AFTER THE MALAY CHAIRMAN HAS GRABED 60% OF THE PROFITS. THIS WAS EXACTLY THE SITUATION THAT EXISTED UNDER HITLER AND IT STILL EXIST IN MALAYSIA.

    Mahatir had perverted the system and polarized Malaysia, on the one side Malays and on the other side, the Chinese. Among the Chinese, those who can leave Malaysia for better climes. It will not be in this generation that you Malays will see Mahatir for what he really is. Mahatir wanted to be another Robert Mugabe, a 94 year old man still clinging on to power; WHAT FOR ? I had said it once that Mahatir appointed the weakest of his Ministers AAB to be his successor because Mahatir wanted to control AAB like a puppet on a string, but from the very first days of that fateful election AAB had uncoupled Mahatir from Aab’s influence. That was when trouble started.

    The reason why I say that Mahatir will be judge by history as the most retarding force that held back the progress of the Malay people is because he created the myth of the
    Chinese being the EXPLOITERS of the Malays and in so doing HE WON OVER CONTROL OF THE MALAYS. This too was how Hitler controlled the German people by creating the myth of the superior Aryan race that saw the Jews as the sub-human and to do what they wanted with the Jews.

    The full rigors of Mahatirs exploitation of the weakness of the Malays cannot be assessed today (can’t see the forest for the trees), but reading a few of the comments from some Malays, we can see that this truth is creeping out and very soon it will be a flood. Let me discuss this aspect of the debate by questions rather than answers. Why and to what purpose is it beneficial for the Malays to retard and BLOCK the progress of the Chinese ? If a Chinese becomes rich by his own sweat and hard work and business talent, HOW DO YOU MALAYS EQUATE THIS PERFORMANCE TO EXPLOITATION ? Is this to be viewed as a zero sum equation, ie if the Chinese makes a profit then it must also mean that the Malay will not make any profit ? How can that argument hold when we all know that the Malays are not in business as the Chinese are ? This deals with the issues relating to obtaining licenses to do business.

    Mahatir by giving all scholarships to Malays and to those Malays who are connected reduced the selection of Malay scholars to a very small clique, hence the best Malays are kept out of these scholarships. Those who graduated under this system of patronage graduate as useless “pen-pushers”, who can only gain work in the government services. Billions are wasted training nothing but graduates who can only work as clerks. This patronage did not develop a class of competent entrepreneurs and therefore for 50 years Malaysia has been producing too many incompetent GENERALS and not enough soldiers.

    This was the legacy of the Mahatir years; years that develop nothing that is worth mentioning as his contribution towards developing a competitive Malaysian society. YES YOU MALAYS TAKE ALL BUT CAME OUT WITH NOTHING.

    There is one other point that I want to raise, which is that Mahatir ploy to undermine ABB will fizzle out like a wet cracker ! Mahatir is naïve because only an incumbent can win supporters; a retired PM is like a retired GENERAL, nobody listens to a retired general because one just cannot get anything from a retired general ! Another word, I do not believe that Tengku Li can benefit from the rumblings within UMNO because ABB is the incumbent and power resides in the incumbent.


  9. jamesloh
    May 20, 2008 @ 00:52:44

    WATCH OUT ! ……


  10. jeff
    May 20, 2008 @ 01:40:34

    Several hundred probably will follow DR. M step, that is all he can
    persuade umnoputra nation wide,mainly from Kedah state. Former racist fighter is too old to influence young Malay.


  11. romerz
    May 20, 2008 @ 02:38:30

    I’m not so concerned about Mahatir’s resignation from UMNO but more on the aftermath of this action and the repercussions that follows.

    Mahatir is forcing the issue. If a substantial number of UMNO MPs do likewise and become independents, what avenues are there left for Badawi?

    The way I see it, he has 3 options.

    1. Soldier on and risk a motion-of-no-confidence in parliament.

    2. Step down and hand over to his no. 2.

    3. Call for snap elections and hopefully get a new mandate.

    Looking at his recent defiance on calls for his resignations, I think we can eliminate 2.

    Given the mood of the voters at the moment, I think 3. is also a no go area for him, which leaves him with 1. …. to buy time.

    Assuming that 1. is the most likely scenario, the next question we (non-UMNO members) should ask is, what role if any, should we play in the unfolding ‘implosion’?

    Qualifier : I’m looking at it from the perspective of Gerakan and its supporters.

    Originally, the party moved its party elections forward to before that of UMNO’s in December so that the members could decide the future direction without being seen as ‘just following’ UMNO.

    Well now UMNO’s leadership issue could be decided even earlier. So what now for Gerakan?

    Sit tight and watch this drama out or jump in the fray and take sides?

    IMHO, I think now presents the best opportunity for Gerakan to approach the non-UMNO parties from Sabah and Sarawak (if its not already being done) to leave the BN but without joining the PR.

    Leave the BN, comprising of UMNO, MCA & MIC to remain and form a minority government and keep a semblance of administration for the country.

    Use this time to consolidate Gerakan’s new position and allow UMNO to sort out their problems, one way or the other.

    There is very little the BN can do as a minority government except to just keep the government machinery going. During this time, try to reach out and educate those in the civil service that the way forward for the country and its peoples is non-partisan service (here I mean the EC, PDRM, AG, etc.).

    At the same time, make overtures to the parties from PR to drop their more radical ideologies.

    If this doesn’t work, then ‘force’ the minority ruling BN to form a ‘unity’ government and if in their arrogance they still won’t listen then bring BN down and go to the polls and let the rakyat decide.

