“Malay Unity” or should it be “Malaysian Unity” ?

50 years after Merdeka, shouldn’t we be talking about ‘Malaysian Unity”?

Why the sudden talk about ‘Malay Unity’?

Why the need to play race card still?

Homo Sapiens are all alike. Scientifically, the difference in appearance of different ethnic groups is because of the adaptation made to the different habitats with its differing climate and surroundings.

If you open my inside and your inside,our hearts are of the same colour; our brains are of the same colour and consistency; the intestines are of the same colour; the sex organs function similarly. Our hormones are similar, our emotions are similar.

Why in the 21 st century, when science is so advance and we can even map our genes, we still need to talk about race?

The whole world should be one big family. but here in a small country like Malaysia, we are still trying to separate the masses by harping on race and religion..

What is their ulterior motives? You think they are really interested in defending Malay rights? No, they are just trying to perpetuate their self interest and their group interest….And by agreeing to talk with them, PAS is giving a perception that it does not care any More for better governance and fairness , as was mentioned in their manifesto in the last GE…What a bunch of hypo..

In this context , I am reposting an old article of mine titled ‘we are sailing in the same boat”. I hope my Malaysian brothers will embrace my points of view, and do away with race and racial politics:

We are sailing int he same boat

One of my earlier postings in this blog “Buck up to prevent being marginalised” was posted in the newsgroup soc.culture.malaysia on 19th November. (2006)


                             no man is an island

 I would like to single out one comment which I think is totally irrational. One person called “Othm” commented that “we would prefer to live up the coconut tree, rather than to have the chinamen,  indiamen, matsalleh control my country”. 

 I think this comment is totally nonsensical and irrational and does not represent majority of the people. It is the comment of an ignorant person perhaps.  Those who think ahead and who care for the country will not have uttered such comment. It is like a child who is behaving emotionally with a ” If I don’t get it, I destroy it” type of mentality.


First of all, we are all Bangsa Malaysia. We are in the same boat. If the boat sails well, everyone will be get good rewards. If, one the other hand, the boat sinks, everyone will be drowned. In order to sail well, everyone in the boat must cooperate and work together.  The weaker ones in the boat may be given more and the stronger ones may be asked to contribute more. These are all agreed upon. But some form of fairness must also prevail in order to make everyone happy and work hard in the boat.

Secondly, there is no such entities as chinamen and indiamen as all of us are Chinese Malaysian, Indian Malaysian and so on.

Thirdly , the Chinese Malaysian and Indian Malaysian are not going to control the country since they are in the minority. Whatever they earn, they spend in the country and everyone benefits from their spendings. They also pay tax to central govenment and local authorities. The tax revenue helps to fund development,  maintain schools, hospitals, parks, roads, subsidise food and petrol, pay the salary of civil servants and police, and  enable rubbish to be collected. Besides, they contribute as much in nation building as any other people.

Fourthly, these Chinese Malaysian and Indian Malaysian are born and bred here. This is the only country they know since birth. As with their Bumi counterparts, this is their only boat.  Some of them may have gone to visit China and India but only as  tourists, but their homes  as well as their hearts are in Malaysia.

Fifthly, these Chinamen and Indiamen are reasonable people. They have willingly been moving their baselines backward over the years to accomodate the wishes of other races.  All they want is to have some space and fairness to live peacefully, earn a living  and educate their children.

In fact, every human being is the same. We actually descend from the same ancestors who many hundred thousand years ago moved out from Africa and settled all over the world. The different habitat and evolving cultures may have changed the outer appearance, but if you look inside every human, everything is similar.

So, I ask all my boatmates to think ahead and cooperate with each other. The socially and physically more fortunate must help the socially and physically less fortunate. Other than that, everyone should be kind and fair to the others. No one then would have to stay up in the coconut trees.


In fact, this concept of sailing in the same boat should be adopted by all the people living in this planet. Many of you wll laugh at me for being too idealistic, some of you may be even silently calling me ‘naive”, but i believe that come one day, the whole world will see this point, and the whole world would become one big family …..Looking back, Just One hundred years ago, inter-racial marriage were not accepted by almost all communities, but nowadays, it is almost the norm in most western countries…. If we apply the same logic, wouldn’t it be possible that there would be no more racial divide in future? It is just a matter of time, I believe.


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  1. monsterball
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 13:19:47

    Well said Doc!
    They know Malaysian Chinese Indians and other races keep rejecting more and more each day.
    They are clinging on the hope….to attract muslims .supporting them only.
    Yes…50 years never change…getting from bad to worst.
    But it’s OK…it’s 2008! They are still dreaming ..way back when…..such is the formula…they won.
    They are bankcrupt ….nothing new….only malay unity and sodomy charge..dirty politics.
    At least Dollah is trying to accept fate….and giving ACA full powers. Lets see…what results…….especially with Anwar co-operating…releasing evidences …to get IGP and one lawyer into jail…..for supporting false charges against him..on sodomy….10 years ago…….now proven false. If he wins this case…gone is resent sodomy charges.
    I really hope a clear cut conclusion be out soon…on this most unique sickening low class act by UMNO…shaming all Malaysians..while they are the world’s greatest hypocrites….supporting Mahathir’s idea..when all of them…love wine ..women and song….plus cheating…stealing…lying….dress up in styles…Merz or BMW….others no class…and worst of all….a title….no country… really recognised …except …out of courtesy addressed them so….those idiots feel so nice…like thick skinned 10 feet tall scumbags.


  2. Ko Yem Binjai
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 14:40:15

  3. Justin Choo
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 14:58:18

    DR Hsu,

    Your idea of sailing in the same boat could be expanded to all the people imprisoned in this world as I posted a short message in my blog under “Prisoners of the world” under label “special messages” dated 16 April 2008.


  4. romerz
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 15:21:42

    Spaceship Earth is the only ship humankind knows at the moment and unless we pull together as one, soon there may be other more pressing issues than race or religion.

    The ‘importance’ of racial and religious unity will pale in comparison when faced with the survival of humankind as we know it.

    If you have a chance, watch Al Gore’s documentary called “An Inconvenient Truth”

    Here is the link of the trailer to the documentary on YouTube :


  5. A true Malaysian
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 15:47:47

    I picked up this ‘must read’ news from Norman Fernandez blog :-


    DAP tidak pernah tipu PAS. Begitulah pengakuan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz semasa ditemubual akhbar Siasah. Apabila ditanya Siasah bagaimana Pas boleh berbaik dengan DAP sedangkan dengan UMNO tidak, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz menyatakan :-
    “DAP tidak pernah tipu kami, semasa dia hendak keluar dalam pakatan Gagasan Rakyat sebelum ini mereka memberitahu dengan terbuka. Biar pun DAP keluar dari gagasan tetapi tidak macam PAS keluar dari BN sehingga pecah tiga parti itu.
    Umno bawa PAS masuk dalam Barisan Nasional maka kami setuju, kemudian apabila sudah tidak perlukan lagi dia tendang kami keluar.”
    (Sila baca Siasah edisi 20 – 26 Julai).
    Semoga PAS mengambil iktibar daripada kenyataan Tuan Guru.
    Semalam suratkhabar-suratkhabar tempatan memaparkan pendedahan Perdana Mentari Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yang mengaku bahawa yang UMNO dan PAS telah bertemu sebanyak tiga kali untuk berbincang berkenaan dengan hal kepentingan bersama.
    PAS perlu sedar sejarah persefahaman mereka dengan UMNO-Barisan Nasional sebelum ini.
    Kini UMNO-Barisan Nasional bergoyah dan bagi UMNO, PAS adalah talian hayat.
    Harapan baru untuk Malaysia ialah P.R – PAS, DAP & PKR bukannya Barisan Nasional.


