Calling for an independent investigating team

The whole town is buzzing with the news of Anwar’s arrest.

Since Anwar has made a charge against the IGP who is the head of our Police, there is a fear that perhaps the Police  might not be neutral. To overcome this perception,  I support the call by Gerakan Youth Chief that this case should be investigated by an independent investigating team consisting foreign experts. The composition of this team must be acceptable to both sides, like in the case of choosing a jury in the West.

This would be fair to Anwar as well as the plaintiff. This will also once and for all settle the issue of the alleged sodomy.

And in the mean time , unless there is clear cut evidence to implicate Anwar, Anwar should be released and let the independent investigation proceeds..


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  1. Monk
    Jul 16, 2008 @ 23:06:04

    Latest: Anwar will not be released tonight, being detained overnight: read malaysiakini update.



  2. james loh
    Jul 16, 2008 @ 23:42:23

    either way..doubts will continue..the bn should fight respond on issues of the day..not achilles will further provoke the people of the ground… we may turn into another people power as in manila!
    i be there !


  3. jeff
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 00:05:37

    The purpose of the flip flop by police (umno servant) regarding DSAI is to provoke PRK supporters, preferably massive street demonstration, by then, state of emergency can be declared by umno-BN over the country. with that, there is no need for by-election or PR take over federal administration issue anymore. Beware! all Malaysians, umno dirty political tactic repeating itself .


  4. romerz
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 00:06:13

    Dr Hsu, yes my blog is up and has 2 postings concerning events of the last 2 days.

    one of the posting is on a similar subject as yours.

    (hope you don’t mind me doing some advertising for my blog)


  5. sumseng
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 02:43:17

    Arresting Anwar before he fail to show up at the agreed time is preproterous on police part, it shows that they are so unprofessional and is a low standard third world police force. Without any reasonable doubt with sufficient evidence that he is going to escape or dissapear forever, the episode unfold just conclude that Malaysia police force is controlled by umno and it can operate above the law of Malaysia with impunity, very typical of a corrupt law enforcement agency.


  6. monsterball
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 04:55:00

    sumseng….I never knew you were there with the crowd!
    Please do your part….to ensure complete success against police provocations….by applying non violence and loving hearts to your enemies.
    That will make them very very shameful….and will surely fail in whatever evil plans they have for UMNO.
    They said..they were afraid Anwar will not show up at 2pm…thus their action is to avoid much worst scenario.
    Lets agree with them..
    no harm done.
    Important part….is to see Anwar is well and safe….and to be release on bail.
    They said Anwar’s wife is allowed to see him….that’s good.
    I have done complete test…and it takes only two hours. Why is Anwar detained over night?
    Even if the tests are showing certain evidences against him…it is not the police job….to sort of publicized Anwar is guilty ….with their 15 policeman….going to arrest one man….surely…not a deadly threat to society. If so…why hundreds of thousands love this man?
    You matter what the police said or may say in the future….this act is clearly….to provoke the supporters….into anger and frenzy state of minds.
    Old guys like us.have seen it all. Young ones now can read and know it al.
    So be smart…don’t fall into the trap.
    SMILE…SMILE..SMILE …to the policemen.
    Support with determinations and your love for your country and Malaysians….to be free from an evil and corrupt government.
    And for me…I am praying for the impossible…..that Dollah have the guts…to stand tall alone….and COMMAND the police to release Anwar.
    You see….if we all pray hard for what is impossible….may come true…if the prayer is for true happiness and peace for others…..and not for selfish reasons.
    But my prayers.. will never be answered….if the forces of others…have different ideas.
    I am happy.I did my very small part…..and waiting for my friends to tell me what they want next. god help me.if they want few hundred packets of nasik lemak! Where to get and how to deliver…with no caterers…to do that?
    This is my advanced concern.
    I wish if I can leave some money…and be distributed…for the poor guys…to buy food..I will be very very contented.
    Doc…it is near your area?
    Do you think…both of us…can punkus..few hundred packets of food or bread for muslims?
    We can share the cost?
    You must have one…going there ask…and make sure…they are still there!!
    Shell stations are promoting mineral water…real cheap…by the cartons. I round them up yesterday.
    I will repeat it….when I get sms.


  7. Charlie
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 06:56:58

    Very regrettable, the way in which the police took him in. Still, it is abit too hasty to say that they have no evidence against Anwar on the charge, they have been taking their time after all, since Saiful lodged his report. I agree though to the call for independent forensic team.


  8. jeff
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 07:13:25

    Resort to violent confrontation by PKR supporters will turn the tide against PR governace states and give umno a reason to declare state of emergency, just hope DSAI get to see through the purpose of this provocative move by Malaysia police, so long as his family member n friends can keep in touch while under arrest, thing will not be too bad, just hope PKR will not be conned into umno’s trap.


  9. monsterball
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 09:29:37

    OK…Everything appears calm and legal so far.
    Anwar is ACCUSED for sodomy…so warrant of arrest is legal.
    His lawyer said…he can be detained for 24 hours.
    I said…he is wrong!
    He can be detained for 7 days.
    Concerning the food and drinks idea with Doc….forget about it. Road blocks are everywhere….today.
    Fear and provocations are working …hand in hand.
    Malaysians should get on with their normal life.
    Ignore all.
    Anwar have a strong will power and police assured his wife…he will be safe.
    Crowds are also gathering at few other points.
    The moods of those in the crowd of today is better than yesterday.
    I guess…as long Anwar is safe and alive….that ‘s all that matters….and let dirty politics keep playing until next election.
    Voters then can speak…what will be their real future.
    My business is drinks….and waiting for them to sms …want more mineral water.
    It will be my pleasure.
    I told them..ask and wait….3 hours.
    Now I rest and relax.


  10. Dr Hsu
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 09:51:54

    monsterball, did u ever sleep.? I just read your 4 am posting about food and drinks.

    I was caught in a massive jam again even though I came out early today, at the Arch area in Federal Highway.

