Anwar freed on bail

Anwar is free on 20000 dollar bail, according to Malaysiakini’s breaking news…

“Anwar is represented by a seven-member legal team headed by Sulaiman Abdullah. The other defence lawyers are R Sivarasa, Sankara Nair, Saiful Izham Ramli, Amer Hamzah, Edmund Bon and Leela J Jesuthasan.

There are also other lawyers who are holding watching brief for Bar Council and Washington-based Human Rights Watch, Paris-based International for Human Rights and Bangkok-based Forum Asia. “

Once  again, the international spotlight is on Malaysia’s Judicial system. For the sake of the country’s name , the trial must not only be fair but must seen to be fair…..And the accused  person must be given the benefit  of being innocent until proven guilty..

Anwar would be able to lead the Permatag Pauh battle personally.  I have mentioned in my comments earlier on, this by election actually goes higher than any person, and is no longer about Anwar.

Anwar, whether you like him or not, is the key for the 2 party system that is taking shape after the March 8 General Election.  Even those who voted BN in the last Election would agree that a 2 party system is definitely better than before, when one single party holds  absolute power and dictate everythig, resulting in the abuses, corruption and arrogance of unseen dimension. And no one could deny that Anwar is the key to a 2 party system which could  gradually give rise to better check and balance.

So this battle is about whether the 2 party system will survive or not.  This battle is about whether Malaysia will go back to its old way of politics of patronage and money, or to a system with better check and balance , transparency and accountability.

 ( Just a diversion, normally I would not be free to write in the morning because I would be so busy.. but thanks to the road blocks today, my sick patients are also caught in a massive jam, and so I am relatively free this morning…. What the road block did is to make it inconvenient for people  going to town centre and nothing else, but imagine how much petrol and time are wasted by tens of thousands of commuters? How many businesses are affected? )


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  1. yh
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 11:29:53

    dr hsu

    i saw the unusual long jam strectching back to bandar utama. up pops in my mind, it must be the doing of Hamid. it really spoilt my morning and i just have to control myself from cursing him and his family.
    gosh, i wonder this BN government has nothing better to do. setting up roadblocks in PJ while the courtcase is in Jalan Duta and that during office rush hours. never seen a more idiotic minsiter running the ministry of internal security. thank god and for the country’s soverignity, he is no longer in the ministry of foreign affiars. isnt he the sam guy who lost the island on behalf of the country to our neighbour?


  2. Dr Hsu
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 11:38:41

    yh, it reminds me of the old days, when a business open in town, the gangsters will come and ask for protection meney. If no protection money is given, they would block the entrance and create so much of problems for the business owner.

    This is the way of the goons. As like the business owners, we the travelling rakyat are being subjected to this sort of inconvenience. The PJ and Subang, Cheras folks (in fact most Malaysians) are thinking people, they would not put the blame on Anwar for the inconvenience but rather the power that be for this undemocratic way of blocking all roadusers. How to win back the hearts of the people? I wonder whether they have just given up to try to win back the people….


  3. Muda
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 12:50:06

    Dear Dr.Hsu ,

    It saddens me to see that against his better judgement and everything that is happening in Malaysia , the PM still decides to condone the prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim today . The AG’s Chambers is one of the depts under the Jab.Perdana Menteri . And so is the Jabatan Kehakiman .

    I’m not saying that Anwar Ibrahim will not get a just and free trial but the events of 1998 still haunts the peoples mind .

    Unlike 1999 where the majority of the malays gave their votes to PAS , PKR and DAP , my two cents worth of opinion says that this time around all races will unite and gave to UMNO what they truly deserve .

    From where I’m standing now , even the civil service with dominated by the malays at present seems dismayed and sad at what the govt is doing to Anwar . Infact , quite a number of my friends which includes several malay specailists in Govt Hospitals are quite annoyed even as I post this message .

    My only hope is that JUSTICE will prevail soon and all Malaysians are treated and regared as just Malaysians and not just malays , chinese , indians , sikhs , etc !


  4. petestop
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 13:02:51

    Under the section DSAI is charge with, it is consensual sex.

    If so, how come only DSAI is charged, but not Saifool ?

    This smack of political persecution.

    We REALLY REALLY NEED a change of govt to root out all these “evils”.


  5. Dr Hsu
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 13:06:12

    Muda, you are absolutely right.

    This is a case about the whole Justice system and democracy and is no longer Anwar alone.

    I hope there will be a fair trial.

    One good thing that comes out of this mess of corrupt leadership is that Malaysians are starting to unite in their vews that All Malaysians should be treated fairly and equally and that the original objectives of NEP to restructure the economy to help poor people of all races have been hijacked to enrich certain groups of people only.

