A square peg in a round hole

A commentator from Penang who has voted for Gerakan for the past few elections, romerz, emailed me about an article on Gerakan in Gerakan Youth leader  Lim SI Pin’s blog. I thought it would be good if I  comment in my ow blog about my views of Gerakan , given that  I have written a few articles on these.

A party’s roots is in its ideology. Gerakan’s ideology is to fight for a fair and equal society where not only every race but every individual regardless of race, sex or creed will have an equal opportunity in  education, employment, socio-economic fields, etc.

It aims to promote an egalitarian society and it is basically a social democratic party.

Under these ideals, the party advocates helping the unfortunate and the poor , not along any racial or religious lines, but rather on social strata and on a ‘needs’ basis.

As correctly pointed in Lim’s blog, Gerakan joined BN mainly to bring Development to the Penang people. In the aftermath of May 13, it also wanted to reduce political friction and promote conciliation among the races. It was in fact one of the founders of BN. It has to be noted that UMNO at that time was a much better respected party than now and money politics, as is  practiced in UMNO nowadays, had not reared itsugly  head yet.

Even then, ideology of Gerakan and most of the BN component parties were very different. Gerakan is a socialist party, whereas the big brothers of BN, namely UMNO,MCA and MIC, are all race based parties; and none are social democrats.

 But it was possible then, in the early seventies and in the aftermath of May 13,  for the people to buy  the reasons that Gerakan could shelf its ideals of a fair and equitable society for a short term, joined BN and  be supportive of the affirmative action based on race, to enable the Malays to catch up in almost all sectors. But this support was not intended to be more than a short term. Tun DR Lim CHong Eu was said not to favour any extension of the NEP beyond its original designated term. (Unfortunately, Tun Lim lost in 1990 election and retired from politics just before the NEP was supposed to come to an end).  In exchange for that shelving of Gerakan’s ideals, Gerakan managed to bring development to Penang and improved the living standard as well as the economy of Penang people.

The leaders then also hoped that by being part of the ruling BN, Gerakan could exert its influence and corrected whatever anomalies from inside.

If Gerakan has a strong voice and is in a position to dictate terms within BN, it could try and change the direction of the whole coalition. Unfortunately, Gerakan is only a small party with not enough clout to really change the direction of this coalition, and in the process, instead of trying to change the other component parties, Gerakan’s ideology was hijacked and the perception was that it has become just another Chinese based party , maybe one with a better conscience than the rest, but nevertheless, one that is impotent to bring about  any significant policy change .

So in reality, Gerakan has become a square peg in a round hole.  How could a square peg function in a  round hole? or put it another way, how can Gerakan exert its ideology within such environment? To continue to hope so, after more than 3 decades inside BN without any success to change BN, is really to lie to one’s own self and conscience. Only when the leaders can break out of this self denial cocoon, can there be objective re-evaluation of the future direction of the party.

Gerakan was truly multiracial in its early days. Alas, it is no longer so. The whole mutliracial and nonracial approach has to be sacrificed under BN’s emphasis of race and the skewed NEP. How to recruit Malay members when the big brother is a Malay based party which views such an act as stepping over its boundary?

As I told one top leader of the party, no matter how good is the reform undertaken by Gerakan, if it still sticks to UMNO, it is signing its own death sentence,  given that UMNO’s present culture will only lead it slowly into  a self destructive mode. In a way, just one racist remark from UMNO will negate all the good works done by Gerakan, no  matter how hard Gerakan tries to reform and change.

By its association with UMNO, Gerakan will go the way UMNO is heading. And To expect UMNo to change when a culture of rot has set in is akin to hope for a habitual gambler to quit gambling.

Pakatan is not so rosy, too. I thought Anwar was an Old wine in a new bottle. But I have to give credit to him for realising many people’s dream of a two-party system, albeit an imperfect one at the moment. But with  many of PAS ‘s members still harbouring hopes of an Islamic State, Pakatan can exist only  because of the existence of a common enemy, UMNO. If that common enemy is no more a force to be reckoned with, Pakatan will start to have cracks and fissures sooner or later.