    Maybe we just let the small traders in Thamby Dollah and around Time Square there do some small business by selling to the crowd outside IPK. Other wise they would suffer a lot of financial losses because many peple would not want to go near there.


  11. kittykat46
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 10:04:58

    There is a tremendous mistrust of the police and the judiciary over this issue.
    And it not just the usual hard-core opposition supporters which the government may feel it can ignore. This time its the “silent majority” which BN likes to talk about.


  12. Dr Hsu
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 10:36:26

    kittykat46, you are very right.. The Lingam tapes and the exposure by Judge Ian Chin have made people skeptical whether anyone can have a fair trial in Malaysia.

    the silent majority, like you say, have lost trust in the police too. What with the Black eye 10 years ago and the increasing crime rates, stories of bribe taking,etc..

    The recent story of a cop making a police report against other police in the same district because of unequal sharing of bribe have made the mistrust even worse.

    Whe people are skeptical, any investigations would be futile. Whether Anwar is charged or release, either way, no one would believe that this is not a sandiwara..

    So if they really want trust, get an international team, agreed to by both sides, to investigate.

    This may sound absurd, but in Malaysia, we have things even more absurd than this.

    That is why there is an urgent need to revamp the whole judicairy and the police, and that is why we need an independent ICAC. Lip service and empty promises will not gain trust anymore. The silent majority wants action to be taken and taken fast… The politicians in UMNO must realise this… Other wise, if this is still the case when the next election comes, BN can say bye bye to the rakyat…


  13. Dr Hsu
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 10:43:14

    Monk, on the issue of change, a lot of people hope that Ong Tee Keat can be the next presidet of MCA and bring real change to the party.

    I read your articles in Malaysiakini, do you think anyone will challenge Tee Keat?


  14. monsterball
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 10:43:21

    Anwar has been released!
    He will call a press conference at 2pm.
    Releasing him within 24 hours..means here is no evidence for sodomy.
    If he is detained for 7 days…then there are is evidence.
    Now….no evidence…..means Saiful is lying.
    You go and do your smart detective work…conclusions.In a way…the police did the right thing. Anwar is accused….so he has to submit to tests.He did not appear in police station.
    The only thing wrong….was the arrest at 12.50pm. Police need not be that dramatic.
    Maybe seeing an old man delivering bottles of mineral water….prick their conscience?……hahahahahahaha


  15. monsterball
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 10:49:07

    Kit Tan born in are you today?
    Doc…I do sleep….odd hours.
    I came back from Pudu Jail..and slept from 12 am…till 3am.
    Today..I no go work la.
    Staffs all support me.
    now eveything ok……I miss…


  16. james loh
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 11:02:51

    monterball, do try to rest ..n pace ..there aint many like u around !


  17. monsterball
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 11:57:34

    Thanks James.
    I am ok.
    I will take long long rest…after seeing People’s Party win big and manage the country.
    And will close my eyes forever..contented….if I can witness..few UMNO and BN crooks..put to jail…for a long long time..on corruptions.
    I wanted to give up blogging. .after 12th election…thinking democracy is strong and TRUTHS will win.
    But after the election….non stop .sickening remarks and actions by UMNO..and their supporters.
    And cunning pro BN guys are here….everywhere…trying to sell off a united Malaysia for Malaysians…for personal gains…supporting.. race and religion politics.
    I am inspired to battle all of them.
    Each and everyone of us…have our destiny.
    Thanks again…James..but I do believe thousands upon thousand old guys are like me. Only difference…they dare not speak out..maybe too poor. I am not that poor…..hahahahahaha
    You see…when you have some money to throw away…that helps….hahahahahahaha
    And I will throw as much as I can afford….to strengthen the spirits of the brave and for the young honest Malaysians.
    What I saw last night…delivering the mineral water…I am actually more inspired to do more.
    These Malaysians are the pride and joy of my dream….to see also…my children and grands can live with dignity and not become hypocrites….and they need not think of getting rich…..through giving bribes and by who you know…and not what you know.
    That’s bunkum success. Some call it…good luck. I said…that’s shit way to succeed.
    Right now…..they have no choice.


  18. Low Keing Hooi
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 11:58:04

    BN government has still yet to learn from the lesson that the rakyat can think with their own brain!


  19. Justin Choo
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 12:26:51


    Dr Hsu’s forum is one of the best “advert agencies” in town. That’s how I got monsterball rolling in my blog!! Ha ha ha!!

    I think I was one of the first if not the first to visit your site once I heard Dr Hsu’s comment. As I mentioned in my blog comment, you look dashing like Dr. Hsu. I thought you were a lot older like an elderly wise soothsayer!!


  20. monsterball
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 12:27:55

    How to rest?
    Now RPK is arrested!!
    My friends may need more water to-night.
    Strange is it not.
    Saiful filed a police report….Anwar was arrested.
    RPK filed a police report…PRK was arrested.
    This means RPK is lying?
    RPK said…he is waiting to f..k …the police.
    For that..hundreds of bottles of mineral water needed by his thirty supporters to-night….hahahahahaha
    Now must go to sleep.


  21. Justin Choo
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 12:28:11

    The whole of KL is like a crowded merry-go-round. You are all invited to Penang for a rest.


  22. Dr Hsu
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 12:56:59

    Manalysianinsider reported that Malaysian government is bringing in foreign forensic experts. I hope they bring in someone from Hong Kong who is beyond corruption.

    Khairy was talking about the same thing yesterday as this post about bringing in foreign experts.. I have absolutely no influence, so it is not my post that influence the government.

    How come the government respond so fast to this suggestion? It seems that Someone close to the PM is running the government and deciding things, like the Grand Old man TDM used to say..


  23. jeff
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 13:53:43

    It ‘s such a international laughing stock seeing all these special police commando and UKT members come together to arrest Anwar for a so-do-me charges. Seem more like he is the head of a terrorist organization just carry out an attack in Malaysia, it is so shameful the police will act in this way on such a lesser charge like it is a murder investigation, i am too ashame to mention about it,hahaha… welcome to the bolehland.