  6. monsterball
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 16:08:21

    One commentator said….if only UMNO ministers are to read and listen to comments made…they would have learn something.
    This proves Malaysians from the street…most are capable…and can be ministers.
    Secondly…why should a commentator talk like this…as if …without UMNO…Malaysia is doomed.
    And also……why do we need……of all the people…Al Gore……so call wise words?
    We live….eat and mix with our Malaysians…all our lives. We know our Malaysians….inside out….out-side in….belakang…depan..good smell….bad smelll.
    No need la….to read foreign advises……especially from American politicians.
    Just check our own selves…are we knowledgeable of th 50 years history of our country?
    Now with computer…so easy get views from different sides….for real good study.
    Each and every subject……like May 13th…now have different views…as what you understand from history books or told to us………totally different….by UMNO.
    I lived through that period! I participated in that incident. I don’t need history books. All you guys..need to do research more..to get th real facts.
    Then Bumiputras Status..read the expiry year..and how it has been broken..year after year by UMNO….for 25 years and on going.
    Do they really love Malays….be fair to all…..or just playing dirty politics with that …fooling the malays?
    So read or ask monsterball…any event…….during these 50 years.
    You will learn more…. by asking questions…and not by asking others to read his or that…..when your own mind is still cloudy and uncertain.
    And one cannot learn fast ……if one is clinging to a political party.
    One must be free as bird……like monsterball……COMPRENTE??


  7. Overseas Malaysian
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 18:03:28

    So let them unite. As I see it they should be left to their own devices and die. All other races should leave the country and Malaysia will disappear down the drain like Indonesia.
    This happens to idiots that do not learn or too stupid to learn.


  8. A true Malaysian
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 18:07:07

    I am in total agreement with you, Dr. Hsu.

    You don’t mind I promote your blog, to attract fellow Malay brothers and sisters to participate in this forum and I just did that in Haris Ibrahim’s blog, The People’s Parliament. Here is my promotional advert, http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2008/07/25/courage-sacrifice-when-ordinary-men-and-women-become-heroes/#comment-19661 :-

    A true Malaysian Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 26, 2008 at 5:59 pm

    Whatever you address yourselves, will come back to square, we are Malaysian.

    For this, I encourage all Malaysians, especially Malay brothers and sisters, to participate in Dr. Hsu’s Forum,

    Dr. Hsu, a Gerakan member, is Bangsa Malaysia of the ‘truest’ sense. Whether you agree or disagree, I believe in diversity, ‘DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH’ fellow Malaysians.

    Still under moderation mode, but I am sure Haris Ibrahim will allow it. The power of ‘cut and paste’ is fantastic, it will bring miracles.


  9. Dr Hsu
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 18:17:26

    A True Malaysian, thank you for your kind initiative.


  10. monsterball
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 19:03:46

    Diversity is our strength….yes and no.
    People like Doc….yes.
    But many will use that ..to divert our attentions…to strengthen their owns political agendas …with twists and turns.
    So ..it is easier said than done.
    That’s why I think like a simple man….for or against
    If everyone is like Doc….and true malaysian…so well educated…with so much experiences …having a big umbrella……so well off…no fear of rain or thunder storms….ok.
    Teach less educated Malaysians….which makes up of the vast majority Malaysians….survivimng day by day…waiting for…when come the day..to stop suffering…we need to ask ourselves…is that person dreaming fools dreams..or dreaming and hoping realistically. I say realistically…as their lives are made to suffer by ..corrupt UMNO government…supported by BN
    “Diversity is our Strength”…..is like expecting everyone to be as smart as Doc or true
    Again…for what’s worth…I support many Doc Hsu’s thoughts….too.
    To me ..there is no way..right now….for or against…..then when things get better..we may think how to diversify…to be even better.
    It’s like starting a trading company..focus on one product….get rich….then diversify.


  11. A true Malaysian
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 19:15:06

    I believe in putting efforts in earnest way, whether they bring results are secondary.

    Whichever camps one belongs to, we do it for the good of Malaysia, this is the mentality we should have. Politicians should be matured enough to have this mentality.

    This is the least I could do, for Malaysia.


  12. A true Malaysian
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 19:29:28

    Dr. Hsu and all,

    A ‘Bolehwan’ has responded to my promotional advert in Susan Loone’s blog, http://sloone.wordpress.com/2008/07/26/suara-rakyat-yang-tak-bersuara/#comment-61417
    here is his or her comment:-

    Bolehwan (18:14:32) :

    But Gerakan support racist party like uMno, mCa & mIc leh? So how to champion for bangsa malaysia when the party still support racial policy?

    and I responded with :-

    A true Malaysian (18:25:11) :

    Bolehwan, this is what people general believe. Go read Dr. Hsu’s articles, and you will realise you and me are wrong with this perception.

    Anyway, Dr. Hsu use Gerakan as platform to voice out his opinion, he is not interested in seeking position in Gerakan and in government. What Dr. Hsu envisioned is ‘multiracial’ politics, which is also the ideology of Gerakan, DAP, PKR.



  13. monsterball
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 20:57:55

    Is there…2 “true malaysian” commentators here….Doc?
    I guess your blog is getting more and more popular….and here goes someone..trying to confuse us….maybe set a trap for monsterball?………hahahahahahaha
    We know who is the real one….don’t we..Doc?
    Have a nice coming Sunday….the real true malaysian commentator…and go to hell with you…the false one.
    Have a nice coming Sunday..to one and all…including Doc and lovely wife.


  14. monsterball
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 21:02:11

    ayooo….It is DEAD la.


  15. monsterball
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 21:07:12

    Members are like ghost riders.
    Riding…seeing shadows……dreaming….thinking…how to bring it back to live.
    You think you are some highly trained spiritual..holy holy Tibetians?….able to be reborn….again and again?………hahahahahahaha


  16. Justin Choo
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 21:34:44

    (Just off the topic. How come you people could put a link in the comment, while mine always got rejected??)


  17. A true Malaysian
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 21:59:22

    Dr. Hsu,

    Another response for my promotional advert. This time from Din Merican http://dinmerican.wordpress.com/2008/07/26/politik-melayu-can-we-trust-friends/#comment-5911

    His comment : True Malaysian, Dr Hsu should belong to a multi-racial party, not be associated with the Malay-centred UMNO, if he believes like in unity in diversity and upholds dignity in difference.—Din Merican

    My response : –

    Din Merican,

    Gerakan is actually a multi-racial base party, only thing is that it was not put its ideology into play due to dominance of Umno and of course, its useless party leaders.

    Dr. Hsu is opined that, for Gerakan to survive, it need to pull out from BN. Also, Dr. Hsu joined Gerakan, not for his personal fame, but to use it as platform to voice his views. You should visit his blog and you will know what I meant. It is good you can participate in the forum.

    Afterall, we need to nurture ‘matured’ people, doesn’t matter which party he / she belongs to, so long all work towards betterment of Malaysia.


    So far, from the 2 responses, its seem many people have perception that Gerakan is a racist party like Umno, MCA, MIC.


  18. Dr Hsu
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 23:33:08

    A True Malaysian, thanks for your effort. But I guess most people are like ‘either you are with me or against me ‘type… But in fact those of us in Gerakan asking the party to leave BN do play a part. If Gerakan or MCA can come out of BN, it would weaken UMNO’s hold on governing Malaysia and will pave the way for a new government to emerge.

    Those anti UMNO people should realise that our aims are the same , maybe the means are slightly different. Our ultimate goal is to see a change for better governance, a fair and equal society and meritocratic system.


  19. Dr Hsu
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 23:35:05

    and monsterball, there is only one A True Malaysian, and he has spent so much of his time trying to tell people about my blog. I really thank him for that.

    Justin, you do not put more than 1 link in a comment, otherwise a lot of spam detector software will automatically reject your comment.


  20. jeff
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 23:39:33

    it’s not perception, gerakan is in UMNN racist partnership for the past 20 years lah!!!!!Rakyat is not blindlah…..action speak louder than talking c##k….right or not ,monsterball?


  21. jeff
    Jul 26, 2008 @ 23:59:13

    Is umnoputra n his lapdogs partners are homo sapien too Dr Hsu? i doubt that….that probably explain why they can not understand science n logic, please do not stop them from living on coconut trees, we have many coconut trees in Malaysia for all of them,” songkok” men is just a bunch of clowns.