So the best option is still a third force, where it can be free to advance  its ideology. It needs, of course,  to attract people of caliber from all races. It needs to practise what it preaches. A small party in the middle of 2 more or less equally matched coalition fronts, contrary to what many people think, will not split the 2 party system and will be able to exert its influence far greater than its size. By adroitly using its leverage of support, it will actually be able to exert much more influence than if it remains inside either front. And if the party can be managed well as an independent force, it should not be worried about 3 cornered fights come the next round.

(There are many examples of a small third force with great influence… in the West, In UK and Germany).


24 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. romerz
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 16:05:53

    Dr Hsu,

    You have a very good understanding of Gerakan’s situation and I especially like your logic on the PR’s common enemy. Also congratulations on putting your thoughts into words so well.

    In Lim Si Pin’s blog, the question of whether Gerakan is a national party or merely focused on Penang was asked. I’ll reproduce my comment here;

    I’m not going to dwell on the past since its not going to change anything today but rather look at the current predicament (post 12GE) Gerakan is in and how to extricate itself from this predicament.

    First, let us analyze how Malaysians perceive Gerakan today. I don’t think I would be too far from the truth when I say that most Malaysians think Gerakan was only relevant in Penang and as far as national politics is concerned, Gerakan has little or no influence/significance.

    In so far as national politics is concerned today, the major players would be UMNO and DAP with secondary roles played by PKR and PAS though PKR could well be thrusted to the forefront if they can survive the onslaught on DSAI.

    The reason why I believe PKR and PAS have been relegated to secondary roles is because PKR seems to be embroiled in politicking around its de facto leader and PAS is muted from its religous ambitions out of deference for its coalition partners. Most of the noise seems to be coming from UMNO and DAP.

    So where does Gerakan fit in in all of these? Is there a role for Gerakan to play in national politics?

    I venture to say that even the party itself is more concerned with regaining Penang than participating in national issues. Why?

    Take a look at Gerakan’s national website;


    Of the 5 items on the ‘New & Highlights’, 3 are on Penang with a 4th, Kedah’s logging plan, being related to Penang’s water supply.

    I daresay that even the leadership of the party is more fluent with Penang related issues than national issues which is exactly how Malaysians at large perceive the party.

    So where does this leave Gerakan? If Gerakan were to find relevance again, it will have to come from Penangites. Will that happen?

    Now let us look at why Penangites did what they did on 8 March and what choices are available to them for the future.

    As a Penangite who voted Gerakan in 3 GEs, let me share with you my experience. During the campaigning period, no matter who I turned to amongst my friends and relatives, to persuade them to maintain status quo, I was met with rebuttal. This had never happened before! Instead they countered me that I was naive and even selfish for not seeing the bigger picture. For this I feel ashamed as I learn more and more of UMNO’s excesses and abuses today.

    Penangites have been quite accommodating to discriminatory policies from UMNO for quite sometime now but for the better good of the country, we kept quiet to keep the peace. So as long as it was tolerable, we supported Gerakan who provided a ‘channel’ of communication with our ‘tormentors’.

    Well, Gerakan was seen not to have done this well. A few raised voices but nothing changed. Back to tolerance from Penangites again so where’s the much touted ‘partnership’ of equals? Where were the ‘partners and friends’ who listened and cared enough to act?

    I recently read this on a blog. “DAP are also facing problems in Penang now that they have been put in a position of responsibility to govern. They may well fail, but at least they are a dog that barks! Better a mongrel that barks than a pedigree that whimpers.”

    Given the current scenario and foreseeable future, a contest between DAP and Gerakan won’t be much of a contest, even with the theory of ’swing’ and all.

    The only way Gerakan will regain Penang will be on the coat tails of UMNO and given UMNO’s continued arrogance today still, it looks highly unlikely.

    Assuming that BN does regain Penang, do you think things will return to pre-8 March?

    If it does, is it a situation Gerakan would wish for being back to a situation when an UMNO Youth leader can dictate terms to the CM? Back to square 1.

    If it doesn’t, it will mean that UMNO will probably take measures that such a situation will not recur again with an UMNO CM or worse still an MCA CM (in the eyes of staunch Gerakanist) for a change? More ersosion of Gerakan’s role in governance of Penang?