  24. monsterball
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 17:37:11

    4 solid hours of beauty feeling 10 years younger..with voom power!
    Doc…you are either a dead duck or year mark to get datukship…. for your forensic idea.
    Sure they got idea from you la….but they will never admit no datukship.
    Justin is a real INSTIGATOR!! He knows I baptized romerz’s blog with my comments…..must torok lagi.
    OK..RPK…matter. It seems everyone is feeling to calm things down…with no gatherings.
    That’s good news!!
    So to-night I go “pak tor” .or in english…go hod hand with my love one.
    Do I hear anyone… laughing? You mean old man don’t know how to do what you youngsters can do best? WE are your teachers… change…only your clothes and hairstyle makes you look different.
    We don’t have hairs…look like a roaster…or a girl.
    We don’t wear torn jeans….or with for a beggar.
    We dress in style…like Mahathir….clean and proper….to capture the female heaet…but Mahathir is not wearing that to tackle ladies. He wear it everyday….to show Najib….and Najib copy Mahathir…but otak… empty.
    That’s Malaysia colourful species.


  25. romerz
    Jul 17, 2008 @ 22:57:13

    Hi Justin,

    You flatter me. You haven’t seen my pot-belly yet. All these hours spent sitting in front of a PC and the occasional tipple is putting inches around my belly to the point that when my wife is asked when are we going to start a family? She answers “my husband is already 3 months pregnant!”

    I’m actually 48 and definitely not wise, just ask my mother and she will tell you that of all her 4 children, I gave her the most headaches by making the most ‘bad choices’.

    I do read a lot though. If you are interested, I could lend you 2 books which I just read about local politics and they are quite good reads.

    Both are shorts essays by multiple commentators and activists. ‘Tipping Points’ and ‘Political Tsunami’.

    If you are interested, let me know before 31 July so I can pass it to you at E&O.


  26. jeff
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 00:15:18

    Monsterball, slow down, don’t over stress yourself! many blog owners will miss you if you fall ill due to all these “sandiwara induce stress”.

    let the young do their parts too for a country they call “home”, we old men need to take it easy nowaday.


  27. Justin Choo
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 11:13:55


    Thanks I shall take up your offer on the books; but I’m a very slow reader; and with long hours on the internet, I wonder when I could finish reading. Also due to lack of sleep, whenever I started reading, I dozed off after a few pages!!

    Maybe you can lend me one book first. Yes I read about your books in your comment in the other blog. I also used to read Oon yeoh’s blog.

    Take it easy on Romerz.


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  29. monsterball
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 12:38:56

    Justin…Here ..romerz is tamed by me.
    There his blog….still the same….start his nonsense.
    Why don’t he spell out his full name in his own blog? Afraid to be known as a GRAGO?
    This whiskey lover..married with no children…keep trying to advice Malaysians this and that…with the help of Gerakan…so call bright ideas.
    Who cares about Gerakan.
    Gerakan is dead,.buried and gone.
    He should resign and f..k Gerakan…then give his excellent to unite Malaysians.
    But if he keeps giving ideas…that includes Gerakan …as a participant….to unite Malaysians…he is looking for a better job…playing sly fox low class politics…ignoring the many corrupted Gerakan politicians…and the 18 years puppet on Mahathir….managing Penang….and now look at the so call..”Pearl Of The Orient”…..what has it turned into? Dirty….filthy.. no systematic streets and road signs……..a city..filled with white elephants buildings like….KOMTAR….simply ..left for it …to rot.
    “Pearl of the Orient” under Gerakan??? Who suffers??
    Romerz love Malaysians and the country?
    I posted in his blog… not to support him…but to exposed him. I am done with him…in his blog.
    So let him talk all the birds and the of his opinions….for or against government….or oppositions….like now he is doing here… harm done. It’s freedom of speech.
    But talk to advertise Gerakan…how good that party is…he will get me to keep battling him.
    Take it easy with him,…Justin…just because he so nice to lend you some books?
    Come…I got dozens of expensive books to lend and give away.
    But you may have to wait…for few years more.
    Few books from him…makes you so nice?
    How about few thousands RM??
    You ca be bribed??
    hi man….don’t be taken by nice gestures…even from me.
    And don’t behave cheap la.


  30. jeff
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 13:20:48

    Under Gerakan governance, Penang is the trash of the orient. see for yourself, Monsterball, they screwed up Penang big time from one corner of the island to the end. i am wondering why Penangites put up with gerakan ‘shit” for so long, until 12 th election.


  31. Dr Hsu
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 14:45:40

    Monsterball, I do not think romerz is a Gerakan member. He may have voted for Gerakan, but he is not a Gerakan member, as he mentioned many times in his comment as well as his email to me..

    He is quite moderate in his view and thinking. So maybe we can just agree to disagree…..He has the same intention as most of us in the blogs to see a better future for our children in our country, a fair and more equal society..

    whatever it is, whether we agree or disagree, maybe we can just be civil to each other.


  32. A true Malaysian
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 15:24:10

    Each of us may know each other personally somehow but what important here is to observe privacy of each commentator.

    After all, what important is just expressing our views, either you buy them or not is insignificant. This is the true spirit of blogging. Again, the word ‘DIVERSITY’ comes into play.


  33. monsterball
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 17:49:43

    Doc..Go to his blog…and read his suggestions.
    I love to agree to disagree …with non political party visitors.
    But once a person is a political party member…lets hope…he is from the opposition parties.
    Not that I am being bias …but no choice…Malaysia need a change of government desperately…to get rid of all these sickening events…. caused by UMNO and BN..and Malaysians have to suffer for them.
    romerz dare not even put out his full name.
    He is a sly fox…active member of Gerakan….or trying to be one.
    Words do tell a person’s character.


