” There is no treasure under this place “

Once upon a time, there was a man, let’s call him B, who chanced upon a big fortune of 300 pieces of silver, which would make him very rich.

In those days, unlike now,  there was no safe deposit box in banks for people to keep their treasure. In fact,  there were  no such things as banks. People either kept their treasure under ground or under their pillows. The very rich of course could have their own ‘fortune room’ guarded by their man servants.

So this guy B, who came into possession of 300 pieces of silver, did not have a safe place to keep this. The only place he could hide this treasure was to dig a hole inside his house compound and buried it. After burying the treasure,  he suddenly thought of a ‘clever’ plan to make the treasure doubly-safe. Why not put a sign outside his house telling people that he did not possess this fortune?

So he put outside his house a sign saying that ” Inside this place, there is no 300 pieces of silver”. And another sign on the plot where he buried the treasure : “there is no 300 pieces of silver under this place”.

Very soon, the whole village knew that he had a treasure and on the same night , some unknown person came to his house and digged out the treasure.

 When one made a declaration that he had done something, and then the next moment telling the whole world that what he just declared is not there, is it not same as B in this story?


 Translation:   “I did not tke 3 hundred thousands, I did not corrupt 3 miiion, I did not receive gifts 3333 times”      (from 372x.com/gx/8775).


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  1. Justin Choo
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 10:34:05

    Dr Hsu,
    I think this Subra was not either coerced or bribed; but BOTH.


  2. Dr Hsu
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 10:44:59

    Justin, by telling the people that he does not have 300 pieces of silver, B is actually telling people that he had. I person who has no such money would never have thought of telling people that he had such a precise amount of money.

    This is Chinese wisdom, and this is human psychology. As doctors, we are trained in a little psychology as well..


  3. steven
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 11:18:27

    This guy changed of demeanor during the retraction and avoid answering questions ask by media, then left in a hurry, probably know that it is better off recant his statement when no protection is provided if want to stay alive in Malaysia.


  4. songchin
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 12:20:58

    he should hv thought of all consequences before he made his first stat. declaration. If he is so concerned about the consequences, then should not hv made even the first SD


  5. Justin Choo
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 13:22:04


    It is like being tempted by the smell and sight of a high grade durian. You forget about the hundreds of thorns, pointing in all directions!! What you want most is to dig into the fleshy yummy parts!!


  6. monsterball
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 15:55:40

    B is bodoh!
    B is a bastard.
    B is brainless
    B watch too much Baywatch….knows only how to enjoy…brain is corrupted with filth and dirt.
    B took bribes….and can be bought.
    B is Balasubramaniam….a disgrace to all Malaysians….and makes his own kind and family…hang their heads in shame.
    B is a toothless python……..not a human being at all.
    B is cursed by all Malaysians. May he burn in hell…..when he dies.


  7. jeff
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 21:06:21

    17 years as a “all mighthy” SB in police force, how can anyone manage to coerce him into 1st SD? It is a no-brainer for all Malaysians.


  8. su
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 21:12:46

    Good analogy. And one that hits the nail right on its head.


  9. jamesloh
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 21:15:48

    now he n his family on the way to zurich @


  10. wiseguy
    Jul 05, 2008 @ 22:40:16

    Lesser evil has no place in Malaysia!


  11. romerz
    Jul 06, 2008 @ 00:03:01

    Well put Doc.

    Unfortunately many in this country only sees things at face value and not delve deeper into the whys and how comes.

    It could not have been more plainly declared despite the retraction. But like all ‘exposures’ in this country, it will most probably be explained away or overtaken by more juicer breaking news!

    If only Razak Baginda will tell us what he knows. At the beginning of the trial, he came close to breaking but unfortunately the shout from his wife brought him back to his senses and he clammed up after that.


  12. monsterball
    Jul 06, 2008 @ 06:10:42

    The long and tall story of it all…is Anwar should now give one clear evidenced….Najib is lying.
    I am challenging him…to do that in his blog.
    Malaysians….by and large…love sensational news…but all are twisted into sickening half truths and down right lies.
    RPK and Anwar…seems to be the dynamic DUO…like Batman and Robin….fighting for justices and truths. But that is fantasy..not real.
    Anwar should come out clean….to prove Najib is lying…with the so call clear evidences…Najib knows Atlantuya.
    He owes Malaysians….that much…to stop hinting and delaying exposing Najib.
    Does Anwar want emergency rule…..and put back to jail…as an excuse?
    He must think of all Malaysians living conditions….may all go down into the drain..for dirty politics..he is playing now.
    And ..Is he playing dirty politics? I hope not.
    Is he playing with fire…selfishly?
    Now that Bala is proven unreliable…show is Najib knew Atlantuya….one way or another..with clear proofs.
    As much as we all love to see..UMNO is voted out….Anwar is not helping us….as we helped him…with our votes…by living with tensions and a dangered life…..for reasons …he knows best.
    I am beginning to feel sick of actors and liars…….treating Malaysians as suckers…do you feel same thing?


  13. jeff
    Jul 06, 2008 @ 08:21:32

    Monsterball, i am sick at leader of political party withhelding information crucial in seeing JUSTICE done for murder victim from both sides of the divide, ain’t it sick to mix justice with political game for personal selfish end? All Malaysians should demand whoever has knowleges about this murder declare them now while it is still on trial , not later… so spiritl of victim can rest in peace knowing the murderers are hanged.


  14. pilocarpine
    Jul 06, 2008 @ 14:18:37

    the next part of the story you had missed out, dr. hsu

    that unknown person, let’s name it C, stole the 300 pieces of silver and put a sign on top of the site saying “Neighbour C never stolen any 300 pieces of silver”…

    in the malaysian context, everyone knows what everyone is doing or had done, only that person who had done it thinks that no one do.

    “everyone leave a trace.” CSI
    “some leave more traces.” mongolian blown apart.


  15. jeff
    Jul 06, 2008 @ 23:14:02

    The lowest of the low has no crucial information to the murder will declare he has, or having knowledge of it but withhelding it for personal agenda, why we have so many of these scums among us in the country, what did we do to deserve having them all in Malaysia? Is it why we call our country a “Bolehland”?


  16. Sumseng
    Jul 07, 2008 @ 06:03:26

    This is a very sick country where no one feel compassionate for a murder victim of foreign origin. So many here can even use her death for cheap publicity in their blog, quest for power, n outright short period of fame in media spotlight.
    only thing majority care about is fuel cost, formula 1 racing, n their sick ketuanan race.


  17. Charlie
    Jul 08, 2008 @ 17:38:05

    ahh..tantalizing speculation. Well Dr Hsu, the story made sense, so that man could be first paid to do so (this does not pertain to the element of truth), and then threatened (which might pertain to the element of truth) ; alternatively, it could ALL be master-minded by someONE. so that we would all naturally only think of one other person who has an interest to silent the man.

    really, only God knows. and I mean this in the least use-God’s-name-in-vain way possible.


  18. Charlie
    Jul 09, 2008 @ 23:36:35

    ooh, as I read the piece about Anwar saying he’ll swear in the name of God, and that he’ll go to the Syariah Court on the condition of presence of international credible mufti…one after another demand, I think of this proverb. The name of the clean will cleanse itself (direct translation) obviously has no role here too.


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