  22. jeff
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 00:17:40

    This malaysia’s blogger link in Dr Hsu site has nothing better to write that he even want to debate about islamic holy book, to see which one is the “best book”?

    Is that really such thing as” the best “among religon n race , or this type of comparison is just plain “rubbish’ by Malaysia’s blogger, Dr Hsu?


  23. monsterball
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 09:41:50

    Good morning Doc and all!
    University students give freedom to do this or that..no more be afraid….treated like small children.
    Saying is one thing…seeing results is another.
    Dollah told Trengganu guys…use the 12 Merz for VVIP visitors and to continue using Proton.
    All drove brand new Merz to Johore Baru to enjoy!!
    UMNO….sure sign of a disunited party.
    I am sure Dollah will find a way to forgive and forget….no punishments.
    One….put out a long message in S.Times…..asking Anwar to stop play acting.
    This idiot..an obvious UMNO member and pro Mahathir….is a scumbag man.
    NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS…….but read all these bullshits…in S.Times…one cannot differentiate what is good or bad…except guys like monsterball…..millions like me………..hahahahahahaha


  24. jeff
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 10:36:22

    For the past many years in Penang, never heard that gerakan want to walk the “middle road”, why all of the sudden, they are so interested in it? Probably that ‘s the only way to get back Penang again….is that right ? monsterball.


  25. Patek1472
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 10:37:57

    1. If anyone thinks as a Malaysian at heart you will never support any of the current political parties who speaks only about championing or protecting their own race and religious interests. Whether it belongs to UMNO, PAS, MCA, MIC, PKR, Gerakan, Hindraf, PBS, DAP, PPP or whatever new name. It’s called racism and whoever supports that party is called a racist. It is no different from apartheid. It dirties and poison your soul.
    2. Those who are racists but speak with a fork tongue (Jeyklls), hiding it behind other causes like religion, meritocracy, education, poverty etc are even worse than clear cut racists and can only fit into the category of satans.
    3. Malaysian racists and the MSN have corrupted the following words which meant differently in other countries ex. nationalism, patriotism, royalists, freedom, liberty, corruption, democracy etc.
    4. Power, Greed and Selfishnish rule in Malaysia and now we include Racism and Satanism.
    5. See more prophesies at http://patek1472.wordpress.com


  26. A true Malaysian
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 11:00:50

    Another response to my advert by semper fi,

    True Malaysian
    Have read Dr Hsu article and agree with him 100% Everyone has to row the boat but the boat needs a good captain to steer the boat.

    UMNO, MCA and MIC were set up before independence to garner support for an independent Malaya. This was to show the British that all major races in Malaya are united and ready for self governance. Back then people of all races lived harmoniously saved the disturbances created by the MCP.

    Thus Alliance Party was created which later became BN. When Mahathir came into power he played the race card ever so cleverly. This can be seen during his speeches at UMNO GA. But the song changed when addressing other Malaysians. The 50’s right up to mid 60’s were peaceful and progressive times for Malaya/Malaysia. Ask those that were young then on how they feel about their different friends.

    50 years down the line the races became so apart thanks to UMNO and Mahathir. While he developed close friends with selected other races, he was driving a wedge between the Malays and the other races with his constant Bogey Man theory about Malays losing their place in Malaysia. Most rural Malays not knowing any better swallowed UMNO propaganda.


  27. monsterball
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 11:08:56

    WA WA WA ..Sunday morning comes a preacher….name Pate1472….not knowing monsterball have as better Patek watch than his and I wonder if he only know how to talk expensive watch brands…to show off….or truly understand watch movements……constructions…what movements…is best….things like that.
    Why choose a watch brand….that is second or third best in the world?
    Do you know…which is world best?
    I don’t like his points……and telling others…he is a very rich man too..wearing Patek with 1472 movement.
    I tell everyone..and wear a cheap watch…while I collect more than 300 watches..worth…….eeerrgggrr…….killing me…all originals!! Now most given to my children…or sold off.
    This show off ….braggart idiot must make my Sunday miserable.
    Hi Patek man….want to talk watches?
    If you know next to nothing about watches…just brand names…shameful la…change your nick.
    It’s like one having a nick.”Merz Man”…..knowing next to nothing about cars.
    And both these subjects ….I am an expert.
    Want to try me?


  28. monsterball
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 11:19:54

    There …I visited this pariah blog owner..patek 1472……talking cock and bull…faceless..nameless..a no balls blog owner…trying to teach Malaysians.
    Such are political blog owners…giving bad reputations to others…talking politics…..hiding under his mother’s sarong.
    This is a shit man!
    Ignore him!!


  29. A true Malaysian
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 11:27:49

    Dr. Hsu,

    I agree with your comment on most people are like ‘either you are with me or against me ‘type’…This is to say most people have not attained the desired level of ‘maturity’ in their thinking…as if all people in opposing camp are wrong all the time. Such attitude is more of ‘cult’ , ‘gangster club’ or ‘mafia’ kind of organisation.

    That is why it is important for us to open up their ‘mind’ and ‘eyes’ and not 一竹竿打翻一船人。

    This kind of maturity also is also a criteria for Malaysia to achieve ‘developed country’ status, don’t you think so?

    Also, if more people participate in this forum, especially from the Malay community, we can read their minds through their writings.


  30. monsterball
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 11:56:06

    It is UMNO and BN….keep poisoning the minds of Malaysians…for or against.
    People’s Party is much stronger..and will play their game..or else….UMNO will get braver..and do worst things.
    Meeting them head on….yet applying loving kindness…will make those crooks crazy!!
    Go…be good souls…..open the minds and eyes and not…WHAT?? Why suddenly in mandarin…true Malaysian? Spell it out!
    You go travel the tough and difficult road to open the minds and eyes of Malaysians…with Doc…..while UMNO is using road blocks…police…ISA…tear gas …victimised Anwar…creating fear and provocations…you go …like two good preacher ….like …man of God….teach half past sixes ..how to open eyes and minds.
    Monsterball will teach them ..to be brave…righteous…to be.. for or against…like at war..which is actually happening… and love their enemies….showed how… by the 6 wonderful Malaysian Indians….now in ISA.
    By the way..are those 6 Malaysian Indians..means nothing to us?…because they are not Malaysian Chinese?
    Gosh….am I talking to racialists in this blog…too?
    I had enough of that in by a Kelantan blog owner….hero worshiping one race.
    Come on….lets all be Malaysians..and say a prayer for those 6 under ISA and their families.!!


  31. monsterball
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 12:06:15

    Yes…make the excuses…I am stuffing into people”s throats….for or against.
    Make that …your finest noble excuse…to actually say…whom is monsterball?
    Well my friends….I am nobody…BUT when you have experience half dead with tear gas…..from UMNO…and thunder storms from God…and is still alive…you get stronger and stronger….which..none of you will understand…if you have never walk the talks…or walk so..away from the big crowd…did not add strength….came out…watching what’s next.
    That’s not walk the talk at all.
    That”s a busy body..trying to get first hand news.


  32. monsterball
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 12:16:34

    Do you all notice Anwar is getting stronger and stronger..personally and popularity wise.
    So go .open the eyes and minds of these blind Malaysians….not to simply believe and trust Anwar……yet itv is OK to live like slaves i=under Mahathir…for 22 years.
    Indians were ungrateful to…Mahatma Gandhi…but now slowly…realise…that man is a Saint.
    Malaysians are ungrateful to Tunku Abdul Rahman….for without him……there is no Malaysia…and Mahathir showed us how…also using the idea…open your eyes and minds….to con Malaysians.
    What is the real purpose to open the eyes and minds…by smart guys here??? Spell it out… clearly.
    Treat me like 6 years old…..teach me slowly and clearly.


  33. darcwil
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 14:09:42

    It should indeed be Malaysian Unity. But the govt and (majority?) of the ppl feel and understand the need for Malay unity to be the key to Malaysian unity.

