A road of no return

I would like to quote one of the comments on my last post “investigate who is telling the truth”. This comment was written by romerz, and was really thought provoking. I quote romerz:

You just have to take a look at the SAPP case. 1 day after Yong Teck Lee makes his stand against the PM, ACA starts investigations against him for corruption which allegedly occurred in 1996.

2 possible scenarios here.

1. YTL is innocent but the government machinery of ACA is used to intimidate him to toe the line.

2. YTL is guilty which means that he has been protected since 1996 by ‘top ranking’ leaders in the BN from any investigations until now when he broke ranks.

Both scenarios stinks!

Which brings me to another question on why the other component parties of BN are ‘obedient’ to big brother?

Are all the leaders of these parties corrupt too and the PM has files on them just waiting to be unleashed should any one of them break ranks?


I have often heard of leaders having files on their subordinates…. Was skeptical but Yong Teck Lee’s case is a real eye opener. The moment he turned against PM, he was investigated by ACA. I do not know whether  this is just coincidence or something else. I leave it to you readers to judge for yourself whether this is a case  of killing the chicken to warn the monkeys ( lest other parties may follow suit).

Maybe with files on them, those people who would like to follow suit  will have to think twice.

if one wants to have total control of one’s destiny in politics, never commit any wrongs, and never be tempted by offers of positions or money in return to do something unlawful for the leaders..A single misstep may result in going into a road of no-return….

Corrupt leaders often like to have their subordinates or supporters “wet their hair”, meaning that they would encourage their followers to commit certain misdeed, so that they could have a hold on these people. It is like putting a leash around their necks, and once there is a leash, it will be so much easier to control these people. A dog with a leash on its neck is a tame dog; whereas a dog without leash can be uncontrollable.

These things happen not only in Malaysia; even in US, there was rumours that a former FBI director had files on senior politicians, including the president!!

Just like Mafia or other secret societies, the initiation process of a new member often involves committing a serious crime, so that this new member would not be able to turn back on the road of no return…

SO in politics, a person needs to have integrity and conscience . If he has this quality,  then even if the power that be wants to open files on him, it will not be easy. This person would not be subjected to having a leash around his neck, and he can at least be his own master and decide his own direction and destiny in politics.

Therefore, my advice to the young people who would like to join politics is to  make sure you are guided by your conscience in whatever you do. That way, at least you can be your own master and in charge of your own destiny..


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  1. yapchongyee
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 02:33:34

    Let us say to YTL that the people are behind him and that it is too late for him to retreat at this point.

    You are absolutely right of course that like the Mafia, all corrupt governments and especially like the Malaysian government which is totally corrupted to the very core, the Prime Minister will of course know who did what.

    So far as YTL is concerned he has to go forward and to hell with the ACA; let the people judge. The main objective is to bring down the UMNO government for the good of all Malaysian. Tis opportunity will never come again in our life time.


  2. monsterball
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 07:46:33

    If an UMNO leader can cook up a sick story and put one in jail for 6 years….why be so surprise over UMNO’s actions and reactions.that are always unlawful….unethical and downright cruel at times…just to get as much mileage as they can in protecting their continuation in governing us.
    In a nutshell..it is by hook or by crook methods.
    Yong Teck Lee said he was offered Senatorship by UMNO. This shows UMNO know in advance….what he was going to do…and is that not a clear bribery offer?
    Well…if Mahathir did all those worst things.. we have heard and know are true……and now can still accused and judge others…with no actions from UMNO…this again shows…one ex gangster chief defying the active ones…to jail him…and he will bring everyone into jail..with him. What happen? No actions. Samy Vellu long ago did threatened to expose UMNO corruptions…if he get into trouble. What happen…no case against him…on the loss of RM100 million 20 years ago…by all Indians….buying shares. Again..he promised to compensate……but did not.
    The main point.. was… after Samy’ challenge….UMNO ministers were all so nice to him….as behind the scene…UMNO knew the judges will do what Mahathir…..say..will prove Samy is innocent.
    Before Mahathir….there was this …corrupted MB… Harun Idris…being jailed to please the Chinese on the May 13th 1969 incident.
    He was the one…who brought Mahathir back to UMNO..expelled by Tunku Abdul Rahman.
    Since then….UMNO BARU members are totally greedy lot……learning the art to con…cheat and plunder..with no fear nor guilty consciences at all!!
    Corruptions is everywhere in the world…but in Malaysia…our corrupted government…simply keep on bluffing the people…..for more and more…never enough…for party bank account and personal…under so many accounts….making them….clean as all angels.
    UMNO Malays truly are greedy and arrogant. They cheat..yet they want to teach others ..ethics and principles in life.
    They lie….yet they keep on quoting the Koran..and ask Malaysians to be loyal and truthful.
    They behave like Kings and Lords over subjects…with no respect to voters at all…….just sweet word…to keep fooling us.
    Worst of all…they keep playing race and religion politics…so successfully for 50 years. They can never change….yet they announce…. Vision2020…supposedly to bing Malaysia at par with the developed countries.
    Now go and see other countries….and judge …how develop are we against them.
    If one have not travel to see other countries..especially around us….one can never know..how much UMNO have fooled Malaysians.


