The beginning of the end ?

Is a change in political landscape imminent? Today is June 18th, and rumours had it that a component party of BN from Sabah is going to quit BN. But quitting Bn is not equivalent to joining Pakatan.

Malaysiakini in an article posted yesterday titled : “BN exodus to begin tomorrow” mentioned that

“Speculations are rife that a Barisan Nasional component party will be making an important announcement tomorrow that would leave Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s government hanging in a balance.

Sources told Malaysiakinitonight that the announcement by the Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) tomorrow will “lead to a drastic change of the political scenario in Malaysia


Although SAPP has only 2 MPs and its withdrawal from BN will not affect the Parliamentary majority of BN, the psychological impart will be great. 

It is like  a pack of rats in a sinking ship. Once the first few jump ship, the rest of the rats will feel emboldened to follow suit. Do not discount the domino effects of such a move…. Human behaviour is heavily influenced by peer groups … The others will be thinking: If other people jump, why not us?

So the questions on most people’s minds  are:

 Will other parties follow the example?

Will individual MPs follow suit?

Will this lead to the early resignation of PM?

Are the days numbered?

Will the next PM will be better than this?

Will the next government be better than the present? ( read below)


Will PAS become extremist and radical  once Pakatan forms the next government? I asked this question because of a piece of news in the Star today, “Sultan to PAS: Call off protest or I can call off matches”

I support the Sultan’s stand in asking PAS to call off protest. Star reports:

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah described the protest over rock queen Ella and dangdut singer Mas Idayu as “hypocritical” and “trivial”.

 He said there were more important issues that the party could focus on.

“If this is going to be so difficult, we might as well hold this annual event in Singapore. I am sure they  will be more than happy to play host,” he told The Star yesterday.

On Monday, Selangor PAS Youth submitted a memoradum to the Selangor Mentri Besar’s office to protest against plans to have Ella and Mas Idayu perform at the match on July 6.

On Monday, Selangor PAS Youth submitted a memoradum to the Selangor Mentri Besar’s office to protest against plans to have Ella and Mas Idayu perform at the match on July 6.

State PAS Youth chief Sallehen Mokhyi said the movement felt that performances by the singers were inappropriate as it would be attended by many youngsters.

Sallehen’s call came on the heels of a statement by national PAS Youth vice-chief Azman Shapawi that the party wanted all the Pakatan Rakyat states to implement Syariah laws.

I think PAS has to realise that this is a multicultural and multireligious country, and that to have these 2 entertainers to sing will not be the end of the world. This is a modern world, and even if you ban these performers, what about Astro? What about internet? What about you-tube? 

To produce good citizens, home education by parents and a proper school education by caring teachers are more important than banning stage singing. In fact, it would do the youngsters a lot of good if they become slightly more liberal by being exposed to different cultures. They won’t be good citizens if they cannot tolerate different cultures, acccept new ideas, adapt themselves to globalisation when they are older.  A person can be religious as long as his heart accepts the true teaching of his religion; there is no point in getting them to appear religious on the outside but with evil intent on the inside.

The problems with some Malaysians is that they  stress too much on the forms outside  and not the spirits and the substance inside.

 If this is the type of alternative government that Pakatan is going to offer , then I think there will be a place for a third force, and if this third force can play its cards well, it can bring about another tsunami and send both Pakatan and BN packing in the next General Election.

Any takers?



20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Abdul
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 12:32:07

    No takers. The rantings of few PAS youth wingers is not Pakatan’s official position. So why look for a new force which to get is difficult? PR is the best so far. We may see some DAP statements too Chinese centric, or some PAS statements too extremist, or some PKR statement too ambigous, but that’s normal and it should be respected as part of free conscience and free speech.


  2. Justin Choo
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 13:05:02

    Dr Hsu,

    Below is a small part of one of my comments in another blog:

    I am still in favour of having 2 devils fighting each other, rather than only one devil sucking our blood. At least if two fight one or both may die and be sent to hell!