    Putting it bluntly, Gerakan is in a no-win situation of its own making. A national party it is not. A party which had the support of Penangites which threw away its right to represent Penangites by its timidity.

    The way forward? Hard to say on this one but given PKR’s problems keeping their de facto leader out of jail again, the PR is just as undesirable as BN but less so.

    In a micro context, do not forget that DAP can go it alone if need be at the next GE.

    Take a leap of faith and put your survival on the line. If you must die, better to do so at your own hands than those of others.

    Frankly you have no other choice left except to buy for time and hope for miracles! if you do not believe in the miracle that UMNO can reform with its present crop of leaders, then Gerakan must gamble on its future by doing the ‘unexpected’.

    The country wants change. Be it from BN or the opposition. Anything away from what which has been practiced in the past is welcome. Anything which has any semblance of the old status quo will be rejected again!


  2. petestop
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 16:28:43

    UMNO can reform will be the day hell freezes over.

    Already they are back to their arrogance by pulling the plug on federal funds to Penang state.
    Irregardless of both the PM cum Finance Minister and Deputy Minster is from Penang.

    Yes, indeed, at least DAP will bark at UMNO, unlike Gerakan who can only do the barking for UMNO and swallow their puke !

    Gerakan ideology of social democrats is the same as DAP, the only thing is the approach.

    You want to be beggar like your saliva-shower ex-President admitted, or you want to stand on your principle and be a MAN and fight for your rights!

    Few years back when Mahathir wants to switch International Airport to Kedah, to the detriment of Penang, Koh Tsu Koon came all out to support it.

    I can only say, what the f**k !
    Such spineless Gerakan leaders.

    If Gerakan has any backbone left, take a hint from SAPP. They came to realise they will go no where with the divide-n-rule politics of Be-eNd.

    Better strike out on their own, at least they show that they have guts, even if they are just a small chihuahua.


  3. Charlie
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 17:31:59

    The Malaysians spoke, loud and clear on 308 that they’re sick of being hoodwinked by the UMNOputeras and they want change. yet the present situation, spearheaded by that de-facto leader is leaving ppl disgusted with his strings of promises and weight-throwing and are left delusional seeing not only an infant PR, but a badly crippled one. The present situation shows one thing, that race based politics have GOT to go.


  4. Justin Choo
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 19:20:01

    If ever BN could gain grounds again, I shudder to imagine what would happened to the country!!

    Oh no, not again!!


  5. monsterball
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 22:58:18

    I understand the logic of it all….and still do not agree……as we are already judging so severely on Pakatan Rakyat …when they were voted in with 5 States win….but not with total control of the government.
    We seem to judge Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat……based on just 4 months ….and already concluding Pakatan Rakyat ….this or that.
    I don’t buy such unfair and unjust logics…as not giving Anwar a chance to be PM…strongly supported by all Malaysians…with UMNO itself…become insignificant for at least 5 years.
    50 years under UMNO….especially 22 years under a corrupted dictator….throwing the whole country…upside down…divide to rule….plunder the country’s wealth with no fear….showing so many bad examples…….we all..can tolerate…..FOR 22 YEARS???
    This suggestion…is not my cup of tea.
    I will not comment of my suspicions for who have ever suggested this in the first place and why….but you you a hint…that he do not belong to the real strong minorities of Chinese and Indians….and can never love the country..morec than the Chinese and the Indians. Perhaps the original idea was mooted by a pro MCA or Gerakan…who cares!! I believe Doc…has been taken for a ride…by focusing too much on Anwar….yet don’t
    realize.. Pakatan is not the government at all? I that fair..to judge Anwar..after 4 months…and if wine is taken for explaining the reason…than old wine….should taste better…if properly stored in right temperature and condition…plus well cocked up. Lets take Anwar as the wine. Is he been given all the right storing conditions? I dare say…we can imagine he has been tossed up and down…hoping he will turn sour….but this bottle of wine seems to have a mind of his own…a rare bottle of wine indeed.
    I say…lets be fair..be brave…try Anwar for 5 years….and don’t judge his leadership….based on his present political position.


