Drop the So-Do-Me case

Under the Medical Act, a medical report made by a registered doctor is considered a valid official document.

The medical report by the Burmese doctor stating that there is no obvious penetration sign should be accepted as a valid document. If that is the case, then the whole sodomy charge is no more valid.

Under such circumstances, if the investigation still carrries on, it would have given a perception that this is persecution of an enemy political foe. The police should ask themselves: If the accused is just an ordinary citizen, with such a medical report, would the authority still proceed with investigating the case??

Furthermore, the doctor is a foreigner, and has no direct interest in the politics of Malaysia. He is also an experienced doctor. Even a competent house officer would have known what is a tear and what is bleeding. So his competency should not be questioned. Anyway, In any rape case, the evidence of the first doctor examining the case is of utmost important; and looking at past examples, most of these doctors who testified in rape cases are not forensic doctors and are medical officers in the A & E Dept.

As such, I would like to ask the authority to drop the case. Let us focus on things that are more important to the rakyat.

P.S. How the report was leaked and how the confidentaility between patient and doctor is breached, by all means investigate… But that is another matter altogether..


Any ‘ dark knight’ to our rescue?

In the show Dark Knight, somenone said ” the night is at its darkest before dawn”.

Malaysia is now at its darkest moment. People has no more trust for the government and government institution. Corruption is so rampant that it is almost the norm rather than exception. Economy is stagnant, despite the rosy figures. Inflation is so high that even our roads are no more as congested as before, bearing in mind that Malaysians like to drive.. Foreign investments are not coming in. Stock market is down. Leaders of both ruling and opposition parties are at each others’ throats. Charges and counter charges of sodomy, murder, corruption, abuse of power are daily affairs.  People has nothing to really look forward to, except to live day by day…And the list can go on and on…………

If the country can be likened to  a plane flying in the sky, it is now on a flight course directly going towards the side of a  high mountain at full speed, and ON AUTO PILOT. The pilot is sleeping and the copilot and flight engineer are at each other’s throat. The passengers are screaming but the screams are falling on deaf ears….

Just that we thought we have seen a glimmer of light, with a 2 party system slowly taking shape and providing a better check and balance, this is now being threatened by the talks between UMNO and PAS. If PAS joins BN, then there will be no hope that UMNO will change. We can expect the night to get darker and longer, with no hope of dawn arriving….Racism , corruption, abuses of power, compromised institution … all these will be back to normal….not for the betterment of the people, but rather, for the self interest of the ruling elites…

Dawn may never come…

Will there be a Dark Knight to our rescue? …..I have no answer !

will there be a dark knight to our rescue ?

“Malay Unity” or should it be “Malaysian Unity” ?

50 years after Merdeka, shouldn’t we be talking about ‘Malaysian Unity”?

Why the sudden talk about ‘Malay Unity’?

Why the need to play race card still?

Homo Sapiens are all alike. Scientifically, the difference in appearance of different ethnic groups is because of the adaptation made to the different habitats with its differing climate and surroundings.

If you open my inside and your inside,our hearts are of the same colour; our brains are of the same colour and consistency; the intestines are of the same colour; the sex organs function similarly. Our hormones are similar, our emotions are similar.

Why in the 21 st century, when science is so advance and we can even map our genes, we still need to talk about race?

The whole world should be one big family. but here in a small country like Malaysia, we are still trying to separate the masses by harping on race and religion..

What is their ulterior motives? You think they are really interested in defending Malay rights? No, they are just trying to perpetuate their self interest and their group interest….And by agreeing to talk with them, PAS is giving a perception that it does not care any More for better governance and fairness , as was mentioned in their manifesto in the last GE…What a bunch of hypo..

In this context , I am reposting an old article of mine titled ‘we are sailing in the same boat”. I hope my Malaysian brothers will embrace my points of view, and do away with race and racial politics:

We are sailing int he same boat

One of my earlier postings in this blog “Buck up to prevent being marginalised” was posted in the newsgroup soc.culture.malaysia on 19th November. (2006)


                             no man is an island

 I would like to single out one comment which I think is totally irrational. One person called “Othm” commented that “we would prefer to live up the coconut tree, rather than to have the chinamen,  indiamen, matsalleh control my country”. 