    Makes sense or not?


  34. darcwil
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 14:12:14

    btw dude, monsterball what’s with the personalized attacks? Arent each entititled to his own opinions here? Dr Hsu acknowledges it so perhaps should you?


  35. monsterball
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 15:07:53

    hi dud…to each it’s own way.
    That is also freedom of speech.
    Attack me…if you like.
    I am not attacking personal per se.
    I am attacking the idea od a person …having balls….or using sailing boat…twisting and turning…see where the wind blows and you better stay right course….or I will do the dirty job..no one wants..to guide you..pull you…beat you..back to right road…depending on my moods…hahahahahaha


  36. Justin Choo
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 18:31:19

    I just cannot believe this Monsterball seems to know everything, even watches, not one but more than 300 watches, all branded i supposed? Hey I don’t even wear a watch nowadays!!

    Cannot tahan, but must comment, and get whacked by Monsterball, again! 🙂


  37. monsterball
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 19:40:14

    Maybe Justine is a pondan..on heat….gartal period…search for trouble with me.!
    Or maybe he belongs to the rare people still cannot read time….so why wear a watch?
    But he may belong to a real rear class of humans…can read time through sun dial….so he wears a ..home made sun dial watch……or find one.. at kitty store for RM1…never get spoil forever…no machinicsm..just melt away..through heat…and that’s not easy to read the time either. Only stone age guys are experts.
    When one is asking for trouble….give him right and proper….like a spoilt child….wanting attention.


  38. pohwatchdog
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 20:07:24

    One is not ready to let go and one is too ambitious. When one at the side line getting stronger. We need to have a political stability that ensure each and every Malaysians to dream and have their hope. We are at the cross road, are we heading Malay unity or Malaysian unity? Of course, Malaysian unity will ensure us to have a fair and just society.


  39. monsterball
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 21:15:11

    Lets all vote for pohwatchdog….the smartest dog in Malaysia!
    Hope he will reveal now…what breed?
    But I suspect a mongrel…real mixed up and real smart..correct….dog?


  40. songsong
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 22:03:05

    In this globalized world, talk only of Malay Unity (in Msia) will surely NOT bring Msia any further significant progress ! Could be regressing into …..


  41. jeff
    Jul 27, 2008 @ 22:13:50

    Othm is a monkey, he want to live on coconut tree, he has every right to do that! The same apply to many in Malaysia, let those “monkey” wear more “songkok” so they can look like human….


  42. Zubli Zainordin
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 00:58:36

  43. Dr Hsu
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 10:46:54

    Thanks Zubli . All men are brothers. Life is short, as brothers , we should all work together to speak out on good governance, good policies and help the more unfortuante among us.


  44. A true Malaysian
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 11:02:07

    I am happy that my efforts have shown some results that our Malay friends are start joining in this forum. Bravo to you, Zubli Zainordin.

    I strongly recommend DAP-PAS-PKR assemble again ‘once and for all’ to clarify to multiracial loving Malaysians so to show case they are actually ‘intact’.

    Lately main stream media have played up this issue to ‘provoke’ sentiment of the Malays, and as well as to create ‘mistrust’ among the non-Malays who gave overwhelming supports to PAS.

    To me, statement by Tok Guru that both Umno and PAS resolved and forming a new Islamic base party was to ‘test water’ whether Umno is sincere enough in seeking real partnership.

    I personally doubt that Umno will do that. Its intention is to rock the relationship among Pakatan Rakyat, so that they can call for ’snap election’ before 16 September, 2008 if all other alternative to ‘kill’ Pakatan Rakyat failed. At least they have higher chance of winning since they already create ‘mistrust’ among non-Malays.

    So, please, leaders in PR, in particularly, don’t fall into the ‘traps’ set-up by Umno. This time around is the best time for Malaysia to ‘reinvent’ itself. All our country systems are in hare-wire now. Please.


  45. jeff
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 11:16:40

    What is in for Malaysian unity talk? That’s not what will benefit umnoputra, malay unity is good for racist party, to hell with the united Malaysia, if all Malaysians come together, how to grab power forever n steal the country money? then umnoputra had to ditch race n religion politic in Malaysia if that happen, no way for the “master”, probably this time they need to inject religion into umno for a while to prevent further power dilution.


  46. folo4
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 12:14:54

    HAH, Idealism.

    Such a concept will never come to pass.

    I’ll stick to Nature Law No. X ; for great things to happen, great sacrifices must be made.

    Who’s gonna make the sacrifice?

    So, how do I get the “Bin” off my name? I want to denounce islam to attain my freedom.


  47. sumseng
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 12:44:00

    How about wearing songkok to look like clown in state assembly, better than wearing my mother sarong to set me free?


  48. Dr Hsu
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 13:15:29

    Please refrain from criticising others culture……

    A True Malaysian, thanks for your efforts. Even if we have one more people converted to our view, we have done our duty….Your are 100 % A True Malaysian,,, thanks 🙂


  49. monsterball
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 13:23:26

    But Doc…he said…he is only 10% true malaysian!!
    Please don’t mix up 100% true to your blog…and his own admission….he is 10% true…when come to commenting…..hahahahahahaha
    But I also want to congratulate him…bringing guys to this blog.
    That’s an achievement…not easy to do.
    True Malaysian is a 100% nice guy…that I agree.


  50. monsterball
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 13:29:05

    folo4…Are you really a Muslim?
    I doubt!!
    But for what is worth….you can be free…by yourself…..by your own power and convictions..not by deleting your “BIN”…that actually has nothing to do with a religion at all.
    It is the way…you identify yourself….and respect your father…your clan…just like other races..all over the world….are doing that..different style…that’s all.


  51. monsterball
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 13:31:27

    Want to be free?
    Who is stopping you?
    Die for your freedom la………hahahahahahahaha


  52. Dr Hsu
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 14:13:23

    every culture is unique. Only when force/legislature is used to impose a culture on some other cultures, problems will arise.

    If we just leave it to themselves, different cultures will mix well and adapt to each other on its own. It is like a melting pot. And culture is dynamic . It changes… it adapts..

    The best way to have a true Malaysian culture is not to impose any one culture onto the others, but rather , let things take its own course. It is a matter of time that a truly national culture will emerge if left to its own.


  53. A true Malaysian
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 14:44:21

    Dr. Hsu,

    That was the least I could do, to promote ‘multiracialism’ mindsets. Below was what I commented in Zubli Zainordin’s blog :-

    Zubli Zainordin,

    Your ‘thoughts’ are in fact an ‘eye opener’ to a non-Malay like me, which I believe many non-Malay Malaysians have wrong perception on the ‘acceptance level’ of the Malay community on ‘multiracialism’ concept in Malaysian politics.

    Well, I must admit that many non-Malay Malaysians are still very ‘racial’ in their mindsets compared to the Malays and I strongly believe such mindsets are ‘outdated’ for Malaysia to progress further, for the benefit of all Malaysians.

    If you can, please refer Dr. Hsu’s Forum to your fellow Malays and encourage them to pool their thoughts. Never mind if they still think ‘racially’ as this is forgivable under Umno’s ‘divide and rule’ mindset. What is important is to pool our thoughts so to promote friendship, understanding and trusts among all the communities.

    After all, we only have one Malaysia.


    Monsterball, even if I am 1% true Malaysian, I think it is still something to ‘shout’ about as if we want others have the mindset of ‘A true Malaysian’, we need to start with ourselves. It is no point we accuse someone as ‘racist’ if we ourselves are ‘racist’.