  3. A true Malaysia
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 13:20:57

    All in all, Islam should be left alone for Muslim to practise freely without the authority interfering or policing on how Islam should be practised. If a Muslim committed ‘khalwat’ , eat non-halal food, not fasting during fasting month or not dressed decently, let he or she answers to the Almighty. After all, it is their rights to do what they choose to do.

    I found the practice of religious authorities in policing and imposing their ‘perceived’ Islamic values on Muslims unacceptable. You can ‘promote’ the values but please do not ‘impose’ on others. Such practices have resulting in ‘phobia’ among Muslims in Malaysia.

    Pakatan leaders should seriously look into whether to leave Islam out of politics.


  4. aadya
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 16:12:16

    Greetings Dr Hsu,

    PAS move was really not in line with Pakatan’s. I doubt that they go through the proper democratic means of discussion through Pakatan before deciding to do so (regarding the demo). So probably we see a scattering of thought for Pakatan parties, as Abdul above says it, it is clear that each of these 3 parties have VASTLY different agendas. So right now with PAS doing so, are we seeing a fight for power dominance. Are they slowly trying to show their true colours?

    On another note, I hope whatever the SAPP decision is, they are doing it for the Sabah’s people benefit and not other sneaky agenda. (Money, power politics, etc). I hope they also understand that what they are doing is political blackmailing, so as to speak just like what Tun M did before too..



  5. romerz
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 16:35:22

    Latest news I have is SAPP is not leaving the BN. However they will either table or support a motion-of-no-confidence against the PM in parliament this coming Monday.

    I’m looking forward to Monday’s events. I think SAPP wants to be sacked.

    Another thing I’m looking forward to is the Sanglang bye-election. I think it will be PAS v UMNO but I’m hoping that an independent will participate as well.

    I’m curious to see how a 3rd alternative, who is neither BN or PR, will fare.


  6. izzatdin
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 16:50:57

    they are not reliable..they seems to have very different ideology..they are not together when making a decision..they are not strong together.. and the only thing that binds them together is Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim..let say if one day, Anwar is not here anymore, what will happen to them?are they reliable?i don’t think so..


  7. Maverick
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 16:55:31

    the religious pundits should take their course elsewhere and put a full stop with their diversive mentality where it belongs.


  8. Charlie
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 17:00:36

    it’s not just an issue of free speech, it goes to the very core of the PR fulfilling their promises to the people, that they will transcend race and ideological based politics and deliver their promise of a new Malaysia. They could not have not realised it was a big leap of faith on the part of the people in casting those votes on March 8, for them to believe that the Pakatan leaders can put aside their vast differences and work together on a blueprint for the betterment of the country. Without the benefit of experience and strong structure to hold them together, as the other Big Boy does. This latest installment of gado-gado within the Pakatan Rakyat is beginning to really worry the people who voted for them. Can they really do it? To put the people first instead of themselves? To go against the truism of politics is difficult as it is, but for the Pakatan Rakyat, they are making it so much more arduous for themselves.


  9. Dakkak
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 18:38:33

    Not 2 gado2 but the sultan also join in. It show s that the sultan cannot stand the estremism of PAS and silence them. His words are stronger. So both parties die? No PAS die from the words of the Sultan. As for PKR, they did nothing – even to tell PAS not to go beyond the boundary.


  10. KK Lim
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 20:59:29

    Looks like PAS is trying to test its strength here vis-a-vis its Pakatan partners. Having been made to believe that it is the ‘king-maker’ in Pakatan (as espoused by some establishment writers), it is now exerting its position as a big brother, to test the limits of its influence/stength. You can see it in their latest on and off acquiescence to meet with UMNO for talks on ‘Malay/Muslim’ unity.

    How the other Pakatan partners manage this PAS show of strength will have great implications not only on the viability of the PR but more importantly, the future configuration of political alignment in this country.


