A real mockery !

(photo from the NST)

A farce was in play yesterday in Putra WOrld Trade Centre. MIC president’s dinner with his branch chairmen became a comedy of sort. Normally, a person invited to attend a dinner will have the right to decide when to leave, since a guest is supposed to have the freedom of “come and go”.

 But at MIC ‘s dinner yesterday, doors were locked half way to prevent people from leaving. According to the NST today:

Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu’s dinner for branch chairmen yesterday evening turned sour when many began to leave immediately after having their food, an hour before the function was due to end.

A visibly upset Samy Vellu walked around the Dewan Tun Razak Hall at the Putra World Trade Centre and ordered those who were about to leave to sit and wait till the event ended.

He even went outside the hall and corralled those who had been smoking back inside. He then ordered the guards to close the shutters to all the entrances to ensure that no one left the hall.

I think the main actor in this comedy should realise he has overstayed his welcome. No matter how much you force people to remain, it would be futile, if people would not want to support you any more. I think he should at least take a leaf from Dr Lim Keng Yaik, and retire gracefully and let someone else take over.

Otherwise, more of this will happen and it is really disgraceful.. That is the problem when one is holding power for too long.

I really do not know whether I should laugh or sigh at this sort of antic.

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  1. su
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 16:35:02

    I think this is going way beyond being funny anymore. Before this, he opted to “fire” a few Youth leaders because they went over the age limit, and they quit the party with the ultimatum that they will only rejoin after Samy steps down.

    But he chooses not to take heed of anything, and goes on to criticise the ex-Youth chief for not carrying out his duties properly.

    Every single one of the leaders of the major component parties in Barisan Nasional have realised what a big mess up they have made in GE2008. AAB just announced his “hand-over” plan, OKT is not contesting, and Samy decides to “stay on” to rejuvenate the party.

    There is a need for new blood, especially at the helm, if a party is to truly rejuvenate itself. Samy doesn’t seem to realise it.

    And now he is acting like a child, frustrated that his guest decided to leave early from his “birthday party”. As funny as this is, it is not funny anymore.


  2. aadya
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 22:24:45

    What a coward I feel. No respect for the function and by doing so he is admitting that he is a “sore loser”, so easily swayed by such responses. Poor thing, This is not the trait of a calibre and confident leader!?


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  4. romerz
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 23:40:52

    Expected behavior from him but he surprised me with his declaration that there will be no succession plan in MIC. The members will choose its next leader.

    If this were the case, then this is truly amazing from him.

    Respect for democratic process at the end after umpteen years of authoritarian control?


  5. jeff
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 00:06:56

    Poor Indian Malaysians are having such a disgusting dictator to lead them, no wonder they are in such a dismal situation at this modern era in Malaysia history.


  6. monsterball
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 01:47:15

    He is like Mahathir….so used to be a dictator…will talk and do anything.
    This baboon is a real disgrace to the Indians.
    And someone brought out the Maika RM100 million ..lost 17 years ago….he said all are settled.
    What settled?
    He promised to pay back every sen lost to the shareholders..did not keep his promise…now said all settled.
    Such is Samy Vellu….a real sick sick…bastard… snaky man……so similar in character and personality.. like Mahathir….right now.
    RM100 million from his own poor race.
    At least Tan Khoon Suan went to jail ..for cheating the Malaysian Chinese.
    His days are numbered too.
    This is my strong belief.


  7. jeff
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 03:25:05

    “settle” mean deposited into his n his family members deep pocket, monsterball. One claim he is hindu, another claim he is muslim, both are disgrace to the religions. Both rob from the poor and low income Malaysians, shame the religion they claim belong to.


  8. novice101
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 05:45:53

    Doc, cry would be a more appropriate reaction but then, why bother.


  9. monsterball
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 07:59:49

    One thing for sure….Samy forever and ever cannot see his brother john…..except with a mirror and yet…that needs special difficult position.
    Can you imagine the carpati and tosai he needs to consume..to fill that belly?
    That’s God’s punishment to him. It stared with the sign of bald head…but he keep ignoring….and started acting….thinking he is so handsome.
    This baboon…big belly…with a small heart…..need to watch out!!
    Next sign..he may not be able to talk.


