Any ‘ dark knight’ to our rescue?

In the show Dark Knight, somenone said ” the night is at its darkest before dawn”.

Malaysia is now at its darkest moment. People has no more trust for the government and government institution. Corruption is so rampant that it is almost the norm rather than exception. Economy is stagnant, despite the rosy figures. Inflation is so high that even our roads are no more as congested as before, bearing in mind that Malaysians like to drive.. Foreign investments are not coming in. Stock market is down. Leaders of both ruling and opposition parties are at each others’ throats. Charges and counter charges of sodomy, murder, corruption, abuse of power are daily affairs.  People has nothing to really look forward to, except to live day by day…And the list can go on and on…………

If the country can be likened to  a plane flying in the sky, it is now on a flight course directly going towards the side of a  high mountain at full speed, and ON AUTO PILOT. The pilot is sleeping and the copilot and flight engineer are at each other’s throat. The passengers are screaming but the screams are falling on deaf ears….

Just that we thought we have seen a glimmer of light, with a 2 party system slowly taking shape and providing a better check and balance, this is now being threatened by the talks between UMNO and PAS. If PAS joins BN, then there will be no hope that UMNO will change. We can expect the night to get darker and longer, with no hope of dawn arriving….Racism , corruption, abuses of power, compromised institution … all these will be back to normal….not for the betterment of the people, but rather, for the self interest of the ruling elites…

Dawn may never come…

Will there be a Dark Knight to our rescue? …..I have no answer !

will there be a dark knight to our rescue ?


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  1. yh
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 14:05:57

    the dark knight is Anwar.

    gerakan must play her role. get out of BN to stop the rot. there is no other way.


  2. Nick
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 14:53:01

    Good analogy Doc. I saw the film with my wife and both of us loved it. The plot is so so good and the joker character so frightening. Reminds me of botak Albar. Everytime he opens his mouth, he shows his empty brains. Is he the one who lost batu putih to our neighbors? Silly idiot. Picking a fight when you have no evidence. Same case here. He wants the Police to arrest Anwar when there is no evidence. I agree with YH. DSAI is our only hope because he can rally all the forces together. We have enough of the goons running gotham city. WE want our Nation back!!!!!


  3. petestop
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 16:35:48

    All other component parties of BN should leave and let UMNO and PAS (if they choose to) die their own natural death.


  4. darcwil
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 17:09:45

    Dr Hsu, Dark Knight is an EXCELLENT movie. Not only in terms of movie stadards, but also in terms of the message, about society and also the psychological aspects to it.

    It makes me think and also realize. To be noble and do good, you must not always appear to be doing the “right” thing all the time, you should not wan to appear clearly as a “HERO”. But doing good and being noble also involves sacrificing your name, dignity and fame. To ensure that the good does occur…

    I think those who see the movie might get what I’m saying and relate it to a leader in or country.


  5. Nick
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 17:10:57

    Dear petestop. I can’t understand why bloggers get upset over Tok Guru’s invitation to Umno to combine forces and dissolve their respective parties. It is a non-starter and Tok Guru is real cunning. He knows it as he understands the real politics here.
    UMNO = playboy, rich & arrogant, corrupt like hell.
    PAS = virgin, pure like heaven.
    These two parties are like hell and heaven and neither can see eye-to-eye. Don’t worry, they will never combine. Tok Guru is just been cheeky and clever.


  6. darcwil
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 17:36:15

    Sir nick. What makes you feel the DAP and PAS alliance in PR will work then?

    If UMNO and PAS is like heaven and hell, how the heck can I compare DAP with PAS?? What dya think 😉


  7. Nick
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 17:43:45

    I hope Doc do not mind if I use his blog page to answer. DAP + PAS + PKR = PR-partnership (not marriage). A kind of mix grouping with no solemn ceremony. You see, Tok guru invited UMNO to dissolve the party, meaning when the two parties get together, it has to be a marriage with a new born baby. The present grouping is good enough for now. Learn to respect each other. Tensions may arise now and then but this is normal in any grouping such as these. PAS already have their hands full in Kedah. DAP likewise in Penang.


  8. monsterball
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 18:15:48

    Kelantan MB..Nik is actually trying to be sarcastic to UMNO…and here so many are caught talking off track and nonsense.
    Nik…knows…UMNO will never give up UMNO name.
    He was saying .’Lets give up UMNO and PAS…and form a new name” He knows..UMNO will never response.
    So this unity is just a joke .insulting UMNO by Nik!!


  9. monsterball
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 18:58:04

    Back to my favourite….”The Black Knight” aka Batman.
    I had to polish 10 pairs of my fathers shoes…to get enough money….to see first Batman feature film…way back mid 50’s….starring Adam West as Batman.
    He became so famous for two decades…on comics…TV shows.
    Back then….fights were not realistic ..but still..folks love Batman..young and old.
    Then….out of no where..”Batman”…Batman Returns….”Batman Forever” and Batman & Robin….movies…all scored high profits…but still …something is missing..not realistic.
    “Batman Begins”…was the first hint…new Batman movies…was an attempt to bring Batman…to realistic life….as close as it can be for audiences to enjoy it more realistically.
    Again..a great success and choosing a 6’3 inch Christian Batman…no more shorties.
    By the way…Christian Bale…was the young boy…in the famous war movie…”Empire Of The Sun
    “The Black Knight” have the Joker…played by handsome young man..sadly died…after finishing acting it.
    The plot was simultaneously ….introducing to audience….”Two Face”
    All are shown..he died. Wait till next one.
    He must be very much alive..and until the Riddler..Penguin..Freeze Man and Cat Woman ..all appear….this new Batman is not finish…entertaining all of you yet.
    I am sure..30 years from now…Batman will be totally different again…to keep up with the times.


  10. monsterball
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 19:03:44

    I agree the Dark Knight of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim.
    And the joker is Dollah.
    And the two face…Mahathir
    And the righteous uncorrupted… Police Commissioner is…..Lim Eng Guan????


  11. pohwatchdog
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 20:59:54

    Time will give us the opportunity for a new
    leader to lead Malaysia into a better and brighter future. All of them should be show the door. Trust them or watch how they work. One is out of idea, the other one is revengeful and whereas that one cunning.

    We need new ideas, innovative, dynamic and visionary leader for Malaysia. What difference that PR have done? Even given the opportunity BN don’t know how to be opposition. Man in the street need more service, grass cutting, providing cleaniness in city and park, Along name cards throwing around housing estate and economy situation no getting better.

    Just do it… PR no more public relation stunt. talk or no talk psychology warfare or mind game is going on. We want more more consistent policy, no make up stories..a big slap to Malaysia in the eye of the world. Pak Lah …help Malaysia choose
    a good successor that brings Malaysia to greater heights with a new teams.


  12. aadya
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 22:32:37

    I do agree that Pakatan Rakyat has to stop with the Public Relation stunts. It goes well though “PR” and “PR” 😉


  13. monsterball
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 23:05:12

    pohwatchdog and the likes of him… is as usual….talk talk talk…demanding this demanding that…with not one iota knowledge or concern for the poor and helpless….for love and concern of a true freedom fighter…like Anwar…whose life is being constantly threatened.
    DAP…PAS and majority Malaysians love and trust Anwar….yet pohwatchdog. and the likes of him……talk like as if…so easy to get rid of a 50 year old devil…who does not play by the rule…but apply law of the jungles and so many Malaysian Chinese and Indians seems to accept a way of life too.
    Worst still are the Malaysian Chinese…who have a steady life….now don’t want to so call …’rock the boat”…keep promoting peace and happiness…accepting race and religions…as it is…since MCA..MIC and Gerakan accepted that too.
    Such are their very selfish Malaysian Chinese …found a formula to survive..being pally with the UMNO devils…and hope to strike it rich… who they know….and not ..what they balls carrying…or by using Malays.
    These are very well educated Malaysian Chinese….thinking of themselves..and not how Malaysians are being cheated….and to cover up…corruption…..UMNO…keep raising prices of essentials…costing maybe 10% more to buy…..and that is nothing to these rich Malaysians Chinese.. Even now….things are getting sO bad…almost 40% more than just 6 months ago..yet these selfish Malaysian Chinese…are talking…cock about Anwar…nothing bad about UMNO and BN.
    Who does not know…the art of being ambiguous….projecting a nice guy image?
    Fortunately…Anwar’s job is made easier with vast majority Malaysians….yearning to free ourselves..from UMNO and BN….and if what those Malaysians apply like these nice guys here in this blog…….UMNO will rule forever.
    Maybe .it means nothing to some Malaysian Chinese….so let them live with their own clear conscience …that…they speak for Malaysians…and not for themselves only.