  34. monsterball
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 18:03:01

    True Malaysian..What I said about romerz…no children not exposing him.
    He said it himself.and I just picked that up.
    Thought you like to know.
    So is the whiskey he loves…all said by himself.
    What I want is his full sdixth sense is right.
    If not. I will apologise to him… problem
    You see…as a block owner..give la .your full name….what you doing..what are your likes and dislikes…etc etc etc…but keep your home address and your Mycard # and your mistress ..if any…away.
    Blog owner must appear to be totally sincere…not make visitors …guess this.. guess that.
    If I decide to be a blog owner…I will even tell you how many hairs I have from…top to bottom…..hahahahahaha


  35. romerz
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 18:47:44

    My name is Saw Teik Lim.

    48 yrs old and born and now living in Penang.

    Educated at Penang Free School, Mill Hill School, London, Hull University, UK and Westminster College, PA, USA.

    I’m currently self-employed and providing care for my 2 elderly and handicapped parents.

    My likes are plenty, too plenty to list all. My dislikes are few but I dislike egoistic people.

    I am NOT a member nor have I ever been a member of any political party.

    I intend to join a political party soon though if one can over the next few months convince me of a viable and worthy platform to lend my voice to.

    I did not disclose this information in my blog out of deference for my wife who requested that I not reveal too much about myself. She is worried about my safety. I’m slowly trying to convince her its alright. I’m not doing anything illegal. And I until I can allay her fears, I will continue to only have my picture in the blog. To do so now whilst she is still afraid would be very unfair of me.

    Now whether he wants to apologize or not I couldn’t care less.

    Thanks Doc and all others who have tried to defend me. Please don’t sour your relationship with him on my account.


  36. monsterball
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 01:46:31

    Thanks romerz for your details.
    Hope you join any opposition party for the sake of the country and Malaysians…and not for personal likes and dislikes.
    Hope you stop promoting any idea or proposal…that will involve any UMNO and BN….into it.
    I like to be proven wrong….but what you have proven…is…I am half wrong….so we are even….as the whole country must unite to change the government…and not involve any MCA or Gerakan parties.
    One by politicians from those two selfish Chinese based parties ….are resigning. That shows….they do feel for the people…for once…OR… know their parties have no future.
    A leopard cannot change it spots.
    If by some mysterious ways…it can change…the past evil and selfish actions….supporting race and religion politics by UMNO…and simultaneously… enriching themselves and their families..on and on…and on..UNTIL… .12th election….so much sins have now….been exposed.
    MCA and Gerakan are desperately depending on UMNO to win next election. They will be worst lap dogs….if UMNO ever win.
    I need not keep telling….I walk the talks and belong to no parties.
    So your details is a good start…and lets have no intention to promote Gerakan with selfish ulterior motives….to create attention and be year join Gerakan…and be somebody??
    That I don’t care…but I repeat…anyone..trying to promote UMNO…MCA and Gerakan..even MIC…will get me to battle them.
    Anyone supporting oppositions.will get my support.
    Life is not fair for more than 50 years…under UMNO and BN… So why should Malaysians be fair to these parties? For once..lets declare where are we standing….and not hint…twist and turn.
    Only Justin and Doc are supporting you…”True Malaysian” ..only put out advises.
    A wise man can sometimes behave stupid.
    A good doctor can sometimes prescribe wrong medicine to patients.
    An auditor can also make blunders in auditing.
    We are all humans…but monsterball have seen enough of Malaysians dirty politics..and only …right now..we have some hope for a change in government. some of the old folks risked their lives …for what your are enjoying now.
    Lets all agree to disagree…how the country should be manage by the servants …we voted in..and not promote any opposition parties.
    But if you want to hero worship Anwar or LKS…like I sometimes do….go ahead.
    I did that…. with Malaysia and Malaysians in my mind..not for personal benefits.
    There you see…your character…and I quote…”Please don’t sour your relationship with him on my account”
    This is a typical way to plant ideas into another person.
    I am always ready for anything…..and there is no reasons for Doc and I part as friends.
    By the way….you said… on the third party matter….I keep picking on you…and not on Doc…in your blog. I promised I am done with you it is. You are..somewhat …hinting .I carry Doc’s balls…or favoring him…or afraid of him??
    You suggested the 3rd party idea. He supported it. What if few more.. agrees with you?
    It is the source I am attacking..not the followers.


  37. monsterball
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 01:57:54

    My full name is Goh Swee Soon…but I am known as S.S.GOh
    I am 69 years old.
    I worked 10 years for others…until 1972 and started my own businesses….until now.
    I prefer to be call blogging.
    I have been blogging for 5 years…with my face and full details posted out by loving enemies and friends.
    I dare say…I am the most exposed commentator in blogsphere.
    I have nothing to hide.


  38. monsterball
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 02:05:14

    I quote..”I intend to join a political party soon…bla bla bla”
    You have been trying to attract Gerakan’s Youth President attention.
    I said…I am half wrong….this is my half right.


  39. jeff
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 02:25:23

    Any non-malay Malaysian who support Umno-BN should consider himself spineless dog. See all these years of umno racists stealing our rights and violated our constitutional rights in Malaysia, with all sorts of inequality and oppressive policy in placed since independence to favor only one race n one religion, brand non malay citizens as third class and destroy their places of worship, all these injustices are make possible because of too many spineless dogs living in the country.


  40. romerz
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 02:51:24


    Thank you for your acknowledgment that I’m not a member of any political party.

    But I’d like to add one thing. From the time I found Doc’s forum, I have never said anything to further my personal agenda. I don’t need to.

    If it will help you understand me (and I hate to say this for I only say it when I’m angry), I have been financially independent ever since I was 37 and retired from the workforce 1 year later.

    I neither need favors nor fame. My simple concerns in life are not so much money but my parents, siblings and their families, and my wife whom I love dearly.