  54. monsterball
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 16:16:00

    True Malaysian….I never said you are 1% Malaysian….and since many are not even 1%.. are shouting and yelling…sure..to be 1% is something to be proud about also. 1% is a good a start…but for your age…too slow la.
    Doc said you are 100% True Malaysian…and even a learned man like him…can make mistakes…on percentage. He must be no good in Maths……hahahahahaha
    You are 10% True Malaysian…as you claim….and 90% still ,..like ding dong bells..knocking here….knocking there………like the blind swordsman…hahahahahahaha
    But you are trully 100% loyal to “Dr.Shu’s Forum”…which somewhat shames us all.
    And to me…you are close to 100%…a nice guy…depending on your moods too.
    How more clear can I be?
    I do feel less successful in contributing to Doc’s blog….and is 100% sure…a pain in the arse to one or two…too.
    Go..do your wonderful wonderful work.
    Bring more muslims here…like Zubli.
    Good day to you…….my learned friend.


  55. wp
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 16:43:37

    To have one boat ‘Malaysia’; my wish is the same as Dr Hsu’s – that it would be dream come true but for the present it looks more like ‘to dream the impossible dream’.

    So. for a start, what I would like to see is just two boats – 1. The Malaysian Unity Progressives
    2. The Malay Unity Power-Crazies

    Now all the Progressives in BN move to 1. and all the Power-Crazies in PR move to 2.

    Ready, get set, GO!


  56. Justin Choo
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 17:15:32

  57. A true Malaysian
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 18:12:43

    Such incidences of ‘intimidating’ doctors by whoever are definitely a worrying trend.

    Many of our present and past leaders are medical doctors and hope they can do something to arrest such trend.

    Don’t tell me if a patient (a PKR leader) goes to a doctor (a practising doctor from Umno), this doctor choose not to treat this patient?


  58. monsterball
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 18:57:54

    Yip…Doc..at Malaysiakinh..also reported Saiful backside hole is a virgin….never been poked before!!
    That Doc…now went hiding…
    And the one who revealed this doctor’s report..is RPK!!


  59. monsterball
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 19:29:24

    Nice to hear scared wp talk like a lioness.
    Better let her get more confidence….inspite of the fact…I don’t know why she call People’s Party…power crazy.
    She ask for peace with me….I agree…but where did she get the idea….Anwar is power crazy??


  60. monsterball
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 19:47:42

    hi True Malaysian…There are mosque for PAS and another for UMNO in Trengganu and Kelantan….for ages.
    Muslims are split like hell by Mahathir and Hadi Awang.
    What is doctors..being split compared to Malaysians fro all walks of life.
    And most Malaysian Chinese love medical profession…and a large number is with MCA.
    And doctors make lousy leaders. Just take Mahathir…as the classic example. i am serious…doctors makes lousy leadership in politics.
    That is why Gerakan and MCA with so many doctors as members…came tumberling down……like Humpty Dumpty.
    Then look at MIC..full of lawyers.
    They kill their own party…to start life again.
    That’s why lawyers made good leadership…can think smarter and faster.
    Doctors are excellent leaders…..if country is pure and corrupt free…like S’pore.
    That will take 10 years more….just nice for Doc. Hsu to prepare himself…for serious politics…once People’s Party come into power.
    Doc sure to appoint “true malaysian”.. as his trusted adviser.
    Justin can carry Doc’s bag.
    Romerz maybe a preacher…and monsterball….contented…to be left alone.


  61. Dr Hsu
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 20:04:40

    monsterball, in ten yrs time, i dont know where am I? Maybe back to the place i come from, no no not Penang, back to where everyone comes from…. I am 55. Add 10 , and that will be 65. And i am not as strong as monsterball, who can live to a hundred and fifty.

    If i want to go for posts, i would not attack UMNO, MCA, etc, ad even my own leaders…. That is the surest way to be ….. C4ed….hahahahaha….I will praise Rembau …..

    SB brothers must be monitoring this blog alsolah… ANd I am transparent, using my own name and my half photo… hahaha..

    The hahaha part I got it from monster.


  62. pohwatchdog
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 20:24:21

    Don’t worry Dr. Hsu. SB or not… we are a democratic country. We can give our opinion for a better and brighter Malaysia for our next generation. As for Monsterball… pohwatchdog is not a mongrel or mixed breed but a true Malaysian breed.

    As long as this type of dog can shout, voice up and still online, Monsterball… will feel the bite and scratching his head. When we are in our 1970’s school, we mixed together, play together and study together. What really went wrong with our education system? It is high time to revamp our education system. Even we should be proud as a Malaysian not as Malays, Chineses, Indians, Ibans or Kadazans….etc. We can contribute towards our nation building by doing our jobs with sense of responsibilities, loyataly and pride.

    We can see how China going to organize Olimpic 2008 by the pride of his people carried our their duty. Even Guangchao river was so dirty can turn into a clean river in three years time for Olimpic.
    Malaysia So Penang can learn a thing or two from Guangchao government.

    Praise Rembau. Rembau needs to keep on working hard for a better Malaysia. Get the right move to help our Malaysia youth to have pride in their works. Mat Rempit or Mat Cergas to improve our agriculture production. Save more cost on importing foods.


  63. monsterball
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 21:09:57

    Doc is a smart Buddhist…waiting for natural life cycle and hope monsterball live long long ..suffering more and more. That’s cruel or kind??…I am confused…..hahahahahahahaha
    And he is so humble too…after nice dinner…can relax and talk….monsterball style….laughing!!
    And if he want to take up politics…he sounds like…a nice guy minister image…like Dollah…then apply Mahathir’s famous words…..”i cure people”….and convert some of them to the middle path……making Malaysian politicians…all truly confused and gila.
    Better he stays as ordinary Doc.
    That’s his khamar!!
    Long live Dr. Shu Dar Ren!!


  64. monsterball
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 21:17:43

    Long live Dr. Hsu Dar Ren!!
    I always teach my workers to spell customers name correctly…to gain true respect…but I seem to spell his name wrongly..quite often.
    Of course he forgives me!!
    Nice guys..always forgive.


  65. Justin Choo
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 21:26:35

    Cannot tahan already. Must comment. Looks like the ever gentlemanly Dr hsu has caught a monsterball bug. Read Dr’s last comment…C4 and hahahahaha!! By the way what is Rembau and SB brothers…Shaw Brothers I know, not SB brothers.

    On a more serious note, news are everywhere with people talking to one another, forming this party and resolving that party. There is a sudden change in scenario. Looks like a different ball game (not monsterball game) with the same theme Uniting Malays and for sake of religion.

    On the end, MCA incumbents are falling like 10 ten pins in division elections. And Dr Hsu has caught the monsterball flu!!!


  66. monsterball
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 21:38:41

    hi Justin…make up your mind!
    Doc got monsterball bug and flu?
    How can these two mix together?
    Bug is like a dog tick…and if you say Doc got pohwatchdog ticks..I may understand.
    But if I have flu…I lock myself in my room..avoiding contact with my love ones.
    That’s hygenic good sense…..right Doc?
    By the way Justine postal by sea for book..rejected.
    Must be airmail. Will arrive in a week.
    Book cost RM20…postage cost RM50!!
    Shadu …sadhu …saddu……hahahahahahaha


  67. romerz
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 23:45:16

    Dear Dr Hsu,

    I shouldn’t donate books but mirrors. Wonder if a certain ‘marble’ has looked into the mirror lately and wondered why so many are irked by his comments?

    Strange that senility can set in at 69.

    Yeah I know what I’ve just said will provoke him and we could be looking at an all out-war but enough is enough!

    So what’s your kharma monsterball?

    To be a monster asshole?

    Let us not sully Dr Hsu’s blog with our tirade anymore. Start your own blog or come to mine!


  68. folo4
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 00:07:54

    yeah, but thanks to this “bin” moniker, I got fed with what I thought was the biggest load of insensible horsetrash in my entire school year.

    Thanks to that, I was denied Mandarin teachings at kindergarten and was fed with Jawi, whose dialects serves me no purpose, even now.

    Oh well, bad childhood, abysmal adolescence. I have nary a hope for my current life now.