  14. Monk
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 23:22:09

    Our country in no time should break the records, for having the most conspiracies in town: Guinea pig of records.

    I doubt PAS will be joining UMNO, the latter, public’s contempt.



  15. monsterball
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 07:43:39

    Good Morning…Doc and all!
    Yes…I heard “The Dark Knight” movie broke all records…making it the biggest income earner for the producers. I am sure…big bonuses will be given to key actors…and supporting ones too.
    Yes….”two face” is not producer need to take care of him… for another kill…next chapter!
    One thing is so clear..Americans can become billionaires…with ideas.
    Even not billionaires…thousands upon thousands are millionaires…using great ideas and doing hard work….no corruptions…for favoritism.
    Closest to that in Malaysia…are from the Malaysian Chinese.
    Malays need special help….ok….if they also continue to work hard by themselves…after getting the help from government. Sadly…majority do not…yet the government keep helping these few…thus creating …’have
    and ‘have none”… Malays.
    Therefore .we need a Dark Knight desperately…a Malay freedom fighter for justice….for saving Malaysians….and to kill off corruptions …at all cost!
    Yes…Malaysia need a ‘knight” ……..meaning a noble and righteous man.
    That’s how England Queen…use her sword…to knight a person….to be… a ‘Sir”..”LORD”…or “Dame”
    Here UMNO found a way…to make money with that one can be knighted …if you want to buy one.
    Worst still….every UMNO crook must be knighted….to please everyone…and so…Malaysian government is a sicko clown.
    Then UMNO copy USA flag..and we Malaysians are looking total freedom…..just like USA.
    NO!! We are told …’guided democracy” is the game….so they guide all to …tong sampah.
    All UMNO guys learn from USA .is how to find a sucker….every second.


  16. folo4
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 12:19:05

    Just stop.

    People watch a movie to be entertained, not to learn messages.

    It’s just perfect with the times, what with the inflation at all. After all, we are simple to understand.

    About Malaysia, there is no hope of anything remotely good happening at all.

    We should just stop and leave Malaysia before we are no longer able to.


  17. monsterball
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 15:06:22

    You can f…k off…if you have no balls to defend your rights…folo4.
    I suspect you are a muslim…..talking c…..


  18. wp
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 15:06:25

    to pohwatchdog

    It is so unfair to blame PR for the weak economy because BN being the federal government is solely responsible for this mess.

    As Perakian I see PR government doing a better job than BN. Grass cutting, garbage collection has improved. We definitely do not want BN to return ever again.

    I am just an ordinary citizen, not linked to any political party.

    Glad you are back, I do agree with most of your views, but not the expletives…haha..


  19. monsterball
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 15:34:30

    I am who I am…..WP
    Glad you agree with me for the sake of your children.
    Be brave…think like me…for or against…and choose your ever gentle clear…against UMNO and BN…not be ambiguous ….like some so call machos ..with tiny balls…and selfish blokes.
    Show those guys…even a little gentle you….can understand and agree with monsterball.
    You light up my life..with you message….laughing!!
    I am so pleased!


  20. monsterball
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 15:51:26

    Doc….In case you do not know..”TALKING COCK” is not dirty words.
    It’s American slang..saying talking nonsense.


  21. aadya
    Jul 30, 2008 @ 23:27:46

    I really do not want to intrude but I cant help it. But what does being Muslim have with talking cock? Malaysian unity you are promoting there? I’m speechless and confused, because I read on another post he is so supporting Malaysian Unity. Oh well.

    folo4, you shouldnt give up hope just yet. The best you can do is have faith and believe. WIth a good attitude comes good change. We need that for our future…


  22. monsterball
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 07:41:16

    folo4 should leave Malaysia.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish!!
    But .if aadya loving kindness…can change his sick attitudes…go ahead.


  23. jeff
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 09:19:58

    “Dark knight” is no match to the evil forces in Malaysia, he will be wipe out in minute. we need the “Terminator” to do that job, since so many supermen n batmen are living in putrajaya.


  24. monsterball
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 12:04:10

    Terminator is a robot….and enemies can also make equally string robots.
    It is still back to basic…using humans. We need Han Solo…Skywalker…Obi-wan…to attack all the clones…and kill Darth Vader.


  25. chauncey gardener
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 14:33:30

    How about Wong Fei Hoong ? Does he have dark secrets like Bruce Wayne? Definitely not a robot.

    James Bond cannot make it in Malaysia – he will buckle under the weight of the numerous scandals that the authorities can conjure up, including a gay relationship which ultimately strikes at the core of Commander Bond.

    Maybe we need William Wallace to lead us like he did in Scotland ?


  26. monsterball
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 16:32:33

    William Wallace head chopped off….died in history.
    Having considered all those heroes….still Anwar is the right person.
    He eats sambal balchan..he shit same smell as the enemies.
    He is infact…same race as the enemy. He can think … like them..and is smart as ….Lee Kuan Yew..great chess player…always three steps ahead of bodoh UMNO.
    The only problem is..bodohs have lots of bribe police..lawyers…and now ….medical stuffs.
    Stolen money….almost finished!! Be prepared for another oil increase!
    If not….one day…all will find out…billions of Petronas money…..invest at great loss…and some lucky..UMNO caretakers will be filthy rich …holding party money in trust and have 10% for himself.
    UMNO members are real stupid. Thery are alsio cheartd by theirv leaders..yet still support the party.
    What idiots they are.


  27. chauncey gardener
    Jul 31, 2008 @ 18:38:41

    Monsterball, I certainly am in agreement with you.

    The UMNO members might be lost sheep but their “leaders” are not idiots. They ( the leaders) can see that the oil money will run out soon and there won’t be enough money to fund questionable mega projects (which by and large, we don’t really need any more).

    Hence, they are grabbing everything they can get their hands on NOW so that they can set themselves up to be the moneyed elite in the next generation.

    What is truly sad will be that the so-called large middle class that was being developed in the past 20 or so years will crumble as goods and services become more unaffordable and quality deteriorates as the costs of acquiring these will become out of reach for many, including UMNO members.

    We are already seeing this in areas like education and crime rate.

    It will be a sad day if Malaysia becomes like some of its neighbouring ASEAN countries where there are the poor and the very rich and no distinguishable middle class. That will be the catalyst for immense political change and this is not necessarily non-violent.

    So, the UMNO leaders are not stupid (since they probably have money stashed away outside already) but the UMNO members could be.

    In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King.


  28. A true Malaysian
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 12:42:02

    Dawn may never come…

    Dr. Hsu, I have the same feeling. When 12th GE concluded, everyone of us were so excited that 2-party system will ultimately emerge. But, base on the indication that we see so far, this 2-party system may not be there in the near future.

    We can still see those in MCA still fighting among each other for power, Gerakan also, Umno worse still. I would expect at least majority of them talk about whether is it still worth to hang around in BN, instead, infighting among them are still very obvious. While some of the leaders have voiced out, but majority of them still hang on, hoping that Umno can do something and continue with their race based arrangement of ‘who get what’.

    Perhaps you should convince your fellow Gerakan friends to resign in great numbers, so to be ‘Dark Knights’ that we hoping for.