 I think this comment is totally nonsensical and irrational and does not represent majority of the people. It is the comment of an ignorant person perhaps.  Those who think ahead and who care for the country will not have uttered such comment. It is like a child who is behaving emotionally with a ” If I don’t get it, I destroy it” type of mentality.


First of all, we are all Bangsa Malaysia. We are in the same boat. If the boat sails well, everyone will be get good rewards. If, one the other hand, the boat sinks, everyone will be drowned. In order to sail well, everyone in the boat must cooperate and work together.  The weaker ones in the boat may be given more and the stronger ones may be asked to contribute more. These are all agreed upon. But some form of fairness must also prevail in order to make everyone happy and work hard in the boat.

Secondly, there is no such entities as chinamen and indiamen as all of us are Chinese Malaysian, Indian Malaysian and so on.

Thirdly , the Chinese Malaysian and Indian Malaysian are not going to control the country since they are in the minority. Whatever they earn, they spend in the country and everyone benefits from their spendings. They also pay tax to central govenment and local authorities. The tax revenue helps to fund development,  maintain schools, hospitals, parks, roads, subsidise food and petrol, pay the salary of civil servants and police, and  enable rubbish to be collected. Besides, they contribute as much in nation building as any other people.

Fourthly, these Chinese Malaysian and Indian Malaysian are born and bred here. This is the only country they know since birth. As with their Bumi counterparts, this is their only boat.  Some of them may have gone to visit China and India but only as  tourists, but their homes  as well as their hearts are in Malaysia.

Fifthly, these Chinamen and Indiamen are reasonable people. They have willingly been moving their baselines backward over the years to accomodate the wishes of other races.  All they want is to have some space and fairness to live peacefully, earn a living  and educate their children.

In fact, every human being is the same. We actually descend from the same ancestors who many hundred thousand years ago moved out from Africa and settled all over the world. The different habitat and evolving cultures may have changed the outer appearance, but if you look inside every human, everything is similar.

So, I ask all my boatmates to think ahead and cooperate with each other. The socially and physically more fortunate must help the socially and physically less fortunate. Other than that, everyone should be kind and fair to the others. No one then would have to stay up in the coconut trees.


In fact, this concept of sailing in the same boat should be adopted by all the people living in this planet. Many of you wll laugh at me for being too idealistic, some of you may be even silently calling me ‘naive”, but i believe that come one day, the whole world will see this point, and the whole world would become one big family …..Looking back, Just One hundred years ago, inter-racial marriage were not accepted by almost all communities, but nowadays, it is almost the norm in most western countries…. If we apply the same logic, wouldn’t it be possible that there would be no more racial divide in future? It is just a matter of time, I believe.

The story of selling medicine in Malaysia Part 1

A few years ago, the Ministry of Health made a ruling that all medication sold in our country must have a hologram to prove that it is not counterfeit. For those who do not know what is a hologram, just look at your CDs cover, there is a small rectangular piece of shining paper sticking to the plastic cover to prove that the CDs or DVDs are the real things. Now, all medicine boxes have this because of the ruling made afew years ago.( Look at your medicien box – there is a small piece of sliver paper sticking to the box about 1.5 com by 1 cm).

First let me tell you the story of the holograms on CDs. Someone made the ruling that all original CDs and DVDs distributed in Malaysia must have a hologram sticker from a certain company some time ago. You think the pirates would be crying because this ruling would made their life difficult?   No No..  From what i was told, holograms on CDs made the pirates even happier. The pirates bought some of these holograms through backdoor ( in Malaysia, anything also ‘boleh’), and they stick the hologram on the pirated CDs and DVDs and sell them as originals at slightly less than original price. They earn more profits that way, since each piece of hologram costs about 15 cents, but after sticking the holograms on the cover, they can sell a pirated DVD,  which normally sells about RM10 a piece , at twice or three times the price. So the original manufacturers do not gain anything in bashing the pirating of the pirates. The pirates gain more in fact. The ones that gain the most of course is the company which got the sole contract to manufacture the holograms and which all original manufacturers and distributors have to buy from. Needless to say, the company is owned by … …………….

