South African Chinese are ‘Black’

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I received a tip from my blogger friend Scott thong about a very interesting piece of news. Scott has already posted the article in his blog, but since I think this is important, I will post it here , too. Thanks , Scott.

Apparently, in South Africa, a court ruled that Chinese has as much right as the blacks. This comes from a country where, formerly, apatheid policy was practiced. In other words, Chinese are classified as ‘blacks’ in South Africa.

The pertinent question is : when will Malaysian Chinese, or for that matter, Malaysian  Indians and other minority people classified as “bumi”? I hope our politicians should take note of this news and maybe if they have time, ponder on it…. Why can’t people be treated equally? Why can’t help be given on based on needs? Why can’t affirmative action be taken based on social strata? Then all the poor will be given help, regardless of colour.

This is the post from

Chinese classified as Blacks, court says

From correspondents in Johannesburg

June 19, 2008 12:47am

A COURT has issued a landmark ruling classifying Chinese South Africans as black, making them eligible for benefits for those discriminated against under the former apartheid regime.

The ruling from the Pretoria high court came after the Chinese Association of South Africa (CASA) challenged their exclusion from laws aimed at redressing economic imbalances under white-minority rule, which ended in 1994.

CASA argued that Chinese citizens continue to be marginalised under the country’s black economic empowerment and affirmative action legislation.

Both laws benefit the country’s black, Indian and mixed-race communities.

“As Chinese South African we were officially classified as coloured during the apartheid era and suffered under the same discriminatory laws prior to 1994,” CASA chairman Patrick Chong said.

“The logical inference was thus Chinese South Africans would automatically qualify for the same benefits afforded to the coloured group, post 1994.”

The organisation has pressed government on the matter since 2000 in order to seek clarity on their racial classification


I would like to re-post here an article I wrote many months back (November 2006) :

We are sailing in the same boat:

One of my earlier postings in this blog “Buck up to prevent being marginalised” was posted in the newsgroup soc.culture.malaysia on 19th November. It received about 40 comments by now.I would like to single out one comment which I think is totally irrational.

One person called “Othm” commented that “we would prefer to live up the coconut tree, rather than to have the chinamen, indiamen, matsalleh control my country”.

I think this comment is totally nonsensical and irrational and does not represent majority of the people. It is the comment of an ignorant person perhaps. Those who think ahead and who care for the country will not have uttered such comment.

It is like a child who is behaving emotionally with a ” If I don’t get it, I destroy it” type of mentality.

First of all, we are all Bangsa Malaysia. We are in the same boat. If the boat sails well, everyone will be get good rewards. If, one the other hand, the boat sinks, everyone will be drowned. In order to sail well, everyone in the boat must cooperate and work together. The weaker ones in the boat may be given more and the stronger ones may be asked to contribute more. These are all agreed upon. But some form of fairness must also prevail in order to make everyone happy and work hard in the boat.

Secondly, there is no such entities as chinamen and indiamen as all of us are Chinese Malaysian, Indian Malaysian and so on.

Thirdly , the Chinese Malaysian and Indian Malaysian are not going to control the country since they are in the minority. Whatever they earn, they spend in the country and everyone benefits from their spendings. They also pay tax to central govenment and local authorities. The tax revenue helps to fund development, maintain schools, hospitals, parks, roads, subsidise food and petrol, pay the salary of civil servants and police, and enable rubbish to be collected. Besides, they contribute as much in nation building as any other people.

Fourthly, these Chinese Malaysian and Indian Malaysian are born and bred here. This is the only country they know since birth. As with their Malay Malaysian counterparts, this is their only boat.

In fact, every human being is the same. We actually descend from the same ancestors who many hundred thousand years ago moved out from Africa and settled all over the world. The different habitat and evolving cultures may have changed the outer appearance, but if you look inside every human, everything is similar.

So, I ask all my boatmates to think ahead and cooperate with each other. The socially and physically more fortunate must help the socially and physically less fortunate. Other than that, everyone should be kind and fair to the others. No one then would have to stay up in the coconut trees.


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  2. Meng
    Jun 21, 2008 @ 13:08:22

    The problem with this country – we have ppl like mamak mahathir and the umno clowns playing the racial cards and never grow up. Will they ever learn to think like humans.

    Looks like the chinese and indian will have the workload to row the boat harder, as for Othm please stay and swing from each coconut tree to another like a good monkey does.


  3. monsterball
    Jun 21, 2008 @ 16:38:04

    You can wait till Kingdom come…expecting UMNO and BN to unite all Malaysians.
    They are so successful in playing race and religion politics…..for 50 years and on going….they will never change.
    The only way…is to change the government….and that will take at least 20 years more… prove to is good and right. It cannot be done over night.
    So the faster we change the government….the faster we can call ourselves…MALAYSIANS with pride……and it is the Muslims….that need to be convinced. their minds are being poisoned by UMNO….far too long. Other races…to my mind…have no problems.
    But from what I am seeing….and observing…city life Muslims are okay.


  4. steven
    Jun 21, 2008 @ 21:45:58

    Those “Evil doers” had no regard of natural law, they believe they are more powerful than God that other races’ natural rights can be denied in their birth country, it is such A SICK POLICY in country that divide its citizen into sub-human group like South Africa , Malaysia, Indonesia, and Zimbabwe.