  29. monsterball
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 13:51:30

    Gerakan members are ‘Dark Knights”??
    This is illogical.
    Balls carriers to Mahathir and now to Dollah are Dark Knights?
    “Knight”.. means very noble righteous person.
    Dark is given only to Batman..because . he dressed like a bat..and bats feel comfortable to appear at nights.
    Knights of the round tables..under King Richard..everyone is better than Gerakan members…no comparison.
    Robin Hood may not be a Knight…but he comes from a royal and noble family…is closest to what we need in Malaysia.fearless…witty…will die for the poor and the helpless.
    Malaysia is seeing a glimps of a Knight …in the form of Anwar Ibrahim.
    He needs no pretenders….nor be equal to him.
    All Gerakan members can do …is resign…join any People’s Party…for Malaysians…faithfully and be … non corrupted Malaysians
    Prove themselves for 10 erase all their sins and selfish attitudes..and their bad reputation…a disgrace to the Malaysian Chinese.
    Get the real meaning of a “KNIGHT” and talk sense.


  30. A true Malaysian
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 15:27:21

    I agreed Anwar is the ‘Dark Knight’ here, but he alone cannot realise our dream. We need other people like ‘resigned’ Gerakan members to join effort to make our dream a reality.

    I say this because, what will happen if Anwar is charged and convicted?

    Minor matter like launching of book by Khoo Kay Peng also ‘kena sabo’, how to have great expectation on Gerakan leaders?

    Dr. Hsu, Khoo Kay Peng (I am not sure he is a Gerakan member), Tan Tee Kwong, Toh Kin Khoon (ex-Penang exco) should take the lead to resign from Gerakan (as it seems Gerakan still ‘faithful’ to BN). If I am a doctor, I will certify Gerakan as ‘brain dead’, don’t need to rescue anymore.


  31. Dr Hsu
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 16:55:11

    A True Malasyian, I really would wish I have so much of influence. ANyway, i have my part to try to influence the whole party to move out of BN…

    There is a glimmer of hope as many inside the party are sympathetic to moving out.Give a bit of time….Otherwise ,I will quit…

    I am very fed up of the rotten path the country is going down.

    Khoo Kay Peng is still a gerakan member, as Dr Toh and Dr Tan. These people are all for 2 party system, and do not be surprised that they quit Gerakan…. it maybe a matter of timeing. Dr Toh is now haed of the Penang govt think tank Seri.

    Sorry for the slow reply. Very hectic clinic these 2 days… lots of sick people, maybe they are sick of the situations ….


  32. Justin Choo
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 17:22:42

    Dr Hsu,
    Your name was in the list of those registered for the Forum!!


  33. A true Malaysian
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 17:23:46

    Personally I think you and these righteous gentlemen would resign, it is only a matter of time.

    As to your hectic days, 7th month of Chinese calender maybe part of the reason. I try not to be superticious but it is a trend based on past records. This also applicable during ‘Cheng Beng’ period.

    Perhaps the authorities like police, hospital should spend their time to compile statistic on this instead of having road blocks around KL city, busy with so-do-me case and get themselves caught in dirty politic games.

    I believe such statistic is good for the welfare of general public. Police and hospital can be ‘Dark Knights’ in doing this.


  34. monsterball
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 17:27:54

    If assisting Anwar is your objective….yes many UMNO and BN members resign and join Anwar….the better.
    I am sure…Anwar and People’s Party members have got plans..if he is jail again..or even dead….
    and like Nelson Mendela….Anwar will infact …be much more powerful…even if he dies in jail.
    These are freedom fighters…they are fearless.
    But if Malaysians wish to see Anwar is free…stop talking and do something….everyday…starting to support staying home..on Merdeka Day.
    If you don’t agree..let out your reasons..why.
    Just don’t sit on the fence.
    Fence sitters are unreliable.
    To be …..or not to be…..choose!!
    If you keep quiet…you may one day..need to use all your money… bribe a place in a slow boat to China.
    Stay and fight like a man.
    And Mahatma Gandhi’s non violence ideas are the best…but if you are seriously concern…give more important ideas than trying to hero worship few Gerakan members…as saviors..of Malaysia.
    That’s bullshit….and a Malaysian Chinese..racialist man talking..


  35. monsterball
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 17:31:21

    Again..True Malaysian writer….you misused the true meaning of “Dark knight”
    Is it purposely or being ignorant?


  36. monsterball
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 17:58:07

    Doc..You have been highly praised by Jeff Ooi in his blog….being a Gerakan member…not behaving like a typical… Gerakan man….hahahahahaha
    Waawaawaa…..your head bigger now er?
    If you want to rent out your clinic…join keDAILan….can a quack doctor still cari makan …without being caught?
    Every sick patient…just give antibiotics…sure cure all…and may kill some……just like Mahathir….hahahahaha


  37. A true Malaysian
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 18:42:25

    Just curious, what for to have ‘think-tank’ like SEDAR if its views was ignored by top leadership?

    Same thing for MCA where ‘monk’ was part of its think-tank.

    Just curious. Are they ‘brain dead’?

    Monsterball, maybe you mean one person can only be ‘Dark Knight’ but for me, the more the merrier.


  38. monsterball
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 19:45:22

    No… true malaysian. What I mean is the words
    “Dark Knight” must not be use loosely….to suit anyone.
    There is no such thing as ‘the more the merrier”…as you borrowed the idea …from someone else…who have one “dark knight”.
    Even if you mean..brave… righteous freedom fighters..the more the merrier..then let them be like ordinary Malaysians.
    Why should you treat those who betrayed us…then as knights…when hundreds of Malaysians are true brave and risk their lives…to protect you and your family? Who are tese perole to you….second class Gerakan??
    Are we simple freedom fighters..less honourable than then Gerakan members….like drowning men…catching a survive?
    Who are these rouges…now lost in the woods…suddenly… being hero worshiped .. as knights? you?
    Perhaps you are Chinese educated…and don’t really know British Empire history that well…and American creative minds on these heroes. You are insulting the creator of this ‘dark knight”…mixed up..with low class Gerakan members.
    OK…we forgive and forget…if many resign and work for a united Malaysia for Malaysians.
    But don’t simple use a hero character…to fit in any Gerakan members.
    The more the merrier” can come from all kinds of Malaysians….and right now….the 5 under ISA are trully the dark knights of Malaysia…if you want to be fair …grateful and honest.
    I sense you… are favoring Malaysian Chinese only. I hope I am wrong.
    Three kinds of people cannot be fair.
    They are active..political members…racialists ..and very selfish Malaysians.
    These are the people…the reasons why..Malaysia is not united as one…today.
    They support race and religion politics.
    I wonder why…especially from Malaysian Chinese.
    To me….they are not true malaysians.


  39. pohwatchdog
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 20:57:51


    Don’t give up for sake be critized by Monsterball.
    Be patient and give your view. Opinion by monsterball we should accept with open mind. Afterall we a a civilised and cultural breed of educated gentlemen unlike someone who claimed to be a old man.

    Time will let the people to be the judge. What a waste of taxpayer money to fulfill one man ambitious plan? Are the people fool? Are we so naive to let one man revengeful nature to to the next PM? Is there integrity, sincerity and concern for the people welfare and good being?

    We need new leader that can move Malaysia to a greater height.


  40. pohwatchdog
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 21:14:06

    Gerakan members have their class of their own with their never say die attitude. Gerakan leaders still committed, care and concern for the people well being and welfare. Have they abandon the ship and ignore the people? There are grassroot leaders working hard to serve the people in their best abilities. Monsterball have been too prejudice against members of BN.

    We cannot blame everyone the same just one commited a crime. They are still good Gerakan member just like Dr. Hsu and many other more who want to have a fair and just society. This is
    create awareness not what PR is right all the way.