    As for my political beliefs, it is my own demons that I have to come to terms with, and I try to do that daily hence my continued involvement with political and socio-economic blogs, when I realize how wrong I’ve been with my past complacency.

    Check with Doc if you want, but I did confess to him that I regretted our spat. Not so much for the root cause but for the fact that I respect my elders and at that time I didn’t know that you are much my elder. Had I known then, I would have bitten my tongue, no matter how much I disagreed with you!

    I still do not agree with you all the time today but I understand your intentions. I also want the same things and I’m trying very hard to do just that.

    But you have to understand that I can only be effective if I’m working from within the parameters I’m comfortable with and not out of my comfort zone at the moment.

    At the moment, I don’t even know what my politics is. Each new day brings conflicting emotions in me. Who knows, I may very well get so fed-up one day that I may take to the streets with others who want immediate change but at the moment, it is unlikely.

    The honest truth? I don’t know where I want to go politically at the moment but I’m trying my best to find a way where I can do my share for a country which I love very much.

    I’ve said more than my wife would be comfortable with and I shall let it end here.

    All the best to you and may our paths never cross again.


  41. monsterball
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 04:27:34

    I quote….”But you have to understand that I can only be effective if I’M working from within the parameters I’m comfortable…bla ba bla”
    Can you say this….if we are a war?
    Is not UMNO trying so hard to create fear and provocations?
    Is not… emergency rule..possible?
    So…with all these…plus the oppositions are geting stronger and stronger.
    Give your support to any opposition party…if you want to be active in politics.
    I am afraid the demon within yourself….may cause more harm than good.
    We cannot afford to take that chance.
    You need to be watched closely.
    And Malaysians are not waiting to see….whether the demons in yourself….will take control of you or not.
    The so call demons…are actually..your selfish characteristics in life.
    At age 38…you have made it..and don’t need more? What if your love ones..need millions to ..for educations…old folks..needs expensive medical care?
    You maybe blessed to be well off now…and talk like this.
    Just ask yourself….if you are given a chance to join Gerakan….to be somebody important……and immediately…few millions RM to your private account. Will you accept that immediately…or refused it?
    Jeff have given excellent details of UMNO and BN.
    This is WAR!!
    And People’s Party is winning.
    UMNO knows it.
    Where are MCA and Gerakan?
    Why are they always so quiet…when Malaysians are suffering more and more?
    So Romerz…until the day…you declare…you are with DAP or keDAILan…I need to watch out your demons…and will never accept your logic…you must join one of BN…to be comfortable… the goodnesses of Malaysia and Malaysians
    That’s one way…to make excuses…for personal benefits. it is like telling your general…to let you join Gerakan…as a spy…….to convert resign and join oppositions.
    We are at WAR!!
    We must declare which side we are on…clearly.
    One more Gerakan supporter…no matter for what reasons…is just too many.
    Malaysians want Gerakan be buried and gone.
    Are you with us?


  42. jeff
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 09:27:20

    As a non-malay citizen, i can not see how another non-malay Malaysian can work within his own comfort zone, while majority of us are classified as non-bumiputra who had no equal right and facing injustice daily which i found appalling n disgusting. From my own conclusion, all these discriminatory policy will not be possible without the support of so called Gerakan n MCA dogs lending a helping hand in exchange for personal enrichment, monsterball!

    BTW, people already buried Gerakan for good !But they do have the right to continue barking!!!monsterball, I respected their rights to do that.


  43. Dr Hsu
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 11:03:49

    monsterball and romerz, it is good for you both to talk so openly and let each other know about yourself. That i call transparency and accountability. Isn’t that what we want?

    I think all of us in this blog agree on one thing: that there must be “CHANGE”. Without change the country is going to regress to the ranks of those countries that we normally laugh at…

    How we achieve that CHANGE is the thing we may disagree, but the aim is the same.

    So since we agree to disagree, we can all be friends and join hands to make this country a better place.

    Isn’t that what we all want?

    romerz, if you happen to come down KL , let me host a dinner for you and monsterball, and invite our commentators as well…….Let us work toward our goal of change…


  44. monsterball
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 11:21:23

    Jeff…I treasure freedom of speeches and rights…as much as any Malaysian.
    What do you think..we… Malaysians are fighting and risking our lives…for?
    In normal circumstances…respecting anyone wanting to joining BN….what is the harm.
    After all……no strong oppositions….no fun. Malaysians will live like blocks of woods.
    So now….People’s Party is giving UMNO and BN real strong oppositions….what do we get…these coming 5 months…..after election?
    Non stop…denials…accusations….applying fear and provocations.
    These are dangerous signs…leading to Emergency Rule…not by Dollah….but by the combine forces of UMNO politicians…that Dollah may not be able to handle and control.
    I do believe Dollah will accept the wishes of Malaysian voters…in next election…..and he will try his best…to convince us…to vote for UMNO and BN. That’s natural.
    But since RPK accused Rosmah on the murder case….out come one…accusing Anwar of sodomy….like UMNO…saying..”you want to expose us…here get ready for Emergency Rule”…to Anwar. Worst of all…Malaysians are again…treated ..insignificant people. is so vital….that we Malaysians of all races….be united to tell all politicians…we decides..not Anwar or UMNO.
    That is why….when I notice romerz have an art .to convince others. Even taken by his charm…and good nature…this man can contribute towards…all good or bad.
    Can you now understand by serious attitude?
    I repeat….voters are at war with UMNO and BN…keep treating us…like idiots and animals…useless humans.
    Every blog…I go….I battle all pro government…but not pro Dollah. This man have shown some sparks of love for Malaysians of all races.
    Lets hope romerz understands….this is not the time to be free….to …personally…like or dislike.
    I fully understand what he is tying to say.’
    He wants to be as productive in politics…as much he can….based on his contribute…to a better Malaysia….agreeing with me.
    But…this is the time….to free Malaysia from more than…50 years brain washing…to be slaves… under UMNO and BN.
    It is time to insist…rules of law…and not law of the jungles.
    We need every Malaysian to show UMNO …we are not afraid or can be easily bullied.
    And we don’t need any MCA..Gerakan..or MIC..small fries…or future members…to teach us….how to compromise…with these low class…thick skinned…sick and corrupted parties…selling our rights…to enrich themselves …relatives …and their friends.
    Enough is enough….of this sickening gangster like politics.
    Will romerz join really give Malaysia.a btter tomorrow.
    We cannot guarantee it will work.byt we all sure ca n holdc oyr heads high.trying withourt fear.
    Simple…either wit us or against us.
    If he gets to know Jeff Ooi.he wikll find Jeff is such a straight forwad simpleman. Go join DAP or keDAILan.
    Romez have no choice….if he really wants to contribute….even as a simple member with no power. One who wants to contribute…can also use ….God gifted strength….like organising .. an event…not always thinking of high class post.
    And if you have the brain…one day…when you have the chance to talk to the right top man…romerz will surely be recognised and be productive. His wishes all come true.
    His family will all be taken cared of.
    Actually he ha exposed his biggest weakness…his family.
    For the love of them….he may accept to be a puppet to any BN parties…and that useful he can be.
    Just look at Elizabeth Wong….Jeff Ooi….Tian Chua.
    All these people prove they love the country..more than themselves..and are grabbed by DAP and keDAILan,
    In MCA..Gerakan…MIC…be a yes man or resign.
    Ask Doc….about it!!!