  5. zoz
    Jun 22, 2008 @ 21:40:23

    Malaysia is the only country left in the world that practice Racism and Fascism in tandem. Such a practice in the name of Ketuanan Melayu breeds the ideal of Hitlerism.

    The UN charter on universal Human Rights clearly condemns such Racist and Fascist practice, and condemn to the highest degree if Affirmative Action are propagated by the Government of the day.

    We have struggled for 50 years since independent, hoping to make this country a better place. What have we achieved?

    Our present National Leaders do not care about economic development of the country, OR even think of our future generation. They continue to breed racial hatred among the people , so that the appear to be the real good guy on calming the people, in reality, their WORDS, their PRACTICE, are so divisive.

    Having indoctrined by these leaders with suspicious thought against Malaysians of different race, real and cohesive efforts to develope the country economically and harmony are mere talks.

    Our poor neighbours of Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, laos, Indonesia and Phillipines, Thailand, are accelerating fast in terms of economic progress, and would surely surpass us by the end of the decade.

    Sadly, we need another 50 years to awaken Malaysians and cleanse Malaysians from such indoctrination by the Leaders.

    Till today, the slogan DEMI AGAMA, BANGSA DAN NEGARA stands.

    Religion First, Race Second, and who the hell cares for the NATION!!!


  6. aa
    Jun 22, 2008 @ 22:19:08

    tell this to your previous boss, mahatir.

    he reminded us again. dont question the Malays rights. just accept whatever is given on the plate. be grateful that the non-malays are granted citizenship. with mahatir around, you are still surprise there are many “othm” around?


  7. ahpek
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 00:12:28

    Son of mohamed is the sickest of all leaders in this world, but he also is the one who has tremendous support from the people of this country n his party, it shows that majority among us are just as evil as him, a sad path of non return for Malaysia.


  8. jeff
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 02:01:52

    Dr Hsu, actually only the uneducated or a fool will write or call someone who is born in Malaysia as “Chinese” or “Indian” which in fact mean citizen of China or India in English language. It is used so commonly among Malaysians probably due to media influence and low English language proficiency level in our education system which is sad due to insistence on the teaching of B.M by this “idiotic” government.


  9. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 02:18:13

    Dear Good Doctor,

    As what I’ve said before, I’m a malay and I’m a muslim. What I need to add is that other that tertiary education, I have not benefited anything by being a so-called “bumiputra”!

    And such, it makes me realize on two important things:

    (i) It’s important for all Malaysian regardless of races to be given access to Tertiary Educations. None should have been deprived of it and most importantly, priorities should have been given to those who comes from poor families. Education is the best and effective tool to eradicate all Malaysians from proverty (not subsidies).

    “Give someone a fish and he will feed for a day. Teach someone to fish and he will feed himself for his entire life”

    (ii) The whole issues about the “Bumi’s” need special privelege is a pure bullshits! It is just a disguise used to blatantly robbing the nations to enrich a few selected people, at the expense of the whole community. I dont benefited anything from NEP (other than education). Nor do my friends and many other so-called malays.

    We do not choose to work in the government. We do not associate ourselves with UMNO. We struggle and worked equally hard just like other races as well. Sometimes 7 times a week, 16 hours a day and never did we dreamt ourselves of begging for goodies in terms of AP’s, contracts etc from the governments. We might not be rich but somehow we survived. Most importantly, we do not see ourselves as inferior to the other races at all.

    Malays are not stupid nor are them lazy except for those bunch of goons in UMNO. We’re not from thoses “ali baba” types, we’re not contract junkies and we do not sell our souls to the DEVIL…

    Malaysia are rich enough to give free education to it’s people but due to the rampant corruptions practiced by UMNO, many of our able and brilliant childrens are deny chances to the university. The real issues here is not about “bumis” or “non-bumis”. The real issues here is the rampant abuse of power and corruptions from the ruling elite, to enrich themselves, all at the expense of the rakyat. The “non-bumi’s” is just a terms to justify the actions of a few people…

    All morally conscious citizens should asked themselves, what should they do in this kind of situation. Please dont listened to those from UMNO as their reply would most likely to asked those who are not satisfied to migrate to other countries! Why should we? We have the same rights to this country as anyone else. It’s time for us to do our part.

    For a starter, please dissassocite ourselves from this so-called “Axis of Evil” (I do not know what else to call for those who controlled everything, from the police to the judiciary). Do not be a willing partners and do not prostitute ourselves with them. After all, a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.

    By all means, for the sake of our future generations, please have the courage and clear conscience to make that crucial first step… If not, than may God have Mercy on us all…


  10. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 02:31:53


    The lower proficiency level in English should not be blamed on BM. That is a fallacy. BM should be maintained and so do other languages in other vernacular schools. While we seek for the profieciency in English, we must never forget our roots. That is important as well.

    What we need to do is simply encourage the students to talk more in english and to overcome their shyness in communicating and expressing their thoughts in english. Not merely limited to the english classes at all. Also, the english curriculum needed to be revised so that the learning processes to be more attractive and fun to the students.

    In that sense, I’ve got to thanks my exchange english teacher for making english classes more attractive and fun at the same time.

    That’s all…


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