  11. bondoun
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 21:52:06

    Just bear in mind, the only reason PAS was taken into PR was that they need MPs to take down BN. Other than that, I see no common goals shared between PR coalition. That’s why I suggest east malaysian MPs form another block. It makes it better to have more coalitions available than those two devils.


  12. anak perelih
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 22:20:38

    before criticizing PAS you should know that PAS struggle is on islamic line… which if they left it.. it will be a party without principle.. or abandoning its principle… it’s like DAP going to be a racist, undemocratic party or PKR being kicking Anwar out of the party…

    Anyway, PAs action was in behalf of the PR benefits… PAS contested in the Malay/muslim majority areas… thus its situation is different than PKR or DAP…
    if you studied the election result.. actually PAs suffered many defeats in the MAlay/Muslim majority areas except in Kedah and Kelantan… they only won 1 seat in Perlis and 8 seats in Terengganu is the evidence.. It’s because UMNO had played an issue of PAs abandoning its principle and its Islamic State by joining with DAP and PKR… during the champaign period.. as a result… areas won by PAS in 1999 like Bota and PArit in Perak.. they lost…. so does 2 more areas in Perlis and many in Terengganu… In 1999, PAs won more parliament seats than in 2008….


  13. Monk
    Jun 18, 2008 @ 23:47:20

    In 1974 (June), BN was given a certificate of registration by ROS. In 1994, it celebrated its 20th anniversary. Yes, 34 years now, it is collapsing like a deflated balloon. It is reaping a whirlwind of destruction. Self destruction and not caused by external enemies. It deserves its own karmic force, dying a slow political strangulation by its own coalition members and of course, voters should jump ship. Not only the rats, it’s a RAT year!!



  14. nick
    Jun 19, 2008 @ 09:52:05

    Every political pundit can predict that BN is a sinking ship. The Captain AAB will be the last to ditch the vessel following time-honored tradition. The clever and smart ones should leave soon rather than later when there is no more life-saving crafts left. Why has BN lost the plot? Well, just look at the alternative. The 5 states, especially penang and selangor has fared rather well. The welfare policies by LGE (100 for 100k families) and Khalid (free 20cubicM water) are small gestures but carry a mountain of political goodwill. Sleepy-head AAB instead took an unnecessary gamble by jacking fuel prices. We can tolerate increases but there must have been a clever way of doing things but he bungled badly. Now the left hand pocket is giving back more subsidies. I am sick and tired of this bunch of incompetent Managers (read Cabinet). Sack them sooner rather than later. We have better alternative Managers in PR. The common man are suffering too much now.


  15. A true Malaysian
    Jun 19, 2008 @ 11:11:32

    anak pereleh,

    If PAS is so much in love with Islam, it should stick to Islam alone carry out its passion in promoting Islam through other means, but not through politics.

    I still of the opinion that Islam should not be promoted through politics or laws of a country. Propagating of one’s religion should be by way of passion and love, not by imposing what you should do or not do.


  16. VJ
    Jun 19, 2008 @ 11:13:38

    we do not know if PAS , if Pakatan forms next gomen , will become another radical umno ??
    It should change it’s outdated mentality else will face the same impact as what umno experiancing .
    It should not forget that non-bumi voted PAS for the sake of Pakatan as a whole and not for PAS in particular .


  17. jeff
    Jun 19, 2008 @ 11:54:27

    Their religion just cannot accept woman as equal, has every right , freedom of choice and speech as man, they just want to control women in general so as to bolster their male ego, it is a sign of incompetency and backwardness in this political party,very similar with Iran Ayatollah branch of radicalism, not a surprise to me at all.


  18. steven
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 02:54:43

    A butch of “sicko” trying to impose their perverted belief system and value on all Malaysian women performers need to “kick” in the ass, period.


  19. ahpek
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 11:11:02

    What is the problem with the PAS youth ? They can not accept the reality that all these Malay female artists getting all the attention on stage or just jeolous of their success, get a life , you freak!


  20. zeitgeist590
    Jun 24, 2008 @ 13:08:32



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