    As far as I am concern, Gerakan have done their share of ideas to improve our politic, economic and social in Maaysial since 1968. Time to wake up and the people have give their judgement. Gerakan leaders are true gentlemen to accept defeat. But they can still sticked to their ideology
    to serve the people whereever they are. Wake up
    monsterball…. just give your opinion. I will accept your opinion if it is right. What if your choice of leader betray MALAYSIA AND SOLD OUT MALAYSIAN RIGHT? Give a thought about it.
    Opportunities have been given but still no change at all. Time for the people to give BARISAN NASIONAL especially GERAKAN a role to play as opposition.

    i. What have PR in Perak done? Waste of public fund with the twice swearing in of councillors in local government. A wate of taxpayer money.

    ii. Promise of free hold title? Empty promise or say it with no responsibility

    iii. Promise of allocation for school? Public relation blame here and there. No sincerity

    iv. Free Water? Abuse of resource and waste of income

    v. Talk…blame…no work done

    vi. Promise dustbin in Perak? Dust bin lose

    vii. Mushrooming of cyber cafe. Who suffer? School children

    viii. Free food… treat people as beggars.

    Many……..many…more.. monsterball will jump and play left and right


  41. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 22:59:37

    There is NO perfect plans, only perfect intentions…

    I do believe that is the true spirit of the forming of PERIKATAN (that was then) and BN (current). However, along the way people seems to forget on their real intentions especially in the later generations which would unfortunately be the current leadership within BN. With great power comes great responsibility but with absolute power, naturally the corruptions seeps in.

    The current BN has overlived on it’s purpose and is becoming more and more irrelevant with each passing days. Just like a sinking ship, the only way to survive is to abandoned the ship. That is what every Malaysian should do if they consider themselves worthy to be called as a Malaysian.

    Our country are heading towards the wrong directions and is getting famous for all of the wrong reasons. If anyone still wishes to be part of BN then obviously their hands are also tainted in some way or another on the “curse” that have befallen on us. Blame no one except on our ownselves as it is obviously the results of our own doing.

    I’m a malay (and also a muslim) and I’m not proud at all of the very actions of UMNO. “Not Proud” would be a misnomer, DISGUSTED would better described it. I know that UMNO will never change and no decent UMNO’s members would have the guts to reprimind their leaders. So definitely I’ll not be supporting UMNO anymore.

    Unlike most of you, I’ve got nowhere else to go. Migrating was never an option! Never is and never will be! This country is where I was born and to this country I’ll swear my allegiance. “Dimana bumi dipijak, disitu langit dijunjung…”. If I have to fight for it and by God, I’ll make a stand and fight. I’m sick and I’m fed-up of constantly being afraid of my own shadows. I might not have the wealth like most of you but atleast I’ve got my integrity and my conscience intact.

    To GERAKAN and other Malaysian Chinese as well. You can choose to be who you are. But remember one thing, if things goes on from bad to worst with the current BN government, please do not come out complaining about almost everything! If you choose to be a willing partners in a very corrupted and rottened government, so please accept it with grace. Afterall, all of us shall be rewarded with what we reap, don’t we?

    In this sense, monsterball is absolutely right!


  42. A true Malaysian
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 23:21:43

    Anak Malaysia,

    Like you, I’ve got nowhere else to go. I believe many non-Malays are like you and me, no elsewhere to go but to stay in our motherland called Malaysia.

    I can understand why you said ‘Unlike most of you, I’ve got nowhere to go….’ Correct me if I am wrong, most Malays have the wrong perception that most non-Malays can migrate elsewhere if not happy in Malaysia.

    I regard Malaysia as my only motherland. Lets join hands to make it a better place for all of us, and to the envy of others.


  43. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 23:26:19

    To be honest, I would rather put my bet in the PR government where all parties are treated as equals. All for one and one for all. If any party wishes to abandoned the ship, then PR will definitely crumbles. This is definitely better than a uni-directional ways of any particular dominant party who will always bulldozed at everything.

    In this sense, all of the different ideologies or call it shortcomings within PR are actually a blessing in disguise. The only way to move forward in PR is by having a mutual understanding, respect and tolerance for each others for a common objectives. There is no two ways about it. They may have their differences, always have and always will be, but instead of looking at it with a one sided prejudice view, they’ll have to learn to embrace on the differences.

    And for me, this is absolutely very reassuring! Definitely this is what we desperately needed to have a united Malaysians…


  44. Dr Hsu
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 23:36:37

    monsterball, i am nothing compared to Jeff, who was a Gerakan member, and who is a conscientious Malaysian wanting to bring good to the country. I think Jeff joined Gerakan because of its ideology of fair and equal society.

    The only difference between Jeff and those of us remaining in the party is that we still hope to influence our leaders to go back to its ideology of a fair and just society. As i have said, as a doctor , i won;t give up even when there is one percent chance of curing a patient. I will give up when of course the heart stops beating and the eyes get dilated… no more hope…

    The party ideology is never wrong, it was a truly nonsectarian party during its formation, and we Penagnites are very proud of that. The party does not belong to anybody and leaders can hijack the ideology but we members can fight to bring back the ideology. That is why I am asking what are we doing in BN? A square peg cannot work in a round hole, as simple as that…

    But of course, there is a limit to patience. If things continue to deteriorate and Gerakan still sticks to a rotten UMNo, then I will know what to do….


  45. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 23:43:53

    A True Malaysian,

    I would apologize if i’ve misquoted on that. Instead of saying “most of you”, I should have said “some of you”. That will be much more appropriate. It is just that I’ve so happened to read the stories about peoples who have migrated to some other countries and most of them are the non-Malays.

    Agreed. Malaysians should have been treated as Malaysians and it’s about time that we look at our ownselves with different views. But it have to begin with us. Dont expect the BN gevernment to change it’s way as their very survival depends on it. Instead of looking on the differences, we should learn to look on the similarities. We’re all human beings and our morale conscience are just the same.


  46. Dr Hsu
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 23:54:00

    Anak Malaysia, like TRUE Malaysian, I have no where to go too. We are born here, bred here, will die here. We are all in the same boat. If the boat reaches our destination, all of us will benefit. If the boat sinks, all of us die with it.

    That is why we should not differentiate between race. That is why it is so important to have a fair policy for all as this is the only way to truly unite the people. only when people are really united , can our boat sail towards our destination with one heart and one mind.

    All men are brothers…


  47. A true Malaysian
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 23:58:05

    Yes, Anak Malaysia, we have no other choice but to put our hope on PR.

    Actually, PR can work on the formula of letting PAS to form Islamic State in Kelantan and Kedah, if people of these two states (mostly Malays) aspire to have their state government to be run on Islamic concept.

    At the same time, letting other states based on ‘Secular’ model.

    After some time, people of all these states will tend to compare with each other in term of economic development in all these states. For example, if people in Kelantan and Kedah found that the quality of life in other states under ‘Secular’ model are much better than them, then they may request their government to adopt the ‘Secular’ model instead.

    In this sense, PR can still work well by having mutual respect to each other instead of the ‘Superficial’ harmony that we see in BN.


  48. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 00:00:17

    Dr. Hsu,

    The only reason why I’m here is because I dont want myself to have a one-sided perspective based on either race or religion.

    “The only difference between Jeff and those of us remaining in the party is that we still hope to influence our leaders to go back to its ideology of a fair and just society….”

    I wished you a very good luck then, good doctor. The saying of yours remind me to what Anwar really said when he choose to joined UMNO. I dont know about GERAKAN but I sincerely hopes that they are not as corrupted as UMNO.

    As for myself, I’ve never believed or inclined to any particular party since I’ve stopped supporting UMNO. Even then, I was never a member of UMNO, how ironic… I do believe that all good values are universal in nature; irrespective of races or religion. Whatever is good is good and whatever is bad is bad. A spade is a spade, as simple as that…


  49. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 00:18:33

    A True Malaysian,

    Yes, it would be good to have an experiment on these states. But I’m worried if some people in PAS would put more emphasis on the “ritual aspects” of Islam instead of focussing on the “real universal values” of Islam. This people would un-doubtly give a bad impression to Islam exactly the same as what have been done under UMNO. Already we have all of these issues pertaining to the discussions with UMNO on the malay-islam unity talks! What is this? Utter rubbish and very much un-Islamic!