  10. monsterball
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 09:38:37

    Jeff….the story is that…Samy’s son gambled away the RM100 million..in stocks and shares.
    How far it is true…is not important.
    The main issue he is the President and he started this idea of Maika……collected slightly more than.. RM100million…..from the rubber tappers…lorry driver assistants….gardeners…all supported him..as Indians..digging every sen of their hard earned money from savings….all supported him…..all are lost…from so call….”bad investments”.
    If he had a chance like Mahathir…saving his own son with more than RM1billion…he will do it.
    Mahathir took our money from Petronas…….to save his son.
    Samy……have no other means….but to take out some of his huge corruption money ..he had accumulate…..to save his own race…from his own son’s failures. He promised to do that..pay back every sen. Thar RM 100million ….is pea nuts to him. He promised to pay……but never deliver.
    He does not love the Indians at all.


  11. jeff
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 11:18:18

    DR M children are billionairs make up from the money stealed from our nation resources. They are so shameless n thick skin by claiming to foreigners it is family wealth. Many foreign persons have no idea how corrupt this familly is in Malaysia except citizens. By it is amazing many Malay still continue to believe in his lie and supported his family, it is the same to this baboon by his own race. Guess Malaysians just too gullible to believe own race will con them by nature.


  12. monsterball
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 13:18:36

    The Maika case is identical to Harun Idris…..using public funds….to bring in Ali/Bugner boxing match.
    Make money…he will pocket it……and put back the public fund. He could do all that… quietly..as he was the Mentri Besar of Selangor.
    God is great!!! The event lost money…..so..a cheater like him… had to passed the looses to public funds..taken by him..
    This is nothing new….smart guy taking huge sums to play around with stocks and shares….and call that …’investments” That’s downright gambling….and the Indians do not need Samy’s son…to gamble away with their money.
    Samy knew all these….terrible sins of his son..keep twisting and turning..until he was cornered and did promise to make good every sen……..with his own money.
    He never kept his promise for 17 years.
    This Maika issue…will never go away. Harun went to jail for cheating ..using government funds…but…Samy is quite fortunate…Maika will will be considered…a commercial crime.
    As long as UMNO is in power..he seems to be quite safe.
    Right now….we seems to see some hope and small light at the end of the tunnel…with ACA going all out at the Immigration Dept.
    Cases like Samy……perhaps dozens..if not..hundreds……by UMNO members.
    But ACA should come out clean..to focus on three people right now…AP queen..Rafidah….Samy and Khairy.
    Do justice for Malaysians..and that may carry alot of weight for Dollah’s promise to be…. “People’s PM”…but never for UMNO.
    UMNO…no matter what…..must be voted out.
    MCA…Gerakan……MIC..supporters and members of these three parties…..don’t try to be too smart….to belittle Anwar…with your stupid selfish…ulterior motives for sickening selfish gains.


  13. jameslo
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 15:58:52

    how much is samy vellu worth ? accordling to then little bird…stashed funds across india and singapore..no less then 5 mid valleys ? one uep combined? he can pay cash to bulid a bridge from malacca to damai?
    if i am not wrong….samy did the right thing..cant be letting the branch leaders out..like money flowing out! why still around > its not about making money but protecting his wealth,,there is this saying, i scratch yr back, u scratch mine !


  14. jeff
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 23:04:03

    MCA, MIC n Gerakan are going to cry baby over DSAI whenever they can, since they want to please master umno, those Malaysians “sellout” can shamelessly kowtowing their master at whatever cost to non- malay.


  15. songsong
    Jul 13, 2008 @ 23:15:29

    what happen, if there is a fire, can he guarantee safety, the guests are not wrong doers, the guards are not police, why should they be detained?? Is this unlawful detention??


  16. doggone
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 04:51:32

    They say, ‘Old heroes never die, they just fade away’, but in samy’s case, we have ‘Old zeroes refuse to fade away, even though they are dead.’

    All these pathetic twits try in vain to leave their legacy, never knowing it’s just a fantasy. Podahhh !!