  6. monsterball
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 23:35:18

    The educated Eurasians love politics…but that race have a clear vast majority……that is lazy and love doing noting better than sitting at the sea gossiping…..after fishing….the only natural trade they know.
    They have creative minds…and music seems to be so simple to them….thus few are welknown as musicians..earning good living …doing just that.
    I recalled….at Malaysia-Today…a bunch of anti government…all Eurasians… kept hurling all their insults to be…repeating same comments..over and over again….and I enjoyed f…king them!!
    You see…at that time….Dollah was just voted in as PM……and same old insults from day one…and I kept battling all critics…. ..all kept quiet….then one group of Eurasians kept insulting me…hoping I will go away.
    RPK did f..k them…but they ignored…and I suggested to RPK to ban them…and he created a special place for us to be there only. Those Eurasians love it. I refused..to be a clown in a pool. RPK banned me…for scolding him!
    Now…those Eurasians found out…one of my ex wife was a Eurasian and have two children by her…..apologized to me. You see..having connections….do wonders….and in my case..I am just a producer of two Eurasian children……….hahahahahaha
    Eurasian….means Europe Asaian. My ex wfe have a long list of German…french…English…portuguse…blood…makes me groggy …to trace their bloodline. Mine two can add Malaysian Chinese into their long list of bloodline..goodluck to them…I am proud of those two. ..of mine….real smart and doing well ….on their own. They never come to see me for financial help. That’s good………hahahahahaha
    Seriously speaking…majority Eurasians do not care two hoots about politics and are excellent commercial workers….but the few..interested …can be worst than Indian snakes….as they are smarter and sharper ..deadly vipers.


  7. jameslo
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 23:36:02

    now is the time ? the moment of equaliser?


  8. monsterball
    Jul 10, 2008 @ 23:42:16

    Deadly vipers…but here in Malaysia….not deadly at all….just great instigators.


  9. monsterball
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 01:42:31

    Before anyone wish to label me as a racialist….beware!
    I donated to Kota Baru…all muslims flood victims..through “kickdefella” blog.
    I walked with the Indians at Hindraf…bombarded by tear gas and water cannon treatments…right at my face.
    My friends of all race..know I am not a racialists.
    I participated in the BERSIH walk….under more than one hour thunder storm…all soaking wet…for 2 hours.
    I do walk the talks!!
    And I did all that for young Malaysians.
    Those who did not walk…does not mean they are not true Malaysians…but I dare say…those who participated..like me..with no loyalty to any political party…just walked as a Malaysian…we have stronger serious sincere love for Malaysia and Malaysians than others.
    But thousands were prevented to walk with us…or have the willingness to walk along…but are somewhere else…or work prevented them from walking. They are the same…like us.
    But Malaysians have to becareful..not to simply participate in all rallies.
    I for one….think the oil price protest rally is a waste of time. Lets wait for Anwar’s debate to tell us how he can reduce oil prices….if he is PM.
    Having said this…I will expose all racialists…especially UMNO and PAS members…and any race…like the few Eurasians…..love to be instigators and fence sitters in politics. …and will migrate away..when things go sour in our country. I have seen them all.


  10. monsterball
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 01:49:55

    I left a female famous blog ….because she is an instigator…a political blogger……par excellence..under the disguise ..as an NGO worker.
    She of course have to find an excuse…to ban me. Saying….. I am a racialists….was her excuse. No big deal.


  11. monsterball
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 08:21:08

    And I am cleaning my life from blogsphere!
    One who is really close to me…calling me “papa monsterball”…and many more loving names…..I found out….will help only his race and pro Malay politics only..inspite of the fact..he declared himself as Malaysian. I wonder what brains these people have.
    I told him off…and will comment as an ordinary visitor…if I like it…and even if he keeps deleting my messages…let his own conscience judge him.
    You see…monsterball can be very very popular..if I play diplomatic politics with bloggers…for selfish reasons.
    I blog to part knowledge….not to carry anyone’s balls.


  12. pilocarpine
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 09:49:02

    parti politik melayu terkenal dengan politik anaknya. adakah PKR akan menjadi satu lagi parti politik anak UMNO?