  45. monsterball
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 11:49:02

    Doc wants to throw a dinner for me and romerz? Good!
    Lets get 1000 …to join us and make Doc eat roti chanai for one month…..hahahahahaha
    Me anytime.
    All Doc need …is to yell…nice curry puffs at Secret Recipe waiting….for as many .while stock last….all on me..and I plenty smart….that coffee house can hold …not more than 50 people.
    That I can tahan….smoking less cigars for few days.
    So come one…come all…be guests of monsterball.
    But dinner sounds better!!


  46. A true Malaysian
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 12:46:19

    Finally, DIVERSITY comes into play in Dr. Hsu’s Forum here. It is proven here that DIVERSITY brings STRENGTH in this forum.

    I still maintain my view that PRIVACY of commentators need to be observed here even ultimately we came to know each other well.



  47. jeff
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 13:53:37

    I have never treat another fellow Malaysian as my enermy since the day i started to read n walk. Since we all are Malaysia’s citizens,by nature we should be unite as one people and like brother n sister in a big family as it is the only way to keep us strong, except it is unfortunate umnoputra manage to divide us all and instill suspecious n ill feeling into us through their religion n race dirty politic in Malaysia. Divide n rule the people is their trade mark of governance which is very bad for this country’s future.


  48. A true Malaysian
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 15:13:56


    You are indeed ‘A true Malaysian’. Let us work towards a Malaysia that is ‘colour blind’ in our mentality.

    We should encourage more of our Malay brothers and sisters to join in this Dr. Hsu’s Forum. Doesn’t matter if they are pro or against government so long as the truth will prevail ultimately.


  49. monsterball
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 15:25:15

    It take a truer malaysian….to identify a true malaysian.
    But then….there is no truer Malaysian..than a true such thing……but maybe very monsterball?…..hahahahhahaha
    I only know there is hantu kerchil and hantu besar.
    All you need to know who are hantu besar….are there….at UMNO…Tan Sri and Tun titles. Datuks are hantu kerchil.
    If I become PM…I will rename all of them…small balls….medium balls and big balls.
    I love balls.


  50. monsterball
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 15:35:37

    Yes yes yes!!
    Hope many muslims will join in…and talk…but in English la. I hope few will come.
    If I don’t agree…I promise I hentam with ping pong balls…and you can disagree with me… hentam me back with bola takraw.
    Then we battle on….until one is pinsang.
    Since I am quite old….chances ….I will pisang or give up.
    How’s that…my muslim friends??


  51. A true Malaysian
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 16:57:09

    I must admit that I am not ‘A true Malaysian’ in a ‘truest’ sense basically because of our brought up and environment that we live in (no thank to the policies so-called adopted), which polarise very much in our thinkings into race, creed and religion.

    Whether you admit or not, racial harmony and achievements of bumiputras are ‘superficial’ and not of the ‘true’ sense because of ‘lack of trust’ among Malaysians since young.

    Yes, there are more ‘professional’ among us compared to many years ago, but how many of these ‘professional’ are of the highest standards? Lower of passing marks in schools and universities have created these so-called ‘professional’.

    I consider these as contentious issues that our leaders need to address. We had enough of these ‘superficial’ things that look nice from the outside.

    That is why, I wish to address myself as ‘A true Malaysian’, no doubt it may be only 10% in the true sense, it was still a good start. All of us need to start somewhere in order to achieve Malaysian of the ‘truest’ sense.

    All things start with our own self.


  52. monsterball
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 17:19:00

    I think you have at least obtain 20%..after writing the above message..and in no time…a full 100%.. true Malaysian.
    I have gone over board…110% .
    Now need to apply reverse gear…and be level headed.


  53. monsterball
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 17:22:39

    Seriously speaking…you are a wise man…true malaysian.


  54. jeff
    Jul 20, 2008 @ 00:33:25

    I remember i grow up in a school mix with different races, i have friends from Malay n Indian community, i never see them as my enermy just because of differeneces in our race, they are always my fellow brother n sister Malaysians, but thought like this seldom exist in our younger generation anymore. Due to UMNOputra ever lasting race politic, young Malaysians are being injected with all sorts of hatre n susicious of each others, anti fellow citizen sentiment of another race constantly used in political campaign to score point and gain political mileage,racist policy formulated to win votes, it is a self destruction process in progress in Malaysia. True Malaysian!


  55. romerz
    Jul 20, 2008 @ 02:08:02


    I’ve read all the above posts and some relates to me directly but unfortunately I can’t answer to all so I’ll try to participate in this discussion with a summarized version of my thoughts.

