Use the Petronas money wisely ! reported today that Petronas is paying 6 Billion to the government as a special dividend this year… which is good news.

This 6 Billion is a lot of money and I hope the government can spend wisely and not waste it on unneccessary projects. The perception among the general population is that government projects are now  formulated not with the rakyat in mind but rather to suit certain private interest. Whether such perception is true or not, I leave it to you to judge… 

Nevertheless,  to overcome this perception, there is only one way. Open up the bidding of the projects to all people, via the system of calling for open tender. The whole process of awarding tender should be made transparent.  Genuine partnership companies consisting of all races can be given certain advantages, but the main criterai must be the pricing and the skill levels involved.

One of the most urgent area is the public transport sector. Mass transit should be extended to more areas; bus services must be improved; inner city trams/bus may be considered where people can hop in and out for free rides, preferably circuiting from certain mass transit stations in inner city to areas not serve by the mass transit.

Urban poor must be given more help. Discount cards to the urban poor for them to buy the necessity (rice, sugar, milk, cooking oil, flour) at a discount should be considered. Such cards can be subsidised by the government ( and the amount of subsidy per person can be worked out according to needs), which can pick up the discount via monthly rebates to those companies that accept the discount cards. The issuing of such cards must of course  be done by proper evaluation of the person’s financial background , and again transparency and accountability must be practised in such a system.

One of the main expense items of our government is the civil service. There are just too many civil servants doing redundant jobs in our country.. Trim the service and channel some of the redundant staff to the private sectors by laying down more stringent requirements for the recruitment of foreign workers. There are now just too many foreign workers in the country, and their jobs can easily be taken over by the lower rung members of our civil service. Billions can be safe and channeled to social causes, just by trimming the civil service by 10 per cent. The government can in fact give incentives to companies initially for employing civil servants that opt out of the service voluntarily.

I am sure the civil service can easily cope with a 10 per cent retrenchment  through some sort of  VSS scheme, if the rest of the civil servants can just buck up and be more productive. We can do this gradually over a few years.

There will be a lot of obstacles in carrying out this; we need steely resolve to see this through. If there is a will, there is certainly a way to do this… Do we have the will? That is often the most crucial question.

 For the long term competitiveness of the country, we really need a more productive and efficient civil service and we have to do away with the dependence on foreign workers, as is the case now.


Footnote: Itis often said that for every US $1 increase in world petrol price, Petronas gains an extra 250 millions ringgits.  The petrol price for the past few years has gone up from US$30 per barrel until US$145 now. How much more is Petronas earning?? Standard 5 mathematics.


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  1. monsterball
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 15:42:14

    At the end of it all..we must vote….to change the government in next election…is the only solution for transparency.
    We must not be easily swayed by this or that events..put out by UMNO.
    More than 50 years by one group…is enough.
    This UMNO and BN are proven corrupted …to the core.
    What Doc wrote….are spoken by many times…for years.
    UMNO President is the King of Malaysia…and the PM is the leader of the many chosen fortunate royalties.
    Chinese and Indians…are treated second class citizens. UMNO is the nice landlords. We are the tenants. This is why Malays love UMNO…for their race and religion politics…more so….supported by MCA..MIC…Gerakan…all admitting to be happy as second class citizens…feeling ever so grateful…to UMNO…for approving their hands out….to continuously..fool their own race too. Why are they doing that?
    Simple..UMNO members …MCA..MIC…Gerakan..all can be millionaires.
    DAP is the only daring people to speak out…but all messages are blocked out. So mant tyimes.went to jail….to defend Malaysians…properties and rights.
    Mahathir allowed so call freedom of speeches….when he knew…no matter how much DAP spoke at his time….Malaysians are helpless.
    So he brags…he gave more freedom of speeches than Dollah. Bullshit.
    But whenever rallies are formed by students union…Mahathir shivered!! He had nightmares…of Indonesian powerful student unions. Only educated people…Mahathir is afraid.
    CNN lady newscaster..cornered him..on corruptions. He was so embarrassed. I guess…he was given a set of questions….to be approved….and corruptions by his sons…was not in the list.
    We all can give miles and miles of notes….why UMNO and BN will never listen to logics.
    So vote them done with it.
    Ours brains have been tested …far too long by crooks.
    Previously…thee is no strong UMNO. that is why Mahathir can brag…he gave more freedom to Malaysians…than Dollah.
    Just look at Mahathir….now backing Muhyddin against Najib.
    Can’t we all see…this man ruled is for 22 years…and is still playing dirty politics.
    I think he is a very sick man..right now…..changing his minds on important issues and matters…..with no regrets at all. His whole personality is taken up…by concentrating on dirty politics….till the day he dies…protecting his family’s wealth.
    Come on…we now have a strong alternative.
    Give Anwar chance to be PM.


  2. Justin Choo
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 17:40:58

    Cool down. Don’t you think we should thank the Old Man for presenting us a viable alternative? Without his brutal onslaught on Anwar, do you think Anwar will be what he is today? Thank you Dr Mahathir for the wise move, for not only kicking Anwar out, but also choosing the right candidate as his successor!