Some one must have thought of medication then. Soon,  the Ministry of Health decided to follow suit. All medicine boxes must contain hologram to prove that they are real.

To combat counterfeit, what they should have done is to have better and cleaner enforcement officers, instead of resorting to this ‘hologram’ method. But never mind, someone up there said all medicine boxes must have holograms produced by a certain company only. So, all drugs manufacturers and drug distributors have to buy holograms, and then employ staff just to stick these holograms onto the boxes. The cost of each hologram is about 15 cents; add in the costs of getting extra workers to stick the hologram, each box of medicine would cost about 30 cents more, that is what the drug companies told me. Whether these holograms have helped combat counterfeit medicine, I leave it to you clever people out there to decide.

But the drug companies are not here to do charity. They want profits. So, they pass the cost to the consumers. Each box costs them 30 cents more, but using this as an excuse, most companies increased the price by one or 2 dollars or even 5 when the ruling was first enforced a few years ago…. Just like the coffee shop, when sugar goes up 10 cents per kilo, each cup of coffee also goes up by 10cents. Same logic applies here. I suspect, counterfeit pirates must be selling their boxes of medicine with original holograms , too, to make them look real, but this I have no proof. You may say that one or two dollars increase is OK for working people like you and me, but we are not the ones so dependent on medicine.

Who are the one taking medicines regularly? The old people of course. The old and retired people. They have no income, but instead they are the one who suffered the last round when holograms rule was first enforced. Imagine, if the poor man is on five types of medicine, he has to foot at least 10 bucks more… I tell you, there are some taking 10 types of medications, and the holgram exercise made them 20 to 30 bucks poorer each time they go to refill their medicine. By the way, I was told that the hologram market in Malaysia for medication boxes is as big as tens of millions (50 millions, some put it) a year. All these go to the company with the rights to sell the hologram..And this company is owned by…….You guess right, clever people…

SO that is the end of the story about holograms.  Now, another ruling by the same Ministry Of Health is going to see medicine price going up again, in these days of inflation. The latest ruling is by October this year, no more loose packing or bottle packing of medicine are allowed to be manufactured or distributed. What will be the impact?  …..wait for Part 2.

Part 2 is here.

‘Battle Royale’ to be the new Fish Head

I like to  read my blogosphere friend Stanley Koh’s  (aka the Monk) articles in Malaysiakini. His latest was published yesterday in Malaysiakini titled: MCA Big Guns draw up battle lines. Although MCA might soon be irrelevant if it does not reform, a little hope has surfaced…..

One of the few BN MPs that won in the Klang Valley is Ong Tee Keat, MCA vice president, former Youth Head, and nicknamed “lone ranger”. Ong is seen to be one of the few that dare to speak out against MCA as well as UMNO leadership. Even though his criticism is subtle and gentle, it is still like a stream of clean fresh air flowing across an area  full of stale air and rotten fish heads… Though subtle, the criticism is often to the point. This is a departure of the sycophancy that is so pervasive in BN component parties..The voters’ eyes are open and as such he won in a Chinese area even when the wind to change was so strong during the last General Election.

As a person who believes in press freedom and that no political party should own majority control of the press, I was really horrified in 2002 when MCA made the announcement to purchase Nanayang Siang Pau, a major Chinese daily with a long history. I have subscribed to Nanyang since starting to work in the late seventies, but because of the takeover by MCA, I stopped my subscription of Nanyang and till today, I have not renewed it , nor have I bought any of the Nanyang papers in News-stand. That is my silent way of protest.