    Malaysians must seek change. And change I see will be inevitable, the more the goverment flip flops and fumbles.


  6. peng
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 13:16:38

    They never learn, do they?
    According to traffic report around 11 plus, the blocks are still in position.
    The bad traffic did not only affect KL roads but all roads leading to KL and caused a spillover to roads in PJ as well.
    As if we don’t have to ‘cari makan’ and money fall from the sky!


  7. Justin Choo
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 15:36:12

    Dr Hsu,

    I notice you have lots of new visitors. This is good news.

    Thank goodness, there is still some decency that bail was granted. Now let the battle begin. I am sure this time the message will be a thunderous roar when the election results are announced.

    The more they block the roads, the more anger they create. They are just so stupid. I think this is case of extreme desparados going hysterical. I am so annoyed that I am still posting comments, despite my “rest time”!


  8. monsterball
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 15:44:28

    Yes Doc! It is a glorious day….hearing Anwar allowed bail.
    And those road blocks are signs of guilty UMNO and police leaders..seeing and hearing things and sounds…due to their..guilty conscience.
    It is so similar to a child….lying to parents…having nightmares.
    Malaysians who are doing studying or business overseas are so embarrassed…right now…by these sickening events….laughed at them….by foreigners.


  9. monsterball
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 17:03:36

    Doc…Agreed carnal intercourse….also guilty as charged.
    First.. .the must take all the X movies….trace those actors and put.. all to jail.
    That will be at least few hundred thousands.
    Then make all citizens of he world swear and reveal the truths.
    That will surely make America mad…”Dark Knight” on the rescue…capture Malaysia..and get UMNO ministers and members to confess.
    First to reveal..must be ..Dollah…the newly wed….loverboy. Guilty as charged…yet accused others.
    Then Najib…love only that!!
    Truths will save us all!!


  10. monsterball
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 17:10:46

    I heard few patients are on life supports…in hospitals.. from a simple symptom .to..critical conditions…trying to visit clinics….like “Hsu…. clinic”…..cannot get to..due to road blocks.
    Few have actually died…needing immediate fast attentions.due to heart attacks.
    Ofcourse…UMNO will say..these are natural dearths…don’t blame them.
    I wonder .how many shit out a baby in a car…instead of proper deliveries?
    You think the police care for all these….before creating road blocks?


  11. monsterball
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 20:54:07

    hahahahaha…A police chief said…the road blocks are not road blocks….but guiding traffic for free flows.
    Thisc idiot want to lie…but give such an idiotic excuse.
    And this is a big chief..four stars on his shirt.
    We are finished!!!….hahahahahaha


  12. monsterball
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 06:01:29

    Concerning raising the flag up-side down….the idea originated by ‘kickdefella” UMNO member. I was very close to this blogger…until I found out..he is fond to promote…Malay unity……thus supporting…race and religion dirty politics.
    He was supported by a useless.. big liar..good for nothing…low class… ‘zorro”.
    Both these gentleman…..I know them well. They are ..political bloggers…that are looking for attentions…for selfish reasons…and are waste of time.. to be friendly with.
    “Rockybru” NEVER supported the hanging of the flag..up-side down!! Please take note. It was “kickdefella” contacting him….and he merely put out a post…saying what that guy wanted…and let commentators post their opinions.
    Yes…..almost everyone opposed the idea.
    And it took…..”mob1900″ blogger to put out a long long message at “kickdefella” finally make “kickdefella” giver up the idea.
    The said idea was a very cunning and dangerous mind control suggestion…to actually support UMNO.
    That came out…..immediately I suggested…boycott the 31st Merdeka Parade…let UMNO salute to no spectators.
    So glad….vast majority good loyal MALAYSIANS….opposed kickdefella idea and lets see…what will happen to the 31st..August …the usual…7am Parade.


  13. monsterball
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 07:40:26

    Back to the topic.
    Now we know….the man….’sigh fool” said…it was ‘consensus anal sex”!!
    So it is clear….police want to catch all sodomizers….hahahahahaha
    Anyway….only in Malaysia…we have such jokers….behaving so holy holy… true to the Islamic teachings…no anal sex allowed.
    If cock can talk and confess……all ministers should be jailed….especially almost all police buggers……..all sacked for no reasons…not their fault …..but…by hypocritical police leaders …acting….for an agenda. Only in Malaysia…can one …drummed out such a case….to get rid of a powerful opposition leader….hahahahahaha
    That’s why Mahathir is known..the smartest Asian politician. UMNO half past sixes members are so proud of him……….hahahahahaha


  14. A true Malaysian
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 12:20:03

    Speech by President of MCCBCHST.

    A ‘must read’ speech by all of us, Malaysians. This speech sum up what we would like to let Umno know.