    But 1st I have to thank Doc for the offered dinner. I’m sure it will happen one day (and vice versa if Doc is in Penang) and I dearly look forward to it but unfortunately, it is unlikely I’ll be in KL for the foreseeable future.

    Doc, you know my responsibilities of feeding my parents and tending to their needs, which is almost a full time job. The earliest window I can even leave Penang will be when one of my siblings return to Penang and take over my job for a few days, which will most probably be at the next stretch of school holidays.

    To all in general and monsterball in particular, I may disagree with a lot of things a lot of times but if one can convince me that I’m wrong without getting personal, I am more than prepared to listen, maybe argue a bit but at the end of the day I’m man enough to apologize when I’m wrong and even reverse course 180′ to support a stance previously opposite of mine.

    I want you all to know that the spat I had with monsterball these last few days is something I wish could have been avoided. I take no pleasure at all being antagonistic for I respect monsterball for his strong beliefs and his willingness to move out of his comfort zone to further his beliefs.

    The only difference I have with him is our respective levels of anger. He is VERY angry with the present government and hence his beliefs and actions. I’m also angry too but not as angry as monsterball yet but still able to focus my anger at the root cause of Malaysia’s problems and not return to my old complacent ways.

    Maybe one day it may need a ‘confrontation’ of humongous proportions but until that time, I would rather prefer dialog with those who can be convinced to leave the past practices of yesteryears.

    I believe this for I believe many Malays are also desperate to break out from this old practice of division by race for they can see that the world is shrinking and soon it might be a case of us Malaysians against the rest of the world. If we can’t speak with one voice, how are we going to cope with the hundreds of other nations, each struggling to find their place on this earth with the earth’s shrinking resources?

    The reason why I’m trying desperately hard to convince those that matter to offer a moderate alternative is because we need our Malay brothers and sisters to effect the necessary changes for the country. Without their support, it will be perceived as ethnic related wants and not of ideals which transcends ethnicity.

    Maybe I’m wrong but this country we live in is a Malay and Muslim majority country and unless we get support from their moderate Malay thinkers (in sizable numbers), we will go no where.

    You have to put yourself in their shoes. As much as 8 March was turning point for us to be hopeful, it was also a turning point for them to be fearful, rightly or wrongly.

    Now is the time to show moderation if we want to keep this window of opportunity alive and convince them that they have nothing to fear from moving towards a political utopia as the world understands it. Move too fast and we may alienate the majority.

    Even if we achieve a different government now, will it last if it doesn’t have the total support of the Malays?

    I may be chastised for saying this but I think change by ‘force’ is only fleeting if you do not have total support from the majority in this country.

    I too want to see change but change for how long? I want to see lasting change and not change which was brought about by anger. Change borne of desire will last a lot longer.

    In conclusion, I would like to address monsterball’s complaints of my engaging with Gerakan people.

    I do so because I believe a journey of a thousand steps starts with the 1st step. I am not trying to gain favors from them. Instead I’m trying to convince that their fear of being out of the BN is detrimental to their own survival.

    I know monsterball advocated Gerakan disband and let the members join DAP.

    But how practical is that? To get them to leave the BN and be independent is hard enough, let alone join the ‘old enemy’.

    Pragmatism has to rule here for the temporary moment over idealism.

    Get Gerakan to leave BN 1st then we can talk about where to go from here. I would like to report here that at least this option is not shot down immediately but on the table for discussion.

    monsterball, this is why I continue to engage the leadership of Gerakan since I have access to their ears. This is what I meant when I talked of effectiveness.

    I’m also fighting for what you want but not at your pace but at the pace of those I engage with, without them shutting out opposing voices completely. We also have to recognize that they are human too, with all the frailties of loyalty, ego, selfishness, etc.

    Pragmatism requires a balancing act which sometimes does not conform with one’s ideals. It is hard and I battle these demons daily.

    I’m trying to get these fellas to see the grey 1st before seeing the white after a lifetime of seeing black.

    Give me a chance, please.


  56. monsterball
    Jul 20, 2008 @ 06:54:21

    Romerz….If you can convince a sly fox with no backbones….so selfish and corrupted…selling their race….the Chinese…under the disguise of being a multi racial party…to solely enrich themselves… friends and relatives…to pull out from BN and repent…joining the opposition…to fight for real freedom and rights..go ahead.
    Your task is even worst than Dollah’s.
    Why want to save Gerakan?
    It was destroyed…the day Lim Kheng Yiak….took over. Oh no..don’t tell me..your knowledge of Gerakan is so shallow.
    Gerakan is the biggest hypocrites. MCA is the biggest balls carrier. Both are as evil….as both played out their own races.
    Now to the Malays….this is what you are made to understand and believe and fear.
    I don’t buy it!
    I think majority Malays hate race and religion politics and do not fear the Chinese and do embrace all of us… .as Malaysians.
    It is UMNO’S divide to rule… failing miserably….thus fear and provocations are applied.
    We are tough…in Selangor..but calm and composed.
    We smile to our enemies. We even present them with flowers…with loving kindness. By the way…it is the Malays….complaining ChiNese and Indians are supporting UMNO and BN……so where is your logic…about what you wrote?
    UMNO is are loosing the battle…and now target Anwar..with their sickening sodomy charges.Why is Gerakan so quiet? Why can’t they speak out protect Anwar?
    Why don’t we talk about sodomy…tear gas…and what part did Gerakan play…or did not play?
    Oh no…you also think Anwar is a crook and sodomized others?
    You think Anwar is such a stupid idiot?
    Why don’t we talk of present situations…how good or bad,…and do what we all must do…to send a message to UMNO…so clear…that people’s power…IS power…..not their bullying power.!!
    You see keep talking we are heading the same road with same objectives. You and I are far far apart….if we look closely.
    You like to play politics.
    I like to free Malaysia.
    You like to free Malaysia with your ridiculous conditions. I don’t buy it.
    The only similarity I can see….you have a loving and responsible heart for your family.
    You are like Dollah…plan and think selfishly.
    I am like millions other Malaysians….working fast…to free Malaysia.
    The situations and conditions are right… we waste no time.
    That’s why UMNO keep applying all sorts of pressures…to break us.
    Malaysians Chinese…have much more important things to do…to save Malaysia…along with other Malaysians..not save a kuching kurap… party like Gerakan….projecting their are multi racial.but infact…balls carrying UMNO and selling the Chinese…to keep supporting and playing race and religion politics.
    To each is own.
    You distribute a book about Gerakan.
    I distribute a book about love.
    There you see….we are far far apart.
    Good morning….. everyone!!