  3. kittykat46
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 11:24:25

    “Both scenarios stinks!”

    You’re absolutely right. Another symptom of the rot in the BN regime.
    Yong is no angel, he has a chequered past, but at this moment, I have to say I support what he is doing


  4. Charlie
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 15:00:25

    whilst we can always hope and pray for Gandhian politicians, I think most of us have accepted the political truism that this is the game that they play, in the name of “memperjuangkan nasib rakyat”. sometimes the choice is one of lesser of 2 evils. but yes, I agree completely, young politicians beware. let’s hope our generation is the one that’s gonna change this state of turmoil.


  5. daffodils
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 15:59:52

    That shows that you have to be a goody two shoes. Dont rock the boat and whatever skeletons you have in the closet, it will not be blared to the whole world.

    Say bye bye to principles and remain a yes man. Whatever grime there is just play by the rules one will be safe. Yes indeed the timing of this action stinks.


  6. monsterball
    Jun 24, 2008 @ 00:48:53

    Those who crossed over to support UMNO or BN are all praised and be even a Tun!
    UMNO have this much to be admired upon!
    One like Lee Lam Thye..sold off DAP is still taken carte off by UMNO…but ask any Chinese who is Lee Lam Thye.
    Than the first man that beat Lim Kit Siang in an election in Malacca….becomes the hero of all heroes.
    Gan Boon Leong is a simple down to earth man….but he has no qualifications and brain to be a politician at all. I just point out these two..to say UMNO can be grateful to Chinese ….group them all up….into the leaders of MCA and Gerakan….and be real nice boss. That’s what the leaders of MCA and Gerakan have accepted UMNO….as their boss…not political partners. So they are ready to sell the souls of the Chinese….if boss say so..and for their personal benefits. These are the scums of the Chinese race.
    So glad..few Gerakan politicians have accepted government post …managed by oppositions in Penang and Selangor….and for sure…these people will be investigated for corruptions…besides .being sacked from Gerakan.
    How much more evidences do Malaysians that voted for UMNO need to see…..to understand…when a party cares for their own party…more than the country…then ..they are elected to be selfish..cunning and corrupted.


  7. novice101
    Jun 24, 2008 @ 05:35:05

    I am not surprised this is happening to YTL. What can one expect from politicians who are determined to hold on to power. ‘Clean’ is not in their vocabulary.

    Doc, I’ve started my own blog, would appreciate your comments and advices. – novice101.wordpress.com


  8. monsterball
    Jun 26, 2008 @ 05:28:26

    A road of no return..remind me of a movie….
    “A river of no return” by Marylin Monroe.
    Road is bumpy and full of pot holes…for one to walk.
    If that one is pure in heart and free from guilt…somehow…the road will lead him to the path of righteousness…happy and contented.
    To imagine anyone of our politicians are pure in hearts and righteous are near impossible.


  9. jeff
    Jun 26, 2008 @ 08:51:50

    Why don’t east Malaysians demand separation from Malaysia as independence nation? That will give them a higher chances of becoming a prosperous and advance country than remain alliance with BN, it is so unwise of Sabah n Sarawak political party.


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