    The universal values need to be stressed upon such as to have a resposible and transparent government that will strive hard to provide the basic necessities for the people; accomodations, healthcare, educations, security, freedom of faith, fairness etc. You would be very surprised that the universal values are just almost the same except for some additional items which are applicable for muslims only.

    Regarding PR, the only way for them to move forward is by having a mutual respect for each others. With such a differences in ideologies, that is the only way for them to work together. The first step for them is to really focusses on the similarities. After a while, maybe they will realize that they are not so different afterall…


  50. A true Malaysian
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 00:23:40

    Anak Malaysia,

    It is really nice to have people like you here, sharing your thoughts. I always believe, for Malaysia to move forward in the right direction, Malays, being the majority, need to lead us towards that direction.

    That is why it is important more and more of our Malay brothers and sisters participate in this forum of Dr. Hsu. So that the non-Malays can shift their ‘wrong perception’ on the Malays’ thinking.

    I must admit I have many wrong perceptions on the thinking of Malay brothers. It is important for us to build our trusts here, not based on ‘perceptions’, but based on ‘understanding’.

    Have a nice weekend, Anak Malaysia.


  51. A true Malaysian
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 00:37:32

    Anak Malaysia,

    I have faith in the current leaders of PAS like Tok Guru Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Perak MB, Nasution and many others.

    These PAS leaders are intelligent enough to realise that, without people supports (especially the non-Malays), they cannot form Islamic State in whole Malaysia. The wrong perception (again perception) on PAS was mainly cooked up by Umno and its crony about how fanatics PAS can be in the main stream media.

    To me, it is find if PAS want to form Islamic State in Kelantan and Kedah, after all, it was the rakyat in these two states that are voted them in. This is what democracy is all about.

    But, things may change over time and so are the thinking of PAS leaders. In order to progress further, our mindsets need to change from time to time. If PAS leaders thinking were of those in 80s, would you think they can get overwhelming support from rakyat, especially the non-Malays?


  52. monsterball
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 00:42:36

    Doc….I accept your explainations and logics.
    Afterall….you are a doctor. To get Jeff complimenting you…no joke!!
    If Malaysia have more Anak Malaysia..who is not corrupted by race and religion politics….not feeling how mighty his race is MindS… being hero worship …. one mighty race….and another…thinking how rich and powerful his race is….and another….totally ..helpless…These are he clear results of race and religion politics…for 50 years.
    Strange as it may seem…it is that …totally helpless Malaysian Indians…that turned out to be most useful and logical….before and after the election.
    It is the Malaysian Indians that are decisive…to destroy their very own…so call God…in Malaysia…. the MIC…and throw it into dustbins. Have you heard any Malaysian Indians say..”lets save some MIC members”?
    Malaysian Chinese are said to be the smartest voters…but hope they are not cunning and selfish….to first vote a party out…then save it love rojak politics.
    We are dealing with humans lives.. and for the younger generations.
    Yes….UMNO muslims are so clear…playing race and religion politics…but does that mean….we must play the same dirty game?
    Right now…PR is the best hope.
    Forget about pohwacthdog…stupid conclusions…but true Malaysian is a much more smarter and wiser man.
    If he chooses to agree….holding hands as brothers…from anyone .who appears humble to him…then his decisions are control by his moods….and emotions….and not by logics and sense. People will keep an arms length from such friendship…as can change….if he is not happy.
    For Doc…I fully understand. After all…he really is saving lives. We just talk….but millions of Malaysians are also trying to save uniting all as Malaysians.
    Doc’s heart and soul…we understand.
    It is those….talk alot…with touch of favouring certain Malaysian Chinese … or party…that I am totally against… that will keep disuniting us………with no clear directions to travel. It is also a way….to confuse Malaysian Malays .
    Is it intentional…or just the selfish character talking?
    Finally..I like to hear from True Malaysian writer…how grateful or not grateful he is …to the 5 Malaysian Indians.under ISA.. sacrificing their save his family.If he disagree…then we are miles part in character.


  53. romerz
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 03:23:55

    Dear Anak Malaysia,

    I’m supposed to be on ‘silent’ leave from this blog because of ‘differences of opinions’ with other members here but after reading your comments, I’m compelled to break my silence.

    I hope you don’t think me presumptuous for saying that like you, we have the same fears and aspirations but feel so helpless that despite all our rants and raves, those who matter do not seem to listen.

    If I may go so far as saying, we know that things are not going great for our country but why do we anguish so much? Definitely not for ourselves but for those we love and those who come after us.

    It is for this reason that we continue to try despite the seemingly insurmountable odds.

    In short, we are the same. Maybe not in religious beliefs or looks or names but of the same fears, aspirations, dreams, wants and needs.

    If I may be dramatic, I bleed the same color blood as you and my shit smells the same foul smell as yours.

    So why the suspicions amongst ourselves? It is precisely because of this suspicions that those who would exploit us ordinary Malaysians thrive.

    Many of us here are in the same ‘turmoil’ you are in. Knowing what is wrong but what to do to correct it? So where do we go and how do we move forward?

    Some would call for drastic actions, some would rather talk and take it one day at a time and some would work silently with the eventual objective of getting rid of those who would divide us further.

    Speaking for myself, I don’t know the answers. I am trying my best daily to make a difference without pushing the envelope so far as to render myself without a voice.

    But I do know one thing. Unless meaningful change is instituted in this country, we are heading for more of the same or worse.

    Put yourself in our shoes, knowing that the only country we have ever known is headed towards a quagmire of hate and distrust as our politicians would have us for their self-interest, yet we are limited in our actions for not understanding the thinking and tolerance level of our Malay and Muslim brothers and sisters.

    It is for your comments here that I’m hopeful that we may discover that we’re not that different after all.

    Dear Anak Malaysia,

    We have a lot more to fear than you do.

    Malaysia need not be like this. It was never intended to be like this. Go back in history and read the original constitution minus the 400+ amendments and you will understand that this country could have been a jewel on earth had not selfish people, of all ethnicity, hijacked this country for their own ends.

    Since I do not know the answers to all the problems of our country, I urge you to keep an open mind in your quest for solutions.

    I do know that we must talk about it if we are ever to put these woes behind us.

    The important thing to remember is that unless you have a crystal ball, nobody knows what the future holds for us.

    Maybe it is destined that our beloved country will have to evolve slowly into one where we all belong in its own sweet time and not to our desired timetable, but if you regard the rest of the world as a guide, it will have to come eventually.

    The world is increasingly getting smaller where physical and religious differences are getting overshadowed by global issues that knows no race or religion.

    Having said that, I see opportunities being presented locally today to change the status quo. I have no right to teach you what to do except appeal to your humanity to open your mind and do the right thing.

    I say this humbly; I and many of the minority Malaysians here only ask for our just rights to exist and with dignity.

    No more no less.


  54. monsterball
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 03:39:28

    Well said romerz…and welcome back!!
    And if you look deeply to the real reasons….they are all caused by Malaysians voters.
    So lets reach our souls…who are we?
    Everyone can talk smart reasons…logics…for or against.
    It is by reading “true malaysian” messages…I begin to see…we are miles apart in our interpretations of how to unite all as Malaysians.
    I am sure…very will discover….who you really are…and from what I read above…you are a non racialist… fair minded Malaysians.
    Keep it up!!


  55. monsterball
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 03:44:06

    May I advised you..romerz..not to think of yourself.. as a minority or Malays are majority.
    Think as a Malaysian….equal to all. That’s exactly who you are.


  56. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 04:09:18

    dear romerz,

    To be honest, all of us got our own fears. In a multi-racial Malaysia, it’s oftens translated into fears pertaining to the other race. This is not surprising as for the past 50 years, we have been conditioned sub-consciously by the ruling coalitions. This is a fact.