I remember Ong Tee Keat was the only one among the  leaders of MCA to voice out his opposition of the takeover….. and he really risked being chopped by the then president and the main mover behind the purchase , LLS alias rotten Fish Head…The Rotten Fish Head was all powerful then, what with the backing of the Great Dictator who was the Top Great Leader of the country then..And Ong was only the Pemuda Head, a small fry in the party that the rotten Fish Head could easily Gulp down. Luckily, even though not aligned to anyone and despite the fact that OTK was in the bad book of the Rotten Fish Head then, he still managed to get support from the grassroots and won as a vice president in the last party election – showing that indeed there are still many conscientious grassroots in the party.

When Lee kuan Yew mentioned that the non Malays are being marginalised in Malaysia, some time in 2006, most of the BN leaders tried to outdo each others to ‘bang bang’ Lee Kuan Yew. Only Ong has the gut to stand up and said the now famous subtle phrase” only those who drink water will know whether it is cold or hot”.. He won a lot of admirers then. Then came the incident of voicing out  against shoody renovation of a Chinese school in Johore and he was censured by the cabinet and asked to apologise to his minister — why he needed to apologise to his minister, up to now, I still could not figure out, since his minister  and his ministry had nothing to do with the renovation. There was an uproar, and the Great SemiValue of course was criticising him and the KerisRaiser too was joining in to ‘bang bang’ him… He stood his ground and later on it was found out what he had said about the renovation and the funding was correct.. and the whole thing just quietened down..

For his courage, the voters rewarded him. Despite the strong wind of change in Klang Valley, he was one of the 2 in Klang Valley to win seats, the other being Zulhasnan in SetiaWangsa, but the latter won mainly because of the Postal votes. Without the postal votes , Zul would have lost like all the others. Ong could therefore be said to be the only one from BN to have won a seat in Klang Valley.

After the GE, MCA grassroots were very angry. The present Fish Head OKT knew that he would be going against a mountain if he tried to defend his seat…Many members blamed him and his brother for the loss. Many members are so fed up at the rot in MCA that they would rather go for any challenger to the throne. Many also believe that one of his men was responsible for the sex DVD scandal, a real dirty political play that no MCA members would support. OKT knew that , and he cleverly withdrew from defending his seat, probably hoping that by doing so, he could save his brother who, by virtual of being a cabinet minister , might be standing for the deputy president’s post. OKT is in fact very smart. He anointed Ong Tee Keat to be his successor, hoping that by tagging on the bandwagon of someone with good record and good reputation, the other Ong might stand a chance to be deputy president.

So Ong Tee Keat would be going for the president’s post. I really hope that he could become the new head of this party, which by virtual of its 15 seats, could play an important role to force the dominant UMNO to change.. Whether he can effect a change in MCA for the better will depend on whether he can change the existing culture within the party. I really hope so, but if he is not careful or firm enough, he would, instead of steering the currents in MCA towards a new direction, be swept away by the torrents.

But before he can become the new Fish Head, he needs to overcome potential challengers. It is rumoured that the old rotten Fish Head is  plotting with remnants of his A team to mount a challenge through one of his lieutenants.. Please do not underestimate this Old Fish Head. He could still muster his forces, and one of his lieutenants happened to be the main actor CSL caught in the sex DVD last year. This person in fact is very popular and he was considered to be one of the best and most effective Health Minister. He is a person ‘ dares to do and dares to admit’. Anyway,even if he becomes the new Fish Head, he would still be a better Head than the previous few. Only thing perhaps, Ong Tee Keat maybe better because he is untainted and therefore has the moral highground..  If not for the part in the sex DVD, CSL  would already be the ONE to be the new Fish Head. But the DVD scandal is going to be a big obstacle, since many people including myself  believe  that top leaders must not only be untainted by any scandals, but must be seen to be free of such scandals., even though I admire him for his admission of being the actor and  his taking responsibility to quit all his positions ..(please see my previous posts on this).