    If Umno can appreciate the ‘speech’, I don’t see why we true Malaysians cannot support it?

    Please read


  15. A true Malaysian
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 12:26:09

    I just mentioned ‘Umno’ and not ‘BN’ because, to me, BN in actual fact, non-existense.


  16. High noon
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 13:29:13

    I am sick of this government pursuing this sodomy issue. There are thousands of these sodomy issues everyday all over the world.. Some countries are even legal to do it. It does not involve life or death and moreover it is everyone personal sex life. Someone is gay, so what? Does that make him more evil, corrupted, murderers like some of the goons running our country?? There are innumerable cases like rape, murders, corruptions, cheating, etc… happening in this country. Yet the government turned a blind eye to these. They rather spend their time and money giving the impression to the whole world as if this is a crime of a century. Dont they look into their own backyard where there r murderers, cheaters and corruptors within their own ranks. The sleepy flipflop, baldie and chicken “Rice” especially, have no shame without realising that they r doing a GREAT disservice to the country and make them look like stupid clowns to the whole world. Really sucks.


  17. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 20:06:22

    A TRUE Malaysian,

    I’m making a specific reference to the links that have been provided regarding the speech by the President of MCCBCHST.

    As for me, I have NO PROBLEMS on their demand for justice to be need to be done to the Non-Muslims. Juctice is Universal and it’s a part of rights accorded to any human beings.

    However, I could NOT accepted their thinly veiled guised of arguments in defending “the democratic rights of 45% of the population” while blatantly ignoring the democratic rights of the remaining 55%.

    1. They make specific reference to the Subashini and Shamala cases.

    where their husbands who have converted into Islam and conveniently avoid their commitments under the Civil Law

    .“Subject matter” bagi permohonan injunksi tersebut adalah termasuk dalam perkara yang berkaitan undang-undang Islam maka berdasarkan Perkara 121 ( 1A ) Mahkamah Sivil tidak mempunyai bidangkuasa untuk mendengar permohonan tersebut.

    Hak perlembagaan bagi mengamalkan agama sendiri (Artikel 11(1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan – Freedom of Religion (Kebebasan beragama) tidak berlanjutan kepada mempersoalkan agama lain dan tidak sampai menuntut ajaran agama orang lain dipinda semata-mata untuk disesuaikan dengan kepentingan sendiri.
    1. There is growing discomfort with the rapid Islamization of our society. Universal values of ethical conduct and good governance, values which are shared by all religions, are appropriated by some to be only “Islamic”.
    2. to restore the judicial power of the Federation in the Courts by restoring Article 121 (1) of the Federal Constitution to its pre-1988 position.


  18. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 21:38:33

    TRUE Malaysia,

    My Opologies. Sorry, I’ve accidently enter the submit button while trying out how to figure up my word! Huaarrgh. So tired. All works very little time for other thing….

    Ok, back to the POINT.

    1. It’s NOT right to talk about the right of 45% of people while ignoring the right of 55% of people. We talks about rights… So we must be sensible. 55%, 45% or even 5%, nobody should have been marginalized. In this point, i found the statement made by MCCBCHST is completely bullshit.

    2. Get real. IFC and MCCBCHST have only ONE real agenda, to facilitate the “conversions” of Malay from Islam. All of those words that they have said are only to guise their real intentions. That’s why you wont find any real Muslims NGO who are wiiling to be with MCCBCHST…

    3. They are purposely marginalizing and making a prejudice statement against the Muslims. They accused the rapid “Islamization” of the society infront of an UMNO man who is the source of all evil here in Malaysia. They talk about “Universal values of ethical conduct and good governance, values which are shared by all religions” while purposely blaming it as being under sieged or hijacked by Islam… What the heck? Why dont they blatantly say this to the PM, face to face, that he is the one to blame? Have no balls eh…? Hypocrites!

    4. They make reference to the Subashini and Shamala cases; citing Civil Law and issues on children’s conversion to Islam without the consent of the other half. Why not highlighting the fact that Subashini has already got her hand on the youngest child? Does Subashini alone got the rights to her children? Does the father has got no rights? Again, MCCBCHST real intention is just to politicize on the whole issue against Islam. Why not telling the truth that the other child is already with Subashini? Why tell half-cooked story? Why present a one sided distorted fact? Again, they are nothing but mere hypocrites… with the real intention of maligning Islam as a way to “justify the means” to achieve their real goals.

    My sympathy goes to the whole family. What happened to Subashini, her former husband and the two childrens are indeed tragic. Instead of making ways for the benefit of the children, MCCBCHST only choose to further their agenda…

    5. Article 11(A) guarantees the freedom of all to exercise their faith. But that does not give them the freedom to question the faith of others.