    Infact, we have fear almost on everything. We fear that we might get caught for saying something that we should not; or by voicing our opinions; or by attending a rally organized by the oppositions; or by having a different government than the current one. To summarize it, we’ve become paranoia to the extent that we’re even afraid of our own shadows… Aren’t we?

    But fear apart, we also need to be practical. I still remember a captioned taken from the movie “Once Upon A Time In China 2” played by Jet Li (hahaa… I’m an ardent fans of Jet Li and chinese kung-fu’s) where Wong Fei Hung supposedly have said: “God is useless! You must rely on your ownselves”… I’m not implicating that God is indeed useless but the second statement is exactly correct! We must rely on no one else except our ownself! This is so true in Malaysia where racial politics has been used effectively all this time. We cannot hope that the current government will change, neither should we hope that it will do anything for us. For a government whose own survival very much dependeble on the divide and rule concepts, as long as we stay divided, they will always be in power. The changes should have come from us instead.

    So please stop feeling helpless as it would do us no good! By joining this blog, we have played some part. For no matter how small it is, it will definitely contributes into something bigger.

    So, what shall we do? Easy, kick the current government out! Need I say more? They have been the same for the past 50 years and they will remain the same for the next 50 years. Do we need a crystal ball to see that? Certainly not!

    How should we do it? Easy, stop believing in the lies of the current government. There is no use talking about all of the injustices done by the current government when we keep voting for them! Am I right? Then, stop being afraid of our own shadows! By nature, we’ll always be afraid of the unknown. So, go out and explore. When the unknown has been explored, we wont be afraid anymore, wont we? That is exactly what we need to do. We need to go out and find out much more about each other; the malays, chinese, indians etc. Do we need the government to do it for us? Can we rely on the government to do it for us? Certainly not!

    Stop worrying too much. Most importantly is to be courteous, polite and to be righteous all the time. You’ll be surprised to find out that no matter who we are, our common goals are almost the same…

    Get to know each other and stop playing this racial games! Stand united as Malaysian as any Malaysian should be. It has to start somewhere and it all begin with us. Stay divided and it will lead us nowhere. Most importantly, make that first step and the rest, have faith in God…


  57. romerz
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 04:34:15


    Please believe me when I say I have never thought about myself, only those whom I love who are scared. Since I’m responsible for them I have to take care of them and allay their fears.

    I never had any intentions to ‘fight’ with you when I objected to your statements. I know I started it all when I called you a b***t.

    But it wasn’t personal. I just thought then that we needed as many people as possible to join us to change the status quo and ‘strong’ statements do not do help the cause.

    Maybe I’m wrong and you’re right but believe me when I say I want the same things too, the demise of race politics and those who divide us.

    Where we differ is that you already know how to achieve with or without the rest, whilst I’m still trying bring as many numbers as possible with us to make a ‘stronger’ case.


    I am not a member of Gerakan nor am I a member of any political party, so can we put this to a rest?.

    Its just that I’m a loyal and patient person, because of my past support, and until my patience runs out, I will try to get them to do the right thing or fail.

    Maybe not to your liking but my patience will extend to the conclusion of UMNO elections. I’m curious to know what will transpire.

    I am not against Anwar Ibrahim but I do have my reservations.

    Nonetheless, once the bye-election date is announced, I have every intention to write a few postings on the subject in my blog and others as well.

    Maybe not so pro-Anwar as you would have liked but definitely asking the voters to re-examine their unquestionable trust in the BN.

    Frankly, I may not trust him but I think PP voting in an UMNO man is worse!

    Maybe thats not enough for you but I sincerely hope that you will agree we want the same things and I sincerely hope that we do not ‘fight’ again.

    I would rather we combine efforts to fight the common enemy.


  58. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 04:58:01


    Anwar might has done some wrong in the past. Being together in a pile of shits, surely you’ll stink! Wont you? Anwar has done some mistakes, but, I do believe that he has “pay” for his mistakes. His redemptions comes in the 6 years he has to be incarcerated inside the prison, nearly poisoned to death by arsenic.

    However, Anwar still deserve some credit that most of us failed to see. The man can simply choose to kow-tim to TDM and be rest assured, he will be handsomely rewarded just like those stooges in UMNO. Now tell me, who among us in his right mind are willing to take the same path as Anwar? Any takers? As for me, I must admit that I’m not that brave neither am I that righteous to choose to be inside a prison for 6 years. The most that I can do, and anyone of us can do is only talks. That’s why this country is in deep shit as it is now…

    But then again, it’s a matter of preference and everybody is entitled to that…

    Again, just like what I’ve said before; I’m not that worrried as I believe that everyone inside PR has a fair footing. So we can be rest assured that there will be a check and balance…

    As for UMNO, who cares…. I do not counted them to change; nor would I count them to have some heart to change. For a group of people who have been so used to be at the pinnacle of power, what would make you to expect them to change? They have become so arrogant beyond any hope for redemptions…


  59. Dr Hsu
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 09:35:44

    romerz, welcome back. It is nice to have you back here. Bothe you and monsterball are assets to the blogosphere. I really hope one of these days , you can meet each other and become good frineds. After all, we all have the same sim of a better Malaysia, despite the different routes that we might take… and the routes are actually not that different. ad one day I am sure our routes will join , leading to the same destination.


  60. Justin Choo
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 10:46:26


    A very well written piece, with an olive branch and a dove!!


  61. A true Malaysian
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 10:56:34

    I wish to list below some of the meaningful quotes of Anak Malaysia, which I think they make a lot of senses here:-

    With great power comes great responsibility but with absolute power, naturally the corruptions seeps in.
    Just like a sinking ship, the only way to survive is to abandoned the ship.
    Our country are heading towards the wrong directions and is getting famous for all of the wrong reasons.
    Blame no one except on our ownselves as it is obviously the results of our own doing.
    I know that UMNO will never change and no decent UMNO’s members would have the guts to reprimind their leaders.
    I might not have the wealth like most of you but atleast I’ve got my integrity and my conscience intact.
    If you choose to be a willing partners in a very corrupted and rottened government, so please accept it with grace. Afterall, all of us shall be rewarded with what we reap, don’t we?
    I would rather put my bet in the PR government where all parties are treated as equals.
    In this sense, all of the different ideologies or call it shortcomings within PR are actually a blessing in disguise. The only way to move forward in PR is by having a mutual understanding, respect and tolerance for each others for a common objectives.
    Instead of looking on the differences, we should learn to look on the similarities. We’re all human beings and our morale conscience are just the same.
    I do believe that all good values are universal in nature; irrespective of races or religion. Whatever is good is good and whatever is bad is bad. A spade is a spade, as simple as that…
    Regarding PR, the only way for them to move forward is by having a mutual respect for each others. With such a differences in ideologies, that is the only way for them to work together.
    To be honest, all of us got our own fears. In a multi-racial Malaysia, it’s oftens translated into fears pertaining to the other race. This is not surprising as for the past 50 years, we have been conditioned sub-consciously by the ruling coalitions. This is a fact.
    For a government whose own survival very much dependeble on the divide and rule concepts, as long as we stay divided, they will always be in power. The changes should have come from us instead.
    So please stop feeling helpless as it would do us no good! By joining this blog, we have played some part. For no matter how small it is, it will definitely contributes into something bigger.
    There is no use talking about all of the injustices done by the current government when we keep voting for them!
    You’ll be surprised to find out that no matter who we are, our common goals are almost the same…
    Get to know each other and stop playing this racial games! Stand united as Malaysian as any Malaysian should be. It has to start somewhere and it all begin with us. Stay divided and it will lead us nowhere.
    Anwar might has done some wrong in the past. Being together in a pile of shits, surely you’ll stink! Wont you? Anwar has done some mistakes, but, I do believe that he has “pay” for his mistakes.

    The above quotes of ‘Anak Malaysia’ should be read by Malaysians who still putting hope on Umno, MCA, MIC, Gerakan.

    Bravo to you, Anak Malaysia. Hope to see more of your friends to share their thoughts over here.