One dark horse is of course the present female Fish Head NYY and also a cabinet minister, and a very ambitious lady. Would she mount a challenge? In politics, anything can happen. 40% of MCA’s members are female, so she can in fact mount a strong challenge. But I do not think this female Head has the vision to reform MCA. So  my bet is still on Ong Tee Keat.

I hope that Ong Tee Keat can win and win handsomely so that he would have a mandate to reform the party. Maybe he should really consider to change MCA into a multiracial party. Racial politics is a thing of the past. If MCA can abandon its racial politics, then there is a slim chance that UMNO might do so too. It is the best time to force UMNO to change, because UMNO is at its weakest. MCA, with its 15 seats, can make or break BN government, and UMNO knows it.

Whether MCA can change and reform really depends on whether Ong Tee Keat can win and be a effective leader. I hope he would not become like the ‘Saviour’ Tan K S in the 80s, so much of hope of the Chinese Community was on him then, but  he failed and in fact he brought money politics into the party…and rotten Fish Head was one of his Ma Chai.

SO, Tee Keat, please do not be swept away by the torrents but instead steer it well towards a new direction, for the sake of your members and the country…And if UMNO continues to be rotten, consider taking MCA out and do all Malaysians a big favour.


(For those interested to read more about this party, please go to the Tag category under MCA and click it open. There are afew past articles which were very popular and attracted many hits.)

It is the economy, Dear Sir

I welcome the news that the government is forming an Economic Strategies Council to deal with the problems faced by the country. This is indirectly acknowledging that the economy is stagnant and facing lots of problems. Even though the government has been telling people that the county is having good growth at around 6% , most people in the streets already know that economy is not doing well for the past few years.

The state of the economy directly affects the people.. Whether the people can find jobs, can get good salaries, can be a good provider  for the family, can get good bonuses all depend on the health of the economy. As such, as I have repeatedly stressed, we need to put all our brains together to find a way out of this doldrums . We need our brightest and best to tackle the woes. We cannot just depend on the civil servants which at the present moment is mainly from one racial group, limiting the pools of talents that we could have drawn from. The same unhealthy situation exists in the universities and academia.  While we are waiting for the government to open up the civil service and the academia to all Malaysians irrespective of race and creed (hopefully this will come before we all go to the next world), we have to adopt a short term solution of getting the best brains together to tackle the economic woes. So it is apt that an Economic council be formed .

As I have mentioned, this council must have the best and the brightest in it. It must do away with the unwritten rule that only people from certain race can be appointed to head sub committess and even the council proper itself. It must set an example for the future.

The members of this council must be drawn from Businessmen, bankers, economists, academicians, civil servants, entrepreneurs, business chambers representatives, NGOs including consumer groups, the professions  and finally politicians. To prevent the Council being messed up,  politicians must be limited to as few as possible and should be drawn from both sides of the divide.

It must do away with partisan politics and instead concentrate on how to revive the economy and tackle the problems of inflations… not by just merely raising petrol pump prices and giving meagre cash rebate like the last round..

It must not only tackle short term economic woes but must also formulate a long term economic policy that is based on merits, fair distribution and equal opportunities for all. It must o away with the NEP, and instead formulate a economic policy with affirmative action only to the needy, regardless of ethnic origin. The people must be made to understand that the skewed NEP has not only divided the country but it has not successful in providing the necessary fighting skill to do business in this era of globalisation. It has given out clutches, but as long as the people do not do away with the clutches, they will not be able to survive economically in the global era. The people must be taught to stand and walk without clutches, without help, and only then they will be properly equipped to deal with the rapidly changing world.

Lastly, I hope that this is not going to be  like so many other announcements that were made but we are still waiting.. The IPCMC is more than 4 yrs in waiting. The there are the MCAC, the Judicial Commission etc…

Time is like a river

Today, i will share a powerpoint , received from a friend via email, with my readers. This is about motivating oneself and philosophy of life .  Have to be philosophical once in a while, especially during this time of uncertainties. This powerpoint is called “Time is like a river” which is very apt, since time is flowing like a river and you cannot touch the same water twice.

Please click to open the powerpoint:


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