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  70. monsterball
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 08:56:01

    hahahahaha… romerz showing true colour! ‘Jolly good man.
    That’s the way.
    Must have seen “Dark Knight” and inspired by two face…….hahahahaha
    No no no Romerz….I will not go to your blog.
    Feeling lonely too?
    wp…should read romerz…again and again.
    Truths always hurts.
    Whiskey and gambling…..the two evils…….must have got missy….f..k him ….left and right……..or Gerakan avoiding this two face man now…hahahahaha
    My Kharma are all written. Why ask silly question?
    To be a arshole or to be something else…why don’t you keep reading my thousands of messages? Now everyone knows…what you can be too.
    But one thing is sure..you ain’t going to be a peacher after all.
    Start a blog? Why..I don’t need to.
    I am more famous than you?….are you jealous?….don’t you know that?……..hahahahahahaha
    I am trying s hard to be civllised here.
    Someone cannot stand Doc laughing and enjoying..what a poor looser.
    But never mind..another face will appear….soon.
    hi Justin…I posted in your so call religious blog. Why no thank you? One sicko in Penang with no manners and can change character…suddenly……is enough.
    Must visit Hatyai and pay respect to Chin Peng……and support few slightly used virgins…desperate to make ends meet.


  71. monsterball
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 09:04:30

    All out war..romerz?
    Why I am done with you!!
    You are nobody…I am MONSTERBALL…got it??
    All out war?
    Why..we are at war with UMNO…showing love …compassion..tolerance and understanding.
    With you….just laugh and pity…….lost in the woods again.


  72. monsterball
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 09:08:51

    When I say……I am done with you..means you are a nobody….but that does not mean….I will leave you alone…trying to con poor wp…with your sweets words.


  73. Dr Hsu
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 09:55:31

    dear readers, I treasure your comments and thought and I have so far never deleted any posts except those with outright foul languages and attack race or religions.

    But I hope all of you refrain from making this blog a personal battlefield. Any disagreement in opinion and views should not result in personal attacks, curses or name calling. No persistent hammerings of others too, because patience may have its limits.

    I may want to introduce another rule that no namecalling in case of disagreements of opinion.. But I hope I do ot have to go to that extent.

    Do notforget the aim of this blog and that is to make the world a better place….Fighting each other will not get us to achieve that ideal.


  74. monsterball
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 11:09:41

    Poor blog owner.
    Enjoy as little…with monsterball…out come …a jealous man.
    I should take few days leave…and cool things off..for Doc’s sake…unless…others don’t agree.
    Cheerio Doc!


  75. A true Malaysian
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 11:25:20

    With due respect to all commentators and being fair to Dr. Hsu. we as commentators should not regard this forum as ‘msn messenger’ or ‘skype’ but to use it as a platform to present our views on articles posted. Only then, we can churn out the best ideas and views that enrich our mindsets or thinking.

    Please don’t response to this comment of mine, if not, there will be no ending to this kind of ‘tic for tac’.


  76. pohwatchdog
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 12:13:18

    Move on and give your opinion. Maybe our opinion is value by someone in the both camp. If it is right, we say it is right. We must give our opinion without fear or favour. It time to pick up to restablise our economy, creat a better Malaysia, help the underprivilege, revamp our education system, abolish University and College Act, instill loyalty toward the King and Country and make our country, Malaysia a place we all can called home.

    Name calling or not, we move on


  77. A true Malaysian
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 12:26:39

    I still very fond of the patriotic song with lyrics like…

    Malaysia kita sudah berjaya, aman dan makmur bahagia ….and so on, I can’t remember the rest.

    How nice this type of song can still be aired by all media, right?

    In fact, RUKUN NEGARA, has been forgotten by many.


  78. Y C Chai
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 14:10:28

    It takes few more decades or even century to break down the malay unity barrier and it is even harder when it becomes a combination of race and religion as mushrooming in malaysia during the last 20 years. How to break this rigid mentality? Anyone with a clue? I don’t have one.
    Dr. Hsu, i admire and salute your untiring effort in promoting malaysian unity, but i don’t know what will be outcome. As a chinese malaysian, i do hope that we do our part first. Look around those Chinese malaysian politician, we can find so many of them speaking broken Bahasa Malaysia. But our chinese dailies still trumpeting their ability to speak three major language, i don’t know it is due to the reporters ignorance or low expectation. Secondly, due to their poor command of language they become lousy orator. How to do you expect them to debate on important issue under such circumstances. Three, We place too much emphasis on academic qualification rather than critical thinking ability. Sometimes, people with Ph.D may not suitable to become politician at all. A person who is good in teaching and doing research may be a lousy executor or implementor. Fourthly, why must politician restrain in make known their ambition public? We often heard ” i am not that ambitious” ” position is important to me”. May be i should label these kind politician hypocrite or mere dumb fellow. In politics, position and power are the weapon to institute changes or reform. Without it, you are better to become blogger or commentator. Lastly, grossly lack of conviction or simply unprincipled.
    Unless and until chinese malaysian seriously look into those factor and improve on it, don’t waste time talking about malaysian unity.


  79. wp
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 14:48:03

    Oops… looks like I got somebody’s wires entangled up there.

    Power-Crazies in PR are the some of the pas leaders who cannot be trusted… better let them move to bn so next election we will kick their you-know-where.

    Progressives in BN are people like Dr Hsu and others who have the heart and the capability to serve well; and we shall recognise and respect them as our leaders. I hope they will join PR.


  80. Dr Hsu
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 14:48:39

    Y C Chai, if we still talk just about Malay unity, chinese unity ,Indian unity or so on, there will never be an end to the unfair and unequal treatment of all races…

    Only when everyone realise that we are in the same boat, and true unity can only be achieved through implementation of fair policies, we can criticise the Chinese or the Indians or the Malays for another 50 yrs, we are not going any where.

    No country is 100% united. Not in Japan, USA, etc. But with equal and fair policies, at least the racial demarcation will not be that obvious. Unless one would still prefer to have different classes of citizens in the country.


  81. Justin Choo
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 15:07:31

    YC Chai,

    The source of today’s race-type mentality came from the education system, and nurtured and amplified by the racist Government over a span of 30 years. You cannot undo the results.

    If we serious then we have to start all over again to impliment a sound and fair education system and then nurtured and amplified by good governance.


  82. Dr Hsu
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 15:16:09

    mosterball and romerz, I welcome the contribution of both of you. I really hope that there would come one day that you can be good friends.

    Please continue to give your views and ideas.

    I think all of us want to live in a better world. Let us put our resources together and work towards that. Since we are just ordianry citizens, each of usis just like a dim candle. But wen all of us join hands together, it will be like a thousand watt sports light. SO let us join hands and let us not blow each other’s candle off.


  83. romerz
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 15:33:43

    Dear Dr Hsu and all the other readers,

    I have no wish to bring turmoil to this blog but I’m just plain fed-up of constantly being harassed, called all kinds of names, falsely accused, etc.

    I have no problems with differing opinions but this is no longer about having opposing beliefs and opinions. It is purely personal in nature just for some reason that he dislikes me.

    Each time I say something, I’m called a drunkard, gambler, smooth talking liar, fake, jealous, sicko, etc. It is relentless these attacks on me to prevent me from speaking.

    What am I to do? Just keep quiet and take it?

    I’ve tried being patient, I’ve tried avoiding commenting on his comments but all to no avail. He just simply wants to destroy my existence here.

    I could of course not come to this blog again but since this is a public forum, I think I have a right to participate like everybody else so long as I adhere to certain rules and etiquette of acceptable social behavior.

    Ban me if you must Dr Hsu, but I’ve just had about enough of keeping quiet and appeasement to the relentless harassment of a bully.

    Sorry to everyone if I have caused anybody here distress.

    I will also take a few days off and hopefully things can cool down and we move on from here.


  84. Y C Chai
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 15:46:20

    Dr Hsu,

    Don’t get me wrong. i m not promoting race unity. However, the reality is sometimes unity does not come naturally. There are many factors that bind together that makes it happen. We know very well that why China & Taiwan, East & West Germany, North & South Korea faced some much obstacle to reunite. One of the main factor is glaring income gap. This show that there must be some kind of balance strength between the “two rival group” exist first before any peace or unity could be attained. Judging from the present scenario, there is so much disparity of political power in between. Of course, one may argue that Chinese can never attain similar political power as Malay, but aggregate power between non Malay and Malay could be possible.