  62. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 10:59:40


    Like what i’ve said before, there is no perfect plans only perfect intentions…

    The same can be said to all of us. We’ve got our own versions of how to save the nation, otherwise we wont be here in the blog and voicing our views, won’t we? There’s nothing wrong to have different opinions. The only differences are how we argue and engage on it and how we enforce it towards others.

    I’m not an idealist but I’m no dreamer either. I’m just trying to be practical and to acknowledge on the mere facts.

    As an idealist, we dreams of having a united Malaysians. Where justice will be served for all. Where everybody will be treated faily. Where all of us can look directly into the eyes without having prejudice views. Where our nation will prosper for all the right reasons and where all of us will gain from it, not a selected few. Where we can be proud about our own moral conscience. These are ideals…

    However, I’m no dreamer either. Nothing is easy in life. If we want something, we’ve to worked hard for it. Being pessimistic will not helps. Being a whiners will not help. Doing nothing except never ending complaining also will not helps. By giving up any hopes before actually fighting for it is also equally useless. These are facts…

    So, what are we to do? May I asked all of you, do we really got a choice? May I asked all of you, have BN forced it upon us to stay in power? Were we forced to actually vote for them or have we done so willingly? Asked ourselves and honestly answer on it. Our hands are tainted. So do the hands of our forefathers. Until we choose to do something about it, nothing much can be done. If the best that we can do is just to dream, than we’ll forever be caught in that dream. Life will be nothing but just a dream. That’s also a fact.

    When GERAKAN was first established, what are the ideals? Is it not for a non-sectarian ideals? Why it fails? Why GERAKAN is perceived by the malays as another chinese chauvinist party although it is started as a non-sectarian ideals? When PERIKATAN or BN was first established, what are the ideals? What went wrong? Do I need to elaborate on it?

    As you can see, the ideal remains to have a truly united Malaysian. May I asked, how do these ideals be translated into reality when we are very much bound by parties which are based on racial hegemony? As long as we remains with these parties, we will always be divided. The current leaders are known hypocrites who will shout about Malaysian unity in the front, but, at the back in his own party will be racists to the core. How can we expect a group of racists people to lead us in achieving a truly Malaysian unity? These are also facts.

    This is where we need to be practical. As long as we’re still bound to be with or to vote for the current government, ideals will remains as ideals. Get real! I’m a malay and we are so used to dream so much to the extent that we’ve got our own terms for it: “Angan-angan Mat Jenin”. We’re a “Mat Jenin” if what we do is only to dream. We’re a “Pak Pandir” if we keep on dreaming with the current government. We’re a “Luncai” who will “tenggelam dgn labu2nya” if we keep on believing in BN and choose not to do anythin about it.

    Just like you, I’ve got my own fears. As a malay and as a muslim. Get real. UMNO has been hyping that the malay and the muslims have got so much to lose if we vote for anything else than UMNO or BN. But, I choose to overcome my fears as my conscience told me that it is not right to do so. But most importantly is that I choose NOT to believe in UMNO and the current government. That is the only time where I can see those various shades of grey from the normal black or white as have been painted by UMNO or BN. That is why, for me, anything from UMNO does not carry any weights or credibility anymore…

    For the rest of you out there, you can choose. Either be a dreamer or have some guts, some “balls” and dignity to do something about it.


  63. Dr Hsu
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 15:23:17

    Justin, what forum? I am not aware of my name appearing in any forum.


  64. Justin Choo
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 17:14:10

    The Forum at Penang E&O Hotel on 31 July and the launching of the book. See Romerz blog on the subject


  65. monsterball
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 22:56:47

    Read carefully!! You carry Lui Bei’s bag.
    Carry carry long long time…sure got chance to be DPM
    Malaysian politicians are either crazy nuts. ..or crazy to steal money.
    Cao Cao la…Don’t try to be funny …due to my silly spelling mistakes.You trying teach me English spelling too?
    When I speak..where got anyone know how bad….my spelling is?….hahahahahahaha
    Got take dictations…and put out excellent english letters.. with perfect grammars….spellings…format..etc…or else… I replace her with one from Tanjong Rambutan…like you….but must be female.
    Do you know….most doctors have lousy handwritings? So are some lawyers. I wonder hy.
    I guess….if wrong medicine gave.blame it n the nurse…or a case is lost….blame it on the assistant lawyer..reading instructions..wrongly .
    Bosses are always right…..hahahahaha


  66. romerz
    Aug 03, 2008 @ 02:17:51

    Dear Anak Malaysia,

    Tonight I attended a forum on ‘the permanent paradigm shift in politics of Malaysia’ organized by Gerakan Penang which is open to the public.

    I also met some of the younger members of Gerakan there and I asked them if they were going to heed their leadership’s call of activating their party machinery for BN’s candidate in Permatang Pauh?

    I do not know the seriousness of their answers since it they were all said with accompanying laughs but one said, “yeah, we’ll go there show face a bit then belah” and another said “I’ll be there but I might end up campaigning for Anwar instead”.

    What I’m trying to say here is that the anger against UMNO is so strong that it even prevails amongst members of BN’s component parties.

    Many amongst them know what is good and what is bad for this country but because of loyalty, would like to give their respective parties a chance to do the right thing and leave the BN by their own choice rather than be told do do so by outsiders.

    Unfortunately for them, they are put in a difficult position because of the up-coming bye-election which will be before their respective party elections where I’m very convinced will be heated ones where the grassroots are more in touch with the rakyat than their leadership.

    Whilst gearing themselves up to fight for a new direction for their parties, they are now asked to do the very things they loath, which is to support an UMNO candidate.

    Sadly they have to to the line for now if they are to still have a voice in October when it matters most for their parties.

    I think every fair thinking Malaysian (unless you’re diehard UMNO), regardless of race or religion, wants Anwar in parliament.

    We don’t know what he can do once there but we do know that he will continue to be a thorn to UMNO and that can only be a good thing to stop their continued arrogance.

    I may not have the ‘balls’ to face the FRU on the streets but I will definitely make postings in my blog soon on why Anwar should be returned to parliament.

    Honestly, I hope whoever stands against him loses his deposit so that those who control UMNO will finally realize how much we hate them for the injustices and retardation inflicted on our country and its people!


  67. romerz
    Aug 03, 2008 @ 02:41:32

    Dear Dr Hsu,

    At the book launch on Thursday at the E&O Hotel, your name was on the guests list. I mentioned that to Justin that I was looking forward to meeting you. I even asked Neil Khor to point you out to me in case I didn’t recognize you from your pics.

    Needless to say I was disappointed then but I’m sure we’ll meet soon enough, definitely before the year is out.

    Doc, may I ask your views on the impending bye-election in Permatang Pauh?

    Particularly since your party direction has not been settled yet (until October), it now finds itself in a pretty pickle doesn’t it?

    Heed the call by the leadership to campaign for the BN or tell them to stuff it?

    I ask because I think this is a dilemma faced by many middle ranked party members who are expected to do the work.

    I believe they don’t want to but unless they toe the line, they will be left without a voice in October.

    No need to talk about the grassroots. I think they will tell the leadership to get lost if asked to campaign for a UMNO guy in Permatang Pauh!

    After Wednesday, I intend to start a series of postings on why any UMNO candidate should be defeated in PP.

    If its not asking you too much, I urge you to do the same. Your voice appeals to many in the middle ground!


  68. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 03, 2008 @ 02:52:51


    may i asked you one thing? what is more important? loyalty to party or loyalty to the nation? Is the interest of the party should be put above the nation or the interest of the nation should be put above the party instead?

    party can be formed, ideals can be created but for the nation, we’ve got only one country. If a party is destroyed, we can go to any other party or create a new one. But if this nation is destroyed, where can we go?

    Use your conscience…


  69. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 03, 2008 @ 03:15:35


    “I may not have the ‘balls’ to face the FRU on the streets but I will definitely make postings in my blog soon on why Anwar should be returned to parliament.”