  13. monsterball
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 13:01:22

    pilocarpine….Apa ini…..’anak UMNO?
    Who cares about UMNO?
    And one here seems to think Gerakan is great too.
    So DAP jadi….’anak Gerakan”?
    What are trying to say?
    Don’t talk with a fork tongue….like the Red Indians told the Americans.
    And this is an English blog….please don’t patronize us with Bahasa. I came here…because of English….so are all commentators.
    Now translate..what you really mean…and yes….I can speak Bahasa..but cannot read well…like so many Malay fishermen….and old Malay villagers.
    We are all Malaysians.


  14. Dr Hsu
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 14:24:18

    In fact i am prepared to give time for Pakatan to prove itself. I have often said that I hope the 5 states under Pakatan can be governed well, especially along a non racial line. If they can succeed in that , then it would be great because it would force UMNO to abandon the skewed NEP. Otherwise UMNO would be dead in that scenario.

    On that note , I am prepared to give time for Pakatan to perform.

    A small independent third force can support Pakatan if it practices good governance and non racial approach in its policy implementation.


  15. monsterball
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 19:47:13

    In USA…so call small third force have always been encouraged..but never had any significant results in the end. And the two parties slog it out…….ever respecting voters rights.
    Here in Malaysia….corruptions is so great and for so long. So lets keep it simple…Pakatan should be given a chance for…total control.
    No need third force as a watch dog. Do not perform…vote them out.
    This idea of third force…may support UMNO. Can anyone guarantee election campaign promises? It’s the actions and results that counts.
    And why think of a third force….when the full force of getting Pakatan to manage the country…have yet to materialized.
    So don’t you think …the idea of the so call third force…will somewhat complicate things…for Pakatan?
    Remember…corruptions and a united country are the two glaring weaknesses of UMNO’s purposely seeing those…..do not succeed…supported by MCA… Gerakan….and MIC..on race and religion politics….all long….even now.
    Malaysians gave UMNO more than 50 years. This third force suggestion… right now….is designed to complicate things for Pakatan……not a support to Pakatan….at all.
    Think Doc…think.
    That’s how I see it.


  16. steven
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 23:38:29

    why talk about DSAI? He is not even an elected people representative. He is just a mediator between various PR party. Not even a year into governance, BN supporters already barking at PR, politic as usual,corrupt power just can not accept people choice in 12 th election.

    In order to correct all these wrong of past 50 years, i am willing to judge PR policy effectiveness after at least 3 terms in office, which even PM used to say good policy needs time to implement, so why all the fusses about PR?


  17. steven
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 05:31:03

    Third force is only necessary when PR fail to deliver its promises. For the time being, even this second force may not be able to sustain due to various attacks and sabotages from umno political machinery. Given times and federal government authority, then only it ‘s fair to judge PR governance, if not, how can we be right in our judgement?


  18. monsterball
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 05:55:00

    Yes….Steven.. UMNO and BN supporters are applying….how to win friends and influence people…and slowly plant their ideas….looking good for our country…..but are infact….designed to sabotage PR…..and to complicate things.
    One needs to be sharp and alert …be on the look out for such visitors…..thinking how smart he is..suggesting ideas…..for an agenda…never for the the country and the people…but clearly for a party..he belongs to. Such a commentator have a stake and interest.. in that said.. political party…and his suggestions will always be to complicate things….since DAP and keDAILan are doing well in Penang.
    Therefore…idea of so call third force….will make things ….difficult for PR.


  19. monsterball
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 06:12:38

    And I am not referring to the ever kind hearted Doc.
    I give you one guess…who I am referring to….ever wanting to be close to me.
    See how smart …a Eurasian viper can be?
    I have two..but they are no vipers.
    They have their father’s kind hearted personalities……hahahaahaha
    Do you know…why the nickname..”Grago” given to Eurasians…more than 60 years now…originated from Malacca.
    Grago is small shrimps….useless for anything….except to make.. balachan.