  3. Charlie
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 18:16:30

    the cracks of Proton are beginning to show themselves now. so much money was channeled to make Proton the “pride” of our order to immortalize the name of one legacy builder. Which is why after he left and his successor did not do his bidding, he started his tirade of attack, on-going until now in fact. the PM also realized the problem with the civil service, and I believe we’ll soon be hearing about the measures to rationalize them. all these are necessary, although they will prove to be even more unpopular, which unfortunately is the same of many other things AAB been trying to do.


  4. jeff
    Jul 15, 2008 @ 23:58:10

    DAP is speaking out alright! monsterball, that is why many of this party leaders are ex-ISA detainees. Many of them losed their freedom because wanted to have a better Malaysia, but by doing so, it directly infuriated umnoputra gangster head and get in the way of making Malaysia a racist country which practise racial supremacy policy, even the italian mafia is no comparison with umno gangsterism where religion is used to brain wash Muslims.


  5. sumseng
    Jul 16, 2008 @ 01:55:20

    If the government know to use revenue from our oil resources wisely, we already reach the advance nation status in human development and infrastructure, unfortunely, due to the fact of political patronage, cronyism, n nepotism, couple with consideration for race n religion, so much has been wasted and stolen. That’s why BN is still shouting vision 2020 after 50 years of independence at the top of their lung.


  6. monsterball
    Jul 16, 2008 @ 07:12:32

    No more Vision2020.
    Their own visions are blurred and cloudy.
    Heads are groggy …don’t know what to do with Anwar.
    Brains are painful..with sleepless nights…fearing UMNO tumble…….leading by one…fall and go to jail.
    No more sailing logo…..only prison clothes logos.
    Frightened …to the maximum limit….first sign….taxi driver terrible nightmares..spending time in jail… this guilty one….Nazri …acted…creating… road blocks…with Dollah’s blessings..but must have no violence…was Dollah’s strict command.
    Only Dollah have peace in mind
    The one man show is impossible .
    So he tries his best……and became the juggler…to survive…and always prepared for the worst. He is the only one.. …thinking like that.
    He does have sincere love for Allah.
    How can ..all those other… corrupted..frightened clowns ..plan ahead?


  7. monsterball
    Jul 16, 2008 @ 07:29:26

    Just to let you all know…Anwar won the debate against Cheek…hands down.
    We all can be have him as a PM.
    Lets all unite and vote UMNO out completely…next election.
    Four ..five years…is actually not so long… be patient and don’t let Frog or a grago try to change your minds.
    They are here…not for the love of the country and Malaysians……but for their political party…and selfish…personal reasons.
    To get attention of his political be one…like Tian Chua…Elizabeth Wong..and Jeff Ooi…is one of the reason.
    Most political bloggers are looking for jobs.
    Kuching kurab commentators……we have so far….two here.
    They are most welcome…to freely part their thoughts…but not here to advertise their BN.
    Doc..put out a message…usually ..he relaxes… and read our comments. We are his performers.
    So it is the commentators like us….suffer from froggy insults…and possible brainwashing from a grago..that give me the right …to pen this way..with no disrespect to Doc….at all.
    Forewarned is foretold……..correct…Jeff and others?


  8. jeff
    Jul 16, 2008 @ 10:41:20

    monsterball, i am always in control of my words in to show respect to owner rule, without rebutting this freak harshly, it is not possible for him to brainwash us since he is such a chicken shit fellow who probably is a very immature and scaring one, just let him talking his c**k, “choi wei tho gong” (treat him like retarded.) By the way, i understand why umno is so afraid of granting street protest permit to opposition now after reading some comments here, make a lot of senses to me now.


  9. jeff
    Jul 16, 2008 @ 10:49:24

    Actually i also have some reservation about DSAI judging from his past association with umno youth, but he seem to be a changed man now after been jailed for six years and was poisoned in prison. I will like to believe he can be a good PM if opportunity come, by most of his media statements, he is no more used to play race n religion cards for many years if i am not mistaken.


  10. Y C Chai
    Jul 16, 2008 @ 14:48:27

    We have good economists in the country but are we tapping their talent or just ignore them? This is that question we should pose to the government.

    So, what has the government done to improve public transport? Look at the 2008 estimated expenditure figure for each ministries, transport ministry was allocated 60% of what defence ministry got. What kind of priority is this. Do we need that much money for defense ? Are we at risk of being invaded?

    Nor mohd yaakob said that discount card issue will only be finalised in 6 months time. Come on, this is something very urgent, can we wait for 6 months? By then, the effect of inflation has set in and irreversible. Do they understand timing. This is the government efficiency we talk about, sheer damned stupid.

    I don’t even have 10% confidence on our government’s ability to tackle this inflation issue. We have a bunch of economic idiots that is governing the country. They include MCA and Gerakan , all fool of the century.


  11. jeff
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 09:32:08

    BN know how to use it wisely , problem is too much “leakages” during implementation in the form of waste n stealing. Probably umno wanted it this way all along. Dr!


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