    I m not criticizing Chinese but a genuine acknowledgment of such pitfalls do exist. Perhaps i need to rephrase Chinese unity as Chinese maturity in politics. In this way, there will be lesser conflict between Chinese based political party before they evolve to become multiracial party.

    Does this clarify my stand? Dr Hsu


  85. Dr Hsu
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 16:03:27

    Y C , Yes, I see your point. and i agree that there are pitfalls in all ethnic groups.

    That is why we should adopt policies that are based on social strata. By all means help the poorer section of the people. There are poor people from each ethnic group. bUt to use dominant political power to perpetuate race politic is not correct. So we need to convince the majority race to accept this .

    That is why we need to try to influence , however little our infleunce may be, the younger generations from the majority race about the importance of fairness and equaity …. In the end , there would be better unity, less racial conflicts, and all will be more competitve.

    I do agree you have valid points there.


  86. Dr Hsu
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 16:07:16

    romerz, you will not be banned. This blog has so far never banned anyone. And no one needs to be banned.


  87. darcwil
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 17:05:00

    Why is it so hard for us to have a decent mature adult conversations with one another. When there are times when the polititcians are such monkeys and clowns calling each other names in the Parliament, how different are WE? (sorry I HAD to)

    On the topic again, I probably missed the point from you Dr Hsu, whether Malay Unity = Malaysian Unity?


  88. monsterball
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 17:33:58

    Since Doc said…he welcome my contribution…I will continue.
    His opinion matters most to me.
    One who wish to make all sorts of excuses…to create havoc…is childish.
    One who is above 50 years old…cannot take criticisms…cannot prove I a wrong…but make such excuses..to insult me..cannot contribute or be a leader.
    One who break his promises…not to battle me….saying I am an old man…must be respected….then…cannot debate…now..using all sorts of excuses…to insult me..is asking for attentions.
    I actually take all these…not important…but fear…Doc.maybe put in a difficult position.
    Now Doc..said …he welcome my contribution…I am back.
    And I will be my usual self….whether romerz like it or not..that’s his funeral.


  89. A true Malaysian
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 17:43:50

    The root cause for those points mentioned by Y C Chai is due to ‘meritocracy’ consideration is not the first priority when formulating policies and administrative procedures.

    When we say ‘meritocracy’, the true sense of it is ‘strictly’ practices and not taking into consideration what races are lacking in which fields. We can’t segregating practising ‘meritocracy’ by having different set of rules and requirements to the Malays and non-Malays.

    So, when Lee Kuan Yew said Malaysia was not practising meritocracy, TDM replied that meritocracy was in fact being practised, but among Malays. So, how can we convinced, right? Furthermore, very few leaders in MCA, MIC and Gerakan dare to comment or giving their views, though I believe they don’t agree with TDM but agree with Lee Kuan Yew.

    As regards to non-Malays proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia, many of us are ‘victim of circumstances’ where take for example, a Chinese educated student need to learn 3 languages, and to master 3 languages of Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin is no easy task to each one of us, that also not include Chinese dialects. So, in the end, we are jack of all trade but master of none of these languages. But, I think we can still take pride of that.

    I hope one day our Parliament and State Assemblies would allow the use of other languages during debates as what is important is to have ‘quality’ debates. Non-proficiency in Bahasa Malaysia does not mean one does not love Malaysia. After all, if United Nation allows other languages being used, why not our Parliament and State Assemblies?


  90. monsterball
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 18:05:28

    Malay unity IS NOT..Malaysian Unity.
    Similarly…Chinese or Indian unity are not Malaysian unity.
    As long as races are promoted…it is not unity.
    It is divide and rule.
    UMNO members ..love to talk malay unity for all their own …good…to play race and religion politics.
    That’s bullshit! It is to continue to brainwash …other races…Malaysia’s future….depends on the Malays…more bullshit.
    We must promote and accept proudly…to be.. MALAYSIANS…starting from schools….Std.One …right up to University.
    Had this been done…the present third generation..will not know what is a Malay…Chinese or Indian.
    But since UMNO…and PAS..keep playing race and religion…the..Chinese who contributed so much to Malaysia.. never depended on the government hand outs…feel proud to be call a Chinese. Can you blame them? So will the Indians….who also contributed so much.
    All are caught up…in race politics. UMNO have succeeded…to separate us….with the help of MCA..MIC and Gerakan.!!
    You see…one needs to trace back….what have the Chinese and Indians contributed to Malaysia….and all born here….why should they become second class citizens…thinking malay unity is Malaysian unity?
    UMNO is a sick racialists corrupted party.
    China have more than 15 types of races..and 1.5 billion population….and they are all united proudly as Chinese. Now look at China.
    Indonesia have also so many clans and races….250 million population…yet all are Indonesians.
    And of course…great USA….so much more different races…yet all are Americans.
    Why tiny Malaysia want to talk unity…must start off talking about Malay unity?
    Can you imagine…USA saying unity must start off…talking about whites contribution..against the blacks.and Indonesia says… unity must start with Javanese? That will invite clashes and disagreements.
    So you see..it is very dangerous to talk Malay unity for Malaysian unity . Only a malay racialist ..talk like this.
    Why can’t we talk Malaysian unity… for Malaysia.
    Bottom line…do Malays sincerely accept other races as Malaysians?
    Sure they do….except from UMNO.


  91. aadya
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 22:29:25

    may it be a reminder that there are 1 million umno members in malaysia, so it isnt that easy. Not all “umno” members are just the politicians up there. There are the plain members too all over the sates (minus sabah sarawak).


  92. monsterball
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 23:13:45

    And may it be reminded …most UMNO members are leaving UMNO….or did vote for People’s Party in the last election.
    I agree .it is not that easy…not because of the so call one million members..but by the sickening low class unfair way….UMNO is playing politics now.
    Yes..it is made worst off..by few Malaysian Chinese and Indians…who are actually quite rich..afraid if trouble…therefore..keep voicing out…how to be a true Malaysian…with their selfish…interpretations.


  93. monsterball
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 06:41:23

    Like Anwar said…everyone do not like the steep oil price increases…including the so call UMNO one million members…..except UMNO ministers.
    Is he wrong or right?


  94. jeff
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 07:42:05

    Pak Lah is a master politician, having talk with PAS had put PR into defensive mode..among DAP n PAS, he is trying to raise suspicion and mistrust between them, a very smart move by umnoputra.


  95. monsterball
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 09:07:36

    Dollah is not smart..but totally selfish.
    The talks with PAS did not make PR on defensive moods.
    Where on earth …you got that idea…Jeff?
    PAS responded to UMNO’s requests for talks. That’s a cultured gentleman reaction…to an enemy.
    They maybe belonging to opposition camps…but that does not mean..they cannot smile and talk to each other? This is war on politics….not war per se…with real foreign enemies.
    It is the firm spirit of unity…that matters..and PAS is united in PR.
    UMNO loves to instigate. Good they ruled for 50 years….and need to fall into such low class acts….showing how desperate they are.
    Kelantan Mentri .Besar…Nik..was at his best jovial mood…saying sarcastically to UMNO…. ….’Lets dissolve UMNO and PAS and form new party”
    Ordinary Malaysians again misunderstood.
    That is why…I said…..”FOR or AGAINST”….as Malaysians….by and large…understands straight forward talks….straight forward choices…not one with options to be this or that..with twists and turns.


  96. monsterball
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 11:08:35

    And my final message to romerz.
    I don’t hate him.
    I treat him as an enemy…as he declared he is an active member of Gerakan..and wants to help it to be active again. He has selfish ulterior motives.

    (From Dr Hsu : monsterball, romerz is not I repeat, not a Gerakan member, and he is from a prominent family in Penang, although I am not at liberty to reveal which family…. He would not need position and KangDou , believe me.)