    6. What is wrong if muslims choose to be tried accordingly to their own laws? The muslims never ever bothered to impose their Laws against the Non-Muslim so why must the Non-Muslims tried to interfere in the affairs of the Muslims?

    Personally, I’m very much angry at those Non-Muslim who keep harping on the reference made to Article 121 (1A) of the Federal Constitution and their proposals to amend it. I deemed their actions as Arrogant, Offensive and Kurang Ajar (Rude). The muslims have no intention to intefere in the affairs of the Non-Muslim so they would naturally expect that the Non-Muslim would exactly do just the same.

    Not only these people always marginalized the muslims as a whole, Islam as the Religion and most importantly, these people are actually hostile towards Islam. Islam bashing is a very fashionable things to do nowadays, no thanks to UMNO.

    But, what I hate the most, these people are often hypocrites with a hidden agenda. The questions on the husband trying to dodge the responsibilty is not valid at all here. If the cases is brought to the Syariah Court, Subashini will be awarded with whatever rights that is entitled to her on the Harta Sepencarian.


  19. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 22:08:43

    Dr. Hsu,

    Why I cant seems to post my other comments as the one above is send accidently without properly arranged in order?


  20. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 22:41:10

    Regarding MCCBCHST, i do not agree with their statements.

    I find them dishonest, because:

    1. They marginalized muslims and Islam as a whole, while conveniently shake hands with a PM from UMNO who is obviously the devil in disguise. Yet they dare talked about universal values, good conduct and good governence of other religion who has been hijacked by Islam. Worst still, the hijacker is right infront of him hahaha…

    2. They talks about Subashini, about the ex-husband converting to Islam, an underaged child being converted to Islam while purposely hide the facts that the other child is with Subashini. In their own arguments, f the husband dont have the rights to convert the eldest child to Islam, what rights Subashini has to convert the youngest child to Hindu? In this sense, they are not honest.

    3. What happened to Subashini, the ex-husband and the childrens are already traggic enough. MCCBCHST shouldn’t have further aggragavated the situation and purposely used it to further their own agenda. Let the couple resolves this among themselves in a peaceful way, for the benefit of their children. Since the marriage is solemnized in the civil court, it is still valid. So let them decide..

    4. Talking about agenda, it’s obvious that MCCBCHST or IFC agenda is only to pave a way for the conversion of muslims, enmasse. I find this act is a little bit hard to swallow…

    5. They talked about the rights of the 45% while ignoring the rights of the other 55%. While demanding the rights for all to practice religion (Article 11), they are not respecting the rights of muslims (Article 121.1A).

    If a muslim forced the other non-muslim to confirm to their beliefs, surely the non-muslim will be very angry. By doing the same against the muslims, whot do they expect the muslims to do? Come running with an extended arms to shake hands? And they are still clueless why true muslim’s ngo are not willing to join them…

    Last but not least, if someone really2 wants to talk about justice, please dont practice double standards and most importantly, dont be hypocrites…


  21. monsterball
    Aug 09, 2008 @ 14:22:24

    When Anak Malaysia talks…he really talks.
    True Malaysian said he is 10% trues…so he is allowed 90% to be untrue or talk nonsense….hahahashahaha
    So far…it confuse me…he is talking 100% serious!!
    And when Anak Malaysia like to joke..he is as filthy as monsterball…..hahahahahaha
    I like the casual and filthy side.
    The above messages…make me like a gobolok…cannot understand.


  22. Anak Malaysia
    Aug 10, 2008 @ 01:26:55

    hahaha… me too, initially! try to organize my words, in the end only being successfull at jumble up the whole thing. I send the first statement, accidently. Tried frantically to pose the second statement, but it never appears! Geezzz… what’s happening to me?

    To summarize it all. It’s just about the statement of MCCBCHST. They are just making a case to further their true agenda, that is to abolish Article 121(1A). This Acts, gives the right of muslims to be tried under the Syariah Court and Laws. The whole case was built up based on Subashini and Shamala case.

    That’s the whole point. They argue that no one parent can convert any child to any religion. Fine! But when they accused Subashini’s husband of converting the eldest son, they purposely hide the fact that the youngest son is with the mother. This is where I really get pissed off! When someone decided to do something, to justify the means, clearly shows their despicable character.

    I’m not siding with any one of the parents and I dont wish this to happened to other family as well. Both the parents have equal rights to their child. So, let’s both of them sort it out among themselves, without anyone interfering to politicize the whole issue…

    Yeah, when I choose to talk, I really talk. No points of being a hypocrites! We are here to be honest on what we really think, and we can argue, in a civilized manner.

    And when the great monsterball ends up being confused, rather than bashing or whacking me for making “these kind of statements”….. I really deserved all the credit hahaha…. and that’s no joke!


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