  57. monsterball
    Jul 20, 2008 @ 07:10:20

    Come on romerz… know Gerakan is dead.
    Why are you so interested to interested only about Gerakan….to contribute…for a better tomorrow for Malaysians?
    Spell out your real inner ulterior motives…and stop hinting I am not giving you a chance.
    Lets play CEO and Gen.Manager.
    I am CEO…you explain clearly…or get the boot….hahahahahaha
    Right now…your explainations…not good enough.
    I smart CEO …have replied….with patience and tolerance.
    Give you second chance…explain.or get sacked.
    Correct management decision….Doc?


  58. monsterball
    Jul 20, 2008 @ 07:14:32

    Who am I …asking!!
    Doc knows next to nothing about CEO and Managers.
    All he knows. is how to save lives…even killers.
    Better ask Mahathir.
    At least he kills more than saving lives
    Jeff and others….also know la..


  59. Jeff
    Jul 20, 2008 @ 09:07:32

    monsterball, I do not deal with evil man as i have no clue how to handle him. I will not try to influent and change an evil party like umno as i am not living in a vacumm, and naive to think that i can make them have a change of heart or keep them in control like leaders from Gerakan.
    I am a realist and don’t know how to play politic to score point for political party, just an ordinary and loyal Malaysian trying to voice out whenever he can till the day he die.


  60. monsterball
    Jul 20, 2008 @ 10:32:19

    Jeff…You are a true and practical Malaysian.
    You write without fear….yet so humble.
    You write simple and direct…no beat around the bush.
    You write with love for the country and Malaysians….with no conditions..just plain and simple love.
    You do not belong to any political party….and if you do….it is obviously for People’s Party. That’s good.
    Yes …you are realistic and practical….that’s enough.
    Each of us is born….to fulfill our own destiny…to do good or harm. I hope I can do all good.
    Don’t be too concern….you don’t know how to deal with any evil person.
    In blogging….I also been stripped naked… get me out.
    Now that blog owners are made responsible..not to allow ‘funny’ comments….it’s getting better.
    Go and read “Khairy Chronicles”….at Malaysia-Today…last chapter…and see the opposite side on many four letter words. I was having a ball!!
    If you have a chance to scroll to older posts of RPK…involving me…battling few will have a good laugh.
    All enjoyed and said…I am a comedian.
    Concerning Gerakan…let anyone support or against..and I will battle them…for or against.
    Books are plenty.
    If one really want to be sincere and truthful…no need to read any political books.
    Just read…any good book…written by a good soul..about truths and lies…..of Malaysian politics…..written by one…not a member to any political party….plenty.
    I try to answer every point romerz bought out…but he avoided most of my questions.
    I am not convinced…by him at all….that he has no selfish ulterior motives.
    How to win a friend to influence people….will never work with me.
    How to agree to disagree….depends on what subject. You like that of right soul mate…clothes…drinks..I don’t like…ok la….we can agree to disagree….and be friends.
    But coming to the subject concerning the future of Malaysians….no compromise.
    52 years is enough..and People’s Party is riding high…to take over.
    Go listen to Anwar’s speech made in Melaka… last evening. All Malaysians listened and love him. Everywhere he goes….full house.
    I did shed a tear for him….pitying him…when he spoke of his sodomy charges and the agonies he endured and insults….he took. He had to go through..all these…yet…can laugh and crack jokes. Seeing him ..with such great positive attitudes…and his love for all Malaysians….makes me feel……how lucky Malaysia is…..having one….like him.
    So I prefer to talk present situations….than…talk like a good Samaritan….how to save an evil political parties from BN.
    That’s plain nonsense.


  61. monsterball
    Jul 20, 2008 @ 14:23:35

    Indians are smarter…They all know MIC is shit party and it is 10 times more powerful than Gerakan.
    You don’t hear one Indian ….saying I am going there to try and convince MIC..pull out …bla bla bla..all these bunkum excuses. All I read and heard from my Indians friends…gangsters are fighting gangsters within their own party…to take control. Indians are laughing over it….obviously loving Anwar and keDAILan. Not one Indian I spoked to…believe Anwar sodomized that tall strong 23 year old bull. Anwar have a bad back and is 61 years old!!
    How low and sick….can UMNO can be.
    Chinese are more cunning and selfish people.
    Daily events are what w should talk about.
    Anwar just gave a wonderful speech at Malacca.
    He insulted MCA and Gerakan.
    Do you think..if Gerakan want to join opposition…anyone will accept them?
    One by one…top members are resigning.
    That’s the end of Gerakan.
    Just look….how insignificant and quiet they are.


  62. monsterball
    Jul 20, 2008 @ 14:31:48

    Ong Ka-Ting dare not stand for MCA president post.
    He knows…he will be slaughtered.
    Koh will like …not stand for Gerakan too…although without him…who else?
    So Gerakan …just for show..may have Koh…returned unopposed.
    Don’t be fooled by one or two thousand of them….in a hall.
    That’s all they have.
    Out side..not more than same amount…in the whole of Malaysia..supporting Gerakan
    Same show by MCA….just a show.
    Both depend on Malays votes.
    How on earth…those guys can feel so proud…playing race and religion dirty politics??


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