  17. jeff
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 11:09:45

    monsterball, as the story was told that Maika is only part of the total amount he pocketed, he also have almost all the tenaga national shares given by government into his n his family members deep pocket.


  18. jeff
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 11:38:15

    All things are possible under umno lead BN government , monsterball! All these years of my life, i have never seen nothing is impossible under BN banner.


  19. monsterball
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 12:00:38

    Jeff….Having power over he country for more than 50 years…..and encouraged by the most crooked PM for 22 years….to freely steal and plunder….thinking they own the country…and not elected servants by voters….play up the emotions of race and religion politics…supported by opportunists……and balls carrying …MCA…MIC and Gerakan….how can UMNO not feel ten feet tall…do as they like….when the impossible are made possible …by selfish….by those three parties..that will sell their race….to enrich themselves. Gone are the days…of Tan Siew Sin…Senivasingam….Dr. Lim Chong Eu.
    Mahathir took over….so did… Ling Liong Sik…..Samy Vellu and Lim Keng Yiak.
    Study those characters….and know why…impossible is made possible.


  20. jeff
    Jul 14, 2008 @ 23:16:31

    Those umno’s ball carriers are all gone after being used by umnoputra in gaining indepedence from British colonist. They are of no value anymore to umnoputra except use to divide non -Malay citizens within the country. As you probalby know that monsterball, those non malay with fancy titles are given that designation due to the fact they are selling out our rights to umno, not because they are patriot of Malaysia, so it is not hard to know who is the ball carrier in Malaysia.


  21. jeff
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 04:00:03

    umnoputra is definitely not a butch of lame duck n idiots, monsterball!!! Their ability to brain wash Malay n our children into a big hater of USA by manupulating religion n race into the formula show that they are pure evil by choice especially that sly fox. Just surf among muslim sites will give you clue how they had successfully created a imaginary “Satan” in our youngster mind.


  22. monsterball
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 11:55:58

    In a way…I hate US govt,..but admire their freedom of speeches and rights…and the generous hearts of their citizens.
    The citizens heard the whole world…and guilty conscience pricked them…seeing so many innocent died…because they supported Bush… a war monger.
    Obama will win..and he seems to be more humane…practical and fair.
    And why not…he is also a mixed blood…lived in Indonesia for 10 years..just like Tiger Woods….half Thai…with personality…typical of an Asian…totally different from unstable mind….No 2…Phil.


  23. jeff
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 12:55:21

    It is very hard to find a humane politician in USA. Many will go to church on sunday, but never understand the teaching of the words, let alone practice it daily. Seem like politician n elected officials from both countries are very similar, in the way they fool their citizens, except one belong to christianity n the other Islam. They love to mention about name of God but crave for war in whatever way possible.


  24. sumseng
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 13:19:31

    The more innocent life loss in Bush’s war, the tougher image he got among Americans. In rural America, hard bitter folks will love him like the way they cling to their gun n religion for security.
    Bush is look upon like leader by many of these cult followers, who are good at nothing except feeling bitter n threathen by everyone around them everyday. many of them even believe USA is the world, not a country.


  25. FreedomFighter
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 14:45:10

    People wanna leave, he don’t let them go…

    Please ask him to leave… he don’t want to go!



  26. Dr Hsu
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 15:21:43

    By not letting others leave, he is telling that it is not time for him to leave , too.

    A good one , FreedonFighter..


  27. monsterball
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 18:51:27

    When it is not time for him to leave….means …not time for him to be charged for corruptions.
    So he stayed on..with his big fat arse…paying out bribes…to keep the MIC President post.
    MCA Tan Khoon Suan …jailing for cheating his own… hynanese clan……is Samy Vellu’s nightmares.
    Samy is protected by some Hindu Gods…he keeps bribing…with them .day and night…with his prayers.
    Khoon Suan..made the biggest mistake…to bribe all Buddhists dieties in Taiwan…..and not in Malaysia…with a braggart personality.
    Released from jail….blamed Buddhist “gods” for not protecting him…is now a devoted Christian.


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