    This is exactly the differences between those in GERAKAN and those in DAP/PKR/PAS. No offence really, but what GERAKAN do best is only talk, talk and never ending talks…

    However DAP/PKR/PAS has proven to be otherwise. I will still remember the gesture by YB Lim Guan Eng in defending the rights of an underage malay girls who has been raped repeatedly by some malay VVIP from UMNO. I’m really touched by the sight of a lone chinese man standing beside an un-important underaged malay girl, defend her although being whacked at all sides and being incarcerated in the process. Neither can I forget YB Tian Chua who sits alone infront of a water cannon truck during a demonstration and I was thinking; what the heck is this crazy chineseman doing? Aren’t he afraid of being crushed?. These are people who are willing to fight for an ideals which they believed in to the extent that they’re to be captured under ISA and send behind bars. Their actions helps to bridge the racial divide and touches the hearts of many. This is why they are heroes, and this is why GERAKAN is mere pretenders.

    Call me a sceptics, but until GERAKAN have some man with guts to believe and acts for an ideals, I would not believe anything in GERAKAN.


  70. romerz
    Aug 03, 2008 @ 04:48:11

    Dear Anak Malaysia,

    I’m no member of Gerakan as can be seen by the feud I’ve had with monsterball but you forget that there are many Malaysians who like you are equally tired of UMNO, least of which the many within Gerakan who are politically active but unfortunately are led by leaders who are out of sync with the grassroots and the rakyat.

    For them and me (though only a supporter), we want to cross over and do the right things but at a pace which we are comfortable with, given our past association. There will be some friends whom we will have to leave behind.

    Speaking for myself, I do not put this much faith in Anwar’s entry to parliament as the ‘cure-all’ for Malaysia’s ills.

    Yet it is a step forward which we must try our best to ensure for the sake of democracy and a 2 party system which will only be good for our country.

    I also know that this window of opportunity presented by you and other braver souls will not last forever, but is it so much to ask to be allowed to move in sequential steps that our simple minds can comprehend?

    There are many lost souls today within Gerakan, MCA, MIC, etc. not knowing where to go or what to believe. Why not help them see the light that you and I have seen? They are voters too!

    We too are tired of being asked to listen to UMNO’s rhetoric with total disregard for our intelligence.

    Aren’t you doing the same thing now by telling us how to be brave and how we are not helping the cause just because we dare not face the FRU (for now anyway)?

    Please do not make the same mistake of underestimating our anger as the incumbents are doing still.

    Anak Malaysia,

    It is already established that we want the same things only our methods/time frame to achieve that may differ.

    One of the biggest frustration that previous ‘supporters’ of BN/UMNO vis-a-vis the component parties has with the PR (some of the vocal ones) is the ‘with us or against us’ attitude.

    Imagine the numbers that will be on your side if you could somehow encourage their ‘enlightenment’ rather than goad them into moving at a pace they are not comfortable with.

    Most are already aware of their past mistakes and do not need reminding or condemnation any further. Condemnation only brings out the human characteristics of ego and stubbornness into play.

    Ps. In all honesty, I believe Gerakan as a relevant political party is finished. But I’d rather find that out myself than be told!

    Such is human nature. Soon there will be many lost souls with nowhere to go if the PR doesn’t soften its rhetoric and embrace them.

    Every single person helps, irrespective of whether they can stand up to the FRU or not.


  71. monsterball
    Aug 03, 2008 @ 06:29:39

    Permatang Puah is 100% Anwar’s.
    If UMNO is smart….don’t waste money or time to campaign.
    Let Anwar win unopposed..and be done with it.
    I have a feeling Doc will not waste time talking about the by-election.
    Romerz need not repeat he is not a Gerakan member. I ignored Doc’s and his message on this…addressed to me.
    All he needs to check up…his part messages….talk so much about Gerakan……even …supporting the launching of a Gerakan members book…shows he wants to be liked and be spotted by Gerakan in Penang.
    I will confront anyone trying to hero worship UMNO or BN….not only here…but have walk the talks. So I am for Anwar and People’s Party…so clear..not that I love them….so much…but want so much..a complete change…to get rid of UMNO and BN.
    Please please please… more smart ideas on third force!!! It is for or against.
    Regardless is it going to be better than UMNO….it does not matter…as …at the moment ..Anwar is all we have.
    Keeping mum and be contented with UMNO’s or BN nonsense…right now…shows what type of commentators ..we are talking to.
    I can see anak malaysia’s character…through and through, I can see romerx is confused… he trust only himself…….and that may slow down his learning fast….on many things. He maybe misguided by his trust to one..he likes…and that person…may not be right at all.
    And the political situations in Malaysia…have no time for anyone to be doubtful….fence sitters…..yet can put out a suggestion or idea….hinting…he has no doubts at all.
    You see…if you are doubtful…speak less…listen more and ask questions.
    Sometime…somewhere…you got to trust someone..besides yourself….and romerz suffers from being too stubborn..yet sensitive… also..trying to be too smart…love to be a complicated person….to hide his own weaknesses.
    He confused himself.


  72. Justin Choo
    Aug 03, 2008 @ 09:53:53


    Those Gerakan “friends” of yours are hesitant in their decision or even resistent to show their faces in Permatang Pauh this coming months , not bec of their doubt over UMNO but more of the fact that they know pretty well they will be the laughing stocks and appear as fools to the public. Just imagine if the poltical scenario has not changed. Koh Tsu Koon will be the first to poke his big nose over there grinning close beside the PM.


  73. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 04:37:01


    All of us shoud realize that mere “words” are useless, only action counts!

    Too often, what we only do is talk. We talk about ideals, but our actions clearly suggets that it does not have anything to do about ideals. Infact, there are many people out there who do not walk the talk…

    As Herbert Hoover once said; “Words without actions are the assassins of idealism”.

    In simple terms, these people are nothing but mere hypocrites.

    The truth is, most of us are selfish! We care more about our own selves than anything else. We cared for our businesses, we craved for all of the good things on life, we are addicted of getting more money to the extent that some of us will even sell their souls to the highest bidder and we dont give a shit about anything else! Even if our country is being constantly plundered, raped, sodomised and becoming rotten by the day for the past 30 years. We dont give a shit! As long as the money comes in, we are happy. But alas, how wrong we are. In this country, everything is inter-related. If the country prospers, we too will prospers. If the country is in deep shit, we too will be in deep shit! As a matter of fact, we’re already in deep shit!

    That’s why we need to get ourselves out from this shit. But to fight against a government which are manipulative, which cares nothing about justice, which practiced double standards and have two sets of rules and Laws (one for the elite and another one for the commoner), which couldn’t care less for the people (except during the GE) etc… we need to be united. This is no illusion.

    As John F Kennedy once said, “One person can make a difference and every person should try.”

    This is exactly what everyone of us should do. As a Law abiding and loyal citizen, we are not against the country. We are only against a very corrupted government. But most importantly, neither should we forget that morally, in any self proclaimed democratic country, the government is not above the people. It should be the “government of the people, by the people and for the people”. That is the main point! It’s all about us.

    Btw, I still remember and believe stronly in the word once uttered by Thomas Jefferson; “I am captivated more by dreams of the future than the history of the past.” We all should remember that. Being in self-denial will do us no good. Neither do being so nostalgic for the past when it’s obvious to anyone of us that the right direction for us to go now is only to move forward. We’ve got a future to think of. For the sake of our ownselves and most importantly, for the sake of our children.

    And lastly, to summarize it all, as Abraham Lincoln rightly said;
    “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

    So my dear Malaysians, either to be, or not to be… It’s your choice.


  74. jeff
    Aug 05, 2008 @ 10:08:24

    Hoping umno not talk about Malay n Islam with PAS is like expecting a monkey never climb the tree, hardly possible for it to happen in Malaysia. Majority of racists n radicals are inwardly coward n insecure inside, hoping an united front will have the power into perpetuity in Malaysia by oppressing the minority.


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