    Although…I am laughing over his idea…nevertheless..his messages are projecting a likable person..so that he can convince others to support Gerakan. That..I will gun down daily.
    Millions Malaysians…..ignoring personal likes and dislikes…to walk the talks..some risking their lives..to free Malaysia from UMNO and BN…which includes Gerakan…this is no joke to me.
    I attack anyone and everyone…trying tio be too smart…to be nice guys…with a touch of selfishness….and not totally for Malaysia for Malaysians..to unite us all.
    Go ahead…and say…everyone is entitled to each his own opinions.
    I repeat…..I love to have that in Malaysia. I value freedom of rights..speech and ideas.
    Bu UMNO and BN love to play race and religion politics…….and for 50 years….I feel sad…few smart guys are caught in this trap of UMNO..supported by Gerakan….MCA and MIC.
    Are Malaysians Chinese…not ashamed….seeing the Malaysian Indians sacrificed so much..now detained in ISA for your children and grand children?
    You think I am talking nonsense?
    So …..as long as romerz is active in Gerakan…I will read and check his messages…and response…as I see fit.
    The day.he said…he is no more a Gerakan member…than we can be good and sincere f friends..like Doc said.
    Doc sturdy characters…I battle enemies..UMNO….MIC….MCA and Gerakan.
    Who dares to keep exposing Mahathir for 5 years..besides Monsterball?
    You all talk alot diplomatic words…to protect yourselves…from being arrested..okay la.
    But be grateful to those who dares to step out and protect you and your children.
    Monsterball is monsterball.
    Who is romerz?


  97. monsterball
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 11:18:25

    Get it very very clear.
    Ordinary majority Muslims are saying…it is the Malaysia Chinese..that are not loyal to Malaysia…and they are half right.
    The other half….like me…have to live with that label for 50 years…feeling so stupid….while those Malaysian Chinese …keep supporting… race politics….think they are so smart.
    No more!!! Your days are numbered!!!
    You are either for UMNO and BN…..or against it…supporting People’s Party.
    After 10 years….lets talk again..who is best.


  98. monsterball
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 18:47:41

    Well Doc….He declared he is. Go read his past messages and even declared…he wants to participate in strengthening it This means he is against DAP.
    Then his suggestions of a ‘third force” is real smart….proposing Gerakan as the middle man.
    That’s it….I had enough.
    And I suspects he does come from a wealthy family.
    I asked him…does he know.. Saw Lye Huat..no response.
    Many “SAWS” are wealthy people in Penang…so what??
    He may not need the money..but he maybe crazy for power..under opposite camp…as he knows Gerakan is almost .. dead…so that’s the only party…he can be somebody..in Penang…if he wants to take up politics ..actively.
    Being a smooth talker….that’s a dangerous enemy of the STATE!
    But if he just declare…..he is not interested in Gerakan and politics and his postings…are..like all…pv us…free men..then I will apologise and leave him alone.
    He did asked me….why don’t I pick on you…a Gerakan member?
    That shows ..he admits he is a Gerakan member.
    But he did not read your messages…saying do clear….you are at loggerheads with the leaders….and was told to resign..whenever you give views..they don’t like to hear…and you are not really interested in any positions in Gerakan…even …when you are offered.
    He is hinting..I am carrying your balls.
    So let him declare he is not interested to support Gerakan….I will apologise.
    Meanwhile..he is considered…an enemy of Penang State government.


  99. monsterball
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 19:05:05

    By the way..Doc.
    Penang rich guys are famous to be koo-do-koot..real stingy!!
    The only way..you can know they are rich..is being invited to their house.
    Out-side…drive old cars….wear pasar malam stuffs.. bata shoes and cheap watch.
    They don’t know how to enjoy their wealth….just save and save..passing from one generation to another.
    You may think I am talking ‘cock”…but it is true….because the Penang Hokkiens…welknown to be stingy.
    Then….the opposite came from Ipoh..mostly Cantonese rich guys..like to show off…..now all poor and their Hakka workers ..became their bosses
    Then the real idiots rich guys…from Malacca….like to how off.and women crazy..all went bankcrupt!!
    Somehow…the Johore Baru and K.Lumpur wealthy Hokkiens are smarter than Penang ones.
    Maybe they don’t marry their relatives….like Malacca and Penang people do.


  100. monsterball
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 19:19:16

    I am lucky.
    I am a mixture of Hynanese….a poor clan…only know how to open coffee shops…..and Hakka..real real daring and fearless…work as labourers….building houses..for you rich guys…and ‘hakka” ..means..”guest”…so very poor…no house to stay…and the only Chinese clan…guest to everyone…..hahahahahaha
    Do you now doubt…I have the blood of real freedom fighters….two very poor clans….but very proud ones.
    You rich guys finance us..we fight for your freedom and rights…with out lives….okay??


  101. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 03:21:23

    Dear Good Doctor,

    As what I’ve said before, I’m a malay and I’m a muslim. What I need to add is that other that tertiary education, I have not benefited anything by being a so-called “bumiputra”! I hope that all of my fellow non-bumis’s would have differentiate it by now.

    And such, it makes me realize on two important things:

    (i) It’s important for all Malaysian regardless of races to be given access to Tertiary Educations. None should have been deprived of it and most importantly, priorities should have been given to those who comes from poor families. Education is the best and effective tool to eradicate all Malaysians from proverty (not subsidies).

    “Give someone a fish and he will feed for a day. Teach someone to fish and he will feed himself for his entire life”

    (ii) The whole issues about the “Bumi’s” need special privelege is a pure bullshits! It is just a disguise used to blatantly robbing the nations to enrich a few selected people, at the expense of the whole community. I dont benefited anything from NEP (other than education). Nor do my friends and many other so-called malays.

    We do not choose to work in the government. We do not associate ourselves with UMNO. We struggle and worked equally hard just like other races as well. Sometimes 7 times a week, 16 hours a day and never did we dreamt ourselves of begging for goodies in terms of AP’s, contracts etc from the governments. We might not be rich but somehow we survived. Most importantly, we do not see ourselves as inferior to the other races at all. And we are proud for what we are…

    Malays are not stupid nor are them lazy except for those bunch of goons in UMNO. These are the people who are making a bad name for malay in particular and islam in general. We’re not from theses people. We’re not form those “Ali Baba” types. We’re not contract junkies and most importantly, we do not sell our souls to the DEVIL…

    Malaysia are rich enough to give free education to it’s children but due to the rampant corruptions practiced by UMNO (and willingly being assisted by MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, SNAP etc), many of our able and brilliant childrens are deny chances to the university. The real issues here is not about “bumis” or “non-bumis”. The real issues here is the rampant abuse of power and corruptions from the ruling elite, to enrich themselves, all at the expense of the rakyat, bumiputra included. The terms “bumi’s” and “non-bumi’s” is just a terms to justify the actions of a few people to divide us all. In the end, the “non-bumi’s” will always have this kind of hatred towards the “bumi’s” and the “bumi’s” are reminded to be very wary of the motives of the “non-bumi’s”. For the past 50 years, we have willingly been playing this games without ourselves knowing so…

    All morally conscious citizens should asked themselves, what should they do in this kind of situation. Please don’t listened to those from UMNO or anyone from the ruling coalitions as their reply would most likely be sarcastics in demanding those who are not satisfied to migrate to other countries! Why should we? We have the same rights to this country as anyone else.

    The time has come for us to play our parts. Nobody in his right minds should play the role of a fence-sitter anymore. It’s time for some real actions on not merely talks and talks…

    For a starter, please dissassocite ourselves from this so-called “Axis of Evil” (I do not know what else to call for a group of people who want to control everything, from the police, AG, media, to the judiciary). Do not be a willing partners and do not prostitute ourselves with them. After all, a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.

    By all means, for the sake of our future generations, stop playing the game. Please have the courage and clear conscience to overcome our own fears as a culmination of mental conditioning for the past 50 years. Make that crucial first step… If not, than may God have Mercy on us all…


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