  20. omo
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 10:28:42


    Gerakan a socialist party? I think it is more like MCA because both Dr Lims are all ex MCA and also TWICE before election it is claimed that Gerakan and MCA will be merged or unless it is a deceit to win voters over. Also is Gerakan member of the International Socialists like PAP or DAP?

    As for the third voice, we are not sure of the second voice as Pakatan is still in its infancy. If Gerakan is the third voice, then where will it stand if BN and Pakatan needs Gerakan to form the Government? Unless Gerakan is happy to be in the opposition for rest of its life like SD of UK.


  21. steven
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 12:05:38

    Yes, monsterball! umno n the supporters are formidable force in Malaysia’s politic to reckon with, with the sweet taste of 50 years power, they will not easily yield to the demand of the people and subject to the idea of equitable n fair society in Malaysia, they will use whatever resources at their disposal to destroy the credibility of PR and lack of governance experience to make sure PR states fail miserably,no doubt about it, especially among Malay population.


  22. A true Malaysiaan
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 20:01:52

    I just read latest RPK’s article titled ‘THE CULT CALLED PKR’

    RPK has rightly pointed out the ‘Cult’ element in PKR. I have the same thinking about this but just couldn’t find the correct word to describe it.

    In fact, not just PKR has this ‘Cult’ but it is applicable to most BN parties especially UMNO, MCA, MIC and Gerakan (as what you described in this article). So, if a party has strong ‘Cult’ element in it, then when its Leader is gone, the organisation is gone as the followers, or in this case second liner leaders or grassroots are just mere ‘followers’ all these while.

    So, important thing here is that, for a party or an organisation, be it political or not, commercial or non-commercial, the entity will not go far if it consists of ‘followers’ or ‘passengers’ instead of ‘thinkers’ or ‘drivers’.

    I just came back from IKEA and what attracted me is a huge wall painting with ‘DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH’ together with the picture of its workforce. So, the keywords here are ‘DIVERSITY’ and ‘STRENGTH’. If the IKEA is consist of only one race and religion, or the workers are just mere ‘followers’, then, will you think this is good for IKEA?

    So, to put this in the context of Malaysia, if just consists of one race and religion, will Malaysia be a better place of that race?

    Just think about this, Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan, any truth in this? Does it make sense?

    (Disclaimer: by mentioning IKEA, I do not mean to advertise for them)


  23. jeff
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 22:56:32

    It’s true diversity can be tranformed into strength for the country, unfortunately, umno lead government refuse to acknowledge it and prefer to follow a narrow racist path for malaysia to dominant other races n religions.


  24. tangwengheng
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 18:31:03


    Is man zheng (literal translation for the people’s party in Cantonese) turning into mun zheng (mosquito party)?

    Gerakan has been losing its sense of direction. Despite claiming to be a Chinese-based multi-racial party within BN, it has lost significant support among the Chinese community due to the perceived frequent kow-tow to UMNO.

    Its standing among the Indian community is even worse. Lack of Indian representation in its party leadership, its pre-March 8 silence on issues concerning Indian community (including HINDRAF) and failure to field any Indian candidate in the recent general election count among the reasons.

    Ironically, DAP, used to be seen as an opposition Chinese-based party known for championing communal cause, now has the most number of elected representatives from the Indian community. In fact, it has the first Deputy Chief Minister and State Assembly Speaker from that community.

    Gerakan has been wiped out from its power base in the Penang state following the March 8 political tsunami. Without any elected representative in Parliament/State Assembly from the state, it does not even get a seat on the opposition bench in the assembly hall.

    Without any platform to work on, the party will spend the next few years in political wilderness. Gerakan’s absence in the Cabinet (essentially the main decision-making body in the country) only makes it worse.
    The fact that some of its members resorted to putting up road signs in Chinese language to garner publicity is a reflection of their desperation.

    Deeply wounded from its miscalcualted ‘marriage’ with PAS in 1999 and failure of a quick rebound in 2004 due to the initial popularity of PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who had just entered the office, DAP has successfully re-engineered itself as a party that promotes competency, accountability and transparency for Malaysians. And the party was duly rewarded with its greatest ever electoral success in the history on March 8, 2008.

    Gerakan now faces similar challenges or risks sinking into oblivion.


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