    In so doing, Gerakan would probably have signed its own death warrant but at least its the right thing to do.

    In terms of politics, the events we are seeing since 8 march are happening at ‘break-neck’ speed. It is at times like these when there is simply no time to go back to the grassroots and the skills, foresight, resolve of the leadership are called upon.

    Now is the time that will separate the men from the boys!

    (This comment is intended for the eyes of Gerakan’s leadership who visits here.)


  12. steven
    May 20, 2008 @ 03:32:47

    Desperate man do desperate thing….so pathetic!!!!a racist finally got blow over by own hatre of other Malaysian races. ha ha ha….what different can an dying former tyrant do?


  13. Dr Hsu
    May 20, 2008 @ 07:57:47

    I wish to remind my dear readers that they should not profile any race or religion and attack any race or religion in the heat of discussion…. There are good and bad people in every race .

    Please do not also spread any rumours that may cause panic and so on.. I thank you for your kind cooperation.


  14. jeff
    May 20, 2008 @ 08:05:11

    Malaysians take over Malaysia? Is that possible…or only exist in the mind of a dying racist….twisted mind fill with illogical racial rhetoric.


  15. monsterball
    May 20, 2008 @ 14:03:09

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!!
    I am so tired to talk about Mahathir…..and you can bet our life…….he is doing that…not because he loves the country more….or more patriotic than all of us. He is doing that…before he is hurled to court cases…. again and again.
    This time..every case….will be a gone case for him…..he knows that.
    Read all about it…in papers!


  16. novice101
    May 20, 2008 @ 19:49:40

    Dr. Hsu,

    I strongly support your call to fellow bloggers not to resort to profiling and name-calling. If we are really serious in wanting to build a united Malaysia, these sorts of actions should be dropped. Build bridges instead of causing cracks. We have a responsibility to hand over a peaceful and harmonious nation to our future generations.


  17. monsterball
    May 21, 2008 @ 01:19:17

    Yes…Doc…some commentators are blaring out nonsensical stuffs and one talking….creating fear…like telling all….to go back……vote for UMNO and BN.
    These are irresponsible…loud mouths…mostly bragards…who got an agenda to talk…..for a party….not or the country….as a true Malaysian.
    I hope they will respect your humble requests.
    I have been very forceful with my messages….in so many blogs….and everyone knows….I write for the country….not for party or personal benefits.
    YES!!…..”A true Malaysian” comments are most refreshing to read.
    I wonder…..why he is not a preacher?…..hahahahahahaha
    He could make millions…..starting his own religion… Jimmy Swaggart….cousin of the great legendary singer.with a song like…..’Great Balls Of Fire”…..the only and only…oddball rock&roll singer….Jerry Lee Lewis.
    And if he can convince monsterball….why …we can be multi millionaires….ten times better than Reverend Soong…..of Korea too…..hahahahaha
    By the way….Jimmy Swaggart said…he needed US100 million per month….to manage his church…some 30 years ago…and was exposed by a a fraud.
    So you see….sometimes….it takes another wise person……of different faith… see the truths of it all..


  18. steven
    May 21, 2008 @ 08:42:56

    Dr Hsu, since this sleaze fox is playing “race card” again by claiming non malay going to rule Malaysia soon, which will marginalize the bumiputra, why government does not use ISA on him for” seditious speech” to stir up hatred toward other Malaysian races, is it illegal to use ISA on umnoputra in Malaysia?


  19. aadya
    May 21, 2008 @ 17:03:53

    I’d give a Malaysia for All a chance (or non racial politics, whatever way you put it). As of what I’ve seen, there’s no one party that is showing that as of yet. AT least not convincingly enough. With all this talk going on, such visionary plans by so and so might just turn to be that. Just plain talk.


  20. monsterball
    May 21, 2008 @ 20:13:16

    Now that the Royal Commissioners have recommended…all to be probed….including Mahathir..he knows….his time is up.
    It will be many court hearings ……keeping him busy…and one…he will knows he will surely loose….is Anwar suing him.
    Many cannot see the high intelligence of Dollah…..cornering his enemy… UMNO ex-President..without offending UMNO.
    It is no easy task.
    But.. this does not benefit Malaysians and the country. That’s why…..majority Malaysians are fed up with Dollah…doing all these things… so slow…protecting his own arse.
    Whatever it is…it spells the death of UMNO….in whatever forms….shapes and sizes.
    And this is 100% Mahathir’s fault.
    12th election is to punish Dollah…..for being slow…and not keep to his words.
    Had it be Najib as PM…UMNO would have been a gone case…..without lawyers..BERSIH and Hindraf protest walks.
    Najib is a very selfish and unreliable man.
    He has no qualities to be a PM at all.
    Mahathir smartness…is twisting and turning…lying and cheating…..convincing UMNO support him…as a dictator…and all can be very rich… way or another……raping the country’s wealth….high and dry….every which way …..they can.
    Yes….Doc…you said it…..Mahathir is a desperado.
    His days are numbered….on earth. Judgment day is near!!


  21. jeff
    May 22, 2008 @ 00:35:28

    22 years walked in the corridor of power and at the pinnacle of power, several dozen of people were thrown in jail and left to rot under his ISA for political differences, hopefully time will come for “JUSTICE” to be served for all the wrongs he did to these Malaysian victims, let him enjoy his retirement in the jail till the day he die, wish justice can still prevail in my beloved bolehland.


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